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Secrets Well Kept by Weasleynumber8
Chapter 1 : The Train, Nineteen Years Later
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Chapter 1: The Train, Nineteen Years Later


Rose Weasley stepped onto the train with a deep sense of dread. 

Just behind her, her mother yelled for what seemed like the fiftieth time that day, "Don't worry sweetie, you'll have so much fun! We love you! And don't forget to write!" 

On and on and on. Cliché after cliché. School will be fuun. You'll make so many friends. Yeah, like school was such a walk in the park for her.

She paused a moment and took a deep breath, trying to find her bearings. Is it normal to feel this nervous? She wondered. She wasn’t stupid, she knew that people are nervous before they go to Hogwarts, but seriously, she thought she was going to hurl! 

Maybe it was her dad’s driving. That was a definite possibility.

 It was just… What if she didn’t make any friends? She could just see herself, years from now, sitting in a broom cupboard while her fellow classmates held a party celebrating her disappearance.

 Perhaps this wasn’t an accurate portrayal of her future.

Oh for God’s sake, pull yourself together woman, she reprimanded herself firmly, There is no need to be nervous! You’re related to half the school population anyways, of course you’ll make friends… or at least have someone to talk to... 

And this fact was unavoidably true. Rose had always compared her family rabbits. Everywhere you looked, more Weasley’s were popping up. Or out, if you wanted to look at it that way. She had been to more birthday parties in the last year alone than most people go to in their entire lifetimes.

“Hey Rose! Come sit with us!” Albus Potter, Rose’s favorite cousin, yelled, “Come on now, move your arse!”

 Rose smiled appreciatively and followed him into his compartment. 

Ever since Rose was a baby, her parents and the Potter’s had arranged play dates for their children every chance they got. Personally, Rose thought it was more of an excuse to reminisce about ‘the good old days’, but she really had no choice in the matter.

As a result, it was only natural that Rose and Albus would become friends. For one, they spent so much time together that their lives would be absolutely miserable if they didn't like each other. Rose adored Albus, and would defend him with her life. Even though he could be a bit of an arse sometimes, but what boy isn’t?

And to add irony to her thoughts, in Al’s compartment sat three other boys. They were all quite attractive, or as attractive as an eleven year old could be. The first, who sat beside the window, had dirty blond hair and a very infectious grin. Beside him sat a surprisingly tan boy, with chocolate brown hair and eyes. Across from them sat another blond, whom Al chose to sit beside, though he was smaller than the others, and had an air of confidence about him that made Rose more than a little jealous.

“Guys, this is my cousin, Rose Weasley,” Al introduced, “Rose, this is Collin Mason,” the boy beside him smiled quite charmingly and waved; “Daniel White,” the tan boy nodded at her; “and Jack Summers,” the boy by the window’s smile grew even wider, and added a wink for good measure.

“Hello, pleased to meet you all,” Rose said rather shyly as she chose a seat beside the tan one. Daniel, she thought his name was.

“So Rose, are your parents really Ron and Hermione Weasley?” Collin asked curiously. 

Rose laughed (9 times out of ten that was the first question she was asked) and responded, “Why yes, as a matter of fact they are.” 

Having parents that saved the wizarding world really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The constant attention alone was enough to drive anyone insane. But the really annoying part was that everyone expected her to be just like her parents. 

She especially felt pressure to be like her mother: always follow the rules, be first in every class, be a perfect little Gryffindor who is courageous but modest. It drove her nuts! Maybe she didn’t want to follow the rules all the time, did anyone ever think of that? But she had a sinking suspicion that everyone might actually be right. Rose could definitely see herself turning into an exact carbon copy of Hermione Weasley, who, Rose was convinced, was the most boring woman on the planet. Savior of the wizarding world or not, her idea of a good time was still arguing about house elf rights. BORING.

But Rose truly was similar to her mother in many ways. She loved to read, didn’t take much interest in pranks, and was very responsible. She basically considered herself doomed a long time ago and decided to move on. 

And anyone could see the resemblance between her and her father. First of all, she inherited all of his looks. Like him, I will probably end up being the tallest person in my class, she thought bitterly. 

While Rose didn’t think of herself as ugly, she couldn’t exactly say she was a beauty either. And she blamed her father completely. Aside from her very awkward height, she had an extremely tangled mass of red curls growing out of her head, unfortunately pale skin, and absolutely no shape to speak of. In her opinion, the only pretty feature she inherited from her father was his massive, electric blue eyes. She also inherited Ron’s infamous temper, which she put into use quite often come to think of it...

While she pondered the inevitability of ending up just like her boring parents, the boys seemed to be having a raucous conversation about Quidditch, or something around that subject. 

“And then the veelas came bursting into the stadium. I'm telling you fellas, they were the most beautiful sight I've ever laid eyes on!” Colin paused with a faraway look in his eyes, and then, after a pinch from Al, continued, “Anyways, I’m telling you, the Bulgarians would be nothing without them. You should have seen the Tornados! Almost fell off their brooms, they did.”

Rose decided to join the conversation. “Well, they should play the Hollyhead Harpies. I highly doubt a girl Quidditch team would be falling all over themselves because of a bunch of veela. Then we can really see what Bulgaria is made of.”

“Naw, the Hollyhead Harpies? They’re terrible this season.”

“Oi! My mum played for them you know!” Al exclaimed indignantly.

“Yeah, and they were good when she played, but after she left they had nothing!”

Albus tilted his head as if letting them in on a very important secret, “Well, I still wouldn’t suggest 'defiling the name of the harpies' to her face. To this day she and my Uncle Ron get into raving rows about the Harpies’ current standing. Then again, Uncle Ron supports the Cannons, so he’s not really one to talk…” 

"Wait, I still don't understand! You're telling me that there's a sport that is played on brooms? And what are veela?" Jack, Rose deduced, must have been a muggleborn, because he seemed very confused by their conversation. Al started to attempt an explanation when he was interrupted.

“Anything off the trolley dears?” The compartment door was suddenly flung open to reveal an ancient woman pushing a cart full of sweets.

All of the members of the compartment started to weigh the pros and cons of each sweet, but Jack looked at the cart, nonplussed, “What the hell is all this?”

The others laughed outrageously, but Rose took pity on him. “We don’t eat muggle sweets. I suggest chocolate frogs and the pumpkin pasties, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans if you’re adventurous…” Rose had stepped out into the hallway to help him with his chooses when she suddenly bumped into somebody. She turned to excuse herself, but then stopped stone dead.

The first thing she noticed about him was that he was tall. Even taller than she was, and that was saying quite a lot. Even though he definitely seemed to be about the same age as Rose he was at least 5’ 5”. The second thing she noticed was that she had seen him before: on the station platform. He was that boy that her father had warned her about. What was the name, Malloy? Malfoy? Yes, that was it.

He was also good looking, like the boys in the compartment, but in a very different way. While all the boys inside were warm and friendly, the person before her had a distinctly aristocratic air about him. He almost reminded her of one of those Greek statues: perfectly sculpted, with gray eyes, pale blond hair, and even paler skin. He probably had the same personality of a statue as well…

Rose was shaken from her thoughts by the object of her musings himself, “Hello, I’m Scorpius Malfoy,” he said, holding out a hand.

Rose stared slack jawed for a moment before recovering herself, “Hi, Rose Weasley,” She, in turn, reached to shake his hand, but was interrupted.

“Rosy, do you think that you could buy me a bag of Bertie’s? I can’t find my money,” Al said as he bounded out of the compartment, “Who’s this?”

“Albus Potter, this is Scorpius Malfoy.” Rose introduced, not taking her eyes off of the boy in front of her.

A very greasy looking boy behind Scorpius snorted.
“Excuse me, do you have a problem?” Al asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do. Has Prince Potter come to the rule the school just like his ol’ dad? You expect the teachers to kiss your feet, just because of who you share DNA with?” The greasy boy sneared. 

Now, the Weasley's were a quite diverse family. How could they not? They could create a fairly good sized village if they wanted to... But there were several traits that they all shared. One, they all ate everything in sight. Two, they all had huge tempers. And three, they ALL were very touchy when someone talked about another Weasley in a less than favorable manner.

True to form. Al’s temper immediately flared up, full heat. “Hey! Who the bloody hell do you think you are talking to me like that, huh?”

“Oo, Prince Potter’s getting mad!”

“Shut up!” Rose could tell Al was revving up into a full blown Potter temper tantrum. He wasn’t Harry and Ginny’s son for nothing, “I don’t know who you are, but—“ 

“Ah! How rude of me. I’m Mark Nott, and this is Jake Goyle, and Scorpius Malfoy.”

Now it was Al’s turn to sneer in disgust, “Ohhh I see. Spawn of Death Eaters are you? Tell me, how does it feel to be scum of the earth and have everyone know it?”

By this time, Collin and Daniel had come out to see what the shouting was about. Good think they did, because they arrived just in time to stop two infuriated future-Slytherins from tackling a very angry Potter. While the scuffle continued, Rose looked over at the only other person in the hallway that wasn’t fighting: Scorpius Malfoy. It seemed that the snack lady had run away, in fear or exasperation, Rose wasn’t sure (but she was thinking the latter). Scorpius was looking at the massive pile of bodies with a look distant amusement. It almost seemed as if he didn’t care one way or another whether his friends got the stuffing beat out of them!

Eventually, as Rose and Scorpius looked on quietly, the fight broke up. Al, who was still most decidedly incensed and sporting a bloody nose to boot, swung around to face Scorpius, “So Malfoy, afraid to get blood on your precious robes are you? I’ve always heard that the Malfoy’s were a bunch of ponces, but I never knew it was to this extent!”

Scorpius, or Malfoy as Rose felt obligated to call him, merely raised a cool eyebrow, “Maybe I just don’t want your blood on my robes, Potter.”

Al scoffed, “Oh, so you think you’re so much better than me Malfoy? Tell me, has Daddy been to Azkaban recently?”

The smirk that had recently taken up residence on Malfoy’s face instantly disappeared as he quickly drew his wand. “Don’t talk to me about my father, Potter,” he hissed through his teeth. Rose felt a shiver run up her spine. It became obvious to Rose that Scorpius Malfoy was not a boy to cross.

“Why not Malfoy? Daddy is a tough subject for ya?” Now Albus was smirking. 

It would seem that Daddy WAS a tough subject for him, if the way Malfoy was breathing heavily through his nose, not to mention the blue sparks flying out of his wand, was any indication. For a moment Rose was sure Scorpius was going to try something. Not exactly curse Albus, because he didn’t know any curses to begin with, but at least stick his wand up Albus’s nose.

However, that was not meant to be. In a swift, almost graceful motion, he spun and headed back down the corridor. Nott and Goyle quickly followed. The group from Al’s compartment stared after their abrupt exit in shock.

Rose’s eyes followed Malfoy all the way down the corridor until he entered his compartment. Once the door was finally slammed shut by a clearly agitated Goyle, Rose felt free to look around. There were many people sticking their heads out of their compartment doors and looking at the group of first years curiously. She knew that they better get into their own compartment fast before they were besieged by curious bystanders, “Come on guys, show’s over. Let’s get back inside.” 





“I can’t believe that he walked away from me like that!” Albus fumed for what seemed like the hundredth time, “He is such a bloody coward, the…. the…. bloody coward!”

“Nice one mate,” Collin intoned, he was obviously growing tired of Albus’s ranting as well, “Didn’t know you had it in you, such wit!”

“Aw, shut up, I’m just saying, walking away from a conversation, just because I said something about his bastard of a father…” And on he went. It had been two hours since the “encounter” in the hallway and Albus hadn’t stopped cursing Scorpius Malfoy since. Rose wasn’t quite sure why Albus hated Malfoy so much. In her opinion Nott seemed the most unsavory character of the bunch, but she kept that to herself, mostly because she couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.
Daniel, who preferred to be called Dan, was teaching Jack how to play exploding snap. Rose and Collin had resigned themselves to listening to Albus's rant, sometimes putting in an encouraging “Yeah!” or, in Collins case, “What an arse!”

Since this activity didn’t require that much participation, Rose had plenty time to think about Scorpius Malfoy herself. He didn’t seem so bad really, maybe a bit arrogant and overprotective of his family... That wasn't so bad in Rose’s opinion. After all, how many Weasley’s did she know that shared those exact same qualities? Oh well, she shouldn’t be thinking about him so much, especially not in almost-favorable tones. But….

There was something in his eyes when Albus talked about his dad, there was a brief second in which it was almost like he was physically punched in the gut. She’d never seen someone look so wounded and bitter, no one her age anyways. 

These were the thoughts that swirled around in her head for hours, until she was finally interrupted when the compartment door slid open and admitted James Potter, Al's older brother. 

James was a lot like Albus, really, except more obnoxious. A second year, he and his partner in crime, Fred Weasley, had managed to break the record of most detentions in one term. Needless to say, he was very pleased with his little brother.

“Well, well, well. Getting into fights already, are you little bro?” James cried happily as he leaned against the door frame, “It’s all over the train, everyone’s saying that Harry Potter’s kid got into it with a Malfoy. Then I thought to myself, ‘Now James, I know you didn’t get into any fights yet, does this mean little brother finally grew a pair?’ and of course I replied, ‘No, it couldn’t be! It must be some illegitimate child that Dad fathered without our knowledge!’ but then they said that he was in this very compartment, and low and behold!”
“Aw, shut up James! I can get into fights if I want to.”

“Should tell Mother I should,” James deadpanned in a saint-like voice, “But she probably wouldn’t believe me. Our little Albus? In a fight? And I thought you were an innocent little boy. Man, did you have us all fooled!”

“Oi! So it is true!” Fred Weasley exclaimed as he entered the compartment as well, “Way to grow a pair Albie!”

Al wasn't very pleased with their antics, “Will everybody stop talking about my genitilia as if they are not in the room!” He yelled indignantly over the roars of laughter, “I have gotten into fights before you know! I’m not some Nancy-boy who’s tied to his mum’s apron strings!”

“Sure you’re not Albus, sure you’re not,” James said as he wiped a tear of mirth from his eye.

“Well, now that we’ve thoroughly pissed Al off, we should probably be going James. Serious scheming to do you know,” Fred stated in an official voice. Unsurprisingly, Fred and James's favorite hobby was to wreak havoc and chaos, and were the worst thing to hit Hogwarts since their namesakes’ ruled the school (separately, of course). Rose was convinced that they would succeed in destroying Hogwarts before they left.

“Oh, and we’ll be arriving soon, so get you’re robes on!” Fred called over his shoulder as he walked down the corridor.

After they left there was a mad rush of activity. It was like the first years were all given adrenaline shots as they fumbled to retrieve their robes and slip them on over their clothes. They were about to get there first look at Hogwarts, and face the dreaded sorting of the houses.

“So what exactly are the houses?” Jack asked curiously as they all settled down a bit.

“Well, there’s Gryffindor, that’s the best in my opinion. You get in there if you’re brave,” Collin started off.

“And then there’s Hufflepuff, my dad was in there, they’re supposed to be really loyal,” Dan added, “And of course Ravenclaw, a bunch of geniuses they are….”

“And then you’ve got Slytherin,” Al muttered darkly, “That’s where all the future convicts go.”

“Al,” Rose reprimanded, “You know that’s not true. Remember what your dad is always saying about house unity--”

“Yeah, but your dad says they’re a bunch of slimy gits! And the rest of the family says that too! Voldemort himself was in Slytherin Rose.”

Rose was about to retort when Jack said something that shocked them all, “Voldy-who? Is that a name? It sounds like a disease!” 

They all stared at him in shock for a moment or two, then burst into peals of laughter. Dan was slapping Jack on the back, while trying to explain between bursts of laughter, just exactly who Voldemort was. Collin fell off his seat and was currently rolling around on the floor with mirth. Albus didn’t look far behind, but couldn’t exactly follow, seeing as there was a large weight pinning him to his seat, namely Rose's laughter-wracked body.

And that is how they remained until the Hogwarts Express pulled to a stop at Hogsmead Station.

A/N: Hello! Hope you've enjoyed the first chapter! Please, read and review! Wow, I'm one of those perky authors that use exclamation points aren't I?! Oh dear. Ok, so I should tell you that this story will follow Rose and Scorpius through all seven years of Hogwarts (and maybe even longer....) The first few chapters will be a bit slow, but bear with me! I'm actually not going to spend very much time on the first few years, just going to set the stage and what not.... Well, thanks for reading! 
Another A/N: Alright, so I just reread this chapter and realized something. It's complete crap! Rose sounded absolutely depressing, it’s a wonder anyone got past this chapter! So, I tweaked it a little. She may still sound depressing and whiny, but at least I can say I tried! lol Well, I'm just going to say if this is your first time reading and you don't like this, bear with me! It gets more interesting soon :)

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