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Those girls by Prongserific
Chapter 1 : Different
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Title: Those Girls
By: J.A. Hartman

Summary: I'm not like one of those girls. I'm not one of the girls that loses her virginity and then finds herself pregnant. Don't get me wrong I'm no slag...but I'm no virgin. But all the I am pregnant.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything

Chapter 1: Different

I'm not like one of those girls. They're weird...they're sort of ugly, and they're anything but sexually active. They don't know how to wear their hair so they leave it hanging down their backs all frazzled and frizzy or they keep it up in a ponytail or tight bun simply to resist having to consistently flip it behind they're shoulder, which, heaven forbid may make them look too flirtatious. I truly am not like them. They sit closest to the teachers table, that way if they have any questions about their homework they can ask while they're eating. I sit as far away from the teachers as humanly possible.

You see, I'm a Weasley, and with the name comes certain...obligations. My parents were all jolly good friends with the teachers and no offense to Neville but sitting too close to him simply means he feels as if he's got the right to ramble on about plants when ever he bloody well feels like it. Not to mention the tragic talent he posses of finding magical ways to embarrass me on front of the whole school. And so I sit at the very end with my many many cousins who share the same obligations as I.

My cousin Lily is sitting across the way from me taking tiny bites of her toast as she reads over The Daily Prophet completely immersed in what she's doing. Dom peaks over her shoulder whenever Lily changes her facial expression. James sits with his girlfriend his arm around her waist and his lips making their way to her neck every once in a while. He brings a new girl around about every two weeks. For some reason though I never seem to notice. They all manage to look the same, I guess.

"Have you guys met Jessica?" He asks us.

"You're in my Arithmancy class aren't you Jessica? Funny but you look just like this girl remember Laura don't you James?"

James furrows his brows as if to say 'shut your mouth or your head is mine'. I laugh and stand up. I'm not hungry in the slightest and sitting through a breakfast during which James and his plaything will be making out the whole time sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry. And besides, in approximately an hour I have to step onto the quidditch pitch for the biggest quidditch game of the year. Gryffindor versus Slytherin. James has been drilling us non-stop all week. Ironically enough, I've been ready all week...but now that the day is here, I'm not. If we lose James'll have our heads. Its scary how serious I am about that. However, I'm only a chaser at least I'm not under as much pressure as James whose seeker, and his opposing seeker is his own brother. Today will make for an extremely interesting game.

Not interested in sitting around nervously waiting anymore, I get up to go obsess over my quidditch robes. Everytime I wear the things I end up sweating like a pig and when we win I don't even want to celebrate because I'm all disgusting and so I have my wand out jabbing the things trying to lessen their thickness and allow some air to the areas that get the warmest. Once I've finally finished placing vents in the armpits, sides, and legs I spread out on my bed and look at the ceiling.

I wish I looked as good as Dom would look in these quidditch robes. Of course no one looks stunning in a bulky wool outfit complete with knee and elbow pads and a brown helmet, but something tells me that Dom would pull it off quite easily. She pulls everything off. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm beautiful, I'm not one of those girls that obsess in front of the mirror about being too fat or too thin or too tall or too short. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have to worry about trying to make yourself look beautiful, but simply waking up looking like a movie star. I turn on my side and look out the window.

"Oh bloody hell..." I mutter when I see the gray clouds rolling in. This means that all the work I'd done on my quidditch uniform would go to complete waste. Speaking of quidditch uniform it was now five past twelve meaning my arse was supposed to be down on that quidditch pitch about five minutes ago. I stand up and curse again when I trip over my trunk while trying to run out the door.

"Rose! Where the ruddy hell have you been?" James scolds as I cone panting into the gryffindor locker room

"I'm sorry! I lost track of time."

"Well perhaps next time I oughto chain you to my ankle that way I know your around someone who takes this game seriously."

"Oh bugger off James. I'm here now and thats all that matters." He shot me a glare but continues on with his stupid lecture. I sit down on one of the many benches and attempt to cross my legs which only results in an awkward and uncomfortable position which I hold for a few seconds before deciding against the lot of it. The lecture continues on for another ridiculous ten minutes, and I take none of it in. I don't particularly care what inspiring words James has to say to us today. I've heard them all before, and I believe its the same for everyone else except for Hugo, my brother, who has just been put on the team. His eyes are bulging and tearing up more and more with every word James says. I giggle silently to myself but otherwise, continue to not pay any attention to my surroundings. Finally, James is clapping his hands and the rest of my team mates are gathering their broomsticks. I stand up lazily and grab my pathetic little nimbus 2000. We all hop on and zoom onto the quidditch pitch our minds spinning trying to remember where we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to be doing. Fred Weasley is todays commentater.

“The teams fly onto the Quidditch pitch. Our captains James Potter, and, ironically enough, Albus Potter shake hands. They mount their brooms, the quaffle is released and Rose Weasley snatches the quaffle. My little cousin looks ontop of her game today doesn’t she? Oh watch out Rose! Rose ducks what could’ve been a nasty hit from a bludger by Scorpius Malfoy, and drops the quaffle which is snatched up by Albus. He passes to Jones. He’s headed toward the goal post! AND JONES SCORES! THAT’S TEN POINTS FOR SLYTHERIN! Wait a minute? Is that the snitch I see? James dives towards the ground but is rudely interrupted by Joe Cattermole! WAIT WHITBY SCORES! THAT’S ANOTHER TEN POINTS FOR SLYTHERIN!”

Its horrible. I’m sitting there watching Slytherin win and my face is falling with each ten points they score. Wanting something to do I snatch up the quaffle while Whitby is passing to Jones and score myself. However, its not long before Cattermole catches the snitch and we’re all flying to the ground in obvious defeat. James looks as if he’s about to cry. Luckily, we all know that there is a party breaking out in the Slytherin common room which we all plan on attending…afterall there’s nothing like firewhiskey to drown your sorrows.

“Its okay, James. I mean…we’ve won every year in a row against Slytherin. They’re bound to catch up to us eventually right?” Isabelle Longbottom offers in an attempt to console.

“No…not right! I mean…bloody hell. This was supposed to prove that we’re the best!” I understand what he means. We are the best. We’re bloody fucking Gryffindor for merlins’ sake and now we’ll be remembered as the first team in six years to lose to Slytherin.
We’re all sulking as we walk back to our dormitories to get dressed. The common room is completely empty. Everybodies already at the Slytherin common room where we’re sure a keg of firewhiskey has already been cracked open. Unfortunately, though we’re not ready for any partying, considering we’re covered in a thick layer of sweat from the game.
I reach the dormitories at last and kick open my trunk. I pull out the outfit I was planning on wearing to what was supposed to be Gryffindors celebration and look at it for a little while. It’s a pair of skinny jeans with black flats a low cut black rayon shirt a cute yellow cardigan that hangs down past my rump and a pretty necklace with a peacock feather strung on. I fluff my red hair up a bit and apply the proper amount of make-up for a party and head out leaving my wand on my bedside table.

We reach the dungeons and are relieved when we see a first-year who is sitting outside to let people in. Its obvious they bribed him with firewhiskey as he’s slurring a bit when he says the password. As soon as the portrait swings open there’s an overwhelming smell of smoke and alcohol.

“Firewhiskey!” I say the moment I see Dom who is in the middle of a crowd of guys with a bottle of firewhiskey in her hands. She hands me the bottle and giggles at one of the boys lame jokes and I roll my eyes and take a swig. I look at the bottle and notice that Dom isn’t missing it as she’s began snogging the idiot who told her the lame joke. I take another swig and sit down on one of the many couches where I continue nursing the bottle until it’s almost gone. I throw the bottle down very much aware that I am now completely drunk and not minding one bit. A drunken smile is plastered on my face when Scorpius Malfoy…who nearly killed me today, sits down next to me a bottle of his own in his hands.

“You….should give meadrink of that.”

“Should I now?” He asks clearly more sober then me.

“Scorpius” I say seriously, putting my hand on his shoulder “Scorpius…THAT is a horriblename. I’m so sorry that you have that name.” Scorpius laughs hysterically at that he doubles over and snorts a bit and I laugh as well. I don’t know why. Its not funny. It truly is a horrible name. It should be illegal to give someone a name like that. “Scorp…I’m gonna call you that for now on…okay?” He nods in agreement and swings an arm around me.

“Rose.” He says and runs his free hand through my hair “You have such pretty hair.” Even though I’m bladdered to the point of no return, that doesn’t stop me from blushing at his comment. I look back up at him and he’s nearly an inch away from my face.

“Are you gonna kiss me?” I ask suddenly realizing the seriousness of this situation.

“Are you gonna let me?” I blush again and in the blink of an eye I press my lips against his. He tastes like alcohol, but I don’t mind, I know that I do too. He drops his bottle of firewhiskey and I laugh as I hear it crash on the floor. “Lets go to your dorm.” I whisper to him.
“Are you sure?” He asks a little shocked by my bluntness.

“Scorpius…if you haven’t noticed I’m no virgin.” He smiles and takes my hand leading me up the stairs to his dormitories. Its empty. Which is a huge surprise to me. Usually at these kind of parties there are couples in every bed in every corner and every bathroom. But here we are all alone. I lay down on his bed and kick off my shoes. He is stumbling to get out of his pants and I laugh hysterically when he falls to the ground. I crawl off the bed and sit down next to him meeting my lips to his. He pulls the cardigan from my back and pulls me closer to him. His hands sneak their way to the zipper of my jeans and instinctively I pull a blanket off the bed and wrap it around my waist. I peel his shirt off his lean pale back and crawl ontop of him.

“Do you have your wand?” He asks me once my shirt has been snaked off thrown off.

“No…” I whisper not giving a damn and kissing every inch of his perfectly toned body.

“Rose…” He mumbles.

“I don’t care.” I tell him my breathing heavy.


“Scorpius…I don’t care.” I kiss him on the mouth and push him back onto the floor. Apparrently he didn’t care either.

Authors note: So what do you think? I really wanted to see a pregnancy story where it wasn’t anybodies first time. I hate the cliché that teenagers are innocent when they get pregnant. Everybody makes mistakes, and some end up with consequences while others don’t. However, in the real world, most people don’t get pregnant on their first time…so that’s my inspiration haha. I hope everyone likes it! Please review.

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Those girls: Different


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