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Becoming Mini by jazzydee23
Chapter 5 : Flinch
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Chapter Five

“Oh, double-ly great,” sighed Dominique, exasperated. What a lovely situation, Malfoy and Scamander in one.

Lysander’s heavy-lidded gaze, which had been eyeing the group of Slytherins suspiciously, flickered to Dominique, he rose his dark eyebrow inquiringly, having missed her words. “Is every thing okay, Dominique?”

Dominique blinked, opening her mouth to reply bitingly. Then she paused, a little taken aback. Dominique was never a mind reader, but she usually absorbed as much information from people’s facial expressions as she could, and one thing that annoyed her about Lysander was that she could read his so easily, he was never a challenge.


His expressions were usually clear, calm and uninterested. There was the occasional flicker of amusement, when he would smirk insufferably or raise his eyebrows knowingly. However, some thing was different. The way his dark eyes kept shifting about suggested any thing but calm and collected, his mouth pulled down in a frown and his arms folded against his chest. Was he amused?


No, there was no secret smirk that Dominique had come to loath, or that familiar warm, far-way twinkle in his eyes. He looked different. He looked more human.

He looked concerned. Dominique shut her mouth, shaking her head, her gaze dropping to a particular, interesting fleck of dirt on the stone floor. His intense stare on her unnerved her.


“Yes,” she eventually squeaked.


Lysander seemed to take her lack of words as a sign that she was frightened as a result of the oh-so-scary-Slytherins, because next minute he had shifted closer to her, his hand accidentally grazing against her arm, directing his words back at the Slytherins. The idea that Slytherins would even come close to frightening her made her snort under her breath. Luckily, no one noticed, for it wasn’t a very lady-like sound.


“What do you want? Aren’t you all supposed to be in class?”


Lysander spoke up, his words weren’t harsh, nor were they mean, no he generally reserved his weird and somewhat cutting comments especially for her. This caused Dominique to frown.

“Look who’s talking,” drawled Scorpius, his eyes flickering between the two, a small smirk over coming his previously stunned expression, “I don’t believe it, did we interrupt a little rev- ”

“Lysander? Mini?”


Dominique felt Lysander freeze next to her, and Dominique saw that another person had joined their little party. It seemed no one actually attended class these days.


“Lily?” inquired Lysander, his eyebrows knotting as he caught sight of the familiar scraggly mane of vivid hair, “what are you doing out of class?”


“And here I was thinking we moved past that question,” Dominique rolled her eyes, turning to her younger cousin and giving a small, reassuring smile, one that she’d only ever reserved for her favourite cousin, “I think it’s best you keep on moving, Lil, every thing is alright here.”


Lily’s curious hazel eyes rotated between Lysander and Dominique, before glancing back at the Slytherins unflinchingly. “Oookay…”


She gave Dominique and Lysander a bright smile, wiggling her fingers as she moved on, “Good luck with them,” she laughed, jabbing her thumb in the Slytherin’s directions, “and if you need my help at all, you know what to do Lysander.”


Lysander confirmed with a sharp nod, his dark eyes twinkling with amusement. Lily gave a serious nod of her head herself, before flouncing off.


“Hey! She was the girl who dung bombed the Slytherin change rooms last year!” pointed a sleazy dark-haired boy, his eyes fixed eagerly on Lily’s retreating back, raising his wand threateningly.


Lysander’s expression grew serious again, his hand going to his pocket where he stored his wand, “oi, don’t you even – ”


“What’s going on?”


Dominique had to refrain from rolling her eyes again out of fear they would actually drop out. “How about we just invite the entire family, yeah?” However, she was relieved that Lily had disappeared out of the sleazy Slytherin’s sight.


Rose had arrived, her sapphire blue eyes narrowed, eyeing the situation in front of her apprehensively, lingering on the ringleader of Slytherin. Her lips were pursed into a tight frown. “Look,” she alleged matter-off-factly when all she received were a couple of sniggers from the Slytherins, brushing a coil of mahogany hair off her face, “I don’t know what’s going on here but it’s ten minutes into class and that’s where you all should be.”


“And what about you?” snarled the greasy-haired Slytherin from beside Malfoy, “why aren’t you in class Miss Goody-two-shoes?”


Dominique found it extremely interesting the way her younger cousin’s cheeks flushed at these words, her dark eyes growing tremendously bright, “that’s my own business thanks, Warrington,” she snipped, and for some reason shooting Malfoy a very annoyed look.


How very curious, Dominique thought to herself, stowing away her wand as she noticed the thrill of the entire situation die with Rose’s sharp glare. She caught Lysander’s eye, he had been watching her, and she felt relieved when she saw his face had relaxed back into one of calm tranquility once again, a teasing smirk on the tip of his lips.


Her relief dissolved immediately when she realized they were both late to Charms.

She brushed off to Charms, as the large group of Slytherin’s moved down the hall way, mumbling about Rose’s narcisstic qualities, Lysander a few steps behind her, a slower and more steady pace then hers.


Dominique tried very discreetfully to sneak into the classroom as she arrived, sliding quietly between the door and down the corridor between the desks, Lysander not far behind. She thought she’d succeeded just as she slipped into the empty seat between James and Ashlyn, when Professor Simon swept down on her like a large, ugly and overgrown bat. “Weasley. Scamander. Sweeping the owlery, without magic, six o’clock next Saturday night.” As Professor Simon stalked away, even Ashlyn groaned in sympathy.




Negative emotions and confusion gnarled and knotted within Dominique’s stomach, as she lay balled up, her arms hugging her knees, on her four-poster bed whilst every one else was enjoying their break. It was a position she found herself in a lot these days. She caught a glimpse of herself like this in her mirror, and she stared stonily at herself. Her own blue eyes glared challengingly back at her. Her mind swirled in a battle. She was completely swallowed in by her own emotions as they consumed every single thought and controlled every single action as the weeks continued to endlessly and incessantly drag on.


Dominique’s mood and her preoccupied mind had flattened her. Seventh year was difficult, far harder then she had expected. She was exasperated with Professor Simon’s incessant sneers of “Victoire was the top of the class, Dominique, I suggest you take a leaf out of her book.”


It took every little self-restraint she had left to stop herself from jumping up and throttling the man until he’s face tinged blue and his beetle black eyes bulged. But even so, these days Charms didn’t seem nearly as horrible as Astronomy.

Astronomy was just plain excruciatingly painful. Barely a single utter was spoken the entire lesson, and what was worse was that the Professor Butternut, the absolute bat, had decided that a group project would be “a fantastic way to get to know each other, heehee, as well as learn a substantial amount about the stars!”  Heehee indeed. 

Dominique felt light headed. Estelle had quite literally squealed and even Honey had clapped her hands in excitement. Lysander had just tilted in his head slightly in Dominique’s direction, a small – but hardly unnoticeable – smirk curling at the tips of his mouth. Dominique ignored him.

In fact, come to think of it, she had been ignoring a lot of people these days, including Victoire’s persistent day-to-day, detailed letters. 

Some thing had changed, some thing had clicked or switched or turned within her mind. She was still the same old Dominique on the outside, that’s why Roxanne and James had remained oblivious. But on the inside, every thing was tense and knotted, constantly grinding and grinding as she felt herself wearing thin. She spent all her spare moments on the Quidditch pitch, doing laps after laps, either on her broom or on her two feet.

However this added exercise and practice turned to pay off greatly, as when the first Gryffindor Quidditch match for the season finally rolled around, much to the team's delight, Gryffindor undoubtedly thrashed Ravenclaw with a final result of 210 - 100, setting them at a higher place on the ladder then ever before, before the season even had a proper chance to commence.  

Nevertheless, not even this seemed to lift Dominique’s spirit.


A/n: I am SO sorry, this was a major filler of a chapter and I was stuck with this for ages, and I feel like its written so blandly and incredibly un-poetically so I really apologise. Although I’ve posted it, hopefully I will come back to it in the future when I get back the inspiration. I just had to push it all out and post it because the rest of the story has life and vibrancy and I need to move on with the story or the rest shall never be read J




Sneak Peek!
Rose’s bright sapphire eyes were wide, her breath caught in her chest and her fingers curled in a painful twist on her lap. Dominique stared at the flames dancing in the fireplace before glancing back to Rose, who was utterly fear stricken, then slowly back to the fireplace.

“Oh Mini, please, please say some thing,” pleaded Rose, leaning towards her cousin desperately. 

Dominique gave a heavy sigh, chewing on her own lip in serious thought.

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