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Whimsical Matchmaker by jazzydee23
Chapter 3 : Victorious
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- Chapter Three - Victorious

Rose opened one eye; squinting into the warm, dim lit darkness. It was rather hot and stuffy beneath her blankets, with the morning sun streaming through the dormitory, illuminating the gold threads within the scarlet bed curtains. Rubbing her eyes tiredly Rose sat up, feeling groggy and episodic.

And then she heard it, the noise that had abruptly jolted her out of her peaceful slumber in the first place. A long, draw out, heart-breaking wail that was followed by a series of sniffs and hiccups.

Rose’s brows crumpled in perplexity and she pulled back her curtains, blinking furiously as the blinding, searing sun met her sleepy indigo eyes rather unexpectedly.
Finally, once the blinding white spots in her vision had faded, Rose could see clearly. On the four poster opposite her, Gwen was perched hesitantly on the edge of the mattress, her ebony curls drawn hastily into a high bun, and clad in a pair of lacy white pyjamas that contrasted starkly against her dark olive skin. Her mouth was pulled down in a troubled frown and she was awkwardly patting Audie as she lay sprawled in a chaotic bundle across the bed, her petite shoulders shaking with the strength of her weeping and snivelling. 

“It’s just… I really love him, you know?” Audie’s muffled voice could only just be distinguished as she buried her face into the crook of her arms.

Rose stood up, biting her lip to keep from giggling at Gwen’s expression. She looked entirely at lost, her pretty features creased hopelessly as Audie’s tears fell harder. Spotting Rose out of the corner of her eye, Gwen shrugged at her desperately. 

“And – and he really doesn’t seem as committed!” Audie let out another trembling howl.

Rose, taking pity on Gwen’s horrified expression, took a step forward. Pushing the curtain away she slid onto the bed beside Gwen. She patted Audie soothingly on the back, rubbing small circles and leaning forward to catch her eye, and passed her a couple of tissues. Audie glanced up at Rose, her eyes were red-rimmed and watery.

Audie was some one who generally constantly prided herself for her fashion and appearance, yet now she was dressed in baggy sweatpants, an oversized Ravenclaw Quidditch jersey (presumably belonging to a certain Robert White) and her normally dead straight cropped locks were crinkled and dishevelled.
Rose hummed sympathetically, “Some times guys find it hard to express how they really feel, it doest necessarily mean they like you any less.”

Audie sniffed, wiping her red-rimmed eyes with a tissue, “really?”

Rose gave a small smile. She didn’t want to lie. Rose never lied, and nevertheless she didn’t feel the need to lie. She paused for a second though, some thing told her that it was best that Audie and Bobby were together. In a quick couple of seconds, Rose’s imagination zoomed off. Maybe The One for Audie was actually Bobby’s cousin? And they would never meet f he and Audie weren’t dating? Or maybe The One was really Bobby’s next door neighbour? And if Audie isn’t Bobby’s girlfriend, and doesn’t visit him on Christmas, she would never meet the neighbour that would turn out to be The One? Rose had to consider these things.

“Of course. You know Bobby really likes you. You’re just at a point in the relationship when things are starting to get more serious, you’ve been going out for, what, five months? That’s quite heavy. Bobby may be worried you expect more from him, which maybe he cant give at this moment in time, for whatever reasons.”

Every thing happens for a reason, Rose told herself firmly trying to shake any disapproval away, her belief that Audie and Bobby weren’t a perfect match was still lingering strongly. But now wasn’t the time for the relationship to cease. Rose could feel that.

After making sure Audie was alright and urging her to change into a more Audie-like attire, Rose prepared herself for the day. She had a lot of things to accomplish, such as bringing Buck and Molly together and searching for a likely candidate for Hugo. She sighed at herself in the reflection of her mirror, so much to do, yet so little time. Time. Time was flying by and each day was one more less to spend at Hogwarts.
Gwen appeared at Rose’s shoulder, dressed in school robes and looking gratefully relieved, “hey, thanks for helping me out with Auds before. Merlin knows I am hopeless at that kind of stuff.”

Rose smiled softly, “oh, that’s okay.”

Gwen’s grin grew “you coming down for breakfast now?”

Rose glanced at the four poster bed where Louisa’s loud, obnoxious snores could be heard. She replied “sure.”
Rose sat down at the breakfast table with Gwen and Audie, the latter although considerably more cheerful looking was still quiet as a mouse and was purposely avoiding looking in the Ravenclaw direction. 
Scanning the table, Rose noted that Buck was in a loud conversation with Elwynn, chugging down his pumpkin juice. But where was Hugo?
Then she spotted her little brother, still lingering by the entrance, caught in a hasty, apathetic conversation with a striking, blonde haired girl who had a habit of flicking her shiny hair over her shoulder. Bidding a chaste goodbye, Hugo wormed his way over to Rose, plonking himself ungracefully beside his sister and immediately asking, “where’s Louisa?” to which Rose completely ignored.
“Who’s the blonde you were just talking to?” asked Rose instead, keeping her voice as level and innocent as can be.
Hugo shrugged, clearly uninterested, “you know how Robert White is giving me Potion tutorials?” 
“Yes,” nodded Rose, her brother was horrendous at the subject and Rose had offered to teach him herself but McGonagall seemed to think the auburn haired boyfriend of Audie Creevey would prove to be a better, and unrelated, source of help.

“That’s just his sister, Charlize.”
Rose’s eyebrow quirked, “really…” her voice wandered off as she observed the tall, strawberry-blonde beauty. She was sitting with her friends, who were giggling and laughing. Charlize was stunning, with flawless features and a long, slender frame. Rose’s eyes flickered to Hugo. She knew how he hated being in relationships with short girls, because he himself was the height of a giraffe, and he often complained about the implication this had on his neck. Charlize was tall, very tall…

“Earth to Rose Nymphadora Weasley?”
Rose blinked, Louisa was standing beside her with her potions textbooks tucked under her arm, an apple in her hand and tapping the floor with her foot impatiently. Rose was brought back to her senses, partly propelled by the pumpkin juice that had just spilt all over her plate, drenching her French toast completely. She glanced at Hugo and his empty goblet, who had flushed bright red, and muttering furious as he began mopping up Rose’s plate with a spare napkin.

Rose rolled her eyes, some thing she did rarely, taking pity on her useless brother and pulled out her wand and waved the mess clear. Bidding goodbye to Hugo and her two dorm mates, Rose joined Louisa in heading Potions, the first class of the day.

Albus sat in the seat in front of them, turning casually and winking at them as he did so. It was his usual seat, in any class he had with them, to sit in front of them, right beside his best mate Scorpius Malfoy.

Scorpius Malfoy – in Rose’s opinion – was a genuinely okay person. Not too quiet, and not too loud. Not wonderfully popular, yet definitely not over looked, in fact, Rose knew for a fact that most of seventh year females thought him more then fanciful, with his dishevelled and rugged features, icy iris’, completed with his edgy and attitudinal personality. 
And despite him being Albus’ best friend, Rose never really thought she could consider nor call Scorpius a friend. And this, as Rose just presumed, was because it was  – like it is an unfortunate and considerable amount of the time – another simple case of Great Looks, Bad Personality. There wasn’t any particular reason to dislike one another, so they didn’t. They were just only merely acquaintances after six plus long years, accepting the fact that they were both, quite plainly, two very prominent figures in Albus’ life.
“Hey,” greeted Scorpius, unsmiling, nodding his head in her general direction.
“Hi Scorpius,” replied Rose softly. She let her eyes linger on him only a moment longer, as a thought struck her, maybe this was the year she would call Scorpius her friend?
The rest of Potions passed in relative silence, apart from the occasional whispers of love shared between Albus and Louisa that just about drove Scorpius mad. Finally, once the last student had filed out of the classroom at the end of the period and having told Louisa she’d catch up with her in Charms, Rose wandered up to the front of the dungeon where the Professor was putting the last ingredients from the lesson away into their rightful jars.
“Professor Castell?” she asked softly and tentively. 
Professor Castell turned at the sound of her chimerical voice, his warm grey eyes smiling at her, the old teacher harboured a particular soft spot for the quiet and clever student of his. “How are things, Rose?” he asked kindly in his deep, Scottish accent, peering down over his half-moon spectacles.
Rose sighed heavily, her eyes falling to her gumboots, “ well…”

“Yes?” Professor Castell’s smile began disappearing and his eyebrows crumpled in Professor-ly concern, “what is the matter?”

“7th year is a little tougher then I think any of us have imagined, you know?”

Castell’s old and wrinkled features softened, “yes, yes…”

“But I think I will be alright,” Rose said quietly, lifting her eyes and mustering up a brave smile, then she faulted, twiddling her thumbs together, “although I am not sure about some others…”

“Oh really?”

“Yes,” she nodded seriously, “I mean, the other day I even heard from Robert White himself that even he was beginning to slip under from all his hard work.”

Castell looked alarmed, “White?” he said, “Well now, we cant have that. Especially with all the extra tutoring he is doing…”

“Oh but that’s it Professor!” exclaimed Rose, clapping her hands together and smiling brightly, “do you think maybe f we took a couple… or even just one… student off his load, maybe he would handle every thing better? Oh that’s genius, sir!” 

Castell grew slightly flustered, “well, yes, child, it is a grand suggestion… but some students, in particular your brother, could really use White’s help – ”

“Oh but I am sure you’d be able to find another tutor, Professor! I mean, even Robert’s younger sister would be a brilliant replacement; she’s equally as intelligent. I am sure my brother wouldn’t mind at all.”
Rose smiled victoriously to herself as she stared up her Professor’s now pensive face, she had just completed Step One of the Hugo Weasley Mission. She felt like she was finally making a large impact on Hogwarts for the seventh year in her life. 


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Sneak Peak of next chapter!"Why don't you ever tie your hair up?"
Rose didn't bother replying, she threw him a look, in which she knew he could quite clearly read: Bugger off.
Scorpius merely grinned. "Really, the varation could do you some good."
Rose frowned at her textbook, before shooting Scorpius another pointed look. "I have large ears," she eventually said, flatly, knowing even now he wasn't going to buy it.
Scorpius raised his eyebrows, "seriously? I didn't think you were the self conscious type, Rose."

Rose pursed her lips and pulled out her wand. Scropius watched her closely and curiously, unwavered by the fact that her wand was waving dangerously close to his nose.

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