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Shameless by SexySuitcase
Chapter 1 : Just A Little Heat
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AN-'s good to be back. As always, don't own anything. Leave a review pleeease!

Chapter 1: Senses

It wasn’t exactly a spoken rule that each house has to sit with their house members. Technically, I could sit wherever I wanted to, even with the Slytherins if they’d let me. But, everyday, like someone had conditioned us that way, all the students sat under their house flags and shouted across the Great Hall at each other.

I sat next to Riley, kissing him quickly before the Professor’s saw it. Public affection was, however, a spoken rule. It was pretty much forbidden.

A quick peck or hand holding was ok, but lately the adults have been seriously cracking down on it. I looked down the table to the rest of my friends dressed in their neat, blue and silver uniforms. The girls sitting next to their Quidditch playing boyfriends were what I considered my friends.

They gossiped with me, studied with me, and even gave me advice concerning…sexual things. I would never tell them secrets about my life. Ever.

Mainly because my secrets are dangerous and would get me in a world of trouble if they were spilled past my lips. I brushed my hair out of my face and swallowed a spoonful of apple sauce. “So, I hear we’ve got quite a project in Potions. It’s suppose to be counting twenty percent of our grade.” Riley said, looking toward our group of friends.

One of the girls sighed and set her fork down daintily. She had blonde hair that flowed down her back in waves. Out of all the girls in our group, I would consider her to be the closest I could ever get to. She’s extremely sarcastic and down to earth. I half-smiled at her as she looked at me with a look of exasperation. “I swear, I’m going to slug Professor Slughorn if he doesn’t lay off the Potions for a while!”

Her name was Christie and she was Pureblood through and through to her first ancestor. Her family was one of the richest and were from Iceland, though I don’t think she ever lived there. The girl next to her, another blonde who’s dream was to become exactly like Christie in ever way, rolled her eyes. “For real.”

I never committed her name to memory.

I took another bite from my apple sauce and looked anxiously at a group of students coming in the door of the Great Hall. They were Slytherins. I looked back at Riley and smiled sweetly. He was a good boyfriend for the most part. We had been together for nearly 6 months, though we never said the ‘l’ word to each other.

I was perfectly content without it, actually. He wasn’t Pureblood, which I had absolutely no problem with. There were a lot of Ravenclaws who would though. Our entire house was split between mud blood haters and mud blood supporters. Most of the mud blood haters kept their opinions to themselves, thankfully. I would hate to see a fight break out in our house.

Another throng of students filed in through the door and my heart sped up a bit, thumping harder against my chest. I could feel the conversation around me sink from my mind, and I tuned out all of the chatter. James Potter strolled in, his arm thrown lazily around his mate’s shoulder. Behind him, his cloak unfastened and barely hanging on his body walked Sirius Black.

I could feel my eyes glaze over as I paused everything I was doing, my fork halfway to my mouth. It wasn’t as if Black was even that good looking. I mean, I usually preferred a more classy looking guy, with combed hair and a neatly, ironed shirt. But there was something about him that drove my hormones crazy. Maybe it was his shaggy, long hair that he often shook out of his eyes. Or, it could have been his ‘fuck it all’ attitude that I was insanely jealous of.

He walked in front of our table, my heart drumming like wild now inside my chest. Sirius pushed a hand through his hair and moved his gaze up the table until it landed on me. It may have been a random, figment of my imagination, but I almost could have sworn I saw him smirk a bit at me as he passed.

“What do you think?” Riley asked, ripping me from my daze with a jolt.


He grinned, naïve to my obvious lust for Sirius Black, and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Always spacing out, aren’t you, Moll?” I smiled, my cheeks red with shame. He had no idea how much I seriously wanted that cocky, little bastard in Gryffindor, and that made me feel horrible.

I had a great boyfriend, who cared a lot about me.

I didn’t need to be keeping these little lustful thoughts about Sirius Black. It would do me no good in the long run and I had to put a stop to it. I agreed with my inner self and took the last bite of my apple sauce, feeling a bit nervous since my next class I sat right in front of Sirius Black. And that was going to make it hard for me to concentrate.

AN- Ok, just a beginning. But, I'm liking this story a LOT so far. About to write chapter 2 so as soon as this one is posted, I should have it ready. If not...don't hurt me! *ducks*

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