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Beloved of the Outcasted by azn_dichi
Chapter 7 : All A Lie
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“NO!!!!” Eve screamed in outrage.

Still disoriented from having the wind knocked out of him and believing that he should be dead, Draco stared up at the jet black haired young man standing before him with circle framed glasses in front of his emerald green eyes. Draco let out a sigh seeing that the familiar face was smiling at him.

“Sorry about that, but, if it took any longer, your arse would have been fried,” the man apologized.

Potter. Always gotta be the bloody hero. I owe him one, though.

“Thanks,” Draco said sincerely as Harry helped him up.


Draco and Harry turned their attention back to Eve. Her face was turning red and her eyes were burning with even more anger than before.


“Expelliarmus!” a female voice cried from behind Eve.

Eve's wand flew from her hand and fell a few feet from where Harry and Draco stood. A fiery red haired woman wearing black robes stood behind Eve with her wand pointed at her. Eve appeared shocked.

“Thanks, honey,” Harry said to Ginny as he picked up Eve's wand.

“No problem, love,” Ginny replied with a smile.

“No.... No. No! NO!” Eve cried as tears fell from her eyes. She held her head in hands and dropped to her knees sobbing and crying as she mumbled incomprehensible things to herself.

“Well, I guess that just about takes care of that,” Harry stated before turning to Draco. “By the way, why didn't you have your wand, Malfoy?”

Draco turned a slight pink in embarrassment.

“Thought it'd be safe without it, eh?” Harry chuckled. “Well, at least we were able to arrive in time.” He clapped Draco on the back as he returned his attention to the crying woman. “Eve Gancen, we've been sent to retrieve you by the Ministry of Magic. Please, cooperate with us. If you don't we will be forced to place a binding curse on you, which I do not recommend.”

Eve snapped out of her crying and looked up at Harry and Draco with a blank face. Then a murderous expression appeared. She shot up to her feet and began running forward towards Draco and Harry with her hands outstretched as if to claw the skin of their body. Harry immediately raised his wand as Draco prepared himself to possibly punch the crazed woman.

“DIE!!!” Eve screamed.

“Petrificus totalus!” Ginny cried.

Eve's limbs awkwardly froze and then glued themselves stiffly to her sides. A loud thud followed after she hit the ground.

“Ouch. That must hurt,” Ginny said sympathetically. She walked over to the frozen Eve and examined her head for any bruises.

“What did she do that has you guys chasing after her?” Draco asked as he followed Harry over to Eve and Ginny.

“She pretty much became a looney after having lost her brother. Since then, she dropped out of Hogwarts and has killed at least one former Death-Eater who had a punishment similar to yours. She's cast a spell on that new movie so that when it is played, she will appear on screen to anyone who is a magical being of some sort. The other Death-Eater was unlucky to have been in some other country where the movie has been out for a good amount of time now.”

Draco gulped. If she had not killed someone else already, he probably would be dead at the moment.


Draco and Harry turned to look at the bruised Carina standing in the spot where Draco had threw her. Her messy bun had come undone, so her black hair veiled about half of her face. Her expression was unreadable.

Now she knows everything. She'll have to forget me now.

Draco felt his chest tighten and fill with pain.

“Aw, geez. Will be responsible for cleaning up?” Harry questioned Ginny as he scratched his head.

“We haven't been sent any owls or anything yet, so I don't think so,” Ginny answered.

“Carina, I - “ Draco began to say as he stepped towards her, but Carina put a hand up to stop him.

“So this is the terror magic can cause, huh?” Carina asked more to herself than to anyone else.


She smiled up at Draco with apologetic eyes.

“I'm sorry, Draco. I'm not just some ignorant muggle that knows nothing.”


“My little brother is a wizard born of two muggles. My sister and I don't have the ability to produce magic. I've known all along about what you have done and who you really are.”

Wait. What? She knows about magic? She's known everything? EVERYTHING?

“I'm sorry, Draco. The Ministry asked my family to keep an eye on you. My brother was against it, but, after we heard everything and saw some pictures of you, I decided I would take the responsibility of watching over you even if I had to do it alone. I - ”

Draco motioned for Carina to stop as he held a hand to his head with his eyes closed. He needed to time to digest all this information. Carina knew everything – about him, about magic, about everything. She had known all along he was bad guy. What girl in her right mind would willingly babysit a criminal? Though he had thought he was deceiving her, she had really been the one doing the deceiving. Was she really the Carina she appeared to be in front of Draco, or did she have some sort of sick personality that liked to toy with others? Maybe the Ministry made up this sick cruel punishment of him falling for a muggle girl who had been lying to him all this time. This was how she had known about the lullaby.

Draco's head was hurting with all the thoughts and suspicions running around wildly. His expression showed pain, which worried Carina. She ran to his side and put her warm hand upon the one holding his head.


Then, one question bore through Draco's head and stood out amongst all the rest: Does Carina love me? To Draco, that was all that mattered at this point. He had told her he loved her already. If she loved him too, then he could forgive her for lying. They could start over again and everything would be okay.

Draco shot open his eyes and grabbed hold of Carina's arms.

“Do you love me?” he asked desperately clinging onto the hope in his heart that just that one feeling of hers would not be a lie too.

“What?” Carina asked in surprise with her face cheeks turning pink.

“Do you love me, Carina?” Draco asked even more desperately afraid the hope would die before an answer would come.

“I-I-I,” Carina stuttered with her eyes becoming glassy.

“Damn it, Carina! DO YOU LOVE ME?” Draco cried feeling himself choking back tears as the ray of hope was diminishing within him.

A tear trickled down Carina's cheek as she stood there with her mouth slightly open unable to speak. More tears soon followed until they flowed freely as Carina remained speechless.

Hope was dead.

Draco let go of Carina without a word. He was numb. He could not even cry, though he had been on the verge of doing so just a few seconds ago.

“Draco,” Carina softly sobbed.

He did not respond. He walked over to Harry with his head still down.

“Take me back.”

“What?” Harry asked slightly confused.

“Take me back, Potter. This is punishment enough. Just take me back to the magical world,” Draco repeated without emotion.

“Draco!” Carina cried with tears still flowing from her blue eyes.

“Um, I don't think we can do that without the Ministry's permission,” Harry uneasily stated.

“Fine,” Draco said and then he started to walk away from the scene. From everything. From Carina.

“Draco! Wait!” Carina yelled as she stumbled along after him.

She was able to grab hold of his arm, which made him pause for a moment. However, he simply wrenched his arm out of Carina's grip in the next.

“Draco!” she sobbed.

He turned around to face Carina. Her sobbing was held back as a look of shock appeared on her tearstained face.

“Goodbye, Carina,” Draco said with a tear of his own trickling down his cheek.

Then Draco continued walking along the dark sidewalk until he vanished in the shadows as the sobs from Carina grew louder as she cried out his name.

[Author Note: Ah, sorry the chapter is so short. The next one or few are going to be from Carina's viewpoint. Yeah, you guys pretty much wanna fry my arse, don't you? Sorry!]

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