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Weasley's Love Potion by silvergreen
Chapter 1 : Weasley's Love Potion
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It was getting dark, less and less passers-by could be seen in Diagon Alley.  The premises of the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes were now empty.

Hermione had been cleaning the shop all afternoon. She dusted the shelves and removed spiderwebs from the corners. She was exhausted and thirsty. It was past seven, the customers had left. Then she noticed the glass of pumpkin juice on top of the empty counter.

’It must be Fred’s,’ she thought. ’I will pour him another glass of juice later,’ she decided, and drank the sweet liquid.


’Don’t!’, shouted Fred from the doorway but it was too late. Hermione had just banged the glass down the table with relief.


’Gosh, have you drunk it?’ Fred was shocked and had a worried look on his face while approaching her.

Hermione was surprised. ’Come on, Fred, don’t be so mean. A glass of pumpkin juice is not the end of the world. But you can deduct it from my salary, if you insist.’


’It was not pumpkin juice,’ answered Fred in a strangely serious tone.


Hermione’s good mood was replaced by a bad premonition.

’What was it, Fred?’ In shock, she looked up at him.


’Our new love potion. If you drink it, you fall in love with the first person you bump into… Passionately and wildly… George and I have just wanted to test it…’


’On me?!’ Hermione’s eyes opened wide.


’No, not on you, what a crazy idea! George invited Angelina for dinner tonight and… You know he has always carried the torch for her… So you understand, right? It was for Angelina to fall for George.’


’And what is going to happen to me now?’ whispered Hermione with slight panic in her voice, looking into Fred’s not so panicking, mischievously sparkling eyes.


’Well, I suppose, if it works as it should, you are going to have a burning desire to… To snog me senseless and… how to put it in a more scientific way? To have sexual intercourse with me.’ He was whispering, too, though did not know, why. In the meantime the girl pulled closer to him, he could smell the lovely scent of her hair.


’Can you do something? Can you stop it?’ Though she was not sure what answer she was hoping for. She felt hot. Very hot. But it was not bad. Quite the contrary. Fred was really good-looking with his tallish figure, shoulder-length fiery-red hair and always smiling eyes. Why hadn’t she noticed it before? His smell was good, too, he might have used some magical after-shave with a seducing fragrance...


’It is too late,’ Fred said quietly shaking his head. ’By now you find me irresistibly attractive… You could even kill to get what you want… You have a special power over me… Nothing can be done I’m afraid.’ He felt lost in the girl’s frightened brown eyes.  Her shiny, parted lips were incredibly close to his. He was paralysed. He could not move just stare, and in the next moment he felt the hot lips pressing against his.


The kiss was intense, almost desperate. Though they had been friends for ages, it was their first physical contact which made this moment even more extraordinary. It sent shivers down his spine. He had noticed her beauty long before but never dared to hope to be that close to her one day.

’Wow,’ was all he could say when Hermione pulled away a bit and Fred opened his eyes slowly.


’I’m really sorry, Fred, but I just can’t control myself,’ she whispered into the boy’s mouth.

’It’s okay… Anyway, I did not have any plans for tonight, ’ he answered before a series of soft kisses kept him quiet. She moved forward pushing Fred suddenly against the shelves where the pink and purple pygmy puffs were watching the ’performance’ curiously.


Having pressed to the shelves and feeling the girl’s hands slipping underneath his T-shirt Fred deepened the kiss and his tongue gained immediate access into her mouth. They absorbed into each other’s taste. Fred pulled her body close to his, as close as he could. Probably the definition of ’snogging senseless’ was something like this in his dictionary.


’I love your sweet pumpkin-juice-flavoured kisses’, whispered Fred breathing heavily and started kissing down her neck.

’You mean love-potion-flavoured ones,’ said Hermione groaning with pleasure.


Fred stiffened suddenly and looked into the bright brown eyes, cupping her face in his hands.

’Hermione, you know I hate lies, do you? Well, I must tell you something… Something I lied about… But please promise you won’t be upset about it.’


Hermione didn’t like Fred’s serious tone. She wondered what he could lie about. It was so unlike him.

’Is it important now? Can’t we just go on kissing and make speeches tomorrow?’ she whispered seductively.

’It is important… Though I would be very happy if you said it’s not.’


Hermione pulled a bit away with an interested but impatient expression.


’Would you be very angry if… What if… ’ Fred took a deep breath. ’What if it was not love potion? What if it was simple pumpkin juice? Would it matter for you now? After all this… this thing that happened between us?’


Hermione was staring at Fred in shock. She became sober at once. The lustful moments were over.


’So it was just another Weasley trick? I can’t believe it. You just wanted to make a fool of me, right?’ She took some steps backwards.


’No, Hermione, I just…. It was a sudden idea. I just wanted to… to kiss you and…’ Fred felt miserable and did not even remember a joke that could come handy in a situation like this.

’And have sexual intercourse with me, right?’ She was furious.


’No… I mean, I would lie if I said no, because… I find you very attractive…  but I don’t want only a one-night stand, that’s why I confessed the truth, you see.’


’Fred, it’s most embarrassing for me.’


’I know and I’m sorry. What about forgetting it all? I mean, just the beginning, not the kissing part.’


’I don’t know. I’m so confused.’


’What shall I do to forgive me? Ask me to do anything. Please.’


Hermione slowly walked to the shelf with the bottles of Weasley Love Potion on it. She picked one and put it on the table.

’Drink it.’




’If you drink it, I’ll forgive you,’ she said dryly.

’Don’t do this, it’s… just wasting this precious liquid… I’m so horny that it can’t be intensified any more.’


’Just drink it.’ Came the merciless answer.


’Okay, if it is what you want.’ Sighed Fred.


’It is.’


Fred opened the bottle, looked at the girl’s determined face, and drank the fluid.


’Are you happy now?’ He showed the empty bottle to the girl.


’Yes, now I feel better.’ There was something strange in her look.


’Then, can we continue what we started?’ Fred stepped closer, his eyes that of a hungry wolf.


Hermione smiled at him, shook her head with a regretful expression and before Fred could hold her, she disappareted with a loud crack.

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