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Intertwined by ssb
Chapter 3 : Blueprint
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Amore had never complained when Regulus was a death eater, well that within itself was a lie, she never complained outwardly. But now she was actually quite angry. She found it highly irritating that when he was finally out, out from the under the Dark Lord’s thumb, he was finding means to return to that life style she had so hated. It wasn’t as thought the Black family seemed as though they were crumbling in their faith to the Dark Lord, no, by all means to all the others in the wizarding world they were more devout then ever before. Regulus’s own parents weren’t aware of his betrayal to the Dark Lord. Amore was quite sure that he would meet the same fate that Sirius had if they had come to catch wind of it. But she assuredly reminded herself that Orion and Walburga never made an effort to visit much, for they were getting old themselves. 

She brought her attention back to the main cause of her dilemma, the black box, that was ever so peacefully situated on the table looking as though it was to be the cause of her ruin. Amore found it quite amusing really, he felt this much hatred towards a box. A mere object that really had no impact on their lives… how ever she was soon to be proven wrong… 


Regulus watched her with a playful smirk on his face, her ever youthful face was focused on the box that was sitting peacefully on the counter. He knew that he should’ve hid it from her sight but somehow hiding secrets from her, his wife, didn’t seem as smart as they had once. 

He knew she would probably be puzzled at why he had risked his life to get a mangy box that didn’t seem like it held much value. But the value of that box was more then his life itself. Regulus finally approached and put a comforting hand on her back pressing a kiss to her forehead. Amore snapped out of her trance and looked up at the familiar face with a vague smile. 

“So I guess it’s time?” she asked wryly. 

Regulus but nodded his head in reply, he walked over to the box and opened the lid. Peering inside his heart automatically rejoiced it was just what he had expected, clippings of the meetings, the signed list of the members, details of the tasks and who had done them. The main purpose of the box to Regulus was to fully, finally rid himself of the sin that had been forced upon his hands. Though even he knew that no amount of magic in the world could remove the seemingly marking dark mark that loomed on his forearm. But still, this was better then nothing he mused, pulling out various pictures and clippings. 

Finally reaching to the bottom of the box, his face seemed to light up with apparent joy, he had found what he was really looking for. His folder. The brown paper binding had the words Regulus Black scrawled across the top in small red writing, he opened the folder and flipped through the mistakes that he had made. Everything was marked down detail by detail, bit by bit. 

The Dark Lord always kept up with what the members of his Death Eaters were doing. Every memory or thought they had seemed to have, the Dark Lord knew. The thought made him fear, if there was one thing that Regulus had been scared of growing up it had been the first time that he had faced the Dark Lord. Yet every time that he went and saw him it got better, within time he was named one of the most loyal Death Eaters and with that he was content. It seemed that his life had never really took full meaning until Amore had entered, and that was what had scared him in the first place. 


It had been three hours since that black box had been opened, yet Amore couldn’t wipe away that feeling that there was something wrong. Regulus only sat still, his fingers clutching a single piece of paper. She walked over carefully, placing her slender fingers on his shoulder. 

“What?” she asked him simply. 

He looked at her with a hint of remorse on his face, handing her the slip of paper. Amore took it quietly letting her blue eyes scan the sheet quickly. It only held names she did a quick count, ten names to be exact. Why did these ten names matter so much to him? 

“Who are these people?” 

“All the people I’ve killed.”

Amore let the paper fall to the ground, taking a step back her hand flying to her heart. 

She knew that Death Eaters killed, her own father was one for Merlin’s sake. But the fact that it was Regulus who had killed these innocent people, not her father, made her heart ache. But looking at Regulus, it made her heart ache even more, his eyes were downcast his head seemed to heavy for his body. She turned towards and kissed him softly on the cheek and that was all. Amore knew Regulus enough to know their was only one thing she could do for him… 


She stood facing the tall black mansion that seemed as though it was unoccupied. Pulling her hood closer down her face Amore rapped on the door with the gold goblin door knocker that was hanging on the door. Once again pulling her robes tighter around her to shield herself from the cold, she looked around, praying that this would work. Amore glanced towards the door once again, about to apparate home, but she watched as the door slowly opened coming face to face with one of the people she hadn’t seen in a good deal of time. Blaise. 

Amore followed his dark silhouette threw the grand interior, watching as they came into what was the drawing room. He gestured her to sit down and she seated herself on the black couch that was closest to the fire. Her eyes turned to look up at Blaise’s face. His once young looking face had aged to his benefit, but his eyes seemed tired, dark circles situated under his once radiant eyes. Her heart felt pity for the tired man that sat before her. It made it a little better for her to know that even though she didn’t see Blaise anymore, she saw his son, who seemed as though a replica of him. 

“How have you been?” Amore asked softly, her eyes watching his face intently. 

Amore knew that it wasn’t the best of all times for Blaise, his wife had passed away recently, and yet they still hadn’t gotten together. Her heart gave an ache, she understood the fact that Regulus and Blaise had wanted to ‘stay out of sight together,’ but it was as though they had completely eliminated their friendship. 

“Been better.” Blaise said gruffly his eyes meeting hers for a brief moment. 

“Look, Blaise, I know that your not obligated to do this, but Regulus found something, Death Eater stuff.” 

With those two words, Blaise’s head raised to with a start his eyes held a look of curiosity. 

“It was a black box he retrieved and he found the list of people he killed.” she said, the last word seeming to be like sand on her tongue. 

Blaise looked at her again, he knew Regulus better then a lot of people, it came from the twenty years of friendship they had shared. Killing was never easy for Regulus, it was probably the one thing that had both of them wanting to get out. He thought about the people whose lives they’d taken during their years of being a death eater. Blaise stood up quickly, 

“Lets go.” he stated, grabbing a hold of her arm as they apparated to the Black Mansion. 


She nodded towards the kitchen door, Blaise walked through the familiar house taking in the small changes he had noted here and there. He entered the kitchen and seated himself down on chair, as he watched Regulus’s face turn towards his. 

“Blaise?” he asked incredulously. 

“Amore.” Blaise answered back with a small smirk, as if that was enough. 

Regulus just shook his head and welcomed his friend back in what seemed like forever. 

“These lists, why’d you go back for them?” Blaise asked Regulus his hands shifting through the plentiful pieces of parchment that lay inside the box. 

“Evidence, either I got it, or some Auror would finally stumble across the papers and then all of us would be rotting in Azkaban.” Regulus stated firmly. 

“It was always hard,” Blaise told him, “for me and you, you didn’t kill those people because you wanted to, you did it because you had too.” 

Regulus gave him a nod of his head in agreement, for some reason it felt weird to be talking about this with someone other then Amore. For the longest time now, Amore was his only companion, but now Blaise was back. 

“You should stay with us,” Regulus told Blaise. 

Blaise gave Regulus a smile, he knew that this was Regulus’s way of saying sorry about his wife’s death. 

“Are you going to tell Amore?” he answered with a smirk, “Better yet are you going to tell Nadine?” 

Regulus gave a bark of laughter, Nadine hated Blaise’s son with what seemed like her whole being. His daughter embodied her mother in temperament, poor Blaise Jr, he thought with a knowing smile. 


“EGH! You insufferable pig!” screamed Nadine her black hair flying around her face in anger, at none other then the smirking boy that stood in front of her. It seemed like the twentieth time that Blaise had said something to annoy her, within the past two hours. It was the day before Christmas break, and she was still waiting to hear from her parents on what they were going to do this year. But of course, the letter that she had been eagerly awaiting was now located in the pudding at dinner. 

“I was going to read that!” Nadine yelled again, throwing a bread roll at Blaise’s head missing dreadfully. 

“Really? I didn’t know that was what you did with letters?” drawled Blaise, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 

“And I didn’t know that bread rolls could go anywhere else but your mouth, but I’m sure I can manage to shove one up your arse!” 

“You’d like that wouldn’t you Black?” taunted Blaise back. 

“Oy, Zabini, that’s my cousin your talking about.” Draco stated, his face looked disgusted. 

“Nadine,” said Pansy, ‘here..” she held out Nadine’s pudding enveloped letter by her fingertips, her nose daintily scrunched. 

Now it was Nadine’s turn to make a look of disgust, 

“You really expect me to read that?” she asked Pansy her eyebrow lifted in disbelief. 

Blaise gave a snort of laughter, 

“Black are you a squib?” he asked her, “Then why do you forget there’s a spell to clean that up?” with that he shoved another pancake into his mouth letting crumbs fall onto his shirt. 

Nadine turned away with a look of severe repulsion, pulling out her wand and cleaning the letter up. Ignoring the rest of the childish antics at the table, she opened the now clean letter scanning it quickly with her eyes.


I hope that your enjoying your 6th year of school, but I hope that your looking more forward to seeing us tomorrow. But me and your father have a surprise for you to make this holiday season even brighter, we’ve invited Blaise and his son to spend Christmas break with us. I do hope that you two are getting along now, seeing as how I would not appreciate my house being turned into a battle zone.

Have fun on your last day,

My hands dropped the letter with a look of complete disbelief, mother had to be lying, there was no way that I was spending my Christmas vacation with the chauvinistic pig that was sitting in front of her… this was going to be a very long Christmas. 


Hey guys! =)

Well I did update, even though it was a little late, BUT I did get two other chapters of my other stories up so I have a valid excuse. This said sorry this chapter kind of starts off slow, but I do like the ending it was fun for me to write!

The next chapter you’ll see the chaos that ensues in the Black mansion =D

Thanks soo much for reading! Review and tell me what you think or what you want to see in the next chapter!
ssb =]

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