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You Don't Know Me by mr cool cat
Chapter 3 : Surprises
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Take your time, love,



 ‘Cause you don’t have to rush



‘Cause it’s your life and no one else’s, sweetheart.



Don’t let someone put you in a box.



--Kate Nash “Navy Taxi”



“Frank and I decided on a date for the wedding,” Lily said happily on Sunday during brunch. “April 12th. What do you think? I think April is a wonderful time for a wedding,”



That’s my due date,” I stated to no one in particular. I feel bad, Lily is obsessing over this wedding and I bet she already had her heart set on April 12th.



 “Oh,” she responded. She seems a little down for a few seconds but then she takes out a planner and flips through the pages.



“Our other choice was May 2nd, and I’m starting to think that’s a better time,” Lily says, recovering. “Less chance of rain then.”



 “Sorry Lily,” I said.



She shakes her head, telling me not to worry about it.



 “Speaking of baby,” Lily continued, “why didn’t you tell me that the father was Hugo!”



 “Hugo’s the father?!” Sam said.



 “How did you know it was Hugo?” I asked Lily.



“He told Frank who thought I knew.”



 “You two are finally going out? That’s great!” Sam says happily.



 “We aren’t going out; do you really think that I would date Hugo Weasley?” I retorted. Sam is all about getting us together, she’s been telling me that we were meant to be since we met each other.



Sam snorts. “Do you really want me to answer that honestly?”



 “Well you’re wrong. We still hate each other even though we’re sharing a kid.” I told her. She gives Lily a look and shakes her head.



 “He’ll never change,” I try to reason with them. “Just the other day he was flirting with my healer at our first appointment.”



“He went to the healer’s with you?” Sam asked, not caring about what I just said.



I nod. “He wants to be there for me during the pregnancy, as a friend and everything.”



“See, he has grown up!” Lily said.



“Lily that’s just being a decent human being. We’ll see how grown up he acts when the kid actually comes.” I replied. Lily and Sam just roll their eyes and don’t say anything else.





After brunch I decide to go visit my parents, it’s been a while and I ought to tell them about their grandchild. 



I apparate over to my childhood home in the country-side and enter the house where both of my parents are watching a movie. My dad is a muggle-born, so we have a lot of muggle technology.



 “Emily, what a lovely surprise!” my dad said when he sees me. My mum smiles up at me and pats down to the seat next to her, indicating that I should take a seat.



 “Something wrong, dear?” my mother asked.



I look astonished, “Does something have to be wrong for me to visit my parents?”



 “Yes,” my father replied.



 “Well no,” I tell them, “I don’t have bad news or anything, just…news.”



 “What is it Em?” my mum asked.



 “I’m pregnant.”



“Excuse me!” My mother shouted. My father gives me an astonished look, as if he can’t believe it.



“Who is the father?” he asked calmly.



“Hugo Weasley,” I responded. “Remember him? He’s Lily’s cousin.”



 “How long have you been dating?” My mother asked. This question is starting to bother me, maybe because the answer is so embarrassing.



 “We aren’t going out,” I said slowly. My mother must be so ashamed of me right now. “But he wants to be part of the baby’s life, and he’s been pretty supportive so far.”



 “Well I should hope so!” my mother said angrily.



My father looks like he is about to faint and he plops down on the couch to stop that from happening.



 “What about your career Emmy?” he whispered.



 “I know,” I say. I can’t help but dwell on the fact that my I’m going to have to quit my job with the baby. I had a plan and now it’s ruined, all because of one night of stupidity.



My mother is looking at me concerned and she gives me a hug. “I know it seems unlikely, but this child will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”



I nod, trying to be optimistic. After that moment, my parents seem much nicer. My father changes the movie to The Wizard of Oz, because it’s one of my favourite movies, and then I stay for dinner. My parents don’t mention the pregnancy and they act as though nothing has happened.



But I still can’t help but feel their disappointment. 





“Emily, will you bring me the files for the Italian Witch Weekly shoot,” Jennifer’s voice calls out. I turn around and see her holding up a bag and two coffees. I get up from my desk quickly and follow her out of the room.



 “You are a life-saver Jen!” I call has she hands me the coffee. We do this often, one of us gets pastries and then we tell the other that we need to discuss something for an upcoming shoot, and then we sneak off and eat.



Like I said before, the magazine world isn’t very forgiving to people who eat, especially people who enjoy Danishes and sticky buns.



I reach into the bag to grab a piece coffee cake. It smells so sweet to the point that it’s almost revolting—



 “Are you alright?” Jen asks, as I turn to the closest garbage can and vomit.



 “Do you have a mint?” I ask once I’m done. Jennifer opens her oversized purse and takes a pack of gum out. I do a quick spell to gargle in my mouth and then I take a piece from her.



 “I don’t think I can eat that,” I tell her, looking at the piece in disgust. I turn around quickly so that the smell won’t get to me again and take a long sip of coffee. I feel a little guilty about the caffeine, but Healer Bramble said I could have at most one cup of coffee a day and today is the first day I’ve even tried.



 “Are you pregnant?” Jennifer asked me. How did she guess? Am I already starting to show?



 “Why would you say that?” I responded.



“Because you just threw up at the sight of a pastry, and you didn’t have a drink last night at the showcase.” Jen replied. “And I have a sort of sixth sense for these things, seeing as I have four of my own.”



I sigh and give in, “Fine you got me. Remember that bloke that I told you about at my friend’s party? He’s the father.” I told her.



“Huh, does anyone else know?” she asked.



“No one from work, I want to keep it a secret as long as possible.” I responded.



 “You know it’s going to be obvious after a while, right?”



I nod, and I don’t mention to her that I’ll be quitting by that point. She will get really upset and try to talk me out of it. I can’t do it though; I have to be dedicated to my child. 





“This is what I call art!” my sister in-law, Charlotte, said, holding up a magazine with a recent photo shoot of mine as she walks in the door. One of the reasons I love her so much is because she seems to be my biggest fans.



“Thank you!” I respond.



She walks in and sits down while I get some tea and biscuits. I come back into my living room and she starts pouring the tea.



“Congratulations by the way,” she says off-handily. She doesn’t realize that I don’t exactly find it something to celebrate.



“Thanks,” I muttered.



“Don’t you think that this is the perfect time to start your own gallery?” She asked. For as long as I’ve known her, Charlotte has always thought that I should have my own gallery. But I love my job.



“Char, it’s probably the worst time to start my own gallery. I’m going to have a 24/7 job like you do, and that’s taking care of this kid.” I said.



“Well I’ll help you with the business bit, and you can just take pictures.” She says. I think she sometimes regrets staying home with the children while my brother, Robert works. She was a strong business woman before she had kids, and she doesn’t seem to get the same thrill out of running a household.



I shake my head, letting her know that it’s the end of discussion, and then I change the topic.



Surprisingly Charlotte’s not talking a lot, which is weird since it’s usually hard to shut her up. When I finally ask what’s wrong, she tells me.



“Robert just got a promotion, and its running him ragged,” she admits. “We never have time for each other anymore and I just want to spend some time with him.” I look at her sympathetically.



 “Why don’t I take care of the kids and you and Robert can spend the weekend somewhere?” She gives me a quizzical look, but I can tell she likes the idea.



 “Are you sure?” she said.



 “Yeah,” I responded, nodding my head. “In fact, I’ll get Hugo to come along too and then I can see how he is as a father.”





After Charlotte’s visit, I decide to pop into Flourish and Bolts to get some pregnancy books. They must have a small stock, if anything. I ask the man working there and he points to the back. They only three books; Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Wizard, Parenting for Dummies, Never Too Early: How to Make Your Child a Quidditch Star Starting in the Womb.



I grab one of each of them and then take them to the cash register. After paying, I start walking down the street to Hugo’s flat. Tonight is a full moon and there are a million stars in the sky, it’s such a beautiful night that I suddenly feel giddy and I start skipping a few steps.



Finally I arrive at Hugo’s building and the door man rings me in. I go up to his flat and hand him the Quidditch book.



 “Thought you might want this,” I said to him, plopping down on the sofa. He gives me a quizzical look, I guess because my mood has changed so much since he last saw me. He then looks down at the book and laughs.



 “Isn’t that funny? I thought you might like that,”



 “I already have it,” he said, throwing it to me. I catch it like a Frisbee and he sits across from me.



 “You went book shopping already?!” I asked. I thought only women went baby-book shopping and then men read them unwillingly.



“Yeah, the day after you told me.” He replied. He walks over to his bed room and comes back with five or six books in his hands.



 “Flourish and Bolts had limited stock, so I went to a muggle bookstore.” He explains. I look over at the books which seem a lot better than the stupid ones that I got.



“I might borrow some of these,” I tell him when I look at the titles; What to Expect When You’re Expecting; Daddy’s guide, Single Parent’s guide, Pregnancy countdown, and then Parenting for Dummies, and the Quidditch book.



 “You can keep Pregnancy Countdown, I realized it didn’t apply to me when it told me that my breasts should be swollen and I should have morning sickness.” He said.



I laugh and then flip through the pages. I find where it says seven weeks.



“Our child is the size of a blueberry,” I read out loud.



“Yep, and it still has a tail.” Hugo finished.



We talk for a few minutes, and then I bring up my plan for next weekend.



“We are going to live at my brother’s house and take care of my niece and nephews.” Hugo doesn’t look too happy about the idea.






“Because you have no experience with children and you’re about to have one.”



“My Uncle Harry never had parent figures, and he did just fine.”



“Don’t compare yourself with your Uncle Harry, he saved the world when he was seventeen.”



Hugo doesn’t say anything for a few minutes.



“Don’t you think this is a little early? We still have nine months.” He argued.



I shake my head. “It going to be hard to run after three children when I’m the size of a whale.” He laughs a little at this and then looks up at me.



 “Fine, I’ll do it.” He finally said.



Author's Note: This is a very choppy chapter, so I'm sorry. Please let me know what you think! I love constructive criticism, it only helps me become a better writer so just tell me how you feel. Even

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