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Lift It All Up (The Baby Project) by WHATIF_booksarecool
Chapter 6 : Little Miss Kissed, Cursed and Missed
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Chapter 6: Little Miss Kissed, Cursed, And Missed


                Thanks for all the reads! It means a lot to me! But if you like it, keep reading it! Kudos to my sister, LupinFan45, who reads this and loves it. But she wouldn’t like it if J.K. Rowling hadn’t written the original. I only own a few characters. And I don’t own Panic At The Disco (I wish I did!) I also have the last sentence of the entire story done! Oh, and I have over 1,000 reads!


                 Also, the reason that there’s so much, “Muggleness” is because I want you to understand it better. When Cassidy plays the WizardWii, that’s because I want you to understand it. Anyway, read on! I’m “Burnin’ Up!”


                Ten drowsy teenagers were sitting in leather armchairs, waiting for their friends to wake. Up. If they could.


****Cassidy’s POV****

                We were worried sick about Hermione and David. We stayed with them, night after night, until it accumulated into a week, then two weeks. Soon all of the babies were sixth months old, their half birthdays.


                Hermione woke up for about three minutes on the half birthday. She hugged her parents, Ron, Ginny, Aly, Jamie and Frannie Lynn. Then she slept again. We were surprised because this spell’s effects didn’t include waking up.


****David’s Mind; Still Asleep****


Where am I? David asked in his head.

You’re in your mind, answered Cassidy.

But then why are you here? Asked David.

It’s part of the ritual. And I’m not really Cassidy; I took the shape of her so you’d feel comfortable. Cassidy replied.

I must be going crazy, David stuttered.

Of course not! But it might seem that way, for a bit at least. Cassidy twirled her hair innocently.

A bit? How long will I be in a coma? David asked.

Uh…awhile. Cassidy answered, looking around at everything but David, and whistling.

And how do you know? David asked, skeptically.

I’m smart!  Was Cassidy’s steadfast reply.

Where am I, anyway? David asked, looking around.

You’re- Cassidy began.

This looks like my mum’s house! David exclaimed.

That’s so you’ll be comfortable, too. Was Cassidy’s reply as she sank into the ground.


****Selena’s POV****


                The group ditched me as soon as the two were rushed to the hospital wing. “Wait guys!” I yelled. “Aren’t I likeable?” I asked and ran after them. There was a guy, Neville I think, who straggled behind. He obviously wasn’t fast, so I questioned him. “Tell!” I said, in between hitting him with my hard covered potions book (I neglected to bring my bag) “Me!” I said, and hit him again. “If I’m!” I grunted. “Likeable!” I yelled. “Ow! Bloody-” he began but then a conjured a bar of soap and stuck it in his mouth. “No cussing, boy. Or I’ll tickle you!” I said, menacingly. He ran as fast as his short little legs could carry him, still without removing the soap. Dweeb.


****David’s Mind****

Can I get up now? David asked Cassidy, still within the realms of his mind.

David, I have to tell you something. You’re dead. Cassidy murmured.

I’m what? David asked.

Dead. You got sent a nasty spell, made up by Voldemort. It’s comparable to the Killing Curse, but you are thought to be alive. Voldemort knows your friends and family would be sick with worry. Cassidy answered truthfully.

What about you, Cassidy? Asked David.

Remember, I’m a figment of your imagination, not real Cassidy. Anyway, Cassidy is alright and fine. She misses you, of course.

How about Cadance and Davey? Are they doing okay? David asked, ever the good parent.

They’re doing fine. Avery is quite the babysitter. She babysat them a few days back. Cassidy began to chuckle at this.

Oh. Am I really dead? David asked him this question in a mournful state.

Yes, you are. Goodnight, have a pleasant slumber. Cassidy replied, as his eyelids began to lower.


****Cassidy’s POV****


                He wouldn’t wake up. It was going to fast, all of this. It’s unbelievable how awful it is. But David hasn’t returned yet. We’re going to stop staying all day at his side. It’s hurt our studies, and the kids are restless. They’re so young, but Wizarding babies are usually a bit brighter then Muggle babies.


                The Healers are at a loss. “We’re at a loss.” Announced Healer Jackson. “He’s alive, but nonresponsive. We’ve managed to partially trace the spell. It’s a homemade spell, and at first we thought it to be crude, but now we realize it has got to be the work of an evil wizard, a con artist.”


                “Voldemort.” Harry, Hilary and I said at once, while Ron winced.



****Selena’s POV****


                I chased Neville, my long legs churning, winding him down. He tripped over nothing (well, it looked that way) and I caught up to him.


                “Neville, Neville, Neville. You know you can’t run away!” Neville just looked scared.

                “I’m calling my Gran and she’ll have you arrested!”

                “Then I’ll have you arrested!” I cried. The boy shrieked like a girl.


****Cassidy’s Flashback****


                We were sitting on the dock, fishing. David had just smushed a live worm all over my nose, and I got revenge by pushing him into the huge bucket of those slimy creatures. I was wearing jean cutoffs, and a white top with ruffles at the collar, and he was wearing jean shorts and a light green collared shirt. He pushed me into the water, and I pulled him in. We didn’t catch and fish that day, probably because we scared them off.


                Another time, an older student was bullying me. David walked up to him and slugged the guy. It was sweet of him, but David ended up with a huge bruise.


                A different time, David, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hilary and I went rollerblading. Harry had went once before, when he’d found £10.87 and went rollerblading. The rest of us had never been, and we had a blast. Most of us were rubbish, but Hilary was quite good. She was able to go in so many circles we got dizzy.


                Another time, David and I walked in on Snape reading long poetry and slitting his wrists. That was extremely odd and something I never want to repeat. He looked at us mournfully, and turned on Panic At The Disco. David and I slowly backed away.


Sorry it’s so short! This was a filler chapter. I’m working on more! I’m also posting more of my other stories soon. I’ve been trying to get a better banner, but to no avail. I’m so sorry for not updating! I tried posting this awhile ago, but had to rewrite parts.

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