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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 15 : Lessons and Talks
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Chapter 15 –  Lessons and Talks

The next morning, when Hermione woke up from her sleep, she noticed that Harry wasn’t in bed. Thinking he would be having breakfast, she went to take a shower. After coming out of the shower, Hermione went down to the kitchen and saw that there was breakfast set on the table for her along with a note from Harry.

Dear Hermione,
As you are reading this, Nat and I have gone to do something which is very important for us to do. Go to Godric and start your lessons in the meantime. We will come back and join you.

Hermione read the note, put it on the table and ate her breakfast. After eating her breakfast, she went to the Library and met Godric for her lesson.

“Godric, I’m here.” She called out once she entered the library.

“Good. Come sit here Hermione. There are things we must talk about.” Godric told her and motioned for her to take the seat opposite him.

“Hermione, as Harry has told you, he and Natasha have gone to do something very important which I have told them to do. Now, for your lesson today, we are going to get started on advanced spells. I have heard from Harry that you are very successful at attempting new spells and because of that, I am going to teach you much more advanced spells that you will not find anywhere but in the library here. Spells that Harry and Natasha already know. First of all, the main spell you are going to learn is how to make your energy last longer. The incantation is Energus Maximus. Remember that this spell can only be cast when you are at full power before you go into battle. Go ahead and try it. Then we will move on to something else.” Godric told her.

Hermione attempted to try the spell and on the third attempt, got it correct and only realized it once Godric told her that she had already succeeded.

“Now that you have mastered that spell, you will now be moving on to sword fighting. Since you have maximized your energy, you will be able to go on for a longer time. Take a wooden stake from the side and we will start you off with the beginner training.”

Their training went on for the whole day and by the time they were done, Hermione was exhausted. Just when she sat down to take a breather, Harry came in with Natasha and nodded to Godric before getting a sword from the side and started to fight with him while Natasha sat down beside Hermione and told her to watch the battle between the two of them as she would need to become like what they are.

Hermione watched Harry in awe as he saw how he gracefully dodged every attack of Godric’s and managed to come up with his own swing in a second. Five minutes later, Harry’s sword was on Godric’s neck while Godric’s sword was on the floor beside him.

Harry and Godric both bowed to each other and put their swords back on the rack, trying to regain their breath.

“Hello love. How was your lessons today?” Harry asked her.

“They were good, I learnt the spell to maximize my energy and I started to learn how to sword fight.” Hermione replied.

“I see. How did you find the sword fighting?”

“It was hard at first but I slowly got the hang of it and when I saw you dueling with Godric, I knew that I had to become just as good as you, if not better.”

Harry nodded and put his arm around her waist and brought her down to the kitchen to eat dinner.

“Wow, its already dinner time and I didn’t feel hungry at all in between!” Hermione exclaimed.

“That is one of the things about energy maximization. You can not feel hungry for one whole day.” Natasha told her.

The three of them gobbled up their food and Hermione and Natasha went to sleep. Harry on the other hand, went to the library.

“Harry, what can I do for you?” Godric asked him, clearly surprised at him being there at that time.

“Godric, I need to speak to both you and Rowena. Can you please call her as well?”

“There is no need for that. I am here.” Rowena replied.

“Hermione wants to know if she will be able to get the same powers that I have. I told her it is not possible but there might be a way which I did not mention to her. If she gets pregnant with my child, she will be able to transmit the powers of the child. And is it possible for her to retain those powers once the child is born?”

“Harry, she does not need to know all this right now. What is more important is honing all of your skills to defeat Voldemort. But before that, you need to go to Slytherin’s Lair, where Voldemort is, and get all of the creatures back. There is a spell that you can use. When the time comes, you will know what spell it is.” Rowena told him.

Harry thanked the two of them and went back to his and Hermione’s room and saw Hermione already sleeping. He changed and went to sleep, holding Hermione in his arms.

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