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Music to My Ears by thesarcasticflirt
Chapter 3 : Three
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From thesarcasticflirt: Rather short chapter honestly, but contains highly important information. By the way, every thing they say is SUNG. I'm running out of different ways to say "singing" so I just use other words. ttfn!! (ta-ta for now) Read on and review of course!!


  Sunday passed by quickly along with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Today was Thursday and tomorrow was exactly a week away from the Christmas Ball. Sirius Black still hadn’t found out that I was the girl he heard singing. Remus was giving him hints like there was no tomorrow. If I heard him in the library (which was their current hang-out spot), I usually would throw a book at the back of his head and hide behind a shelf. After laughing to himself each time, he shut up for that day.

  On Tuesday morning, Elinor had sent me the mask that matched my dress; it was exactly the way she told me she wanted it. I also got my letter from my parents then. It told me that they were in fact coming to the competition. For reasons known only to them.

  Remus had also made a point to talk to me everyday. I really didn’t mind. I think it was just for Sirius to get the hint that I was the girl he was looking for.

  I snapped out of my reminiscing when Boare asked a girl a question. I recognized the girl as one of the ones Elinor wanted to snap their necks. A smile spread across my face. The music teacher looked at me questioningly. I shook my head. She continued on. When she dismissed us, predictably, the Marauders wound up walking behind him, talking about me.

  “I can’t find her at all, Prongs,” Sirius sang just loud enough for me to hear. “I need to find out who she is.”

  “Moony is the one who knows who she is, Padfoot, not me. Look at him,” James sang. Remus chuckled.

  “I am not telling you who she is, Sirius. You have to find her by yourself,” he stated. Sirius groaned.

  “Please, Remus,” he begged, “I need to know who she is. I can’t stand it any more! Please, just tell me who the bloody hell she is!”

  “I’m sorry, Sirius, but I’m not going to tell you who she is. You have seven days tomorrow until you’ll finally know who she is. Just wait, my friend.”

  Sirius groaned and stomped off past me. James followed him.

  The same thing happened again the next day, Friday, after music class. I found myself pacing throughout Boare’s office-like room as I waited for her to arrive. My teacher walked in and placed the sound-proof spell on the door.

  “Miss Grayson, may I ask what’s the matter?” she sang. I ran a hand through my hair.

  “You know how I told you that Sirius Black is trying to figure out who sang those songs last Monday?” I sang. She nodded. “Well, he’s still trying to figure out who I am. He won’t just give up. I’m just so confused. Why won’t he give up?”

  “It’s a mystery to him,” she sang, shrugging. I was about to object when there was a knock at the door. I didn’t breathe as I stared at the door.

  “Under the desk, hide,” Boare whispered to me. I nodded and went to the back of the desk and crawled under it with my bag. There was a little circle in which I watched. She lifted the spell on the door.

  “Come in,” she sang. The door opened and Sirius stepped through. I slapped my hand over my mouth to hide my gasp.

  “Is there something you need, Sirius?” the teacher sang, leaning against the desk.

  “I need your help,” he sang.

  “With what?”

  “Well, you see, last Monday I heard this one girl sing to you after class. I don’t know who she is and I couldn’t see her face or her back or anything to recognize her with. I need your help to find her. I just can’t stop thinking about her. Her voice is perfect. Professor, I need to know who she is. I can’t wait until the ball. I want to go to the ball with her. Professor, please, help me.”

  He looked so exhausted and helpless. I saw just how bad he wanted to know who I was. A part of me felt a bit bad about hiding from him but a bigger part didn’t. My fear of attention was too strong.

  “I don’t know who she is, Sirius. I’m sorry,” the teacher lied.

  “Please, don’t lie. I know you know who she is! Just tell me who she is, please,” he begged. “I heard every girl in this goddamn school sing. Not one of them was anywhere close to her voice.”

  “Then you obviously haven’t heard every girl in this school then. Ask around again; make sure you ask everyone,” she sang. “That’s the best advice I can give you.”

  He half sighed, half groaned at her. He turned around and left the room, slamming the door on his way out. I climbed out and began to pace. Boare put the spell on the door again.

  “I see what you mean about his persistence,” she sang lightly. I gave her a look of disbelief. I dropped my bag down on the ground and paced.

  “What is so interesting about me that makes him come chasing after me? Yes, I can sing but that can’t be the only thing he sees. I’m quiet and shy; my only friends are books and my aunt. How can he chase after someone so faithfully without knowing them?”

  “He obviously heard something in your voice, dear,” she sang as an answer. “He wants to know the person who swept him away.”

  “But I didn’t sweep him away!” I protested.

  “He fell in love with your voice! He fell for you!” she argued. I whipped around towards her.

  “He fell for the wrong person then!” I shouted. I ran my fingers through my hair. “Why? Why me? I don’t want all this. I just want a nice, quiet home with a huge library and my aunt living across the hall. Maybe even a dog. Nothing fancy.”

  “You don’t want to fall in love? You don’t want a husband? Someone to love you and keep you safe?” she sang, confused. I shook my head.

  “I never really thought about it. I don’t care much for talking,” I answered, singing.

  “Maybe he doesn’t need much talking, then maybe you two can go together.” She placed her hand on my shoulder. I sighed deeply and shrugged it off. I grabbed my bag and left the room. On my bed, I lied on my back.

  I had one more week exactly before the singing competition. Before Sirius Black will finally know who I am. Before everyone finally knows who I am.

  Seven days.

  Seven days which, even now, I know would pass by way too fast.


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