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Darkness Unhinged by ness17
Chapter 5 : Planning distruction
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A few days after Hermione arrived at the Manor did she receive a letter from Ron.

“How did they find me?”

“They didn’t, it was at that cabin of yours and I took it.”

“What were you doing at my cabin?” she asked harshly.

Draco rolled his eyes, “covering up your tracks so they don’t trace you.”

Hermione just turned back to the letter.


We, as in the Order and Harry, are very concerned about you. You haven’t answered many of our letters and everyone’s worried you’ve gotten yourself into trouble. The Ministry is still looking for you, even though Kingsley has tried to tell them to stop, he doesn’t control the Auror’s head. He may be Minister but they are looking for the murderer of a crime and therefore, if Kingsley tried to stop them going after you for information, he could be thrown in Azkaban for interception. All we want is to see you, face to face, to know you’re ok.

Love Ron

“Poor little Ronnie,” Hermione said mockingly.

“What’s with Weasley?”

“Oh. They’re all worried about me, as if they need to be.”

“Mione, are you going to write them back?”

“Gonna have to,” she shrugged, “time to break it off, see if it goes through that thick head of his.”

Listen Ron,

I’ve told you once, stop worrying about me! I’ve been busy, only reason I haven’t been responding. And I’m not going to see you. You are driving me crazy with all your damn letters! So let me make this clear. We. Are. Over. I’m not moving in with you anymore, got it? We aren’t dating anymore! Stop writing, I won’t write back. Tell everyone.

“Read it, tell me what you think,” she handed the letter to Draco who read it over and grinned when he finished.

“Good going Cous,” he replied. Hermione smiled and signed the note. Draco set it off with one of the Malfoy owls.

“So Draco, I’ve been thinking,” she said, “How are we going to lure Potter here?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I want revenge, I want to kill him for murdering my father!”

“The dark lord wasn’t able to-.”

“He didn’t understand Potter’s weaknesses, he feared love remember? I know how to destroy Potter.”

“I’m listening…”

“Potter loves me as a sister, even after all this. It’s his weakness. So, we lure him here, thinking I’m in trouble, and destroy him.”

“You really want to kill him for killing your father, someone you barely knew?” Draco asked.

“Even thought I didn’t know him, he’s still my father and I knew of him. He deserves to be avenged!”

“So let’s work on a plan,” Draco said. Hermione grinned evilly and they sat down in the Malfoy family library planning the destruction of Harry Potter.

A/N: So it's short... but i hope u liked and please review! I would also appreciate it if you checked out some of my other stories! And review them as well... and I'll be posting a few things from harry and Ron's perspectives as well once i get closer towards the end of this story!

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Darkness Unhinged: Planning distruction


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