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Please don't take my sunshine away by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 1 : Halloween
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   “ You are my sunshine,” Sang a beautiful young woman to a baby in her arms, “ my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” 

  “ Lily?” a black haired man walking into the room. “ What are you doing?”

  “ Oh,” Lily blushed, “ I was singing Harry an old muggle lullaby my mum sang to me when I was little.”

  James sat down and put his arm around her, and gazed down at his son. “ You’re lucky, Harry.” He said, “ My mum couldn’t carry a tune with a levitation spell.”

  Lily laughed, “ Don’t be mean, you mother is great.”

  “ Yes,” James smiled, “ She is great, but she just can’t sing to save her life.”

  Lily kissed his cheek, and then got up, “ You need to get some sleep.” She told Harry, who didn’t understand but smiled at the sound of his mother’s sugar sweet voice, “ Tomorrow is Halloween.”

  “ Big deal.” James sighed, “ It’s not like we can go out.”

  “ Yeah, but I still want to celebrate it.” Lily said, she knew James was angry about being locked up, he wanted to protect Harry of course but he wasn’t used to being in the same place 24-7. Lily gently placed Harry in his cradle, he yawned and stretched then rapped his little arms around a plush doggie that Sirius gave him for Christmas. Content, Lily rested her arms on the sides of the cradle watching he son’s breathing turn slow and steady; his mouth slacked in his sleep. It was amazing how he could simply fall asleep with out a care in the world, he didn’t have to worry about Voldemort, he didn’t know he was in danger, he simply knew that he was safe in his bed, he simply knew that his parents would protect him with there last breath if they had to.

  “ Lils,” James murmured from the door, “ You need sleep, too.”

  “ Look at him, Jamie,” she sighed lovingly, “ his godfather rubbed of on him.”

  James rubbed her back gently, “ Can you believe how big he’s gotten, it seems like he was just born.”

  “ I know,” Lily smiled, running her hand through his silky soft hair one more time before turning away to her own bed.

  Lily woke up at the doorbell, they came she thought excitedly throwing her blankets off her. And grabbed her dressing robe.

  “ Who is that?” James asked.

  “ I have a Halloween surprise for you.” Lily smiled closing the bedroom door on her bewildered husband and racing down the stairs.

   She flung open the front door and threw herself at the two men standing there.

  “ Now, now, Lily,” Sirius laugh, “ Prongs can get pretty jealous, are you trying to get us killed?”

  “ Remus, Sirius,” James called running down the steps.

  “ Oh no, now you’ve done it,” Sirius joked, Lily moved out over the way so James could hug his friends.

  “ What are you doing here?” James asked.

  “ Lily invited us.” Remus said, “ by the way, Lil, I’m very disappointed for your lack of caution, we could have been some body dangerous.”

  “ Oh like a big scary werewolf?” Lily teased, “ If you were dangerous you wouldn’t have used the door bell, you would have just barged right in.”

  “ She right, you know.” James said.

  “ Oh well this big scary were wolf is gonna eat you up.” Remus joked grabbing Lily and pretending to bite her neck.

  “ That’s a vampire, Moony.” Laughed Sirius. Just then yelling came from upstairs.

  “ Harry’s awake,” Lily, said, “ I’ll be back in a second.”

  Lily climbed quickly up the steps and turned into the nursery, Harry was supporting himself with his crib bars. “ Oowwp!” he demanded, “ Ooowwupp! Ooup! Ooowwp!”

  “ You want up, big boy?” Lily asked smiling. Harry bounced up and down. She picked him up and gently swirled him around, which made him shriek in delight. She then carried him back down stairs where the guys were talking and laughing loudly.

  “ Look who’s here, Harry,” Lily said, “ Moony and Padfoot.”

  “ Harry!” Sirius said hugging him, “ You look more like your god father every day, good lad! Hey can you say Padfoot yet?”

  “ A-goo Na.” Harry gurgled.

  “ Pa-d-foot.”

  “ Ad oot.” Harry laughed.

  “ Good boy,” Sirius praise ruffling Harry’s hair.

  “ What about Moony.” Remus asked. “ Moo-oony”

  “ Ooonee” Harry said.

  “ Now say Daddy.” James smiled.

  “ Dada, dada, dada!” Harry cried clapping.

  “ Ha,” James laugh, “ Harry likes me better.”

  Sirius pushed him and Remus threw a blanket over his head. “ ‘ye ’ye dada.” Harry said waving.

  Lily laughed, “ That’s right. Bye, bye Daddy.” James peaked out from under the blanket smiling smugly.

  “ Oom, dada, room, OOM!” Harry squealed.

  “ What?” Remus asked.

  “ His toy broom.” Lily explained as James snatched the weapon of mass destruction. Harry jumped on it and started whizzing around the sitting room. Lily, James, Remus, and Sirius talked. Sirius told them about the on goings at the Order, and Remus updated them on the war against Voldemort. Whenever Harry felt that they weren’t paying him enough attention he’d run into something causing a loud bang. Morning slowly turned to noon, noon turned to afternoon, afternoon to early evening. And soon to soon dinner was over and Remus announced that they had to go.

  “ Can’t you stay just a little longer?” Lily begged.

  “ No, sorry, Lils.” Remus said, “ but we’ll be back, maybe next time we can convince Wormtail to come with us.”

  “ Bye.” Sirius said hugging Lily, she and James murmured their farewells.

  The two boys left, “ That was nice.” Lily said.

  “ Thank you,” James smiled, “ You’re wonderful, you know.”

  “ I know.” Lily yawned, “ I better get the dishes done.” She walked into the kitchen, “ Wingarum Leveosa,” She said causing the dishes to rise and fall into the sink. “ Scroughus Dissus.” Big soapy bubbles filled the sink scrubbing the platters and cups. Then she conjured a towel and began to wipe them and stack them in the cupboard. Then she walked back into the living room, James was conjuring puffs of colored smoke and Harry who was squealing in delight, was grabbing at them with his tiny hands.

  “ Bed time,” Lily said. “ You’re had to much excitement for one day.” James scooped Harry up and handed him to Lily then threw his wand on the couch and stretched.

  “ I’ll be right up….” BANG Lily froze her blood was running cold. James ran from the room. “ Lily, take Harry and go!” He screamed, “ It’s him! GO! RUN! I’ll hold him off!” Lily raced up stairs; she heard a cold high laugh. Lily locked the nursery door when the floor rattled and glowed green, she screamed, and pushed chairs and boxes over the door, “ You are my sunshine,” Lily sang softly pushing a dresser in front of the door, “ my only sun shine. Please don’t take my sunshine again!” She sobbed, she had to send Sirius a Patronus, he could still be close enough to get here. She grabbed for her wand, but it wasn’t in her pocket, “ DAMN IT!” She swore, she left her wand on the kitchen counter and she couldn’t Apart with Harry. She was trapped. The door flew open and she dropped Harry in the crib, he laugh thinking this was a new game, then she shielded the crib.

  “ Not Harry,” she cried, looking at Voldemort, “ not Harry, please not Harry!”

  " Stand aside, girl!" Voldemort demanded, Lily felt tears run down her face, she didn't want to die, not yet, she was still so young, Harry hasn't even had a chance at life yet. She thought of James, even if she and Harry did somehow survive through some grace of God, James was still dead. Again Voldemort demanded that she back off, but if Harry was going to die it wouldn't be because she let him.

Lily gripped the bars of the crib tightly sobbing, she couldn’t believe Peter would betray her, and Sirius; everyone would blame Sirius for this.

  Green light flashed and everything was gone

Disclaimer, the bold font is quotes from The Deathly Hallows and all charactors belong to JK Rowling. and the song You Are My Sunshine was writen byFormer Louisiana State Governor Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. I would like to reduce the amount of quotes from the seventh Harry Potter book but I fell that they're needed to tell the story acuretly.

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