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Getting the Girl by X_slytherianprincess_X
Chapter 6 : The Second Lesson and a Fight
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"Er, Rose?" I mumbled, glancing at the floor. "Yes Scorpius?" she asked, somewhat distracted by the amazing food smells, coming from the Great Hall. Seriously, I think the house elves might be putting potions in the food to make it so addictive. It's a wonder none of us weigh 500 pounds, except for maybe Hagrid. He's half-giant though, so he doesn't count. 

"Would you perhaps, maybe, um, join me for another lesson? Y'know, in the library? Same place?" I murmured, as we drew closer to the doors.

She looked at me, with a somewhat hurt expression in her eyes,  and said softly, "Oh. Yes, um, of course."

Damn. I was really hurting her with this stupid plan. I felt like I should just tell her but I can't seem to force it out. I'm too scared. We walked into the Great Hall and sat down at the table. Rose seemed a little off to me, avoiding my eyes and only speaking to her friends. Shit. This was just like last time.

***FLASHBACK!*"Rose?! ROSE?!" I screamed, looking for her. Rose was scaring me lately. She was too thin, her friends were telling me she was screaming and crying in her sleep, she had remarkable busies and cuts, that I knew she was causing herself. I didn't know what was wrong with her, but it was scaring me. I loved her so much, and I couldn't stand seeing her hurt herself. She wouldn't talk to any of us though, not even us.

"ROSE?!" I yelled so loudly, my voice broke. There was nothing. "Fuck." I mumbled,  and turned on my heel to go back to the castle, when I heard it. A tiny snuffling, and a scream. I felt my eyes go wide, and the adrenaline hit me.  "I'm coming Rosie. I'm not going to let you die Rosie, fuck no. DAMN WHY CAN'T I GO FASTER?!" I mumbled under my breath.

Finally, I reached the forest, where I saw her. Her skin, paler than already was, a deadly, scary pale. The pale of a corpse. I saw her hair, which I had always thought was a gorgeous red, suddenly look dangerous to me. Her adorable freckles, in the shapes of hearts, suddenly looked broken beyond repair to me. And finally, I saw the blood.

Crimson, dark, and terrifying, it covered everything. The black cold ground, her black clothing, her face, her legs, and her wrists, from where it was coming. I gasped, ran closer to her, and saw her finally close her eyes, and drop the knife that had made the cuts.

Picking her up in my arms, I ran to the Hospital Wing, and begged the nurse, to save her. Taking action immediately, it was I that her mother and father grabbed onto, thanking me for saving their darling. It was I, who, after her immediate family (Her mother, father, and Hugo) was the one allowed to see her. The thought of her still deadly pale face, the wrists wrapped up in a pure white gauze, has always haunted me. Will forever haunt me until the day I die.
***End Flashback***

I smiled at Rose, and she smirked back at me, once she came back up for air, after gorging herself on pancakes. I smirked back, and she jumped close to me. Does she not have any idea what that does to me? I mean really.  "Tag! You're it!" She whispered, her breath floating over me, covering me in a complete ecstasy. Feeling a sudden tighten in my pants, I waited a few moments before I ran after her.

"Mr. Malfoy! Miss Weasley! I would ask you to please profess SOME kind of dignity!" My Ancient Runes teacher, Professor Thompson. We both blushed, and mumbled our way through an acceptable apology, before walking quickly back to breakfast..

Sitting down beside all of our friends, I nudged Roxy and Devin into sitting up, not making out, and actually eating some food, to their embarrassments. It was totally worth it though, as soon as I heard her crack up, even if Roxy did punch me in the arm. And damn, that woman punches hard. Swear, she's like a woman sumo wrestler! Of course, as soon as I voiced this thought, she punched me again. That really is going to leave a mark.

"Oh fuck. Hey, Rose? Don't look now but-" Al mumbled, his face looking ashen. Rose, of course looked up. Seeing Mandy Goyle, the biggest bitch on the fucking face of the fucking earth, she hissed under her breath. "What the HELL is she doing here?" Liza whispered in a low voice. Deadly. Oh fuck.

We all know that whenever Liza whispers in that voice, someone is about to get severely hurt. Liza isn't a particular violent person, we mainly leave that up to Roxy or Dom but when she gets pissed, she really gets pissed. She makes Voldemort look like a daisy flower. .

We all stared as Mandy and Shawn sat down at the Slytherin table, making out. Actually, making out probably shouldn't be the term for it. It's a lot more accurate to say they looked like they were eating each other's faces off. After they had "finished", they started staring at our table and whispering to each other, definitely about us.

"Hey Lee? Y'know that I want to hurt Mandy and Shawn as much as you do? But, I don't really think hurting them badly in front of the whole school, would go too well when you try to get a job in two years." Al said to her, as if Liza not getting a job was the only thing he was worried about. Although, to think about it. It probably was. Liza was like the Hulk. She could cause a ton of damage and somehow come back with maybe a scratch.

Shaking off the hand he laid on her, Liza narrowed her eyes, and got up. "I don't care. That bitch is going down. She tried to fucking KILL Rose! All because she has the insecurity level of a troll.  And it hasn't even been a month!  What the FUCK is she doing here? No! No, this is not how its going to happen." Pulling out her wand, we immediately knew she meant business.

"Whoa, Liz, it's ok! I'll just talk to Neville or Doyle-" Rose tried to say. Unfortunately, Liza was way too far gone in her anger, and was already half way about the Great Hall. "OI! Goyle YOU!"she screamed out.  "Oh shit." I said softly.

"That's what I'm thinking. Looks like Lee's about to rip into her." Al murmured, in a somewhat cheerful tone of voice.

"Do you think we should stop her?" Roxy said happily.

"Not a chance in hell." Dom said just as happily as the rest of us.

Liza, on the other hand, was still shrieking at the top of her lungs. Backing up, Parkinson, actually looked terrified of the smaller girl, as she advanced on her, brandishing her wand.


Liza shot a spell at Parkinson, immediately turning into such an ugly toad, that everyone immediately shot away from. I mean, damn, I've never seen something that ugly. She cowered, trying to hid her increasingly ugly face away from everyone.

"Oh what's wrong Goyle? Trying to hid your face? Oh darling, don't worry! It's merely a spell that reflects the person inside.You're one ugly, hateful, disgusting person! Oh wait, we already knew that! Jealousy never solves anything Goyle! Just remember, mess with my friends again, and trust me, Rose and I both know a LOT worse spells then this. Toodles!" She said with a bouncy wave and a happy smile, beginning to skip away.

"Oh, no you don't you bitch!" Goyle screamed, pulling out her wand. Not that she needed it. She was absolutely useless at magic Seriously, I think she might be a squib but is to proud too admit it. Looking at it, she realized that,  thrust it at Shawn, and leapt for Liza.

Rose shouted, "LIZA! Goyle AT 1O' O CLOCK!" and rolling her eyes, sent a stunning spell, and spoke quietly to the teacher behind us, "Yeah I know. Deteantion."

"Yes, Miss Weasley and Miss Finnegan, but I must say, those where excellent spells." Proffers Thompson commented, spinning his own wand in his hands.

"Now, I must ask you, what is the counter spell  to the lovely curse you have put on Miss Parkinson?" I noticed, with a small smirk, Rose and Liza's panicked look towards each other. "

Well Professor, the spell doesn't really have a counter spell as of yet, we think it just wears off after a few days...or weeks." Rose murmured.

Coming up behind us, Goyle screeched, or rather, croaked out, "A FEW WEEKS?! UNTIL MY BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, FACE GOES BACK TO NORMAL?! NO! PROFESSOR THIS IS NOT FAIR!"

Seriously, how the hell is she going to say, "beautiful, perfect face" without cracking up? I can't even tell you how hard I was laughing at that point.

Casting a silencing spell on her, Professor Thompson glared at Goyle, until her face went back to it's...well, I don't know what color it was. It was seriously nasty though. 

"Thank you for that wonderful feedback Miss Goyle. Well, Miss Weasley and Miss Finnegan, I would suggest you go back to your breakfast, and try not to cause to much more trouble. I shall see you in my office on Sunday. Thank you. Good day to you all." He said, nodding towards us and swept off to his classroom.

"Whoa. That wasn't surreal or anything." Devin mumbled under his breath, as he piled up his plate to the rim with massive amounts of food. "God,  Devin. Want to leave a LITTLE for the rest of the people on this Earth?" Rose glared, jokingly.

He stuck his tongue out at her, covered in food, and mumbled, "Cahn't help it. I'm hnrgy."

"EWWW!" all the girls moaned. "Your are so nasty." Roxy said, rolling her eyes.

I glanced over at Al, and shook my head smiling. It's times like these, that I loved my friends.

Later that night, I went down to the library, to find no one there. "Creepy much?" I thought, as I uneasily cleared a place for me and Rose. A few moments later, I heard panting, and Rose showed up, her eyes bright, hair stuck to her lip gloss, and breathing hard. "Sorry, I'm late," she panted. "I had to avoid Mandy the frog."

My breath caught in my chest, though I let no sign of it to her. She was beautiful. It comes with being a Malfoy, what can I say? We're arrogant, selfish, proud, etc. It comes with the name, and the blood. True, I WAS the only Malfoy to be sorted into Gryffindor along with the rest of my friends but I can't forgo my heritage.

I must say, it almost gave my dad a heart attack. Then again, my mum was perfectly fine with it. She threw me a party even. And last year, when I got to be a prefect, my dad clapped me on the shoulder, mumbled that he was proud of me, and pulled me into a hug. He's changed a lot since the War. Even Rose's dad has said so. Of course, they still hate each other, but they're somewhat civil.

"Ready?" I said in a low voice. She nodded and smiled. "Yep!" Then, she pulled out a notebook, marked "TOP SECRET MISSION! DON'T READ UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO EAT YOUR BRAINS OUT! YES DOM THIS MEANS YOU!"

"Now, lets get down to business. Do you guys talk regularly?" She asked briskly.

I nodded, and smiled. "All the time. I'm always trying to flirt with her, touch her, and so on. You know, try to mention that I love her, and care about her, but she always takes it the wrong way. She always thinks I mean as a friend."

Thinking about that, she nodded slowly, and went on with her questions. "What types of shops does she love in Hogesmeade?"

Thinking about this, I answered slowly, I didn't want to give TOO much away, as I already had a somewhat good idea of how to do our date, but I answered like this. "Well, The Three Broomsticks, WWW, Honeydukes, the Shrieking Shack, and the book shop." Smirking, Rose asked, "And Miss Puddy-fat?" Noting our special nickname for that horrid place called Pink Hell, I shuddered.

"No, she hates that place. Almost as much as us. She told me that she was going to try to kill the woman who made it up." Taking a deep breathe, I re-evaluated what I had just said. Shit. I hope she didn't think that it was her, and that I had given too much away. She narrowed her eyes, and said, "Uhhuh. Ok. Sure. Whatever. Moving on, have you ever talked to her about the perfect date for you and-"

"EXCUSE ME?" yelled Madame Dancy. She was in charge of the library, and was very old and hard of hearing. She loved Rose, while, she kind of hated me. We went way back, usually with instances that caused her to give me a lot of demotions. The last one was probably the worst. 6 HOURS! OF SORTING BOOKS!!! IT WAS HELL!


Giggling, Rose led me out, and we started up to our dorm. "She hates you! It's hilarious! And what ARE we going to do, now that Dancy thinks she knows about our plan to take over the world?!" Knocking into me, she said, "Shit, Scorpius, I think we're fucking screwed!"

Looking perfectly serious, I said, "You're right Rose. I think we are, as you so delicately put it, "fucking screwed."

Looking at her perfect expression, trying to desperately not crack up, I tried so hard not to just come up to her, put my hands on her shoulders, lower my head, and kiss her ever so gently on the lips, and make her mine forever. Finally, we both couldn't hold in anymore and fell to the ground laughing.

Finally, getting up, stomachs hurting, I pulled her up, and blushed, as I felt her warm soft hand in mine. I noticed how perfect they looked together, and the temptation to press my lips into her delicious, incredible ones, was again brought to the service. Rose, of course had no idea. She just tugged me along, her hand still in mine. I followed her, like a zombie, still terribly tempted into kissing her.

"Wow, the old woman actually read the clock right for once!" She chattered on. "We really are late! Lee and Rox are gonna kill me. I'm late for our Girls Only Sleepover Emotional Pow-Wow."

I smirked, and said, "And what the fuck do you guys do at this Girls Only Rock 'em and Sock 'em?" She rolled her eyes, let go of my hand,  punched me in the shoulder, and said, "Talk about makeup, boys, and eat tons of crap, and then complain about getting fat." I stopped, looked at her, and replied, "Seriously?! That's what you do?!"

She too stopped, pouted, put her hands on hips, and said in a slightly dangerous tone of voice, "Yes Scorpius. That is what we, as girls do. May I ask what the hell you BOYS do?!"

Knowing Rose's dangerous mood, and at the same time, wanting to keep my balls, in order to please her when we finally get married, said, "We basically do the same thing."

Knowing what I was doing, she rolled her eyes, and punched me again. "You're such a freak Score, but I love you anyway." I laughed, albeit a little uneasily.

Was she admitting her love for me?! Finally?! God I hoped so. That way, we could skip this nonsense, and I could just push her up against the wall and FINALLY God save my soul, snog her like crazy.

Noting my expression, she quickly, with a little bit of hurt in coloring her tone of voice, "As a friend of course!"

Of course, THAT was the moment that we had reached the Fat lady, and had to give the password. "See you tomorrow Score?" She asked hesintantly.

"Of course! Rose, I hate to ask too much of you, but the deadline of the Hogsmeade date is coming up really quickly and I was um, wondering if we could perhaps have another lesson, you know, really soon?"

She nodded, bit her lip in an incredibly sexy way, and said, "Of course." Then we parted ways, her going to hang out with her girls, and me, to discuss and anayalze everything she possibly said with my boys.


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