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The Malfoy Downfall by MUSEx3MSI
Chapter 2 : Huge-O Told The Devil
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"Okay, you two," I said to Albus and Hugo the next day. They were lined up, side-by-side, and I was pacing in front of them in a very demanding way. I don't know why I put this off so long - it was pretty stupid of me - but I did. I may regret it, I may not, but what happens happens.

And Merlin, I did not want it to happen.

"As you both know," I began, giving Albus a stern look as he tried to choke back his laughter. Hugo poked him and his muffled laughs subsided to a smirk set on his face. I tried again, "As you both know, I like one of your relatives. And, as you both may not know, I don't want her to know. So, I've called you here today," I gestured to the abandoned corridor we were standing in, "to make sure that you haven't told anybody and to warn you that if in the future you do tell anybody I will make it so it's impossible for either of you to have children. Understand?" Albus nodded violently. Unable to control his hysterics any longer, he burst out laughing. He was bent over, black messy hair in his shut eyes, holding onto his stomach. Hugo looked a little nervous all of a sudden, and I wondered why that was. I brushed it off; maybe it was something he ate.

"Now," I continued, "I know that I don't need to be telling you this - you guys are the most trustworthy fellas I know - but I feel that I must. I don't want something horrible to happen, like have this piece of information be put into the wrong hands, now do I?" Hugo looked like he was about to be sick right there in the middle of the hallway at this point.

"Are you okay there, Huge-O?" Albus asked, patting his back with a big smile on his face. Hugo shook his head and ran from the corridor faster than I have ever seen him run before.

"Poor guy must've eaten something gross," I muttered to Albus. He burst out laughing.

Don't know what's so funny, I heard my father's voice say. I twitched.


Okay, this is the funniest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. Scorpius is trying to act like he can scare us. Please! Like a Weasley-Potter, and a Granger-Weasley could be intimadated by a Malfoy. It didn't happen with our parents, and it ain't gonna happen to us. Poor Scorpius actually thinks he scares us though.

"As you both know," He began, but I cut him off with a snort. Hahahahahahahaha. This is just so funny. Hugo gave me a poke in the side, and I tried my best to get my laughter under control. There were a few chuckles that I could not keep inside my mouth, though. Scorp continued, "As you both know, I like one of your relatives. And, as you both may not know, I don't want her to know. So, I've called you here today to make sure that you haven't told anybody and to warn you that if in the future you do tell anybody I will make it so it's impossible for either of you to have children. Understand?" That's it, this is just too damn funny. My mouth opened (I couldn't keep it shut any longer) and I laughed so hard. I nodded at him and then clutched at my stomach, my eyes shut tight. I very nearly fell to the floor, but that's not manly and I am, of course, a very manly man.

"Now," Scorpy continued. I sobered up a bit to hear what he had to say. I snaked a glance at Hugo and noticed that he looked very guilty. This brought on a totally new set of hysterics that I held back for his and Scorp's sakes. "I know that I don't need to be telling you this - you guys are the most trustworthy fellas I know - but I feel that I must. I don't want something horrible to happen, like have this piece of information be put into the wrong hands, now do I?"

Hugo looked as if he were about to die. I knew why too; Hugo was easy to read. This sucks for Scorpius.

"Are you okay there, Hugo-O?" I asked him, trying to keep my voice as steady was possible. I couldn't keep the grin off my face, though. I watched, extremely amused, as Hugo ran out of the corridor faster than lightning, looking very green. Haha.

"Poor guy must've eaten something gross," I heard Scorp say under his breath. That set me off.

I burst into laughter, and didn't stop laughing for five minutes straight. Hugo told someone. I wonder who.

The funny part was that Scorpius didn't have a clue.


I was in the Library right now. If it wasn't for Rose, I'd probably never come in here. But she spends a lot of her time reading books that are as tall as my hand, so I come in here and watch her. It's probably the only time where she's too distracted to notice if anyone is staring at her.

She's not here yet, but she'll probably be here soon. I hid myself behind a book, looking hopefully towards the door. After about an hour of waiting, I realized that she wasn't going to be coming here to study today. I felt sad that I missed out on staring at her from across the room today. Grumbling, I left the Library. Just as I was about to turn the corner, however, a bell-like voice called my name.

"Scorpius!" All of a sudden I was weak at the knees, and my face became very hot. "Scorpius," She said again, quieter this time. Merlin, she had no idea what she did to me, "There you are. I've been looking for you for ages. Where were you?" I turned around slowly. Was I dreaming? There was Rose Weasley, standing in front of me with a smile playing on her lips. Had she found out about my feelings for her? Wouldn't she advoid me if she did? Unless...I mentally gasped. Did she like me, too? Me?

"I uh," I stuttered, "I-I was in the Library."

"No wonder I couldn't find you," She said, her blue eyes sparkling, "That's the last place I would ever go to to look for you." And then she laughed. I wish I could record her laugh and replay it when I'm all alone in my dormitory.

Wait. I can do that.

Note to self: Record Rose's voice when she's not looking.

But she's a Weasley, a Granger-Weasley. 

I wish my father's voice would stop popping up randomly.

"Well anyways," Rose began, shifting her weight to her other leg and hitching he bag more firmly over her shoulder, "James, my cousin, asked me to come find you. He wouldn't tell me why, but he was laughing his head off and said that it was urgent. He said that'd he wait next to the entrance to your common room for you." As the words left her mouth a felting like I was sinking into the ground. She was still clueless of my love for her, and she didn't have any feeling for me back. I looked at her, only about a foot away from mine. We were really close.

"I'll see you around then, Scorpius?" She asked. I looked up, and she was smiling. My mood changed instantly. I smiled back at her. She wanted to see me around.
"Of course," I said. She nodded and then strode past me.

Now I wonder what Potter wants.

As I walked down the Moving Staircase to get to the dungeons, I met Hugo. He walked to me as soon as he saw me strutting towards him. Grabbing my arm he led me to the side of the corridor.

"You know what James wants to talk to you about, right?" He asked me.

"How do you know that James wants to talk to me?" I asked. What a stupid question. James Potter likes to make everything public.

"Because," He said and then paused, "Because..." He paused again. He seemed very reluctant to give me the information that was floating around in his brain, "Well, I may have accidently, sort of, told James that you liked Rose. That's why he wants to talk to you. You know how her gets sometimes...with gossip." I froze, my eyes widening.

Like I said before: James Potter likes to make everything public. Unless, that is, if has a motivation not to.

Oh. Shit.

"I-I'm really sorry, Scorpius," Hugo began, suddenly speaking really fast and looking at the ground, "I told him yesterday right after I myself found out. I was a bit perturbed at the time, and James noticed and he asked whats wrong. I wouldn't tell him and so he, you know, did that thing where he gets on your nerves until you tell him what's up and..."

I sprinted away from him, leaving him stuttering to the floor. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Crap, crap, crap. CRAP! I've got to find James Potter right now. Maybe I can stop this. Maybe we can come to a compromise. There has to be a comropomise, there just has to.

You could tell Rose your feelings, my mother's voice said to me. But I wasn't going to take that advice. I wasn't ready for that yet. Well when are you going to be ready, Scorpius? It's been six years. That still wasn't long enough for me, though. I turned the corner, running down the last staircase that seperated me from Potter. And there he was, leaning casually against the wall next to the portrait of Benice. He spotted me and smirked. Oh, how I wished I could rips that smirk of his face with my bare hands. At least then he could keep his gigantic mouth shut.

"Hello, Malfoy," He said politely, but that was his way of mocking people in situations like this.

"Potter," I said just as politely back (But, of course, not in a mocking way), "Any particular reason why you've called me here at this time?" I asked him, playing dumb, buying time.

"Don't even try to avoid this any longer," Potter said, seeing through me immediatly, "I'm not stupid, Malfoy. That's why I had Hugo confess to you: So I wouldn't have to tell you myself." He seemed to of ditched the 'being polite' thing, so I decided I would too.

"Okay, Potter," I hissed, "Just get to point and tell me what you want to tell me, then. I don't want to wait around for you all day."

"That's too bad," He said, smirking. His eyes sparkled evily, "I think that you should get used to it. You're going to be waiting around for me quite a bit if you don't want your precious secret to get out." He smiled, and something made me think that he didn't actually know what my secret was.

"How do I even know that you even know?" I asked, voicing my thoughts.

"Do you want to find out whether I know or not, Malfoy?" He asked slyly, "Would you really take that chance?" I narrowed my eyes. "I'll give you twenty-four hours to give it a thought. Do everything I tell you to, or commit suicide (metaphorically speaking, of course) and have everybody know your secret. You choose, Malfoy."

And then he left without another word.

"So," Albus said slowly as we were seated on our beds in our dormitory, "My brother actually threatened you? Man, James is such an ass. I could write Mum and Dad and tell him everything he's doing to you, Scorp. That would shut him up. Believe me."

"No Alby," I said blankly, not really sure why I was turning down his offer. It was right stupid of me, "It's all okay." That was a big ol' lie.

"No it's not, Scorpius," He said, a bit frustrated, "You don't look okay. Dammit, if it was anybody but James I would have a big old laugh over this. Okay, so I had a big old laugh before, too, but that was before you told me that it was James who knew."

"You knew that Hugo told someone?" I asked.

"Of course," He said, "He was really obvious, Scorp. Everyone but you could see through him. You're the worst at telling when people are lying to you, or keeping something from you. I feel a bit sorry for you, actually."

"Yeah, well feel sorry about this situation I'm in now, and not that," I told him, and then threw a pillow into my face, hiding myself, "This is going to ruin my life."

Damn Potter, I heard my dad say. But I agreed with him on this one.

Damn Potter.

*A/N: Aw, thanks you guys for the lovely reviews! They made my day! Anywho, I hoped you guys liked this chapter. I feel a little mad at myself, though, for making James so evil. He seems like the sarcastic, tease type, but not absolutely evil. Tell me what you think? Thanks:) Don't hurt me for making James so mean:P*

Discliamer: I don't own Harry Potter :(

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