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In the Closet with Fred Weasley by silvergreen
Chapter 1 : In the Closet with Fred Weasley
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’Fred, you are standing on my foot.’


’Sorry. There’s not much room here and my feet are big…’


’Ouch! It’s too dark. I can’t see anything. What is this?’


’A broomstick, Hermione. What were you hoping for?’


’Ha ha, very funny.’


’Anyway, you know what they say about big feet…’




’Big feet… Big… shoes.’


’Talking about size, this closet is too small for the two of us and for a dozen Nimbus 2000.’


’Let alone spiders…’


’What?! Have you seen any?’


’No, because it’s too dark.’


’It was your idea, Fred.’


’The Malfoys must be arriving soon, don’t worry. According to the map they were coming in this direction some minutes ago.’


’Have you got the Extendable Ears with you?’


’Sure. Somewhere in my robe…’


’Fred, that’s MY robe. Please try to keep your hands off me.’


’Sorry. Could you help? There are so many pockets.’


’I cannot believe that I am feeling a guy’s pockets in a dark cabinet. Please, don’t tell anyone.’


’Okay, got it.’


’What, have you found the Ears?’


’No, but I couldn’t feel any better… You’ve come to the right place I think.’


’Fred, I don’t punch you just because I can’t see your face in the dark. Hey, what are you doing?’


’Holding your hands.’


’But… but why?’


’I don’t want you to punch my nose. Anyway, your hands are rather cold. They need to be warmed up a little.’


’It’s… it’s a bit cold in here.’


’A hot girl like you shouldn’t have such cold hands.’


’I suppose your hands are so warm because you’re a hot guy…’




’Your hotness is outshone only by your modesty, Fred.’


’That’s right. And to prove it, let us not talk about me, let’s talk about you, Hermione. What’s this perfume?’


’You mean mine?’


’Yeah. It really smells good. Is it a Weasley product?’


’No, it’s not.’


’I thought it’s the Weasley’s Amortentia Perfume, Mistletoe Magic. The girl who uses that will be irresistible to all the guys… As if she was walking under mistletoe at Christmas… Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?’


’No. You? I mean, have you ever kissed anyone?’


’Under the mistletoe I haven’t. But many other places I have. George told me he once had a makeout session with a girl in a broom closet, here, in Hogwarts. Instead of Potions Class. Have you ever… ’




’So it was not you with him.’


’Definitely not! I never liked George… that way. Just as a good friend.’


’Who do you like ’that way’? Still Ron?’


’No, it’s over with him. He’s probably snogging Lavender in another closet. And you? Are you dating someone?’


’At the very moment I’m dating with you in a broom closet, actually… ’


’Come on, Fred, we are not dating!’


’Come on, Hermione, if I were any closer I would be on the other side of you…’


’In my view, Fred, dating involves some kind of… well, kissing, for example. And, if I remember well… Fred… What are you doing?’


’Kissing you. Was it bad?’


’No… But… We… shouldn’t…’


’Why, you don’t like me ’that way’?’


’I do, but… uhm… No, don’t… Oh, yes.’


’Your lips are so soft, I go crazy, girl.’


’Yes, we are crazy… I’ve never thought you are such a good kisser, Fred.’


’Yeah, I’ve practised a lot. But no other girl has turned me on like you.’


’Fred, You’re so tender yet passionate… Just like in the romantic stories…’


’That’s what you read up in the library all the time? Well, it was high time to put the theory into practice…’


’It’s very hot in here.’


’Let’s take off our robes. I’ll take off yours, you take off mine. Good. Oh, gosh, I want you, Hermione.’


„What if the Malfoys are coming?’


’Who the hell cares?’






’Could you put this broomstick aside? It’s in the way.’


’I can’t do that, Hermione. That’s not a broomstick… I just want you too much.’


’Fred, somebody is coming! I can hear his voice! It’s Malfoy.’


’Oh Merlin’s beard! His timing has always been perfect… I’ll kill him.’

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