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The Golden Game by hermioneism
Chapter 1 : High Hopes
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Disclaimer: I am not JKR; anything recognizable belongs to her, lucky woman!

Chapter 1: High Hopes

Scorpius Malfoy hurried around his Head Boy dorm, tossing things here and there aimlessly and muttering to himself. The two other boys in the room glanced at each other, snickering to themselves.

Scorpius sat down on his rumpled bed in a huff; after a mere moment his eyes suddenly lit up as though he remembered something important. He jammed his hands into the pockets of yesterday’s discarded robe, searching for something that he was certain he had felt in there earlier… “aha!”  Scorpius pulled his lucky snitch out, holding it up for his two best mates to see.

Granted, it was not a real snitch, just a simple gold-plated replica, but he had never won a game without it and he was not about to start now. “How about we head down to the Great Hall for breakfast before the game, eh?” He stood up quickly, leaving his room to resemble a disaster area, and muttered something under his breath as he headed into his common room, “not that I care if she will be there or not.”

His friends again exchanged a look and mumbled, “riiiiight,” as they followed him out of the room and closed the door behind them. They were certain she was the only reason he hurried down to the Great Hall on game days in time for breakfast, because he certainly never put a morsel of food in his mouth before a game for fear of it worsening his already queasy stomach.

The she he was referring to was none other than Rose Weasley, the gorgeous yet unattainable redhead whom Scorpius had been not-so-secretly lusting after for the past four years.

He tried unsuccessfully to convince his friends that his attraction to her was simple, and that he only wanted what he couldn’t have; like any other healthy, natural man, he was acting on a primal instinct.

His best friend, Brayden Zabini, knew better because former party-boy Scorpius had been turning down dates left and right since the middle of last year. Something had changed, and that change was only partially due to Scorpius being made Head Boy this term.

This position did have its benefits, of course; he was, after all, in the same dorm as the Head Girl, Rose. That meant he had dozens of opportunities to stare at her when she was not looking each day, much more than he had been able to in the past. There was something about those beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to make all of his worries simply disappear.  

He could not even step into the double bathroom that was nestled between their bedrooms without breathing in the scent of her floral shampoo, imagining that he was holding her in his arms...

If only she didn’t hate him, his life would be perfect.

As he turned the corner and was about to open the large opulent wooden doors to the Great Hall, Scorpius was suddenly knocked backwards. The air wooshed out of his lungs as he unceremoniously hit the hard stone wall. He quickly drew a breath, and instantly realized that none other than the love of his life was in his arms – ahhhhhh, that perfect smell of gardenias. Has there ever been a more potent scent than my Rose?

The petite young lady in question was currently struggling to get free of his embrace, grimacing up at him as he felt a smirk pull at his lips. I may be able to use this to my advantage…

“I am NOT a delicate flower, you can kindly release me now, Malfoy!” Rose exclaimed, her brilliant hazel eyes flashing.

“What’s the rush, Weasley? I’m rather comfortable myself. But, if you insist on being released… I think I can arrange that for a small fee; I don’t know, a kiss perhaps?” Scorpius heard his friends snickering, and he caught Vince Nott’s eye. Vince winked, and his two friends left Scorpius to his own devices as they went in search of breakfast.

“Please unhand me this instant, or, Merlin help you, I will hex your insufferable arse,” the redhead in his arms seethed, her eyes locked on Scorpius’ own. He felt himself melt.

“No sense bringing Merlin into it, all you had to do was ask nicely. Now, you sure you don’t want to give me a kiss for good luck? The fate of the game may just depend on you, Rosie,” Scorpius smirked as he carefully detangled her from his arms.

She glowered up at him, gathering her books and storming down the hall without another word. Scorpius watched after her, sighing in contentment as he breathed in her lingering scent. I will have to remember to never allow the elves to wash these robes. Whistling happily to himself, he entered the Great Hall and sought out his friends.

Brayden was easy to spot. He was grinning, standing up on the bench at the Ravenclaw table and taking a bow for some prank or another that had those at the Slytherin table, particularly Albus Potter, glaring daggers in his direction. 

Scorpius walked over and sat next to Vince. “Well, Mates, it is a beautiful day to fly. My heart is already soaring… and it is only the first game of the season! Hufflepuff does not stand a chance,” he grinned, playing absentmindedly with the snitch from his pocket.

“Right you are, Score,” Brayden said as he slid into the seat across from Vince. He turned to James Patil-Thomas at his right, “Jamsie, what did I tell you, our team is unbeatable this year with Scorpius here on the prowl!”

The boys hurried through their breakfast, bidding Scorpius adieu as he left for the Quidditch pitch to ready himself for the game.

“See you lot at the victory party!” he called over his shoulder to his friends, smirking as he caught the eye of the Hufflepuff captain.

*** Heads’ Common Room, some hours later ***

Rose Weasley was sitting on the plush wine-coloured sofa, her legs curled under her as she read through her Transfiguration notes for the third time that evening, trying to commit everything to memory. It was early in the year, yet with NEWTS approaching she could not afford to get behind on any of her assignments. She pulled out the trusty homework planner that had been a gift from her mother.

She rolled her eyes as she heard laughter coming from the other side of the portrait hole. The boys were back, and obviously the game had either gone well, or they had drunken themselves into a stupor to drown their woes.

Deciding that she deserved a welcome break from her books, she approached the portrait hole with a smirk. This ought to be good, she thought as the portrait finally swung open after several attempts at the correct password by Malfoy.

She stood back as Malfoy staggered in with a huge smile on his face. Yup. Drunk. Merlin’s beard, he reeks, Rose thought crinkling her nose delicately.

“Flower! My Rose! We won! It was glorious, did you see our victory?,” Malfoy asked elated.

And with that, Scorpius seemed to catch his foot on an invisible obstacle and trip forward in slow motion. Rose saw it coming, but could do nothing but brace herself for impact.

The next thing she knew, Malfoy’s lips were pressed against hers.

And… Drat! No! This cannot be happening! I am doomed. My dad will reserve a place in Azkaban with my name on it for sure.

Merlin help her now.

Rose LIKED it.

A/N: Hello! I know, I know, I have not finished "Confessions" yet, but this little plot has been bouncing around in my head and demanding to be put on virtual paper... so here you go! I think it shall be fairly short, perhaps 5-7 chapters. Hope you enjoyed it! Do please let me know your thoughts. Happy reading, as always!

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