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Outside the Square by whacked
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The flames in the fireplace were dancing merrily. I’m serious, the flames were jumping up and down and a couple looked like they were doing the salsa. I tore my eyes away from the fire my mum had enchanted to dance and looked at my parents instead. Mama looked ready to hurl and Papa was looking very tense. We were apparently having an “important meeting”.

~~~ Flashback~~~

‘Felix!’ yelled Mama through the bathroom door. I froze in the act of lathering the shampoo in my hair so that I could actually pay attention.

‘Yes?’ I yelled back. After all the shower was running and it’s hard to hear.

‘Meet us in the lounge in five minutes. We have an important Noughton Family meeting!’ An important meeting, eh? Now what could that mean?

~~~End of Flashback~~~

I had had several theories of course but I had settled on one which made the most sense. Mama was pregnant. It’s actually pretty disgusting thinking about it because my mum’s kind of old, and to become pregnant you have to have ... you know ... it. Yes I am immature about a topic such as this. There was an awkward silence hanging in the air. Papa shuffled his feet a little, looked at his watch, realised he had no watch on, then looked a little embarrassed. I decided to end the tension.

‘I know what this whole “important meeting” is all about. And though and I’m not entirely happy about it I will be mature and discuss this with you two’ I said. Mama and Papa breathed sighs of relief, but Mama still looked a little green.

‘I’m really sorry we didn’t tell you earlier, Felix’ said Mama, ‘We just wanted to protect you.’

‘But don’t you think I’m a tad ... old?’ I said. After all, isn’t it a bit weird to have an age difference of 17 years with your sibling?

‘Well, we thought you’d be able to handle the news better now’ said Papa.

‘I’m not entirely sure that now is better than when I was 6. The world was a lot simpler if you know what I mean’ I said. Because when you’re 6 you don’t get disturbing images of your parents trying to have a baby.

‘Well, you were always very intelligent, Felix, so you might have had some sort of tantrum’ said Papa. While it was true I had always been very intelligent, I’m not sure why Papa would have thought that I would get upset over getting a little brother or sister when I was six. It would have even made a lot more sense.

‘So, just for the record, this was planned?’ I asked.

‘Of course,’ said Mama, ‘why would we ever let such things happen by chance? It was a very big decision!’

‘So what happens now?’ I asked. Will the baby get my room while I’m at Hogwarts? Oh, please don’t let it get my room; it has a pretty view of London, which would be totally wasted on a baby seeing as babies can’t even appreciate clean diapers, let alone a view!

‘Well, nothing, I guess’ said Papa, scratching his head absently. I stared at both my parents and suddenly felt a rush of emotions inside. A rare phenomenon that proves I have a small, albeit functioning sensitive side, whatever Evans says. I felt tears forming which I couldn’t stop.

‘You’ll still love me right? Even though the baby will be taking up your time, and it won’t be able to talk back, and it won’t get –‘

‘Baby?’ said my mum shocked.

‘What baby are you talking about, Felix? There is no baby!’ said Papa firmly. I looked up, my mouth hanging open.

‘What are you talking about?’ I asked.

‘What are you talking about?’ asked Mama.

‘You’re pregnant!’ I shouted. Mama groaned and Papa just shook his head.

‘No, No, No, No, NO!’ shouted Papa.

‘Then…?’ I asked confused. If Mama wasn’t pregnant, then what were we talking about? What were we talking about?

‘Sweetheart,’ said Mama, ‘You’re adopted.’


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Outside the Square: Prologue


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