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Knowledge and Experience; Or Why I Should Know Better By Now by Ginny_RED_Potter
Chapter 10 : It Can Always Get Worse
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Chapter 10 ~ It Can Always Get Worse

Should we have stayed home and thought of here?

~Elizabeth Bishop


"Not once?"

"Nope," I could tell (though she tried to hide it) that Lily Evans was annoyed and maybe even (dare I say it?) worried.

It was two days into the new term and James had yet to ask her out. In fact, he hadn't even spoken to her really. Alice and Mary blinked incredulously, but this information didn't surprise me. It was all part of his newly aquired maturity.

"Not even an innuendo?"

"No." Yeah, she was definitely irritated.

"So, who's up for a little bet?" Mary grinned wickedly. All of us turned to give her wary looks but she continued, still smiling like a madwoman. "I wager he'll ask Lily out by tomorrow," she told us.

Lily groaned but they ignored her.

"I give it another hour," Alice contradicted wryly.

They looked at me expectantly.

"Honestly? I don't think he's going to bug her this year."

"What?" All three of them looked at me like I'd grown a third boob.

"He- well, he's changed a lot over the summer. He's matured." I told them, it was surprisingly hard to explain the process of cultivation to people who'd never experienced or seen it first hand. "I think he'll give you your space this year, Lil," I informed her simply.

She didn't look happy. Not at all.

So it had finally happened. Or, at least, it would soon. because, judging by the frown on my friend's face and the pucker between her eyebrows, Lily Evans was finally realizing how madly in love she was with James Potter.

I tried very hard to hide my smirk at this but I'm afraid I didn't succeed too well.


Dear Arabella,

I'd like to discuss a rather vital matter with you, if you don't mind. Kindly be at my office at four o'clock on Friday afternoon. I do hope you enjoy your first day back at school.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore

P.S. I like licorice wands

"He likes wha-?"

"It's the password to his office," Lily told me casually.

I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What? I'm Head Girl! I have to know how to get in, don't I?"

I smirked, "Then I'm sure all of those times you and James got caught hexing each other in the corridors and were sent to his office by McGonagall came in handy after all."

"Ha," she gave me a short glare and returned to her Potions essay.

"I wonder what he wants to dicuss," Alice commented.

My eyebrows furrowed, "Dunno. But I can't possibly be in trouble already. I haven't done anything!" The fake laugh came out with far too much ease.

Guilt twisted like a cold knife plunged in my stomach. I am a terrible, horrible, hateful, awful person. People like me shouldn't even be able to live in normal society. Seriously, I should be thrown in Azkaban or St. Mungo's or something. I completely deserve to be locked in a padded cell where none of my lies and acts of stupidity will effect anyone.

"I think I'm going to go visit Madame Pomfrey," I announced, too edgy to stay here and drown in my lake of lies and deceit.

"Why? Are you sick?"

"Bad reaction to the fumes in Potions today?" Mary asked.

"No," I gave them a quick smile-and-shrug combination. And before they could ask me anything else, I climbed through the portrait hole with a shudder as memories of the last time I'd fled from Gryffindor Tower assaulted my brain. My already throbbing head didn't appreciate the ambush either. It seared with pain as flashbacks flooded my mind's eye. It was agony to- after so long of intentional repression- be reliving my nightmares and the hell the past fourty-six hours had been.

Tomorrow, though, I was certain would be far worse than today had been- worse, even, than those horrendous Hufflepuff wenches.

Because the most of the student population at Hogwarts (the older half at least- the ones who were here when I was an incredibly stupid fifth year) was still in shock that I'd come back. Some, who had yet to pass me in the corridors, were still disbelieving of the rumors (according to Mary). I didn't blame them, honestly.

Why would Sirius's ex- the one who'd embarassed herself so thoroughly by saying "I love you" first and throwing herself in the path of Bludgers- come back after she'd run away so long ago? Why would she return after being expelled from the Gryffindor Quidditch team and made a fool of during the whole unfortunate- and heavily discussed- Gianna Stiles incident?

Had the events transpired the way most of Hogwarts appearantly seemed to think they had, I definitely wouldn't have come back. Ever.

But, as everything was just a tad less humiliating than throwing myself in front of Bludgers and expulsion from the Quidditch team and I had a baby to provide for in the very near future, I did.

Tomorrow, however, as I moved mechanically through my classes, they would see. That was when-I knew- the rumor mill would kick into overdrive. Some speculations would be outrageously amusing, some would positively infuriate me and a few- a very few, I hoped- would hit the mark. Or come dangerously close to it, at least.

Those were the rumors I was worried about.

My only comfort was that no one here but three adults, Effie and myself knew the absolute truth. And that, even if some horrendously clever young witch or wizard was right, the only person who'd actually know the specifics was Sirius. And even then, the math wouldn't add up, it would be two months too soon.

Still, even thinking about the possibility that Sirius might guess made my stomach turn. I was glad to reach the glossy oak double doors of the hospital wing when I did so that I could stop thinking so much.

I peaked one open and heard a warm, familiarly maternal voice say, "I wondered when you'd be coming to see me. 'Bout time, I must say."

I stepped all the way in and grinned at Madame Pomfrey, my own personal savior during a very rough pregnancy. I loved Rory's and my Healer, Naphtalie (despite having called her 'the Nazi' once upon a time) she'd done a lot for us but it was still a fact that, had Madame Pomfrey not been around, I wouldn't have made it to my fifth month and therefore, Rory wouldn't exist. A truly disturbing thought in my mind.

"Well, I did have the feast and horrid classes and the suspicious student body of Hogwarts to get off my case first," I teased.

"Well, at least you didn't come empty handed." She laughed, nudging her head at the album I held in my hands. I'd, very unwisely, kept it shrunken in my pocket all day, unable to part with it even for a few hours.

"I thought you might like to see pictures of Rory." I knew she would know who I was talking about. I'd specifically asked Effie, after Rory was born, to deliver her a letter from me in which I'd enclosed a picture of tiny baby Aurora Alice and myself on our first day home from the hospital.

Her face got even brighter, "Of course! Here, come in."

She ushered me into her private office and, with a little shock, I spotted the very picture I'd given her framed and sitting on her desk with several others (of her friends and family, I assumed). A warm gush of affection for the school nurse bubbled over and my grin became a beam.

Her office was rather cozy. Much more comfortable than any teacher's office I'd been in. It was adorned with warm colors and tasteful antiques. There were sqaushy arm chairs and a crackling fireplace. And there were two bookshelves behind her desk on either side of a spiral staircase that I guessed led up to her living quarters.

She sat behind her desk and I made myself comfortable in the cushy chair in front of it -I was in no hurry to return to Gryffindor Tower. She conjured up some of the best mead I'd ever tasted and I handed her the album. I sipped and watched as she flipped through it, a gentle smile on her lips.

She cooed about how much Rory'd grown and how lovely she was. We speculated of her future personality and what a heartbreaker she was going to be (though hopefully not like her father). I told her of the joys of motherhood and how much I loved my perfect baby girl. I told her all about how stubborn and independant and mischievious she was already at the age of one. And about my Muggle friends and how they adored my daughter as well and- shockignly- didn't judge me for being pregnant at fifteen. She asked how our birthdays had been and I told her all about the parties we'd had.

And then, at last, we got to my reason for coming back.

"I want what's best for Rory," I told her resolutly. "And that means I've got to get the best education possible."

She eyed me shrewdly. "And seeing Mr. Black after all this time holds no interest to you?"

I grimaced at this but I wasn't angry with her for bringing it up. It was an honest assumption. I'd been so moronically infatuated with him in my fifth year that it was only natural to wonder if I'd come back for him. I was almost relieved to clear things up.

"No," I told her, nose wrinkling to illustrate my disgust. "I'd rather he weren't here at all. I tried to avoid him as much as possible today but- not only is it difficult because of James- but he was in some of my classes as well. I've decided to ignore him as much as humanly possible, though."

"And you're not going to tell him about Rory," she said dryly. It wasn't a question. She knew me well enough to know where I stood- especially on this issue.

"Nope. I see absolutely no reason to disturb his immature existance and there's no point to it anyway. He wouldn't care and why disrupt things? Rory's perfectly happy and healthy and loved and he's perfectly blissful in his ignorance. Why try and thrust responsibility on him? We all know it'll never take."

I could see the doubt in her eyes but, just like with my friends, I knew it would fade with time. They'd all see that I was right in the end.

In any case, she changed the subject after that. "So then, tell me about your classes."

And the easy conversation continued as if we'd never hit a bump to begin with.

It was past curfew when I left, but Madame Pomfrey gave me a note that would get me out of trouble, should I run into any. But the castle was completely and utterly silent....

That is, until I reached the corridor leading to Gryffindor Tower.

"But Remus what happened? What? Why are you doing this?"

Don't ask me why, but when I saw Mary and Remus there in the shadows I hastily dashed behind the tapestry to my left. Something told me this was something I wasn't supposed to hear.

"Because, I'm not- I don't-" he took a deep exasperated breath and then tried again, "I just can't, alright Mary?" I'd never heard Remus sound so cold and I knew he was acting. He had to be, this was the sweet Marauder, the one who didn't act like the king of the castle but the timid servant boy who takes care of the horses.

But, as Mary begged for more information again, I realized what an oxymoron that was. A sweet Marauder.
As much as I loved him, I had no trouble admitting that James had his faults. Spoiled rotten, only children of wealthy parents normally did. Despite his recent maturity and his generally sweet disposition, he was still the cocky Gryffindor Quidditch hero who used to hex Slytherins all of the time. (Though considerably less now that his new plan to get Lily was in effect.)

Peter was always dodgy to me but I attributed it mostly to the beady eyes, lack of originality and habit of mouth breathing than to anything particularly concrete. I just got an untrusting feeling around the bloke. He was like some weird stalker of my cousin and his two best mates, in my oppinion.

And Sirius... well he was Sirius. It would take years to list every fault and unworthy quality he posessed.

But Remus, he'd always been gentle and kind. He'd been the one Marauder with maturity and an endless supply of chocolate! I'd always considered him the anchor that kept the Marauders grounded, kept James and Sirius from destroying the castle and getting expelled. He made sure they didn't cross that line between funny and fatal. He was my book buddy and the one bloke who wasn't related to me that I honestly felt comfortable enough with to tell my problems to (all but the whole pregnancy thing).

How had it never occured to me, though? Remus was a Marauder for a reason. And Marauders weren't humble and sweet.

"I dont-"

"What? You don't love me? You don't even like me that way anymore?" Mary asked, pulling me out of my epiphany. "Fine, then. Just say it!"

"It's not-"

"I swear to Merlin if you say, 'it's not you it's me'-I'll hex you." She growled and my heart went out to her.

"But it isn't you!" He insisted. "I just can't get in a relationship, Mer."

"Well maybe you should've thought about that before you started kissing me in broom closets on a regular basis! You could've saved yourself some regret!" she spat and then she turned on her heel. "Silvanus," her voice cracked at the password but the Fat Lady swung forward and Mary fled the scene.

Remus sank down the wall and buried his head in his hands.

I felt my insides harden, there wasn't an ounce of sympathy towards him in me as I thought of my best friend most likely sobbing upstairs. Crying into her pillow, just like I had once upon a time.

And I stepped out from behind the curtain, clapping slowly.

Remus looked up with wide eyes, startled by my sudden appearance.

"Bravo," I said with sarcastic pleasantry. "Really. Nicely handled. I think you may even give Black a run for his money."

"Bella, le-"

"Then, again," I continued as if he hadn't spoken. "I wouldn't really know. I've never actually been dumped by a Marauder- as I was the one who dumped him." 

It was the first time I'd ever mentioned this to anyone, though I'm sure Remus already knew. Unless Sirius had told him differently (which I highly doubt because if he said he'd broken up with me I'm pretty sure James would've kicked his sorry, womanizing, pretty-boy ass)

"Please, Bell. You know-"

"Guess there's a reason you're one of them. And, obviously, you're only just starting to live up to the name. Don't worry, though, I'm sure you're dimwit mates can give you some pointers- Sirius especially. I was just a fluke. Most girls who are stupid enough to have a fling with him end up the dumpee."

"Bella, I just-"

"Just broke up with one of my best friends? Yeah, I saw. Maybe you don't need Black's help after all. But I'd reccommend it. You'll reach your jackarse potentional a lot quicker with some help from the expert. And you only have until the end of this year to show Hogwarts what you're made of." I dropped the sardonically pleasant act and gave him a disgusted look and then turned to the Fat Lady. "Silvanus."
Surprisingly, she didn't comment - too shocked I suppose. She simply swung forward without complaint.

I had one leg through the portrait hole before I turned around. "Oh, and Remus?"

He blinked and I took it to mean he was listening.

"Next time you chose to kiss a girl and break her heart by saying you don't want to be with her, I suggest you pick someone who I'm not friends with." I smirked vindictively at his astonished (and scared?) face, "You'd be surprised what kind of magic you can learn with homeschooling."

Then, I left him and went upstairs to help console my heartbroken friend. How well I knew the feeling of being broken by a Marauder.


I quickly realized, over the next few days, that coming back here had been an entirely pointless venture. And completely not worth the risk I was taking and the lies I was telling. Because I knew all of this already. Seriously, each teacher told us a summary of everything they were going to teach this term and I'd mastered every single thing by this past January (except in Herbology of course, because you can't have Razor-Toothed Bulgarian Tulips in a house with an overly curious one year old).

There wasn't a potion I hadn't already brewed (while Rory took her nap or played with one of the A-listers in the next room), a charm I hadn't tried (for my daughter's entertainment mostly- on any random object I could find; food, toasters, books, underwear, etc.) or a defensive spell I hadn't conquered (out of my fear that one trip to Diagon Alley would go terribly wrong and my daughter and I would be in mortal peril).

To be a Healer I was only required to take (and ace) Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration. But, being the hopeless bookworm I've always been, I decided (very unwisely) to take Astronomy and Ancient Runes as well. I wanted to take Arithmacy too but there wasn't enough room on my schedule and if it got too congested I was afraid I'd never have enough time to sneak off and pop back home to see Rory.

The worst part of these classes, though, wasn't the fact that, due to my unhealthy amount of studying, they were so excessively dull. No, the worst part was that my cousin and his mates were, of course all studying to be Aurors. Meaning, they are in nearly ALL OF MY CLASSES! And while James is exceedingly happy that we're going to have practically every class together (because "We've hardly seen each other lately and now we'll see each other every day!") all I can think about is the fact that I'm going to be in the same room with Rory's father for the majority of my seventh year.

Bloody. Fucking. Fabulous.

Add that with the amount of psychotic twits with nothing better to do than spread rumors and shoot me dirty looks at meal times, Mary's appearant indifference to all things Remus (seriously, she hasn't even cried yet), the teachers who feel the need to make a big deal of my return to the rest of the class and the fact that I've now been away from Rory for six days, seven hours and thirty-six minutes and you've got the recipe for hell.

It's been a very bad week.

The only thing that kept me sane was being with my best friends again.

Especially Alice.

I felt the old tight knot we'd once been reforming. She was the one who helped me laugh at the slags who glowered my way in the corridors and the library and outside by the lake. She was the one who stopped Mary and Lily from interrogating me to death as to why I'd changed my career path from Auror to Healer- even though I could see she was just as curious. She was my Potions partner, my dueling partner in DADA and the one who intervened if my cousin (followed by two of his three dimwit mates- one who still couldn't look me in the eye) came too close (by pretending to be annoyed and in a hurry and pulling me away by the arm).

I was gushing with gratefulness and affection for my best friend. I couldn't imagine surviving this week in the seventh ring of hell without Alice. But, because of our instantly rekindled friendship, my guilty conscience increased ten-fold. How could I keep such a secret from Alice? My best friend in the entire world, Alice! It was inexcusable of me not to have fessed up from the beginning. I should have told her that fateful Hogsmeade trip when I first got suspicious.

But now I wasn't just terrified of what she'd think of me anymore. I was also afraid of the anger she was sure to feel when she learned what a massive secret I'd been keeping from her. Alice was a force to be reckoned with and I'd made it a point never to incur her wrath. But I was going to have to face the music in that respect. There was no real way to avoid it anymore, unless I simply chose not to tell her. Ever.

But I couldn't keep it a secret from her unless I planned to severe ties with her completely after school ended. I knew, though, after seeing her again that I couldn't do that. Meaning, I was definitely going to have to tell her.

I didn't bother sharing this with Effie. Even though she'd been nagging me all week to tell. But she didn't care about Alice knowing so much as she wanted Sirius to know.

Yeah right.

I was not telling him. Ever.

I hadn't even talked to the idiot! And I had no plan to. We'd been happily ignoring each other all week. He (appearantly over his shock) was pretending I didn't exist and I was pretending that he wasn't the father of my child. And I so no reason to change the arrangement. My mission was to get through this year, unscathed and graduate with honorable marks, then get a good job healing people at St. Mungo's so I could buy a flat in London for Rory and I someday. No where in that plan was there anything about telling or even talking to Sirius Black.

So all I had to do was ignore his presence and pretend he wasn't the bloke I'd given my virginity to.

Simple, right?...... Right?


"You've got your meeting soon, yeah?" Alice asked on Friday afternoon.

We sat by the lake, basking in the sun as younger students all around shrieked with laughter and the air of elation for the arrival of the weekend (at last!) settled over the school. Lily was yelling at fourth years who kept poking the giant squid and Mary was off was some Hufflepuff boy (and still firmly denying the Remus Lupin had ever kissed her). Alice and I had decided to soak up the end-of-summer sun before it disappeared entirely, leaving us hopefully pale English witches in forlornly it's wake.


"What do you think he's going to ask you?" She asked after a long silence (for about the millionth time).

"No idea." Not a lie. Technically.

I had a theory but it wasn't something I was about to share with Alice, no matter that our close bonds were being reformed (a fact that made me feel relentlessly guilty for lying so much). Because you can't just tell your best friend from fifth year that you think the headmaster is calling you into his office bacause he wants you to tell the secret you've kept from everyone- a beautiful baby girl- to the father before seventh year is up. You just can't!

So I pretended to be entirely clueless and didn't voice my suspisions. Instead, I propped myself up on my elbows and asked, "So, have you talked to Frank lately?"

I knew the answer already- I'd heard her creep out of bed last night to open the window for her owl and give her the answering letter, I just wanted to change the subject subtly.

But she surprised me by answering, "No. I probably will soon though."

It took every ounce of my two years acting experience to fight the sharp reflex reaction and not look at her dubiously. My brain worked faster than average and concluded that Alice was hiding something.

Just like you. An annoyingly virtuous voice reminded my defensive side.

But what could Alice possibly have to hide? Especially where Frank was concerned. She'd been plenty willing to talk about him every other day of the week, why was today any different? Unless.... unless she hadn't been owling with Frank.

But then... who could she possibly have been talking to at three in the morning? (On a school night no less!)


"Ah, Miss Haze! Nice of you to join us."

The Headmaster's office was a very large space filled with various silver trinkets. Most of which I had no idea how to use and some I didn't even want to know- though I'm sure Rory would've been in heaven. It was fairly bright, as the sun had yet to start setting, and circular and the walls were littered with pictures of what I assumed were old headmasters. They were all looking curiously at me and murmuring in soft voices, barely heard over all the funny whirring noises being made by all of Dumbledore's gadgets.

I looked to the large desk acrossed the room to see the headmaster behind it, but quickly realized he wasn't alone.

There, in the chair accrossed from him, was James.

"Erm," I was beyond confused. I wasn't early, in fact I was technically late as it was five after. But then what was James doing here? "Bad time, professor? I can come back later-"

"No, no. That most certainly won't be nessecary." The headmaster chuckled, much to my confusion. "Come sit down."

Slowly, still bewildered as what the hell my cousin was doing here, I went to the seat next to him and sat down not without hesitance. The only thing I could think was that Dumbledore had told him already and that I might very well kill them both to keep my secret from getting out.

"I've asked James to come today because I wanted to make you an offer and he's going to help me convince you to accept."

Okay, that was unexpected.

"An... offer?"

"Yes," he smiled. "Arabella, have you ever heard of the Order of the Phoenix?"

I stared at him, still confused. "Should I have?"

He laughed, "No, no. It means we've been doing things right."

I blinked, still uncomprehending and wondering if- in my absence- Dumbledore might possibly have gone mad.

"As you know, we are currently in a state of war."

I nodded slowly, unsure where he was going with this. I shot a glance at James from the corner of my eyes but it was no use. His face was, for once, unreadable.

"And, while the Ministry is doing their best, sometimes it's better to have forces outside the government. Which is why I've formed the Order."

"It's a secret society that's working to fight off Voldemort and his followers," James told me. Obviously concluding from my blank expression that I was completely thick and had no idea what Dumbledore was talking about.

"And making sure he doesn't get more," Dumbledore added.

There was a pause as I processed what they were telling me and why I was here. "So... what's that got to do with me?" I asked finally, after coming up with no answers of my own.

Dumbledore smiled, perhaps at my appearant naiveness. "Well, I would like for you to- after school, of course- become a member."

Loooooooong pause.

"Wh-what? But-but I-" I lost my ability to form coherent sentences. This was definitely not what I'd expected coming up the winding staircase behind the gargoyle.

"I'm aware of the sacrifices you'd be making- as it doesn't pay. And it is a risk. but some risks are nessecary and we need our best and brightest fighting against the darkness."

I was still reeling from the realization that Dumbledore hadn't brought me up here to nag me about telling everyone I was the mother of a one year old, so speech wasn't exactly an option.

"Your cousin has already agreed to join," he informed me, while James nodded vehemently. "And, if I'm not mistaken, I believe you'd once expressed a great wish to become an Auror. This is your chance to fight."

I blinked rapidly, surprised that Dumbledore remembered my fantasy occupation and even more shocked that he still thought that-after having Aurora- I'd be able to take those risks. "I- I.... don't want to be an Auror anymore. I- I'm going to be a Healer." I managed finally.

"Yes, I understand that." Dumbledore answered, a sad twinkle in his eye. "And I will understand if you need sometime to think on it. But our door is always open to your talent."

All I could think of was Rory. What would happen if I was killing by some nasty Death-Eater during a mission? My mother would care for her, but I'd miss her grow and play. I'd miss her first day of school, her graduation, her wedding, her children being born. Or, even worse, Sirius would find out about her and take her from my mother- as was his legal right. There was no way in hell I was going to risk that. My baby would never, under any circumstances, be raised by Sirius the Womanizer Black. Or maybe, the Death Eaters would find out I was part of the Order and come to my hous and....No. That was not a risk worth taking.

So I could only splutter out one answer, "I- I... can't."

James looked shocked. I was truning down an offer from the Headmaster that, two years ago, I would've jumped at. I could tell he'd been sure I'd say yes. "But-but, Airy, you've always wanted to fight against that scum! Wha-?"

I beseeched Dumbeldore with my eyes, surely he knew why I had to refuse his offer. "I just... I can't be an Auror. I'm not... brave enough."

It was the only excuse I could think of.

"You're a Gryffindor!"

"I know but- I- I'm not you. I don't find hexing people fun." Below the belt, I realize, but it was the only arguement that came to mind that was relatively sane. "I don't like violence. I'm going to help with the war effort by Healing idiots like you who'll go too far while on some mission risking your neck and end up with a severed ear or something. I'm not cut out for-"

"But, Airy, you've-"

"Very well, Arabella." The headmaster cut in, knowingly. "But my offer still stands. Perhaps if you think on it for a few days you'll change your mind."

I forced a humorless smile and jumped to my feet tensely. "Thank you for the offer, sir. But I'm afraid I won't change my mind."

And before either of them could respond, I fled the scene.

Yes, I know, not the most inconspicuous way to handle thing but improvisation has never been one of my strong suits.

Feeling dizzy, I decided to take a shortcut back to the dormitory. I had a headache all of the sudden and the only thing I wanted was to change into an old T-shirt I'd stolen from Aidan and crawl under my covers. I could've cared less that it was only four-thirty and the sun was still shining brightly in the sky. I just wanted to find unconciousness as fast as possible so I didn't have to think about that disaster of a meeting back there any longer.

This had to been one of the top ten shittiest weeks I'd ever had. First, I had to leave Aurora at King's Cross. Then, I ran into my smarmy ex less than an hour later. As if that wasn't enough, my classes were endlessly monotonous, I'd watched on best friend get her heart broke and deny it vehemently and  found out the other was hiding something- I wasn't sure I wanted to know what. And now I was ambushed by my headmaster and my cousin. Could it get worse?

I trudged threw the empty corridors towards Gryffindor Tower, unbothered because everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine. In fact, the castle seemed completely deserted. I didn't meet a single soul on my way up.

That is, until I reached the shortcut behind the tapestry. There a couple had decided to spend the sunny afternoon, not basking in the unforgiving rays of the sun but snogging each other senseless and groping areas that one wouldn't normally grope in corridors. The bottle-blonde had her tall suitor pinned to the wall as he explored her with his hands and her short skirt was twisted, flashing her knickers for anyone to see but she didn't seem to notice nor care at what a sight she looked -too occupied shovign her tongue down the poor bloke's mouth.

At first I simply blushed- half embarassed, half amused- at having caught them. It wasn't until my eyes met with a pair of cobalt blues that the nauseating flashback assaulted my brain.

Because the bloke pinned against the wall with the tongue of an overly-eager blonde shoved down his throat, was none other than Sirius Black.


(Hello my lovely readers, 
Hope you enjoyed the chapter! I had a snow day and in between babysitting little cousins and celebrating the birth of a new baby cousin, I found time to finish this! Hopefully- as I've got another snow day tomorrow due to the blizzard- I'll be able to write a lot tomorrow too! Anyway, I'm not sure whether I like it or not, it might be a bit too all over the place but I'm bias so tell me what you think in the box below please! Was it- "Oh my God what was she thinking?" or "Oh my God this is amazing!" material??? 
If you're reader of any of my other stories I'm very very sorry for the sluggish updates but
Fire and Ice should get a new one soon and hopefully Swept Under and Like Father will too but the muses are moody and they obviously can't decide whether they like me or not. Until then, Patience is a virtue!
xo RED ox)

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