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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 49 : So What Did You Think I Would Say?
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Just talk yourself up
And tear yourself down
. . .
So what did you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away

"Anna! You’ve got mail!"

I snatched the letter adorned with Jason’s untidy scrawl (so similar to my own) before any of the boys could get their hands on it. No need for any of them to know my inner conflict.

Dear Anna,

You need a shrink. Seriously. It’s a good investment.

I don’t know what the hell to do - I honestly don’t know why you thought that writing me could possibly be a good idea. I mean, honestly! Couldn’t you just be a normal teenage girl whose only problem is that she loves to many guys, and her eggo is accidentally prego?

And . . . Things probably aren’t awkward - you just think they are. Sirius probably thinks that you don’t want to be around him because that’s how you were with all the other guys, yeah?

You know, I bet that Sirius is writing a letter just like yours to someone . . . But that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. Go talk to Remus, maybe, isn’t he good at this sort of stuff. Don’t you have ANY girl friends?

See you in a few,

Your-much-smarter-than-you-brother (Jason)

Wow, Jason, just so helpful!


"Who’s it from?" James asked, trying to read it over my shoulder.

"It’s from Jason," I said, casually folding the letter and putting it away, in a practised, discreet manner. "He’s just being an older brother, curious and protective and stuff - and he said he’s excited to see us all this summer."

"Yeah, he fucking should be!" Sirius cried, jumping up. "It’s going to be awesome!

Then, louder, "Only one month ‘till summer! Fuck yeah!"

"Mr. Black!"

We all hid our laughter as Sirius looked sheepishly towards McGonagall.



No further explanation was needed; Sirius often got in trouble for profane outbursts. We all did occasionally, but Sirius definitely took the cake. At the moment, he had his fingers out and was counting on them.

"James! I’ve got you by five now!"

James stuck his tongue out at Sirius. "Oh yeah?"

"Oi! You lot!" James shouted to no one in particular. A new faces turned towards him. Far many more did so after he ripped his robes and uniform off in one fluid motion and began to parade on top of the Gryffindor table in only his red, Quaffle boxers and his fancy shoes.

James continued to strut his stuff, waiting for McGonagall to look up at the sound of the racious chatter. Well, he didn’t have to wait long. Half a minute later, Minnie looked up, annoyed. The volume in the Great Hall was set to ‘really loud.’ Within another half a minute, she found the source of the noise.

"James Potter! Detention for the next week! I don’t want to hear ANY excuses!"

And she didn’t, in fact, James was ecstatic. I laughed when I caught sight of Sirius’ distraut face - they were tied.

"Burn! Oh snap! In your face! Don’t make me snap my fingers in a z-formation!" James got all up in Sirius’ grill.

Sirius decked him and got another detention. Oh, happy days!


Dear Anna,

Ha! I bloody told you so! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! You like Sirius! And he likes you! (Well, that part was obvious.) I’m fucking brilliant; no, I’m not brilliant, I’m a seer! Wait . . . I think I’d rather be brilliant.

Anyways. Ha! I’m awesome. By the way, just giving you a happy, one year and one month(ish) notice of our bash on the beach! I also would like to remind you (and the guys) that my birthday is in September and I expect to be completely lavished in gifts.

Seeing as I have a bunch of essays to do, and don’t have anything else to say now that I’ve rubbed it in your face that I was right and you were wrong, I’m going to run.


Mr. I-was-so-right-all-along-and-you-weren’t (Aka - Damon)

Wow, Damon. Great job; your letter’s just a little too late. I wrote him back and informed him of the current situation.

Take that, Mr. Bloody ego,
I thought smugly.

I rolled up the letter and tucked it away in my pocket to send later; at the moment, I needed to rush; the Marauders were playing an impromptu game of Quidditch and had gotten Lily to join. Naturally, I needed to be there to witness that.

"Yo! Wait up!" I cried, leaping out of the portrait hole and racing after their retreating backs. They stopped and waited for me to catch up. I caught Lily’s eye and could see that she was not happy about the events to take place - not at all.

"Don’t worry, Lily dearest, we won’t let you fall." I then excitedly ran down the corridor, cackling.


"Who knew that Lily Evans could play Quidditch . . . ish." This was probably the seventieth jab that me or Sirius had taken at her since we’d trudged off the muddy Quidditch field an hour before. It had started raining on us as we played; they all blamed it on me, so I tripped them and they fell in the mud.

But despite our teasing manner, we weren’t lying. Lily had actually made a fair Chaser.

We had spent the past hour sitting on the stone steps outside the front doors - Filch refused to let us back into the school until all the mud had washed from us, and being the brilliant group of youngsters we were, no one had brought a wand. Like I said, brilliant youngsters.

Eventually we were all soaked (but clean) and Filch grudgingly let us back into the castle. This was also in part by Lily and James threatening to tell Dumbledore; I tell you, that Head Boy and Head Girl thing might have something to it . . . All that power.

We were all laughing on our way up to the common room when we hit a particularly drafty part of the castle. (The fourth floor; it was Peeves’ favourite hangout and he loved to open all the windows and freeze the inhabitants to death.) Lily shivered. "Gosh, I need a warm shower. Bad."

"Shall I join you, love,?" James offered.

"I know! We can all join! It’ll be a shower party!" I cried excitedly. One of the portraits shushed me, and told me to use my ‘inside voice.’ It also told me that shower parties were extremely inappropriate.

"Yeah!" cried Sirius. "It’ll be like a mini-orgy, without all the drugs and crap!"

The look that Lily was giving us (perhaps, she didn’t know that we were kidding) was enough to send me into a fit of laughter.

"Actually, that’s a good idea," James put in. "We could all wear swim suits and - Oh! Let’s go to the Prefects’ bathroom and swim around in the giant tub!"

We all got excited at that. Peter was particularly enthusiastic. "Yipee!"

By then, we were all so excited that we were running through the castle in excitement to get to our dorms and collect our suits and get into the pool/bathtub/giant bowl of fun. When we got to the common room, everyone but me and Sirius ran up to get their stuff. Sirius and I had gone swimming in the lake earlier that day, and our wet swim suits were draped across the glass table in the common room, because we hadn’t found a space in the dorm to put it.

By the end of May, our dorm tended to be rather messy. Well . . . rather messy is sort of an understatement.

We were about to race up to the door so we could change (because stripping down in the common room is socially unacceptable) when I realized this was my chance. I grabbed Sirius shirttails and held him back. "You," I said threateningly.


"Yes, you."

Sirius looked confused. "What’ve I done now?"

"When we broke up, you stopped talking to me. What was the deal, man?" I plunged right into my question, not stopping to consider whether it was something that was really all that smart or not. Not that it mattered.

"Oh, you noticed?"

I look at how incredulously. "Seriously? There was nothing Sirius about those few weeks!" I took a break from my rant to explain which meaning or ‘Sirius’ or ‘serious’ had been used were in the sentence. "Was it really that weird for you?"

"No," Sirius said, as if it should have been obvious. Well, sorry that you ignoring me didn’t make me think you were madly in love with me, or something. Sheesh. "I was doing it for your benefit?"

I suppose I must have looked at him weird, because he further explained, "You know how you’re all weird about your boyfriends after you doing that ‘not together anymore’ thingy with them. I thought it’d be the same with me."

"But you’re Sirius," I told him. "Sirius, my best mate. Besides, Darren’s one of my best friends now, and I’m really starting to miss Stephen; traipsing around the castle with him was fun. And Aaron, well, Aaron was just Aaron.

"So we’re clear on this, now?" I assumed. "You ignore me ever again and you’ll get a swift kick up the arse."

Sirius looked put off by the threat. "Definitely never ignoring you again. I swear."

I nodded, smiling and glad that the little problem had been cleared up. "Good, now let’s go break some rules."

James - loves Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5
Darren - hit a "home-run" in his Third year. (Ooo, I see we've got another Remus on our hands.)
Sirius - his first kiss was in his Fourth year, during Truth or Dare (the most Godly of games.)
Anna -  is a size 6 or 8 (American) or a size 10 or 12 (UK and Austrailian.)

A/N2: Woohooo! Guess what! By the time the next chapter is uploaded (sometime next week, most probably. . . Tuesday?) I will have a surprise for you all! Not to do with the story, but kind of related . . . Perri already knows . . . :D

A/N3: Hmm, that chapter is shorter than I remembered. Anyways, wow, I just had a scare. I recently moved my fanfiction writings onto a USB (this is actually one of my secret guilty pleasures and that makes it easier to keep it like that) and for one terrified moment, as I went to plug it into my computer and get the chapter off of it, I couldn't find it. Now, I'm terrible with loosing things, so it's terrifying. I'm definetely going to have to find it a special home . . . 

A/N4: Does anyone ever remember me giving Damon a last name? I'm writing down all the character info (you know, so I don't accidentally change something) and I can't remember whether he had a last name or not.

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