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One Word by cedric_diggorys_girl
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N ok so here we are at the beginning of another story! This plot came to me as I was in bed, it was so good... to me, I couldn't forget it! I had to write it down!
So just to make sure you know, this is Onalee talking, 2 years on from where the story begins, i was very careful not to give much away, in order to entice you to read on! Please do!I would also love you if you read and reviewed!

‘I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror, it was nothing special.

I am pretty but not gorgeous,

I am a size 12, a normal size for a 5 foot 8, 18 year old girl.

My light brown hair, now reaching my mid back, curled toward the ends,

My eyes were a normal blue, but some people say they twinkle,

But I didn’t have a twinkle in my eyes for a long time,

Unless you count the twinkle of tears.

I suppose if I turn my head into the light, my eyes do sparkle a little.

And I suppose they tend to twinkle a lot more now too.

It’s nice to have a few pretty things about me, but it’s also nice not to be perfect,

You feel more appreciated when you’re not perfect, well I know I do.

It may seem, to other people, that I have everything I could wish for,

But I don’t. I mean I have everything I need,

But I don’t have everything I had...

Ok, over time things get thrown away,

What I had was thrown away too, but not like you throw away old toys and clothes, into the bin.

My innocence, my naivety, my life. Thrown into a black hole, never to come back.

But my love for other and certain people grew, and that’s what has brought me here today.

I used to believe that everything just happened.

Now I believe everything happens for a reason, even the things that have happened in my past.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could see where I am in the future’?

I have plenty of time, but now I wish I hadn't thought it, ever!

As, if I had seen certain things that happened in my future,

I would have made sure that they never happened!

It’s not that I’m not happy with the position I’m in now, in fact I couldn’t be happier!

I just wish the event that helped me end up here didn’t happen.

I remember September 1st exactly two years ago,

I was looking at myself in the mirror then too, getting ready for 6th year,

I was asking myself ‘where will I be in two years time from today?’

Back then I would have never of thought I would be standing here now.

I was with him, who ruined my life; I haven’t seen him since he was expelled.

Since he ruined my life, since he ripped me in two.

Now I’m with him, someone else, someone better,  someone who made it all better again,

Who gave my life back to me, who pulled me back together.

Someone I never thought I would love, someone I never thought I’d have with me now.

The someone who is now walking towards me with a smile on his face,

The someone who is now wrapping his arms around my waist,

The someone who I know loves me back.

I remember when I was sixteen, when my life was turned upside down,

Just because I said ’goodbye’’.

A/N so what did you think of m little prologue? Did it entice you to read further?
Please review!
P.S. If there were any grammar or spelling mistakes, then please do tell me!
Thank you for reading!

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