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Difference of a Daisy by peeving_peeves
Chapter 3 : Staircase
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Meet him later. I hate picking characters, he is the best I found after many hours of google. :)

A/N- Hi all you lovely people who have some how or another found your way to my wacky third chapter. I have been EXTREMELY slack at updating. That might be because here in Australia it is summer and in summer it is summer holidays (no duh!) so like any normal person on holidays I have been very busy, yes I know excuses, excuses. I promise form now on I will post more often. Pinkie swear.

Previously- (duh, duh, DUH!)

I left dinner early to avoid after dinner rush and to plan my next prank. I managed to get to the third floor when I heard footsteps.
“Daisy James! Daisy James!”
I turned around to see none other then Albus ‘Bloody’ Potter and there was no escaping him now...
“About this morning...”

“Err...” I hesitated, feeling for the first time in my life, intimidated by Albus Potter.
His face glowed a bright red, it was hard to tell if it was of embarrassment or sheer anger, I knew one thing (though I ignored it, it was always more fun that way) Albus had a bad temper!
“What about it, fish lips?” I asked teasingly, making a smooching face.
His face turned more into a purple now, I was defiantly hitting a nerve.
“Explain, NOW!” His voice boomed, almost knocking me off my feet, not that I needed the help.
“Explain!” I yelled, “How on earth do you expect ME to explain!”
“What the- ” Albus started, his face screwed up showing he was thinking about what I said carefully.
“Give up, Albus! You and me, it is never going to happen, OK? Not in your wildest dreams!” And I stormed off, holding my head up high.

I need to think, I thought to myself. This didn’t make much sense as I was thinking about needing to think.

I noticed that ‘Potter’ had left and I was now standing on a staircase, not knowing where I was heading. So I threw my legs over the railings of the staircase and dangled helplessly over the edge.

Soon blood started rushing to my head, but I honestly didn’t mind. I went through, mentally, what had happened since I have started school- Nothing dramatic. I started laughing to myself; dramatic was the keyword to my life, at least it wasn’t boring! I thought of Molly Weasley II and how she did nothing but abide by the rules, nobody liked her (except her little sister, Lucy, but like she has any weight in this discussion).

I felt my legs start to slide from the railings as the staircase suddenly started to move. I could scream, but I had no idea if any one was around to hear me, though it was worth a try.


No reply.

“Peeves, anyone? I don’t really care who!” I yelped, helplessly.

The next thing I heard a thud on the hard surface of the staircase.
“Grab my hand,” A boy said, throwing half his body over the railings too. I took it eagerly and he pulled me back over to safety.

I waited what seemed forever for my vision to zone back into its usual state, not just a blur of spinning colours.

It was, unless I am hallucinating, Blake Wood, the Blake Wood.
He was beyond hot, he was perfect! Every girl who stumbled across him had his name written out all over every parchment they lay their hands on. There are many reasons for this- How irresistible, charming and heart melting he is to look at, his quidditch skills (Ravenclaw Capt.), the fact he is top off all his classes and again the fact he looks almost unreal! Need I say anymore? No, or you won’t get me to shut up for days or maybe even decades.

‘I owe you my life, is it ok if I pay you back with a kiss!’ Is what I wanted to say, but no I didn’t. I just stood there, looking like a total tool.

“Are you alright...?” He asked, his voice was perfect just like all the other things about him.
“Just dandy, thanks. I was just having a bit of... me time,” I replied, the answer seemed to fit more so to a situation if he found me sitting on a park bench, not dangling off a moving staircase screaming for my life.
He laughed and I felt like my whole body was melting.
Blake offered his hand and I keenly shook it.
“Blake, Blake Wood,” He greeted.
“Daisy James,” I said enthusiastically, man he must think I am a bit on the strange side.
“So do you often hang off staircases?”
“On the occasion, only if the astronomy tower is occupied,” I joked, he laughed even harder. I must really be making a fool out of myself, but I don’t really care, never have.

Blake is quite famous, mainly because of his parents. His father, Oliver Wood, is the coach of Puddlemere United, the team of the moment and played for them for quite a few years. Puddlemere even kicked Montrose Magpies out of its #1 spot since 1996. His mother on the other side is a famous designer; her designs are some of Europe’s finest. If you wear it, you have bragging rights.

“You play quidditch don’t you?” He asked.
“Sure do, Gryffindor crazy chaser who has been known to knock people out, both on her team or not, not necessarily with the broom...” I grinned.
Blake didn’t know what to make of that- was I merely just joking or was I some crazy psycho
person who found it rather amusing to knock people out?

“I mean it only happened a few times, purely accidental; I am what the others call a walking disaster, though I think that is a bit of an overstatement!”
He laughed this time, like the explanation had proved I wasn’t quite a psycho.
“Sure it is!” He stirred.
“Not you too!” I groaned.
He shoved me playfully.
Maybe he thinks I have some sort of mental problem as he did find me hanging off a moving staircase and I told him I have a habit of knocking people out. I have serious issues; I wish I had listened to my teachers when they told me that...

He continued, “So how has the start of school been treating you?”
“Oh, absolutely brilliant!” I said with enthusiasm as if it really had been brilliant, “I gave Scorpius Malfoy a massive bruise, he is now plotting my death. I fell down a stair case and shattered my right leg, woke up in the hospital wing and slapped Madame Belkin then told her she wasn’t an actual teacher so she sent me to McGonagall’s office and now I have to spend a week of detention with her. After breakfast my best friend Dominique Weasley and I played a prank on Professor Hunderbow involving polyjuice potion. I did but honestly didn’t snog my worst enemy Albus Potter and yeah, that pretty much sums it up!”

Blake laughed; he actually was holding his stomach as if he was in pain.
“It’s honestly not that funny, Blake!” I pointed.
“You’re different, Daisy...”
“It wouldn’t be fun if I weren’t!” I said obviously.
“Exactly,” His voice so casual yet made my heart melt even more with each word.
“Anyway, I best be off, bye!” I said and turned to walk off.
“We will talk again!” He called confidently.
“Don’t hold your breath, Wood!” I replied cheekily.
“I’ll know where to find you!” He said in the same cheeky tone.
“And where would that be?” I called, curious of what his answer might be.
“In the hospital wing of course, I know if your not there to check St. Mungos, Miss James!”
“Ha-ha, very funny!” I kept going in the opposite direction of him.
“Um, Daisy? Where are you going?” he asked, generally confused.
“Oh, right, Gryffindor is that way!” I said, I felt my cheeks burning and no doubt they were red.

“Daisy!” I heard the unmistakable voice of Dominique.
“Hey, Domsta,” I greeted.
“Hi, Blake!” she smiled, her irresistible smile, I have no hope now.
“Dominique is it?” He smiled.
“Yup, sure is. You, of course are Blake Wood, everyone knows that!”
“So,” Blake started, “Daisy here told me you two are quite the pranksters.”
“Sure are, Dais is the main one though, if she isn’t almost killing herself,” Dom laughed.
“Hey, when have I almost killed myself?” I said defensively.
“How about I walk you girls to Gryffindor tower?” He suggested.
“Sure,” Dom nodded.
“Yeeeeaa-” I started, but didn’t finish. I honestly don’t want to tell you why though...
Let’s say I made Blake turn bright red and he sprinted away, Dom looked mortified but soon almost died of laughter. I on the other hand had ruined my reputation with Blake, what a bummer.

When we arrived in our dormitory Dominique was still laughing.
“Shut it, Dom!” I yelled, chucking a pillow at her.
“What’s happening here?”It was Lily Potter, she was beautiful in her own unique way and she (like her cousin Dominique) could have any guy she wanted. Her beautiful red hair curled down her back today but it was forever changing. She was levitating her whole bed and bags etc into our room. Let’s say she was our little apprentice and we adore her. Plonk. The bed was places in the corner.
Dominique put her hand next to her, indicating for her to sit down, she did.
“I was coming back from dinner and I ran into little Daisy here and Blake Wood....” She said in-between bursts of giggling. I took this as my queue to hide my face under my pillow.
“Oh, he is so incredibly hot...” Lily said dreamily, like Lorcan and Lysander
“He offered to walk us to Gryffindor tower, I said sure and Daisy went to say Yeah and she tripped!”
“Yeah... What’s so funny about that?” Lily asked, obviously think what a boring story.
“No, that’s when it got interesting. When Daisy fell she grabbed hold of the first thing she could. That just happened to be Blake’s pants!” She lost herself in fits of laughter and Lily joined in too.
“Then, because Blake wasn’t wearing a robe, he stood mortified in a bright pink pair of knickers! He was so embarrassed he ran off!”
“Oh, Dais. You sure do make life a hell of a lot more interesting!” Lily laughed.
“Glad to be at your service!” I said jumping from my bed and jumping on both of the girls.
“Daisy! You’re squishing me!” Dom cried.
Lily on the other hand found all of this very amusing. I have always liked little Lily.
“Promise you guys won’t tell a single living soul?” I asked.
“Does that include ghosts?”Dom asked cheekily.
“Yes, it does. I will broaden that to; don’t let the words come out of your mouth!”
“So I can write it down?” Lily asked, mocking Dominique’s cheeky attitude.
“NO! Don’t communicate with anyone, thing, ghost or ANYTHING about what happened with Blake, OK?”
“Okay, I guess. As long as you get off of me!” Dom screamed.
“Lily?” I asked.
“Okay, okay!” she yelped and I jumped to my feet.
“Thank you, you crazy hooligans!” I laughed.
“So you moving in, Lils?” Dominique asked.
“Sure am, chickadee! I wonder what our dear Rosie has to say about that...”

“Well this is what Rose has to say about that,” Rose appeared at the top of the stair case, her hand holding her hip the other flicking her hair like she was a supermodel.
“And what is that Rose?” I asked flippantly.
“Lily, these two are bad influences on you. Maybe you should hang out with someone like Lucy Weasley?” Rose suggested.
“What the hell, Rose! I’m no idiot, I don’t want to be like- like you!” Lily yelled at Rose.
“But-”Rose started.
“There is nothing you can do about it either,” Lily cut her off.
“Fine!” Rose yelled and stormed off. I don’t know how she turned out like that, her brother Hugo is awesome...
As soon as she left we start laughing.
“I mean us? Bad influences?” I said sarcastically.
“Never!” Dom laughed.
“She is just jealous because she isn’t funny like us,” Lily stated.
So... Is James quidditch captain again?” I asked.
“Yes, he asked me to ask you two to meet him in the common room tonight at 9.00,” Lily said.

James Potter is like a Quidditch God, he is an awesome beater with his best mate (and cousin, surprise surprise) Fred Weasley, they are in their 6th year. Dom, Lily and I play quidditch and we are the crazy chasers we live and breathe the sport. Then there was Hugo Weasley (Rose’s little brother) he is in Lily’s year (3rd) and he is our keeper. Albus Potter was seeker, not because we like him but because, I reluctantly say this, but he is pretty good. Anyway it is a new school year and there are try-outs...

The clock stuck nine o’clock and Dom, Lily and I went down to the common room and grabbed the nicest seats near the fireplace.
“Hello, Gorgeous ladies!” James greeted as he came down the staircase from the boy’s dorms.
“Hey, sexy girls!” Fred said from behind James blowing a kiss in our direction.
“Good evening, you handsome fellas. I saved you two a seat,” I said mentioning the two vacant spots on the lounge suite I was sitting on.
Lily and Dom looked disgusted at the fact that their relatives had used the terms gorgeous and sexy referring to them.
“Thanks, Dais!” James said plonking next to me and chucking him arm over my shoulder while Fred took the spot next to him.
“So, let’s get down to business, yeah?” Dom suggested.
“Just got to wait for my pathetic excuse for a brother,” James said while the rest of us groaned.
“So this is about quidditch not some secret group of troublemakers?” I asked.
“Yep, it is quidditch. But that’s not a bad idea.... hmmm...” James said his mind obviously leaving this planet.
“OK what do you want James?” Albus said appearing from nowhere.
We all looked at James who looked totally blank and oblivious to his surroundings.
“James?” Albus continued.
Still no reply just the same blank face.
“JAMES!” Albus bellowed.
“Oh, hello dear brother,” James said in an unnaturally calm voice.
“Why am I wasting my time, please tell me?” Albus demanded, not once meeting my eyes.
“If you don’t want to waist your time, you’re off the team,” James said simply.
Now if I could I would replay the look of horror off Albus’ face again and again it would never look boring.
“What?! You like can’t frigging do that!” Albus screamed, man he has a bad temper!
“Actually I can and I just did...” James shrugged.
“Wait till I tell mum and dad!” Albus yelled storming up the stairs.
I couldn’t help but to snort, I almost felt sorry for Albus Potter!
Lily burst out laughing, she literally fell off the armchair, “James,” she said, “You’re going to get a howler!”
James instantly looked mortified, “Oh Merlin!”
“Sucks to be you mate!” Fred said patting James on the back.
“Anyway, I was going to say to you all I am keeping the same team as last year, same positions etc but now we don’t have a seeker so we are going to need try-outs. I need all of you next Thursday at 8.00 am on the quidditch pitch. Oh and Daisy want to go for a walk with me, darling?” James asked.
“Umm, OK?” I said. Our team mates swapped looks of confusion and surprise.
He took my hand and led me out of the portrait.

“Um, James?”I asked.
“Yes, beautiful?”
“Where the bloody hell are we going?”
“Oh right, just for a wander...”
“What if we get caught?”
“Oh, little Daisy is scared of getting in trouble, I’ve heard it all...”
“I’m so not scared, Jamsie!” I teased.
“Don’t call me Jamsie, Daisy, I’m warning you!”
“Oh but Jamsie!”
But that was when I realised he knows my weakness.
He tickled me, something that I honestly couldn’t stand.
“Ekkk!” I screamed and my legs gave way leaving me lying on the floor.
“Jamsie,” I said through fits of laughed as I gripped his leg and pulled it so he also collapsed on top of me.
He continued to tickle me even though I was crying from laughter.

“James Potter!” A breezy voice called down the corridor.
“What, Wood?”James replied coolly
“What are you doing out after hours?” Blake said approaching.
“Having a late night stroll with my girl,” James shrugged.
“Who is your little friend?” He asked his voice cold.
“That would be Miss Daisy James, fifth year,” James supplied getting to his feet while pulling me up with him.
Blake’s face turned a radiant red and was speechless.
“Catch ya, Wood!” I said casually making my leave.
“Yeah, bye Woody!”
Blake stormed off in the opposite direction. Whoops.
“So Daisy, want to explain?” James asked curiously.
I filled him in, minus the part of how hot I thought he was, that would be slightly awkward then I told him about professor Hunderbow’s divination class.
“Oh. My. God. You are a legend Dais!” James said.
‘That’s what they all tell me,” I replied smugly, “so tell me what mischief did you get up to today?”
“Well, where can I start...”
It turned out James and Fred wrecked a first year herbology class by sneaking in a few young mandrakes in, making sure they had earmuffs on and knocked the whole class out before Professor Longbottom arrived.

“Aww, that is so mean but so genius!’
“I liked your polyjuice idea, what a bugger it takes so long to brew!”
“Yeah I know, Dominique and I spent all summer at my parents house brewing it, luckily they, both being muggles and all, never suspected a thing.”
“Yes, my mum and dad would murder me in my bed if they caught me doing that but uncle Ron told me that they brewed it in their second year, well at least aunty Hermione did,” James said.
“She is a bloody genius that woman,” I nodded in agreement. I had practically become a part of their family in my first year as Dominique and I were inseparable form the first day we met.
“Exactly! Anyway there was a point in me kidnapping you tonight,” James said.
“And that was what exactly?” I asked, curiously.
“You know when you said about some secret group of troublemakers,” He said, stopping before the vital information had came.
“Yeah and you like totally zoned out! Anyway, what about it?”
‘Yeah, that’s it. I was thinking maybe we could start our own secret mischief making group, like my grandfather did at school, we could be the ‘Marauders’ after them!” James said simply enthused by the sound of it.
“Yeah, that sounds pretty snazzy, I like it. Who is going to be in the Marauders though?”
“I was thinking, you know when I zoned out- you, Dom, Fred, Hugo, Lily and myself?”
“Sounds really great, I think we should ask them, you take Fred and Hugo I will take Dommie and Lils. It’s pretty funny though that we all play quidditch,” I smiled, the more I thought about this the more I liked it, we all are after all, Hogwarts most mischievous!
“Yes, it will make it easier to you know, work it around training and games.”
“Imagine all the mischief we can get up to, it’s like totally endless!” I said matching James’ enthusiasm.

“Hey Dais, what’s that red gunk in your hair?”
Oh, that’s another thing about me, I eat tomato sauce with anything, and I mean that- literally anything. It tastes great on fairy bread, any type of soup and twisties but sometimes it like totally grosses people out, but that never stopped my obsession.
“Oh it’s that bloody tomato sauce!” I said showing all the hair with sauce into my mouth.
James screwed up his face.
“That’s so gross, Daisy you friggin’ tool!” He said in disgust.
“Naturally!” I proclaimed proudly.
“James,” A lengthy tall blonde girl called from down the hall.
“Elise! This is my mate Daisy, Daisy this is my girlfriend Elise,” James said proudly.
“Hi, Elise, nice to meet you can’t say we have really had a chance to talk, it must be time consuming looking in the mirror and gossiping,” I said shooting her a false stretched smile.
“What a pleasure, it is nice to meet such a toad as you,” She said coolly.
“Is that honestly the best you can do?” I asked, in a disgusted tone.
“No, you pig,” Elise snarled.
“See you Jamsie,” I said kissing his cheek, “See you, Barbie,” I added to a furious looking Elise.
I chuckled quietly to myself, maximum damaged achieved.

So now I can go dream about Blake Wood, in peace. Well it will be peaceful in my dream, I'm not too sure about my hyperactive dorm mates.

A/N- I don't care if you leave the most boring review on HPFF, but it is appreciated SOO much, it makes anyone want to write more and more and it makes me extremely happy (not such a good thing for my friends and family, trust me!) but hey, stuff them. Also, you could favourite this story to find out when the next chapter is up and if you are feeling like a generous person author favourite would be nice. But I dont ask for much (pffftttt!)

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