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The power of love by Joda
Chapter 7 : Revelations
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A/N: This is a very short chapter; well it’s almost three pages on Word, but not quite. Though it is a short chapter it has its purpose, it is merely a building chapter to the memorial to Dumbledore. So the next chapter may be up as early as today (Tuesday) or tomorrow morning hopefully.

A little in my own happy little world. I’m going to Canada’s Wonderland on Friday. For those who don’t know what this is, it is Canada’s answer to Disney Land, only better! Is has a whole bunch of roller coasters and kick ass rides. Kinda like Six Flags, and such. Anyway yeah so it’s always fun when I go there, I get to go with school and only have to pay 25 bucks, that’s Canadian money so we pay more normally, it’s normally like 50. This covers the bus too which is good.

Again nothing knew on Marc’s story, I’m going over to my mommies this week for dinner so I can ask him about it. So enjoy the chapter, and as always read and review.

Chapter 7: Revelations

Harry arrived at Number 12 Grimmauld Place with a large bundle of cloth nearly an hour later. The only people left at the Burrow at the time of Dumbledore’s fall were Lupin, Ron, Arthur and Harry. Fred and George left when the inside had been cleared of conscious Death Eaters; Arthur had taken up the task of clearing them of their wands while Ron went to see where Harry was. Arthur ran outside at the sound of Ron’s cry to find him and Harry huddled over a limp Dumbledore and Harry vowing to kill someone. Arthur’s mind went blank. There lay the most powerful wizard of their time, dead. He walked outside numbly to help Harry and Ron carry him inside. He felt they should do something, but he knew it wouldn’t help. Albus Dumbledore was dead, and even he knew there was no way to bring the dead back to life.

When he was inside and all the wands were secured, Harry took Dumbledore to the headquarters for the Order while Arthur summoned Aurors to come and take away the unconscious Death Eaters.

When Harry opened the front door to his dead godfathers old house he felt a chill. He stepped across the threshold carrying Dumbledore’s body across his chest. He was fighting back tears the entire way. He stepped into the kitchen and lay him on the table and sat down. He heard footsteps coming from the hall. He didn’t care though, he didn’t have the energy to look. It turned out to be Molly. She came into the kitchen to find Harry sitting in a chair next to Dumbledore’s dead body.

“What? -” She asked. “Did he...?” she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“He fell.” Harry croaked. “He fell saving my life, again.” he repeated bitterly. Molly began to cry softly. She walked over to Harry and pulled him into a great hug. Hermione came in next with Angelina and Katie, who had Fred and George in tow.

“How was that, that just came in?” Fred asked. “Oh Harry, good to see you made...” he paused as he noticed Dumbledore lying on the table. “No.” He said shaking his head. “This isn’t real. He’s not dead.” he said. Backing away from the kitchen. “There’s no way He can be dead.” he said not believing what was right in front of him. Angelina began to cry, and Fred pulled her into a hug, clearly still not believing Dumbledore could be dead. Katie didn’t move or say anything, she just stared at his body her face as white as a ghost. George sat down near Dumbledore’s head burying his own head in his hands. Hermione walked to Molly to give her a hug. All through this Harry just sat and watched. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t trust himself to speak.

He felt two basic emotions. Grief and hate. He felt grief because his mentor was dead. The man who took him under his wing, taught him to live, to love, to fight. He gave Harry life; he took him away from the Dursleys all those long years ago. And he felt hate. He felt hate for Lestrange. She killed Sirius, she killed Ginny, and she killed Dumbledore. So much pain she’d caused, so much torment. He repeated his vow silently that he would kill Bellatrix Lestrange. Molly was the first to break the silence.

“Where are Ron and Arthur?” she asked. Harry said nothing for a moment then,

“Still at the burrow, they’re ok, they’re taking the Death Eaters to Azkaban, then coming here. I guess that Arthur doesn’t want everyone to know yet so they have to act as normal as possible.” he said not lifting his eyes from the floor. No one said anything in response. In fact not one word was spoken until Remus, Ron, and Arthur walked in the front door. Ron walked to Hermione and gave her a huge hug, which she reciprocated. Arthur embraced Molly, and Remus stood there looking at Harry. So much pain the two of them had shared, so much death. Harry thought back to after Sirius had died. The pain they went through together, now it seemed that they would have to do it again. Harry rose from his seat and gave Remus a hug. Tears were falling from Harry’s face like rain.

“I’m going to kill her Remus. If it is the last thing I do on this planet in this life I will kill her.” Remus looked into those blazing eyes and saw the conviction. He would kill her. If Harry saw Lestrange again he would
kill her.

“I know.” he said with equal conviction.

The next day Arthur announced to the Wizarding world that Albus Dumbledore was dead:

“Yesterday Albus Dumbledore fell in battle with escaped Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange. A large force of twenty to thirty Death Eaters attacked my home and family, including someone I will mention in a moments time. Accompanying this force were a number of Dementors also led by Bellatrix Lestrange. Albus apparated to my home upon learning of the attack and began defending my family with no regard for his own safety. It was this selfless act that resulted in his death. It would be my wish that all who can attend would go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on Saturday for a memorial service in his honour. Also present was Harry Potter who has returned to the Wizarding world. Harry Potter also risked his own life for the safety of mine, Harry who I consider a son was fortunately not harmed extensively in the battle. Harry will be giving the eulogy at the memorial service on Saturday.

That was the article that was published in the Daily Prophet the next morning. No one did anything that day. No one could believe that Dumbledore was dead. It wasn’t possible to believe that He could fall. He had survived both wars with Voldemort. He had killed Grindewald. There was nothing He couldn’t do. Harry did nothing for the next three days. On Friday night he left for Hogwarts. He apparated to Hogsmeade and walked to Hogwarts. There were more people than usual in the town. He figured that was because a lot of people came to stay the night until the memorial service the next day.

When he arrived at the castle he was met by Mcgonagall who showed Harry to his room, which was located only a two second walk from Dumbledore’s office. He sat on his bed and thought. He still couldn’t believe that He was gone. He sat and cried for an hour until he decided to go for a walk and try to clear his mind, and maybe thick of something to say at the memorial service tomorrow. He walked around the grounds watching the students walk around. Some of the older students he saw look grief stricken. They were feeling the same as Harry, though not nearly as much. Harry decided on going over to talk to a particularly rough looking seventh year.

“Hi.” he said. She looked up from her tears.

“Oh. You’re him. I mean you’re Harry Potter.” she said her eyes flickering to his scar for the shortest time.

“Yes I am, and you are?” he asked.

“You want to know my name?” she asked.

“Yes, I was walking around, and I saw you crying so decided to come over and see if I could help.” he said.

“Well my name is Ceyda Yetkiner.” she said.

“Why are you crying?” he asked.

“Why do you think? Dumbledore died. He was helping me with some classes and stuff, like tutoring me you know? And he was really cool and all, and now that stupid evil bitch Lestrange killed him.” she said choking back tears. Harry looked at her, knowing exactly how she felt.

“I know exactly how you feel.” he said. “Before I started school I didn’t know I was a Wizard, which is weird because every wizard on the planet knew who I was. So anyway, after I finally started school Albus became a mentor of sorts to me. He was also like a grandfather, he always had time to sit and talk, or listen. And he was also very wise, always giving me advice and stuff.” he said thinking back to his school days. Pausing so he could breath. It was difficult trying to help with the amount of pain he felt also.

"And I know exactly the kind of pain you feel right now, if anything more, but you can’t let it control your life. If you do then you’ll miss out on all kinds of great opportunities and good things that can happen. Someone once said ‘listen very carefully, for opportunity can knock very softly.’ and if you’re so busy thinking of the past then you’ll miss out on all kinds of good things.” he said. She nodded her understanding. He was going to walk away when he remembered something else.

“Oh, and something He told me back in my first year, you’ll be able to take comfort in this, ‘to a well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.’ so I’m sure wherever he is, he’s ok.” with that he walked away.

As Harry walked away he felt a wave of satisfaction. He had helped raised that young girls spirits a bit. Harry thought back to some of the times Dumbledore had done that for him. This must be what Dumbledore meant. When you raise the spirits of people, your own spirits raise as well. As he walked to the lake he began to think of what to say at the memorial service.

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