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Verità by i_forgot_my_name
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Tittle: Verità

Disclaimer: no way in hell am I good enough to own Harry Potter, it all belongs to J.K. Rowling, but the plot and a select few character are mine. Cheers!

Summary: Ginny has been hiding the truth for most of her life. When she is drawn to a certain blonde haired Slytherin she realises she is not alone, but is it true, or just another well spun lie?

Chapter Two

Ginny woke up a few hours later, confused and disorientated. She opened her eyes and instantly regretted it as the light in the room made her head throb. She groaned is pain as she rubbed her temples in an attempt to make the migraine go away.

“I didn’t expect to see you up for another six hours at least,” Ginny heard a male voice say to her right. She opened her eyes, shocked at the fact that there was a boy in her room. She instantly realised that she was not in her own room at all and was in fact in a room she didn’t recognise, in a bed that wasn’t hers. She looked to her right to find Draco Malfoy sitting at a desk next to the bed.

“Um...why am I here?” she asked, confused about everything.

Draco smirked at her as he stood, picking up a glass of green liquid and handed it to her. “You want to drink this, it will take away the hang over,” Draco told her simply, standing back to watch her drink it.

Ginny drank the liquid as fast as she could, blocking her nose for good measure in order to prevent the full taste. “Hung over?” she asked, shocked at she handed the cup back to Draco. Her headache was disappearing instantly.

Draco laughed as he took the glass and placed it back on the desk. “You had too much to drink at the party last night, you could barely walk one step let along going all the was up to Gryffindor Tower,” Draco told her as he sat down facing her.

Ginny winced as she started to remember some of what had happened. “Did I have a fight with Pansy?” Ginny asked fearfully.

“That was one of the highlights, yes,” he told her smirking.

“‘One of the highlights’?” she asked, scared of the truth.

“Oh, I don’t think you want to know,” Draco assured her.

“Oh, I realise that,” Ginny said as she started to stand up, but stumbling as she attempted to put weight on her legs. Luckily Draco was only just next to her and was able to catch her and help her sit down.

“Well, I’ve been doing that a lot,” Draco told her as he stood back again.

“What time is it,” she asked as she searched for a window in order to gauge the time but found none.

“About 4-am, you’re been asleep for about 2 hours,” Draco explained to her simply.

Ginny just shrugged. “I don’t sleep much,” she admitted.

Draco smiled, as if laughing at a joke. “You see, I still don’t believe you,” he told her and she looked at him, puzzled. “You admitted last night to not talking much, but you talked a lot last night,” he told her grinning.

“What did I say?” she asked, nervous about the answer.

“I’m going to let you remember that one on your own,” he told her, smirking at her before standing up and holding out his hand. “I should probably get you back to Gryffindor Tower,” he told her.

“I can walk,” Ginny persisted as she stood up without the help of his hand. A few seconds later Ginny was back in Draco’s arms as he supported her weight.

“Come twinkle toes,” Draco joked as he wrapped an arm around her waist and placed her arm around his shoulders before walking out of the room.


Ginny lay in her bed, thinking about what had passed not too long ago. Draco had essentially carried her to the Gryffindor Tower, not once complaining about it, as she had expected him to. They talked the whole time, which shocked Ginny the most, the fact that they could have an actual conversation without him making some crack about her family being blood traitors.

The sun was soon up and shining through the window of the dorm room, waking up a very grumpy Beth who seemed to be worse for wear after the previous night. Too bad for her friend Ginny didn’t have any of the potion that Draco had given her earlier that morning.

“How can you be so chirpy?” Beth asked as her and Ginny sat down in the common room later that day. “You were so drunk last night,” Beth informed her as she shielded her eyes from the sun entering through the window nearby,

“And apparently so were you,” Ginny told her smiling, now extremely grateful to Draco Malfoy for enabling her to escape the pain that should follow such drinking. Ginny looked around for any sign of her brother or his friends, it would shock Ron to find out what she’d done at the party the night before, let alone who had helped her recover. Ginny scooted closer to Beth before speaking. “I had a little help,” she whispered. “Draco Malfoy helped me sober up, giving me a potion that did wonders before helping back up here,” she informed her now curious friend.

“What!” Beth exclaimed loudly, causing those around them in the common room to look at the two girls curiously before turning back to what they had been doing. “You let me moan and complain about a stupid hang over while you had some actual news? You should have stopped me,” Beth told her forcefully.

“Well Beth, when you get started you’re kind of hard to stop,” Ginny told her, smiling sweetly.

“Stop trying to be funny, tell me exactly what happened,” Beth told her, moving in closer to her best friend.

They were not joined by Collin for another two hours, by which time Ginny had told Beth the whole story, in explicit detail, not even leaving out the fabric of Draco’s sheets, and had moved on to what they were doing for christmas which was only a few weeks away.

They headed down to lunch, their conversation having changed to what photo’s Collin was planning on taking that day. Beth, as always, hung off his every word while Ginny died a little inside with every passing second. Ginny sat eating her food in silence as Collin talked and Beth listened.

Ginny continues to glance up at the Slytherin table, catching glances of the blonde haired Slytherin Prince. Next to him Blaise was eating his lunch, talking non stop to the silent boy next to him; while on the other side Pansy Parkinson looked like she was about to mount him. Ginny shivered at the thought.

“What’s wrong?” Collin asked, finally coming out of his reverie. Beth and Colin both looked at Ginny concerned.

“I’m fine,” she assured them with a smile. “Let’s go,” she said as she saw Malfoy get up from his table and leave the Great Hall, Blaise now talking happily to the distraught looking Pansy.

Ginny rushed out of the Great Hall and looked for the blonde boy, seeing him walk out of the doors to the front of the castle. She followed him out, and in turn she was followed by the curious Beth and Collin.

“Draco,” Ginny called as she got closer. She saw Malfoy stop, but he didn’t turn to face her. “I just wanted-”

“Just wanted to what? Blood traitor,” Malfoy spat as he finally turned to look at her, his face filled with disgust. “How dare you speak to me,” he told her forcefully.

Ginny’s smile disappeared as soon as Malfoy began to speak, the disdain in his voice evident in the first syllable. Had she just dreamt the night before? She was sure it had been real, her lack of a hangover that morning was evidence of that. Ginny studied the boy before her carefully, she noted that he looked quite different to last night. He was the same boy, but his face, then having been relaxed and content, almost happy, was not contorted in disgust and loathing towards her.

“What would make you think that you could speak to me? You filthy Mudblood lover,” Draco asked her as he walked closer to her in order to make his point.

“You’re an asshole,” Ginny told him before slapping him harshly across his left cheek. She was very happy with herself when a red mark was left where her hand had made contact.

She turned and walked away, being followed by a confused Beth and Collin. “You see, you can’t even use magic. You might as well be a Mud-” he mocked but was cut off by Ginny’s bat-bogey hex.

Ginny walked quickly into the Entrance Hall and continued on her way to the Gryffindor Tower.

“What was that all about?” Collin asked as they reached the stairs.

“That’s what you get for sleeping in Col,” Beth told him simply as the two of them followed the fast paced Ginny up to the Gryffindor Tower.


Ginny sat at dinner the next day, studiously looking down at the plate in front of her. Every so often her eyes would stray up and she would find herself scanning the Slytherin table for a certain blonde haired boy. All day she had been attempting to ignore the Slytherin Prince, it was clear to her now that he must have been drunk, or something, at the party. But Ginny just couldn’t help herself, she found herself always looking for his blonde hair, disappointed when she couldn’t find it. What was she doing?

Ginny even found herself at breakfast the next morning trying to listen to Collin’s stodgy story the next morning that was about something to do with a bird and catching a fish or something. No matter how hard Ginny tried, her eyes continued to wander towards the Slytherin table, searching for a glance of his platinum blonde hair.

“We should head to class,” Beth suggested after Collin finished with one of his benign stories.

“Crap!” Ginny exclaimed, dropping her head into her hands on the table in front of her. She felt like moving her hands away and banging her head on the table a few times, going up to the Hospital Wing, and missing out on Potions like the coward she truly was.

“What?” Collin asked, perplexed.

“She has potions next Collin,” Beth told him clearly. “Is your brain just one giant sieve?” she asked him, inspecting his head carefully.

“I’ve always suspected,” Collin joked, shaking his head a little to prove a point. Beth laughed loudly, not forgetting about her friends dilemma, until Ginny pinched her on the bum.

“Ow!” Beth squeaked, turning to face the distraught Ginny. Ginny made a pouting face up at her best friend. “It’ll be fine, just don’t turn up right on time, preferably after most people are in, that way all you have to do is just go and sit net to Blaise, don’t even have to look at him if you don’t want to,” Beth told her encouragingly. Ginny winced, that was the problem, she did want to look at him, she would stare at his beautiful face all day if she could. Beth just patted Ginny on the shoulder comfortingly, understanding her dilemma. “It’ll be okay, you’ll be so distracted by Blaise’s endless blabber that you won’t think to look up,” Beth told her enthusiastically.

Ginny nodded hopefully as she stared back down at her empty plate. She filled it again, hoping that by the time she ate it all, she could leave for potions in order to get there just before the class started.


Ginny ran into the dungeon just as class was about to start, she breathed a sigh of relief as she sat next to Blaise.

“You’re late,” Blaise said, the shock clear in his voice.

“I can be late to class,” Ginny told, almost insulted at his tone.

Blaise chuckled as Professor Snape began to write something on the black board. “Sure you can Weasley, I’m just yet to see it,” he told her, smirking, and Ginny glared at him in return.

Not even Blaise’s happy chatting could cheer Ginny up today, she tried to laugh at his stories, but couldn’t find it in her. Blaise knew something was wrong when Ginny didn’t laugh at his story about how Pansy’s pants had fallen off the other night in the Slytherin common room in front of everyone.

“What’s wrong with you?” Blaise asked her, genuinely concerned for his lab partner.

Ginny just looked at him incredulously. “Do you honestly expect me to answer that?” she asked him simply.

“No, not really, just thought I should ask,” he told her as he continued to make the potion, a smirk brewing on his face but Ginny ignored it.

Ginny was distant for the most part, she just sat and listened to Blaise as she put in the ingredients that were listed on the board. As a result of this, she did not notice Blaise add in some extra bat wings, or the puce colour that the potion was turning when it was supposed to be a pale blue. She did not object when Blaise offered to take the potion to be bottled up the front, she did not notice that Blaise sat the potion directly next to Pansy, who was putting her potion in a bottle, before sneakily adding Murtlap Essence to the cauldron and quickly stepping away, using Pansy’s body as a shield from the cauldron.

Ginny did notice how ever when the potion exploded in Pansy’s face, causing her to scream while Blaise stood behind her doubled over in laughter. Pansy turned and Ginny could see the puce potion all over the girl, and big blotchy spots appearing beneath the potion. She looked over to Blaise who was potion free, unable to control his amusement.

Before she could stop it she began to laugh with the boy, as did the rest of the class as Pansy ran out of the room, presumably to the Hospital Wing. Ginny, and the rest of the class, stopped laughing however when Snape turned to glare at Blaise, who stood up and looked the Professor in the eye.

“You wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would you Mr. Zabini?” Snape asked the boy, the annoyed expression clear on his face.

“As a matter of fact I do sir, I had everything to do with it,” Blaise told the Professor calmly smiling.

“Ten points from Slytherin and Gryffindor,” Snape told the class bitterly.

“What?” Ginny asked in shock. “Professor I-” Ginny tried to protest but was cut off.

“And detention for you both tomorrow night,” he continued as if Ginny hadn’t have spoken.

Ginny turned to glare at Blaise who just smiled nervously at her.

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Verità: Chapter 2


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