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Choices by No_oneKnows
Chapter 7 : Ho-Ho-Holidays.
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By the time of the Christmas holidays, we'd found out that Sirius had been re-located to the Burrow. He'd explained to us that someone had saw him out and about as Padfoot. As to who, he didn't know.

I'd been spending most of the Christmas Holidays with Sirius as no-one else wanted to talk to me. Mrs. Weasley was disappointed in me for breaking up with George. Ron, Harry and Hermione were still not talking to me and they mostly spent their time out in the garden together. It was an awkward Christmas.

“Let me get this straight, you're going out with Draco Malfoy?” Sirius asked with a shocked face after I explained to him why the others weren't talking to me. "The same Malfoy family that..."

We were walking up and down the hills around the Burrow, taking in the soft breeze and orange sunset.

“Yes Sirius, that Malfoy family but don't go on lecturing me about how he's a bad kid and stuff.” I warned him stiffly.

“I wasn't going to do that.” Sirius said firmly, looking at me seriously. “I don't know him, so I can't say anything.”

Again, I felt strong affection and gratefulness rushing towards Sirius. I looked at him for a while, watching his grey eyes stare back into mine. Then, I decided to tell him.

“He's a death eater.” I shuddered, dropping my gaze.

“Sofie, What?!” Sirius' voice suddenly sharp and alert. He stopped and plotted himself down on the top of the hill.

“Sirius,” I pleaded as I sat down next to him, “You said you don't know him. Don't go judging him.”

“Sofie, he's a death eater!” I didn't say anything, I just looked at him with imploring eyes. He looked at me uncertainly then ten seconds later, he sighed deeply. “Sofie, I trust you and you're judgement,” he said as I was about to open my mouth to argue, “Just... maybe this one...?” he left his statement hanging.

“Sirius, he was forced to be a death eater.” I told him, sure that Sirius would understand as it was he who had been forced to do things he didn't want to all his life. Sirius looked at me sternly, still a look of disbelief in his eyes.

“Sofie, he might be lying.”

“No, Sirius. He wouldn't.” He raised his eyebrow at me while I watched him, frowning.

He sighed again, “Okay, Sofie. I trust you.” I smiled admiringly. He returned the smile and ruffled my hair. I shuffled towards him and hugged him tightly. Snuggling close to him. He chuckled and hugged me back.

“Do you want to race back to the Burrow?” he asked, grinning mischievously.

I nodded quickly and pushed Sirius back down as I ran down the hill, squealing. He shouted at me playfully, and I heard footsteps right behind me. Soon the footsteps were no longer footsteps but pawsteps. He'd transformed into the black dog and started to bark teasingly. I squealed as I felt him catching up to me. I fell to the ground with a thud and Sirius turned back to himself. He crouched over me, a look of worry on his face.

“Are you okay?” I looked at him with a vacant expression, then suddenly grinned cheekily. I pushed him over again and ran towards the back door which was connected to the Kitchen. Sirius chased me gleefully and used his wand to send a tickling feeling towards my stomach. I struggled with pushing the door open as I was laughing too much.

“Honestly, she needs to learn to distinguish between good and e -.” Hermione stopped abruptly and I had a hard time trying to stop giggling.

Sirius caught up next to me and leaned on me, holding his stomach. There was silence apart from Sirius' laughter.

He stopped laughing when he realised that Hermione, Ron and Harry were in the room.

“Oh.” he croaked, slightly bemused.

I looked at Hermione coldly, “You must really like talking about me.”

“Oh, Sofie! Listen, can we just talk.”

I stared at her, rising anger in my chest. “Talk?” I echoed, “Now you want to talk?”

None of them answered
“Look, this has gone on too far.” Harry said, standing up from his seat.

“Yeah? You think?” I said, sarcastically.

I started towards him, stopping as Sirius held his arm in front of me, holding me back.

“Look, we all know Voldemort's out in the open.” Sirius said slowly and confidently, “It's hard enough fighting with those against us. We shouldn't fight with those around us as well.”

I expected one of them to say something about how Draco's on the 'other side', but no one said anything. Hermione had dropped her gaze and Ron had started tracing his butterbeer bottle. Harry was looking at me with an apologetical face.

I took a deep breath and forced a small smile. “Well, if... If you guys want to talk to me, I'll be in my room.”

I didn't hear anything when I left, but as I reached my room, Hermione's voice rung throughout the corridor.

“Sofie, wait.”

I turned with one hand on the door handle. I raised my eyebrow inquiringly.

She jogged quickly towards me and held my hand on the door. “Look, I need to say something.”

I didn't say anything, not yet.

She waited a while for me to say something but when she realised I wasn't going to, she continued. “I know... I know we haven't been talking for these past few weeks and you know why. But, I'm ready to leave it behind if you are.”

I forced myself not to smile. “Well, yeah, ok. So does that mean you're okay with Malfoy?”

She looked at me, slightly taken aback. “I'll take that as a no then.” I turned open the door and walked in, Hermione following.

“I'm... not okay with Malfoy. But I'll accept your choice, even if its not what I'd prefer. I trust that you know what you're doing.” she breathed, all in one go.

“Harry and Ron..?”

“They agree with me.” she said quickly.

I nodded, tying to act as though I didn't care. All of a sudden, Hermione burst out in tears.

I looked at her, shocked. “Umm... It's okay Hermione.” I patted her awkwardly on her arm.

She shook her head fervently and tried saying something except she choked on her tears. I calmed her down with small pats and smiling encouragingly.

“Really, Hermione. It's okay.” I patted her bushy hair comfortingly and she looked up with wet eyes.

“I'm so sorry.” she sobbed, wiping the tears off of her cheek.

I smiled bracingly, happy that we were in talking terms again, even if Hermione did let out a few buckets of tears.

The next day, Mrs. Weasley had slightly warmed up to me, now conversing with me in short and brisk talks. She had given me a bit more food on my plate than before and had stopped muttering under her breath whenever I was around. Hermione, Ron, Harry and I had been spending much more time together, playing catch up with Sirius.

Occasionally, Sirius and I had gone on long walks in the forest around the Burrow, talking animatedly and peacefully with each other.

As I sat at the kitchen table, taking a bite out of my piece of toast, a black owl had come and knocked on the window. Hermione let out a little shriek while Harry got up and strode towards the owl.

“Hey, I haven't seen Ginny in a while.” I said as I watched Harry untie the letter from the owl's leg.

I managed to see Hermione and Ron exchange uneasy looks with each other.

“Well, Sofie...” Hermione said slowly as I took another bite out of my toast. “Ginny's angry at you for dumping George.” I stared at Hermione, clearly in a bit of astonishment.

“Hey, Soph, this is for you.” I watched Harry as he stared suspiciously at the envelope. My brows furrowed and I reached out for the letter.
I looked at the writing and smiled broadly as I realised who it was from.


How're your holidays going? I've been missing you a lot. Can't stop thinking. Hey, can we meet up some time this week? It's okay if you bring some company. Actually, I'd prefer it if you did. I have a lot to tell you.
Wishing you all the best,


I stared at the piece of parchment, giggling as I knew he was trying to make it sound corny. My brows furrowed as I re-read the part that he wanted me to bring some company.

“Who's it from?” Ron mumbled, obviously bringing a spoon of cereal into his mouth.

I glanced at him, then to Hermione, then to Harry.

“Malfoy?” Harry questioned, raising his eyebrow.

"Draco," I corrected him. I nodded quickly then told them I'll be back. I took out a spare piece of parchment from my bag and wrote a brief reply. Then I went up to Sirius' room and knocked.

“Come in.” I heard Sirius say. He was sitting cross legged on the floor, just in front of his bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked, curious at why he would be sitting on the hard floor instead of his soft bed.

He moved his head slowly towards me, unnerving me slightly. He chucked loudly, got up and sat on his bed. “What's up?”

“I just got a letter.” I said, holding up the piece of parchment in the air.

“From who?” he moved back to lean against the wall, legs out stretched.

I moved towards his bed and sat down next to him. “Draco.” I replied simply.

His facial expression turned dubious. “What did he say?”

I explained to him that he'd wanted to talk to me. “He told me to bring some company.” I stopped him before he could open his mouth to say something about how 'it was a trap'.

Sirius looked slightly calmer. “Oh, if that's the case.”

I hit him softly on the leg with the parchment, “Want to come with me?”

“In case you forgot,” he pulled me closer to him so that he could tickle me gently, “I'm a wanted criminal and I'm not allowed out.” His voice had failed at trying to mask the bitterness and resentfulness. I studied Sirius and immediately knew that he wished to accompany me.

“You can borrow my invisible cloak.” I told him, releasing myself from his grip and getting up from his sunken bed.

“Sofie, are you sure about him?”

I stopped right before his door and spun slowly. “Yes.” I said quietly, with almost no hesitation.

He nodded understandingly. “Okay.”

I smiled gratefully at him and told him to get ready for a little Quidditch match.

By the time it was dinner, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Sirius and I had already had a shower after our exhausting Quidditch game. Ron, Harry and Hermione against Sirius and I.

Mrs. Weasley had prepared a small dinner as she told us that there were going to be much, much more food on Christmas.

George and Ginny were sitting furthest away from us, looking gloomy and sullen where as Fred and us were enjoying ourselves and making light talk. Although the meal was small, it had certainly filled us up just as well.

Hermione and I had spent another few hours decorating the house with Green and Red tinsel and bulbs.

“Hey, Hermione.” I said as I directed some tinsel around the room with my wand, “Do you know what these colours represent?”

She stopped hanging a an angelic house-elf on a branch of the 12 foot. freshly chopped Christmas tree. “What?”

“Slytherin and Gryffindor.” I said, smiling cheekily.

“Ha-ha.” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she continued putting up ornaments.

I laughed quietly at her reaction and smiled fondly at the green and red bulbs which I put together intentionally.

Ron, Harry and Fred had joined us a while later, helping with the higher reach places. By the time we were finished with the living room, it was glistening with the sparkles of the tinsel and the brightness of the bewitched lights, which were made to lighten the room without electricity.

“It's energy efficient you see?” said Hermione, who was looking at the colourful lights in the room admiringly as she was the one who had bewitched them. Everyone grumbled their agreement and set off to sit down in a comfy seat.

Mrs. Weasley came in, carrying a silver tray of cups of steaming hot chocolate. Everyone thanked her tiredly and drank silently from their cup.

Once we had finished our hot chocolates, we trudged quietly up the stairs and turned into our own rooms. Hermione had shared a room and by the time I was ready to lie on my bed, she was already lying in her own, snoring ever so slightly. I smiled to myself, closing my eyes and reflecting on the day I've had and how fun it'd been. My eyes opened suddenly and remembered that I was meeting with Draco the next day. Smiling even more broadly, I knew I wasn't able to sleep.

I laid there, listening to the soothing silence but then I heard a soft creak outside on the stairs. My heart beat paused for a second then started again as there were no other noises. I closed my eyes and promptly opened them again, heart pounding slightly against the insides of my chest.

There was a sound of someone crying. Perplexed and slightly scared, searched my backpack for my hoodie quietly. I tip-toed past Hermione's bed and opened the door slowly. I looked back to Hermione's bed to make sure that she was still asleep. I noted that she was lifting up and down slightly then left. I closed the door again and it snapped with a soft creak.

I craned my neck so I could hear the crying noise more clearly. I heard it come from the drawing room, so I decided to jump down the stairs softly on my tip toes and crept towards the drawing room. I pushed the door open, wand holding out in front of me. It was extremely dark in the drawing room and I found myself becoming scared.

Lumos, I muttered under my breath and a dim light came from my wand.

“Sirius?!” I whispered, incredulously. He was cowering in the corner, knees brought up to his chest. His eyes were glistening due to the light directed to him by my wand. They were red, swollen and wet.

“Are you crying?” I was partly in shock. Never, in my entire life had I seen this man cry. Not even after he had saved me from Lucius' clutches. Just seeing him like that made me want to cry as well.

Sirius looked up at me, and brought his trembling hands to his cheeks.
I walked shakily towards him, watching him with every step I took. I looked from Sirius to the picture he had given me for my birthday and had a vague idea why he was crying. He brought it along...

I looked at him with despair and console. He let out a hoarse laugh which lead to a few coughs. I ran towards him and hugged him. His tears came out more freely now and he began to sob out loud.

“What's wrong?” I whimpered, clutching on to him tightly as he lowered his head and cried into his knees. He shook his head so that his hair flew in different directions.

“Stop acting like a kid Sirius. What's wrong?” I scolded him lightly and jokingly. He peered at me from under his arm. Up close, his eyes were extremely puffy and enlarged. He'd looked shaken and afraid. Seeing Sirius like that made me feel even more fear, but I masked it and tried to comfort him.

He dried up his tears and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. “I don't want to lose you.” Sirius croaked, extremely softly.

“What do you mean?” I gasped, startled by his statement. He inhaled deeply and heavily, then began talking again.

“I lost your moth- parents, I don't want to lose you either.” he gulped, no doubt swallowing the welling sorrow in his throat. My head began throbbing and I felt my pulse quicken.

“Sirius, you won't lose me.” I seemed lost for words.

He nodded his head fervently, lifting it from his knees. “I know. I'm just being stupid.”

His mouth lifted a fraction into what seemed to be an attempt of a smile.

I watched him carefully, not entirely believing him. “That's not it is it?”
He contemplated me for a minute, then sighed. “No.”

Sirius paused and I didn't push, not yet.

"You know... It was my fault she, they, died." I didn't understand what the hell he was saying. "I should- I should've told..."

Sirius sighed again, “You should get to bed. Big day tomorrow.” He was mumbling which was unusual for him.

“What about you?” I asked him, still wondering what he should've told who.

“I'll go later.” he mumbled again, looking away from me.

“I'll wait for you then.” I said, knowing that he was lying. He exhaled hoarsely then got up to his feet, holding my hand and helping me up as well.

“Sirius,” I looked hard into his eyes, “I won't let anything get in between us, even if I do have to get rid of Draco.”

His eyes welled with tears again and one trickled down his cheek. His mouth lifted to a tiny, lopsided, sad smile.

“I love you Soph.” he ruffled my hair then pulled me against me and hugged me.

“I love you too, Sirius.” I smiled helplessly into his shoulder.

I woke up after what seemed to be only a couple of minutes of sleep. I got changed into a pair of scruffy jeans and a baggy jumper. I put on a pair of red gloves and my woollen scarf.

Draco and I had agreed to meet in the park across from the Leaky Cauldron at 8 o'clock; to not attract any attention as there would only be muggles.

I skipped downstairs to the kitchen and was surprised when I found George sitting on a chair, back towards me. His held his head up with his hands, elbows on the table. Deciding against breakfast due to the awkwardness that would arise, I backed out from the kitchen slowly and went back upstairs to my room, where Hermione was dozing lightly.

I sat on my bed, kicking my legs lightly.

“Sofie?” a groggy Hermione said.

“Oh, yeah?” I replied, beaming.

“Why are you up so early?” she propped herself onto her elbows and rubbed her eyes, removing the grains.

“Mm, I'm meeting with Draco. Didn't I tell you that?”

For a moment, she gazed at me blankly. “By yourself?”

“No, Sirius is coming with.” I said, getting to my feet.

“Oh, that's good then.” she yawned then stopped mid-way. “Sirius is coming?”

I nodded.

“WHAT?! He can't go!” she shrieked.

“Calm down Hermione. He's going under my Invisibility cloak.” I beamed reassuringly.

“Mrs. Weasley won't approve.”

“We'll be okay.”

“Maybe someone else should go with you.” Hermione suggested hopefully.

“No, it's got to be Sirius.” I said flatly.

Hermione looked downhearted.

“Do you guys want to come as well? I mean, it would make more sense if you did. If anyone sees us, they'd just think we had a minor run in with Draco.”

Hermione looked sceptical. “I guess we can go.” she muttered, then left to get changed in the bathroom while I woke a grumbling Ron and Harry.

By the time all of us were ready, Sirius had already been waiting downstairs with a furious but lost Mrs. Weasley.

Sirius smiled broadly when he saw us. “You kids ready?”

Harry nodded weakly while Ron yawned disdainfully. Mrs. Weasley left towards the kitchen, muttering under her breath.

Hermione opened the front door while Sirius put on his cloak. I tightened my scarf as an icy breeze came across the front door.

We caught normal muggle transport, Hermione leading the way. As we got on to the public bus, the doors closed on Sirius and he'd sworn out loud which brought us a hard time trying to explain it to the old, rather large, bus driver.

Ron swore at him and we were made to walk the rest of the way, Hermione and him arguing all the way.

“You have got to be the most tactless person I've ever met!” I heard Hermione say from up ahead.

I was walking behind them along with Sirius and Harry. Sirius keeping quiet while Harry and I discussed random things.

“Guys,” I shouted out to Hermione and Ron who bore red faces, turned to me violently. “Uh... we're here?” I said, hesitantly, glancing at Harry who also held a hesitant face.

“Sirius,” I whispered, “You still there?”

“Yeah.” I heard him whisper back.

We crossed the road, hoping to God that Sirius wouldn't be run over. Once we reached the other side of the road, I looked back to check if Sirius was still on the road, getting crushed by an on-coming double decker.

“Soph, I'm here.” he said loudly so that I had to smile at a muggle child who looked back at the 'empty space' where Sirius is.

“Sirius!” I snapped, and I felt his cheeky smile.

“Soph!” my head whipped around and I saw Draco Malfoy jogging towards me in muggle clothes which looked unusual on him. He was wearing a sports jacket and a pair of torn jeans which looked second-hand. I felt Sirius step in front of me while Hermione and Ron stopped bickering and Harry stood besides me, leering at Draco with dislike.

Oh boy, I thought to myself. They still didn't trust him. I pushed Sirius out to the side gently and hugged Draco. I heard someone scowl from behind.

His smile was a tiny bit strained as he looked around at Harry, Ron and Hermione.

“Hi...” he trailed as he watched Harry and Ron look at him irritatedly.

“Umm,” I said, put into an awkward situation, “and this is Sirius.” I gave him a small prod in order to make Draco realise where Sirius was.

“Oh, umm hi.” He pulled his hand out for a shake awkwardly, but then retracted it when I shook my head. “So, do you guys want.. to get some coffee... or something?”

Draco lead us towards a cafe, where there only a few people ordering inside. It was a brightly coloured shop, with timber seatings and bright lights.

I sat down at a table, followed by the others – Sirius sitting between Draco and I.

“Get me one of those frappe things.” he told me as a young, pretty looking waitress came to take our order.

“But its cold.” I said out of the corner of my mouth.

“I don't care, just get me it!” he said as the waitress opened her mouth to say something.

“Sorry, what was that?” she said, taking her pen out as she observed me, brows furrowed.

I forced a laugh, “Sorry, its just this weather.” I looked at Harry who glanced at me, trying to conceal his laughter.

“Oh, so what would you like?” she asked, looking around to each of us.

“Uh, so can I get a, umm.. a hot chocolate,”

“Any marshmallows with that?”

“Uh yes please.”

“Make that two.” said Draco, putting down the menu folder.

“'Scuse me but do you have any butterbeer?” asked Ron, looking at the menu confusedly.

“Sorry, Butterbeer? I- I don't think so.” the waitress peered at Ron over her notebook.

“Oh then I'll get a hot chocolate too.”

I decided against Sirius' frappe as it was too cold but when the waitress turned around and started back towards where she came from, Sirius shouted out: “And a frappe!”

The waitress turned around, extremely perplexed.

I looked at her, mouth open. “Sorry,” I forced a small chuckle, “The weather.. you know?”

“So you want a Frappe as well?” She looked around the table, counting how many people were present.

“Yeah.” I sighed, giving in to Sirius' request as the waitress walked away, no doubt counting how many things we had ordered. Sirius wouldn't have given up.

Now Ron, Harry and Hermione were giggling quietly while Draco looked at me, amused.

I sensed Sirius' glee smile and I stamped on his foot.

“OW!” he yelled and everyone looked at our table. I instantly regretted stamping him on his foot.

“The weather, you know?” I mumbled weakly, extremely embarrassed. Harry and Hermione were clutching their sides with laughter, which caused the strangers to look at us even more weirdly.

“Hey, I'm going to the toilet.” I stood on Sirius' foot again – a muggle baby oggled me - then weaved in and out of the chairs and asked for the toilet.

“Go straight, then turn to the right.” A little too friendly man from behind the counter said.

I walked past a room in which I heard the waitress' voice.

“I think I'm going crazy.” she said as I peered through the gap in the ajar door. She was sitting on a wooden crate, looking dreamily down at the floor

Another woman, much older than the waitress mumbled, “What do you mean?”

“I thought I heard a voice back at table 23.”

“Well, there are five people there, dear.”

“Yeah, but it was a different voice.” the waitress blinked.

“I'm sure you're just imagining things.”

I suppressed a giggle and moved on.

As I was about to go into the bathroom, Draco's voice called to me.

“Mmm?” I looked at him inquiringly.

He leaned in and kissed me. “I couldn't do that in front of the others.” he said as he pulled away. My knees buckled slightly and I thought I sensed Sirius' presence. I frowned at an empty space a few feet behind Draco.

“I'll wait for you outside.” he said, gesturing me into the women's toilets.

When we got back to the table, Sirius was already there, so I calmed down a bit.

“My frappe still hasn't come yet!” said Sirius and the couple who had sat down at the table next to us shot us an odd look and edged further away from us.

“Sirius, calm down.” I whispered furiously.

All the rest of us had already gotten our beverages and it was only Sirius who was waiting for his.

“Talk about a lousy service.” he grumbled angrily.

My face flushed red as Hermione and Harry snorted into their drinks.

“Here you are,” the waitress who had served us said, carrying Sirius' frappe. She held the glass up towards each of us, waiting for someone to claim it.

“It's mine.” I said quickly, even though I wasn't finished my own drink. I smiled at her sweetly as she placed it in front of me. She left with another glance at our table.

I thrust the frappe in front of Sirius. He grabbed it hastily and brought it under his cloak so that he could drink it.

“So, Draco, what did you want to tell me?” I whispered to him as I heard Sirius sucking the frappe loudly from his straw.

“Yeah, the D -”

“Hey, can you stop that?” The man next to us said.

“Sorry, its not us.” I told him.

“It's coming from your area.”

“Listen, buddy, do you see anyone here with a straw? No, I didn't think so. Maybe its him” - I pointed at a child sucking on his pacifier - “go tell him off.”

He looked taken aback and his partner looked appalled.

“I'm never raising a child to be like that!” I heard her say.

“Go on.” I said to Draco as the other's leant in closer and Sirius slurped yet, even more loudly.

Draco looked at the others first, before looking at me for reassurance. I nodded at him to continue.

“Yeah, the Dark Lord decided for me not to kill anyone... Yet.” he said weakly and Sirius stopped slurping immediately.

“What do you mean?” he snapped.

“Sirius, calm down.”

“You were going to kill someone?” The table was pushed by Sirius as he got up, no doubt clutching his wand.

“Sirius, calm down!” I hissed, shooting him a 'sit-down-look' as murmurs filled the shop - The young boy even said to his mom, 'Mommy, that table moved by itself!' - “Sirius, he's going to explain so please, sit down.”

I felt Sirius hesitate, then sat back down.

“Yeah, uh.” Draco's confidence fell. “Yeah, I guess I should explain it to you guys first, hey?”

I nodded then glanced at Harry, Ron and Hermione. They too nodded.
He went through what he'd told me and their faces changed to sympathy. Even Sirius seemed to have felt pity for young Draco.

“So you're father forced you to become a Death Eater?” Ron mumbled incredulously. Draco nodded.

“Since when?” Ron was the only one insensitive enough to ask questions.

“Ever since he came back.” Draco said, voice low and bitter.

“Wow.” Ron looked at Draco with part admiration and disgust.

Draco looked to where he thought Sirius' face was. “They're on to you as well.”

“What do you mean?” Both Harry and I said together.

“No offence, but most of the other's are pretty pissed off that he's got all the credit for being his most loyal servant.”

Sirius snorted loudly. “They can go - ”

“So they want to kill him?” I cut through Sirius.

Draco nodded slowly as I gasped out loud, “I've heard that there are orders to kill him on sight.”

I felt Sirius' hand under the velvet cloak clutch mine tightly.

“They won't find me.” he whispered so that only I could hear.

“Do you know who's after him?” asked Harry, voice lowered so that the woman who just walked past behind him couldn't hear.

“No. My dad didn't tell me.”

“Where's Vo-Voldemort?” Hermione asked.

“You know, for a know-it-all, you're quite dumb.” Draco said, with an eyebrow raised. “I was kidding, I didn't mean it.” he said quickly as Hermione shot him a fuming look.

“Well, you don't know?” I interrupted them.

He shook his head and gave me a small, apologetical look. In return, I smiled at him encouragingly.

“So you're working as a double agent. How can we trust you?” asked Sirius, sourly, still holding on to my hand.

“You only have my word.” Draco muttered.

“And that's good enough.” I squeezed Sirius' hand.

He sighed, “Yeah, I guess.”

The others mumbled their agreement reluctantly.

We sat on the park bench as Ron, Hermione and Harry played on the swings because Ron had studied it from afar with major interest.

“Sirius, can you just talk to him normally?” As Draco was walking back towards us after getting a sip from a nearby bubbler.

“I can't.” he sighed, “He looks a lot like his father.”

My heart skipped a beat.


I heard his cloak rustle as he nodded.

“Can you try?” I asked, looking at a wide space which might be his eyes, imploringly.

He sighed again.

“I saw you two kiss.” he said.

“So you were there!” I hit him softly and he snickered.

“It's weird, seeing you all grown up and kissing boys.”

I giggled, “I won't stay a kid forever, Sirius.”

Draco sat back down next to me.

“I'm going to join Harry and the others.” said Sirius and I felt him leave the bench.

“Make sure you're not seen!” I yelled after what I thought was to be Sirius.

“I don't think he likes me.” Draco mumbled, pulling me closer towards him.

“It's just hard for him.” I murmured, snuggling up tightly against his chest.

“Yeah, I understand.”

For a while, we just sat there, not saying a word. We watched as birds flew across the sky, and how Ron laughed with joy as he soared into the sky on the swing. The other swing, rocking up and down also. I heard Sirius laugh with glee as he enjoyed the sensation as well. It was hard to tell from afar, but there seemed to be something more than glee in his eyes. A certain fondness.

I looked at Draco. “You don't look fine.” It was true, his face was paler than usual and his eyes weren't filled with life as they used to be.

“I'm just tired.” he lied. His eyes flicked into mine and they instantly became warmer.

I leant closer towards him and I felt his hot breath on my face. I closed my eyes as he parted his lips slightly and moved in just enough so that our lips touched. I pressed harder against his and wrapped my arms around his neck. The world suddenly became a quieter place. I pulled away slowly, so that I was only a few millimetres away from his face. I opened my eyes, and watched as he opened his.

“Soph, I'd do anything for you, you know that right?.” he breathed and I felt his breath as it warmed my face. I nodded quickly as he moved in again for another passionate kiss.

By the time it was for us to leave and part from Draco, I felt a sinking sensation in my stomach. I wouldn't see him for the rest of the holidays.

“I'll see you soon.” he said, after he'd said bye to everyone else.

“I'll miss you.” I said as he pulled me into a tight embrace. “I'll miss you too Soph.” He tightened his hug slightly so that I fitted snugly in his arms. I would've stayed in that position forever, if it wasn't for the other's eyes boring into my back.

I waved goodbye and started ahead, feeling Sirius' arm wrap over my shoulder.

“Wait, Soph.” I turned to see Draco running towards me. “I got you something for Christmas.” He handed me a small, pink gift box, in the shape of a house-elf's head. There was a small, white bow covering the house-elf's nose.

“Oh,” I mumbled, surprised by the gift. “I didn't really get you anything.” My cheeks flushed the same colour as the box.

He laughed and kissed me on the cheek then waved once again to the others and ran off again.

I pocketed the box in my hoodie and we travelled silently back to the Burrow.

Once we got through the front door, Mrs. Weasley had already prepared dinner and ushered us towards the kitchen door.

“No, really, thanks Mrs. Weasley” I muttered as she gestured me to sit down next to George.

“But you're looking a bit peaky there dear.”

I smiled at her tiredly, “No, I'll be fine. I'm just not hungry.” I felt George stare at me from behind my back. I walked up the stairs, skipping a few steps with each stride. I took off my scarf and hung it on my wardrobe. I then skipped and jumped on my bed, leaning back against my pillow and taking out the small box.

I traced the white bow absent mindedly for a while, just staring out the window to the right of me. I thought about the first time Draco and I had talked and a smile appeared on my face. Deciding to open my present when its Christmas Day, I placed it on the bedside table and steadily closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

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