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Flightless Bird by Lil lily71
Chapter 1 : Flightless Bird
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Chapter image by sammm /Bellatrixx @ TDA.

The forbidden forest was home to many a creature, some good and others bad. Darkness had come across the entire forest only some resemblance of sunshine was lit over the castle as the sunset in the east. Bare foot, a small fairy like creature slipped through the forest with no idea of the time and how late it was becoming. She shivered as the wind rustled through the trees, blowing her hair across her face, with one quick movement she trapped her hair behind her ear.


Dark bushes stuck out on odd ends poking anyone who dare go too close to them. The white blonde haired girl merely danced past the bushes, who in anger retaliated by scraping her leg, a small trickle of blood oozed down her pale legs.


“Oh how lovely.” She stated dreamily staring at the beautiful silver unicorn in front of her, she reached out a hand to stroke his forehead, when the unicorn suddenly fell at her feet; either she had magical animal powers that she didn’t know she had or the animal was sick; that my dear readers was when she first saw him.


A beautiful angel like creature, lips pressed to the neck of the silver unicorn. The unicorn cried out in pain as the cloaked creature drained the blood from its body. She instantly pulled her wand from her green cardigan, her eyes wide as the creature stood looking like a statue that belonged to a museum, his hood fell around his neck and it was then that she realized he looked no older than she was, he was a human or so she thought.


The teenager stood so close to her that she hardly could see his face, except that now the silvery moon had risen over the tree tops it shined some much needed light into the forest. His skin was as white as the snow that covered Hogwarts in December, his lips were cherry red, his hair as black as ebony (he reminded her a good deal of what Snow White the muggle fairytale character’s description, but of course he was male. Although he did look as though he belonged in a fairytale) but their was something curious about his eyes that drew her in; they were the most spectacular shade of blue that she had ever seen, they sparkled when ever the moon’s rays reached them. She realized that her mouth was open and then she remember what she was about to say to him. But then no sooner did she move her lips to say the words he was gone.


The young female fell to the ground in surprise. She crossed her legs and pulled out her note pad and placed it on her lap. She then grasped the charcoal from the binding off her note pad and began to draw the dead unicorn in front of her; she wanted to pay tribute to the poor creature that had just had its life sucked away.


From a distance the god-like teenager watched the fairy girl sit beside the unicorn; drawing. His hand over his mouth and nose trying to block her scent, needless to say it wasn’t working very well. He wanted her more than anything, she smelt so inviting and he could almost taste her blood on his lips, he could envision the way her eyes would stare at him dreamily as he took her life from her. No one would ever know who murdered the white haired girl, of course the person who found her would gladly assume it as a vampire seeing as their was no blood left in her and of course the teeth marks that would scare her neck; yes he could see quite easily how this mudbloods life would never see the light of day again, never draw another creature, never stare dreamily up at any monsters who lurked in the forbidden forest and the sense of longing for her blood would be overridden with hunger and fulfillment. He could easily approach her now, whilst her back was turned against him; leaving room for him too sneak upon her, and take her.


 “How dare that mean man go around killing unicorns? Does he have no heart? Well don’t worry now all the pains over, you’re a very pretty unicorn aren’t you? I think I should name you for my picture, hmmm what would suite you? Aha! I’ve got it Moonilverance. Well I am sorry I can’t stay with you for longer, but I best get back you see, unfortunately my clothes have a habbit of disappearing when I’m not in my dorm, I suspect Nargles are behind it. Terrifying creatures really. Goodbye my dear thing, sweet dreams.” The girl spoke as she patted its neck where teeth marks were, staring at them only made her more furious, she would have to talk to Dumbledore about Moonilverance’s murder.


Quickly she stood and placed her note pad in her cardigan pocket, but she kept her wand out just incase she ran into the god-like teenager again.



‘Click, click, click’


The girl nearly jumped clean out of her skin in surprise at the loud clicking noise that was becoming louder and louder as it came nearer searching for prey. She was at a complete loss of what to do, she didn’t know of any animal that made a clicking noise like that, perhaps it was in search of the unicorn murderer? She pondered this last thought for a few minutes whilst walking through the forest. She came across a small clearing (well she thought it was a small clearing considering there were no trees in this small patch) rocks scathed the surface of the forest floor, sharp deadly looking boulders bound a circle around the clearing.



She turned and stared dreamily up at an oversized spider. Her bare feet crumbled as she started to back towards the clearing, she fell on her bottom.


“My my my, look what the threstal dragged in. What’s a pretty thing like yourself doing in a dark and gloomy forest at midnight, eh? Dumbledore letting students take care of magical creatures at night? You do smell nice, mudblood aren’t you?”

Slowly she had been inching her way backwards and now she sat in the midst of the clearing a large rock trapping her from going back further. Her grey eyes scanned the spider in front of her, talking to her like the big bad wolf did to little red riding hood, bravery had never been her forte although she was never scared but when a rather large obnoxious spider comes upon you, wouldn’t you dear reader be scared?


The young fairy girl gave a high pitch scream. Hoping that it might frighten the spider off, but all it did was cackle.


Suddenly the cloaked teenager appeared in front of her, his wand pointed at the spider.


“Come anywhere near her again and I’ll twist your legs around the Wheeping Willow, got it you piece of filth?” The god-like boy smirked at the spider, which flared its teeth in fury, the spider moved closer to her, its beedy eyes darting at the wand as it bent down its teeth inches away from her legs.


The young girl hadn’t noticed the spiders closeness until she saw the horrified look on the cloaked figures face, she turned instantly and look towards her leg where the spiders teeth were touching her ankle. The cloaked figure pressed his wand to the spiders head,


Avada Kedavra!’ A spectacular green light protruded from his wand the spider crashed to the forest floor, dead instantly, only then did she hear more clicking sounds coming from around them.



“Oh dear!” she muttered as a huge congregation of spiders emerged around them. Her eyes nearly bouldged out of their sockets as she stood up staring at these strange creatures.


“Get on my back, NOW!” He barked at her, she jumped up onto his back and he began to run faster than the speed of light through the forest. No sooner than a flying broom, they reached the fringes of the forest, he dumped her off his back and began to walk away from her.


She quickly ran after him, “What is you’re name?”

He turned and his face was hard as he spoke, “Gerard Hallow. Don’t come near me again, understood?”

“But…I didn’t you saved me, how on earth did we get to Hogwarts so fast? It felt like we were flying. I’ve always wanted to be able to fly. I’ve been contemplating whether I should be come an animgus so then I could hopefully take the shape of a Robin; its kind of ironic when you think about it my last names Robin, I don’t think I mentioned that, well yes I’m Rosemarie. Why can’t I come near you again?” The girl spoke very fast, as she stared up at her rescuer with a dreamy expression, she could think of nothing worse than staying away from him.

“Because I’m the bad guy, just because I didn’t want you dead by a spider doesn’t mean that I am good. “ Gerard said watching as Rosemarie’s face turned angrily at him, her grey eyes flared with sadness as she spoke.

“I know that you are a bad guy, you killed that poor unicorn. It didn’t do anything to harm you and you killed it! But then you saved me from the spider, so wouldn’t that make you a mixture of both good and bad?”

“Trust me, I’m not someone to mess with I am all bad. Goodbye Rosemarie Robin.” Then just like before he disappeared into thin air. Rosemarie ran up to the castle in a daze at the events that had happened tonight, had she been dreaming?


a/n please review. This one-shot is related to my story the sound of silence which is about Rosemarie and Gerry, so please read it. This is the beginning of their tale.


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