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Evelyn by spk
Chapter 1 : Flight A Mouthful
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"Hello there, young miss. You seem to be travelling alone, if you don't mind me asking?"

The young girl responded quick and smoothly back to him. Her voice angelic and crisp.

"Yes I am."

The man's eyes widened at her voice; of course, no one heard such a beautiful voice as hers from this country. Other than her cousin.

"Can I have your full name, please?"

"Yes, my name is Evangeline Anastasia Roxanne Madison-Emily Brendrew-Dargoqwendel."

He stared at her as if he hadn't heard a sound escape from her lips. And it was for quite awhile, too. The other passengers of the flight, were looking uneasy and infurliated of the hold up of the long, trailing line, that had started to increase. The man still didn't say a word. He kept opening and closing his mouth, and shifting his feet from side to side. His eyes traveled slowly up and down her long slender figure with curiostiy, dominant in his eyes. Then his eyes bore onto hers; rain and mud, one falling onto the other. His cheeks had tainted with pink, and with that, the young girl felt her cheeks burn in response.

"Yea, it's quite a mouthful, so just call me, Evelyn."

"Evelyn?" His face read something along the lines of: 'How in the world, did you get a name that turns out to be a mouthful, and then decide to call yourself Evelyn??'

She decided to answer it, realizing that the question might be just a statement.

"My mother and father named me off from ancestors and other related purebloods to say that I was one of them." Quite a recital.

"Oh." Was all the man said, eyebrows raised.

"Can I ask you about how you spell your last name, m'am?"

Evelyn trilled out with laughter.

"It's Bren-dew, sir."

"Oh." Was all the man said, again.

He scribbled out her name on the sheet of thin, white paper the muggles used, and cleared out his throat, as he looked steadily at her eyes.

"Your destination?"

Now Evelyn was taken aback.

"My what?"

"Your destination, miss."

"My cousin is supposed to pick me up from here, though." She inquired with panic forming slowly in the back of her mind. This wasn't planned. She wasn't prepaired for such question. How was she supposed to answer this? Stupid as it sounded, but she had never been on and off an airplane before. She was so sure she could handle such thing, that she even insisted Issac, her former "friend" her father hired, to stay back in France.

'Damn it,' she thought, 'What am I supposed to do?' "Hurry up, will you?" The man who stood behind her in the line hollered, "I've got to get out for Christmas shopping, you know?"

Evelyn's eyes widened as she stared steadily back at the man who was waiting patiently for her response. The man bit his bottom lip and continued to stand there, making Evelyn feel even more dumber than before.

"Err..." Was all poor Evelyn could manage to get out of her lips.

What Evelyn didn't notice, was the two figures ahead of the man that stared at her intently. The two figures were both wearing black cloaks, and had the similar long, pale narrow face on both men. One was shorter, and the other stood tall. Both were lean and fragile looking, that it could've passed for the ideal vampire. The younger, lean model looking man, chuckled at the sight of his cousin.

"Well, would you look at that," Draco muttered to his son, Scorpius, a smile played on his lips.

"I know. Still the same old Evelyn."

"You'd better get her out of there, this was your idea."

"Yeah, I guess I should, father."

Scorpius was still laughing as he strolled to his dumbstrucked cousin. As soon as Scorpius was in view, Evelyn squealed with delight. Her hand slapped across her chest and she waved frantically towards him.

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