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The power of love by Joda
Chapter 6 : Trying to deal
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A/N: Please don’t kill me! I know a lot of you will possibly, maybe, probably... well ok, so I don’t know how any of you will react, but I hope you don’t decide to hunt me down and kill me. Anyway with that said and done, I did for some strange reason enjoy writing this chapter, getting back into this story line. I forgot how much fun I could have with this story, which is why I started it in the first place. Yeah so I’m not sure what to say, this is odd... nothing new with Marc’s story, I got like no sleep this weekend, but I’m not complaining ;)p. so yeah, other than that, nothing really new to report, I’m disappointed in the Maple Leafs performance on Sunday... 7-2 Philly... that was embarrassing. Anyway yeah, now I’m done, enjoy the story, and as always read and review.

Chapter 6: Trying to deal

The trip from Hogwarts was uneventful. This may have been because they traveled by Floo Powder out of Dumbledore’s office right into the Weasely’s living room. When Harry stepped out of the fireplace however he was tackled to the ground by a large brown bushy mass.

“What the? -” He asked trying to get up, which wasn’t the easiest thing with a pregnant Hermione Granger laying on him.

“Harry.” She whispered.

“Hi Hermione.” He said smiling. “You look great.” He said.

“Thank you. Oh Harry, where have you been? I haven’t seen you since; well...” she let the sentence trail off, not wanting to bring up Ginny’s death.

“It’s ok Hermione. You can say it; I’m dealing with it. I mean it has been eight years, not that it doesn’t hurt.” He said quietly.

“Oh Harry.” She said again in tears. She was interrupted however by Molly Weasley who on learning of Harry’s arrival burst into the room and enveloped Harry into another life threatening hug,

“Harry!” she cried. “Oh Harry how have you been? You look so good; it’s been so long! It’s so good to see you again, after you left I feared I would never get the chance to...” again another sentence unfinished.

“To what Mrs. Weasley?” he asked.

“To tell you how much I love you, and to thank you for protecting Ginny, and to tell you I’m sorry, and we don’t blame you at all, and there’s just so much. And call me Molly” She said crying also.

“It’s ok Mrs.- Molly.” He said. Arthur followed Ron out of the fireplace how arrived two minutes after Harry.

“Fred and George are coming over later tonight, we were going to have a big dinner in honor of a new Weasley.” She said beaming at Hermione. “but now it seems as though there is another joyous reason for dinner.” She said with a huge smile on.

The rest of the day was spent in the company of the Weasleys. This was the atmosphere that Harry missed most of all, sitting in the company of his best friends and family. His thoughts frequently went back to Ginny however. Just being in the house again made him think of her non-stop. She was in his every thought, consuming his mind. And with these thoughts of the women he loved, came feelings of hate. Hatred towards the women who was responsible for her death. Bellatrix Lestrange. She followed every thought Harry had of Ginny. He would see her smiling face, and then he would hear the horrid laughter of Bellatrix after death had been dealt. Around 2:30 Harry found himself in Ginny’s old room. He sat down on her old bed it still felt warm. He remembered lying with her in this bed one night when he was staying for holidays, Ron had walked right in without knocking. He hadn’t known about Harry and Ginny yet. Harry laughed at the memory, Ginny and him weren’t doing anything except lying and playing with each others hair.

“So have you thought about what you’re going to do after school?” Ginny asked twirling some of Harry’s hair in her fingers.

“Well if I survive Hogwarts then I may become an Auror, I want to do it, but I’ve already had more that my share of fighting dark wizards.” He said, Ginny laughed lightly at that, but realized the deep frightening truth in his words. He was a marked man and he may not survive school. They continued to lie there, content to sit in there own little world paying no mind to the trivial problems encountered by everyone else when they heard,

“WHAT?” they both looked over to the door to see Ron standing there in his nightclothes.

“Don’t you know how to knock?” Ginny asked sharply.

“Harry? Ginny?”

“Hey mate.” Harry said with a slight grin on his face. Ron blushed pure red and blinked.

“What are you two doing? Are you? -” he couldn’t finish the sentence.

“No Ron we’re not doing anything, and yes we are dating, now go bugger off and annoy someone else.” Ginny said sharply standing to slam the door in Ron’s face, which he didn’t try to stop.

Harry laughed at that memory, they were so innocent back then, not a care in the world. Well that wasn’t totally true. They had many cares, more than people their age should ever have to deal with. More than anyone should have to deal with. But they were still kids, and they still enjoyed having fun and doing what kids do. Which included shutting off the rest of the world and just enjoying each other’s company. Harry sat down on her bed and began to cry. It wasn’t a loud cry. He just sat on the bed and let the tears roll down his face. He looked around the room, everything was just as it had been in his memory, the pictures on the wall, the sheets on the bed, the paint which was beginning to peel in some spots, the carpet, the smell. Everything screamed Ginny, and Harry cried harder. He sat there not knowing how long he was there until Hermione came up and knocked softly on the door.

“Harry? Harry are you on there?” she asked opening the door a crack to see in the room where Harry was crying on the bed, “oh Harry.” she said coming over and sitting down beside him wrapping him up in a hug. “It still hurts.” it wasn’t a question. Harry felt a flash of annoyance towards his best friend but let it subside; she was just trying to help.

“Yeah it hurts. It’s like there’s a gaping hole, that nothing could ever fill, there’s not enough water, not enough magic, not enough anything that could begin to fill this gap.” he said through tears into her shoulder. “Whenever I think of her, whenever I remember the love we shared, the fun we had, I think of what could have happened, I think of Lestrange too.” he said. Hermione said nothing, letting Harry continue. “I think of what she robbed from me, from the Weasleys, from the world. Ginny was so innocent, so pure; she had so much to give so much love. And I swear that I will kill her for what she took. I hate her like the animal she is. And nothing on this planet will stop me from killing her.” he said his eyes no longer dripping tears, because the fire behind them had dried his eyes. Hermione looked into his blazing eyes and shuddered. There was so much fires, so much passion, so much anger and hate burning there. If this were anyone but Harry she would feel afraid, but knowing that Harry would give his life to protect her and his friends, she nodded, not trusting herself to talk just then. Hermione said nothing letting Harry remember Ginny for another five minutes while holding him close to her until Ron walked in.

“There you are. Fred and George just arrived.” he said. Harry looked up into the eyes of his best friend. They were so different than the eyes that caught him and Ginny lying in the same bed all those years ago. They had been hardened by years of training, and fighting, they still managed to retain their brightness, but there was something there, something behind them that haunted Ron. Harry shook the thoughts out of his head and started to laugh. “What?” Ron asked.

“How many times are you going to catch me in this bed with other women?” he asked. Ron scrunched up his face trying to figure out what Harry had said.
“Never mind, you’ll remember eventually.” he said shaking his head. “Let’s go see your brothers.

They made their way down the stairs that no longer creaked with every step. Harry looked around, the Burrow for the most part looked much better than he remembered it. There were no longer holes in walls, no longer were there frayed or patchy rugs and carpets, he didn’t even hear the Ghoul that once lived in the attic, in fact the whole house was in much better shape. They entered the living room where two identical red heads were sitting on a couch, each had a beautiful young woman on a side. On the left of Fred (Harry thought it was Fred) was a striking young olive skinned woman with dark hair and a young four (he thought he was four) year old son on her lap. On the right side of George was a young woman with blonde hair just passed her shoulders, there were three young looking children sitting around their feet.

“Harry?” Fred asked, seeing him first. “Is that really you?” he asked getting to his feet. George got to his feet too. They walked over to Harry, George looked at Harry scrutinizing him, trying to see if this was real. Fred put his hand to Harry forehead and lifted bangs revealing his scar.

“Blimey! It is you! I mean you’re really him! I mean wow...”he said shaking Harry’s hand and giving him a brotherly hug. George followed suit saying,

“You look great! Keeping in shape, how many dark wizards to you take down a week?” he asked drawing a laugh from Harry and a cold glare from Molly.

“Now really, that isn’t necessary George!” she said sternly, she stopped however when she saw Harry laughing.

“It’s good to see you two again.” he said. Harry turned to see Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson standing there beaming.

“Harry.” Katie said smiling giving Harry a hug followed by Angelina.

“It’s good to see you again.” he said with a smile. They all sat down to begin discussing what everyone had missed (for Harry’s benefit mostly) when they heard a loud POP. They whirled around to see Charlie Weasley standing there.

“Hey all. I heard that Fred and George were bringing my nephews and niece over, so I figured I pop over and say hi. He stopped when he saw Harry sitting on the couch.

“Harry?” he asked as though not believing what he were seeing.

“You know I’m starting to get sick of everyone not believing I’m alive.” he said smiling. “How are you Charlie?” asked.

“Good how are you? How long has it been?” he asked.

“Oh about eight years.” he said. “You look good, it’s goo to see that you haven’t been eaten by any dragons yet.” he joked. They both laughed.

“It’ll take more than a fifty foot monster to take me out.” he said smiling. They sat back down, Charlie with a little more difficulty with four young children attached to his legs. Harry looked at this scene and almost started to cry again. He saw his best friends and family sitting together and laughing, he saw their children laughing and playing. He saw all the happiness and love flowing throughout the room and fought hard to choke back the tears. He should be sitting here with Ginny, watching their own children joining in the festivities. He felt another wave of anger towards Lestrange. He felt the burning desire to kill Lestrange. He fought the feeling back and willed himself to enjoy the day again, he didn’t want to be the sullen one during this happy day in which he returned to his family. He smiled when Fred and Angelina’s son walked up to Harry.

“Who you?” he asked. He had red hair, with brownish highlights, and bright brown eyes that made the sun look dead. ‘Like Ginny.’ a voice in the back of his head said.

“I’m Harry Potter.” he said with a smile on his face. Angelina knelt down beside her son and whispered in his ear. The boy’s eyes widened and he smiled.

“Unkie Harry!” He said and hugged Harry’s leg. Harry felt a wave of love for the boy. This was what Dumbledore was talking about. Keeping the spirits of everyone up. Making them happy, letting them feel love. Having a reason not to let the darkness spread. He was about to ask his name when they all heard the front door blow open. He heard someone scream he was on his feet wand out in less than a second, he looked over and saw Charlie, Ron and Arthur do the same. Fred and George were rounding up their children. Their wives were telling them to go and help the others. They pulled their wands out and joined Harry, Ron, and Arthur. They turned to see twenty Death Eaters pouring through the front door. Spells and curses began to fly across the threshold. Harry felt a surge of hatred to these Death Eaters who were attacking his family. He began launching spells and curses with a such ferocity that the Death Eaters were almost driven back a bit, but a wave of Dementors surged in as well. Harry launched a Patronus, aided by Ron, and Hermione who joined the fight. With the Dementors busy full attention was now being directed to the attacking Death Eaters. Harry began a duel with five at once. He was deflecting curses and launching his own with an increasing difficulty. He hadn’t dueled in eight years save for the one where he went flying through someone’s front window.

“Stupefy! Impedima! Stupefy! Reducto! Confundus! Conjunctivitis! Expelliarmus!” he continued to launch spells, but it seemed that every time one Death Eater fell another ran though the front door.

“Get the kids out of here! We can’t hold them off forever! Go to the headquarters!” Ron yelled at Hermione.

“Got it.” she shouted back. Petrificus Totalus!” she shouted at an approaching Death Eater.

“Harry turned to see four more advancing on him. He realized he couldn’t win inside there just wasn’t enough room to maneuver. He apparated quickly just outside the front door. He looked around to make sure that more Death Eaters weren’t advancing from outside then pointed his wand inside and began launching more spells.

“STUPEFY! PETRIFICUS TOTALUS! STUPEFY! IMPEDIMA! Mobiliarbus.” he pointed his wand at a couch sending it flying into three Death Eaters at once. He looked to his left and saw a Death Eater running at him launching curses, “Protego!, Expelliarmus! Locomotor Mortis!” he said tripping the Death Eater. “Stupefy!” He yelled taking him out of the fight. He looked over the scene. Fred and George were back to back fighting a combined five Death Eaters, Arthur and Ron were doing the same with another six. Harry took a breath and charged back into the fight. He stunned two of the Death Eaters harassing Fred and George then turned to held Arthur when he heard a cold voice behind him.

“Stop where you are Potter.” he turned slowly. He came face to face with Bellatrix Lestrange. He instantly felt his blood turn cold, which was odd, because the
rest of his body was burning with rage.

“Lestrange.” he said, his voice shaking with rage. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done.”

“Ah wee baby Potter seems to have grown up a bit. Well if you think you can duel and survive with me, then by all means, go right ahead.” Harry didn’t think, he just attacked.

“STUPEFY! IMPEDIMA! CRUCIO! PETRIFICUS TOTALUS! STUPEFY! EXPELLIARMUS!” he continued his assault though none of his spells could get through. He was blind with rage. He didn’t just want her dead, he wanted her in pain. He wanted her to suffer. He wanted her to feel all the same pain he had felt. He continued to attack. Pausing only to conjour more Patronus’ to fight off the Dementors she summoned here and there, to tire Harry out.

“CRUCIO!” she shouted, hitting Harry in the chest, sending him flying back into the wall of the house. He slid to the ground his body screaming in pain not just from the curse but from the stress of the fight. Somewhere he heard the laughter of Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry couldn’t focus on the laughter though. He head the voice talking to him, taunting him.

“ easy, just like the little red head. She didn’t put up much of a fight either.” she laughed. Harry set his face and got to his feet. He swayed slightly then as he was about to charge a popping sound came from behind him, and a pair of arms pulled him back. Dumbledore appeared right in front of him and began to duel with Lestrange. He watched in awe as Dumbledore scored hit after hit, deflecting her curses. He looked up at the person who had pulled him out of the fight, and looked into the eyes of Remus Lupin.

“Are you ok?” he asked. Harry tried to answer but couldn’t, the pain was so much that his mouth wasn’t working. He looked back at Dumbledore fighting Lestrange. He saw the cold determination on his face, the power radiating off of him. He watched as he moved his body and wand in perfect coordination until,

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Harry watched as the green killing curse flew from Lestrange’s wand and slammed full force right into Dumbledore’s chest. He saw the look of surprise on his face, the look of triumph on hers. He heard a scream and saw Ron standing in the doorway. He heard his own scream escape his now functioning mouth. He noticed Lupin’s shook. He felt his entire body run cold. He heard the laughter escape Lestrange’s mouth again as she apparated away. He ran straight to Dumbledore, hoping that by some miracle he would be alive, hoping that somehow he would have been prepared for this. But when he reached Dumbledore’s body he knew that he was dead. When Harry looked into Dumbledore’s still open eyes, there was no twinkle. There was emptiness. He looked at Ron.

“I will kill her.”

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The power of love: Trying to deal


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