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Verità by i_forgot_my_name
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Tittle: Verità

no way in hell am I good enough to own Harry Potter, it all belongs to J.K. Rowling, but the plot and a select few character are mine. Cheers!

Ginny has been hiding the truth for most of her life. When she is drawn to a certain blonde haired Slytherin she realises she is not alone, but is it true, or just another well spun lie?

Chapter One

Mrs. Weasley stood back and watched her daughter, deeply distressed at the events that had led to this current situation. Ginny was asleep in the Hospital Wing, Harry only a few beds away also sleeping. Mrs. Weasley didn’t know how this had happened. Why hadn’t someone noticed the diary sooner? Why hadn’t Ginny talked to someone?

What concerned Mrs. Weasley the most at the current point point in time was the fact that Ginny had been in the Hospital Wing for three days and never spoken a word about the whole incident. They knew, thanks to Madam Pomfrey’s examination of the girl, that she had been abused, but Ginny refused to speak on the topic.

“It can’t be healthy to keep all that bottled up.” Mrs. Weasley said to her husband as he stood next to her.

“What do you expect Molly, she grew up with six older brothers, she’s not the talking type,” Arthur told his wife simply.

“She needs to talk to someone,” Molly relented, looking worriedly at her husband.
Author took a deep breath before speaking again. “There is always Dumbledore’s suggestion,” Arthur proposed.

“No, absolutely not!” Molly objected, looking back at her daughter protectively.
“When will you trust him Molly?” Arthur asked her. “If Dumbledore trusts him, then so do I,” Arthur told her.

“I don’t want to test that trust with our only daughter,” Molly told him strongly.
Arthur placed a comforting hand on her back, rubbing it soothingly. “What other choice is there?”


Ginny walked down the halls to the dungeons, not sure what to expect of this meeting. At first she turned the idea down, but seeing how much it had meant to her parents made her think otherwise.

If she ever told Ron about what she was doing he would freak out. Ginny actually wondered why she wasn’t freaking out.

She reached the door, took a deep breath for courage, and knocked loudly.

“Enter,” came the bored drawl from inside. Ginny opened the door she had gone through so many times, but for once was a little apprehensive of what would happen on the other side. “Good Morning Miss Weasley.”

“Good Morning Professor Snape,” Ginny greeted politely as she stood awkwardly by the closed door.

Snape motioned for her to come in further as he stood from sitting behind his desk and walked around to lean on it so he could face Ginny. He motioned for her to take a seat in front of him.

“If it’s all the same to you sir, I’d rather not talk about what happened,” Ginny told the Professor with great courage.

Snape smiled a little at her comment, surprised she’d voiced her opinion without needing to be prodded for it. “I’m not here to force you to talk Miss Weasley,” he informed her, smiling comfortingly.

Ginny was shocked to see a smile grace his lips, it looked so much better than the usual grimace that resided there.

“Then what are you here to do?” Ginny asked suspiciously.

“To help you,” he told her simply. Before she could ask her next question Snape started to answer it. “Dumbledore believes that I am the person who can be of the most help to you in your situation. I have dealt with a previous one like it before, that I will not talk about, as I’m sure you will understand,” he told her and she nodded in response. “Now, I noticed this year you are quite adept at Potions,” he mentioned.

“Um...yes, I quite like Potions,” Ginny admitted sheepishly.

“Why?” Snape asker her, interested in her answer.

Ginny smiled as she began to speak, the first smile that had reached her lips in a very long time. “It’s just like this great big puzzle just waiting to be solved, and if I work hard enough I can work it out. It’s not just that,” she added, grinning as she thought. “It’s not just about how smart you are either, in order to make a great potion you need creativity, you need patience and... and you need to care about what you’re doing,’ she told him.

Snape smiled at her. “That is a very good answer Miss Weasley.”


Ginny sat quietly at the Gryffindor table at breakfast eating her toast. She sat next to Collin Creevey, her best friend, who babbled on about photography of some sort as she pretended to listen. Across from her sat her other best friend, Beth Cornick, who was hanging on Collin’s every word as if it were the sweetest poetry ever written.

Truth was, Beth was in love with Collin, and Collin, as usual, was clueless.
“You see when the light captures the bird at the right angle...” Collin continued enthusiastically exaggerating with his hands as he explained.

Ginny was denying the inevitable, Potions. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy Potions, quite the opposite really, she was so good she’d been accelerated to Seventh year Potions. It was the fact that her Potions partner was Blaise Zabini. He was nice enough, but that was the problem really. Ginny had seen a bit of him the year before thanks to Slughorn but never really spoken to him until the beginning of this year. If she had of she would have realised that Blaise loved to talk, and Ginny really didn’t. Ginny was a bottle up your feelings and then stomp them in for good measure, sort of girl. Blaise was a let everything out to anyone who will listen and even to those who won’t, king of guy.

Ginny couldn’t complain too much, as far as Slytherins go Blaise wasn’t too bad. He was much better than the cruel, sadistic, heartless Draco Malfoy who took a shot at her every chance he got.

The strangest thing was that Blaise was Draco’s best friend, Draco even seemed to smile, well a small up-turn of the mouth, when he was around Blaise. Ginny didn’t think she’d ever understand, nor would she want to, in her opinion.

“Hey Gin,” Hermione said, smiling as she stood behind Ginny. “Want to walk to Potions together?” she asked kindly. Ginny turned, smiling and nodding at Hermione.

Ron had not gotten the grade to be in the Advanced Potions class. He looked like he could have ripped apart a small one bedroom apartment when Ginny told him who she’d been partnered with. He didn’t seem to care that Hermione had gotten Pansy Parkinson or that Harry was stuck with the Slytherin Prince himself. Ginny had gotten used to Ron’s overprotectiveness over the years, she was well aware that it had accelerated after her first year, but she forgave him for it.

Consequently Ron had begged Harry and Hermione to keep tabs on her and Blaise. They had both tenaciously refused, which Ginny was happy for, there was only so much of Ron’s overprotectiveness that she could take before punching him in the face.

Ginny and Hermione walked silently through the halls down to the dungeons. Ginny could tell Hermione was mentally preparing herself for an hour with Pansy Parkinson. If Ginny were in her situation she’d be spending a lot of time in detention as a result, something that Professor Snape surely considered when assigning partners.

They arrived at the room and walked into the open door to find only a handful of students already there. Ginny looked over at her desk to find Draco Malfoy in her seat talking to Blaise, Ginny was not surprised to see the slight up-turn of his lips, it was hard for her to originally get over the shock of Draco Malfoy actually being a real person.

“Wish me luck,” Hermione said sarcastically as she set off for her seat. Just as she said this Malfoy turned to see Ginny standing in the doorway. He said something to Blaise before heading off to his own seat. As Ginny walked down to her designated seating arrangement she could feel Malfoy’s eyes on her. When she sat down she thought for sure he’d look away, but she still had to same feeling. She turned to look at him to find that he was indeed staring at her, but not in the sinister way she had imagined, but in an interesting manner, as if he was trying to figure her out. He looked away after she made eye contact.

Ginny turned back around and prepared herself for Blaise’s onslaught. “What are you doing on Friday night?” Blaise asked her as soon as she had turned back.

“Sleeping,” she answered him dryly.

“You’re hilarious, you know that,” Blaise told her grinning. “So you have no plans?”
“I’ll have to double check my schedule but I’m pretty sure I’m free,” she told him, looking at him, now interested in where this was going.

“Well, you are in luck,” he told her, giving her an extra big grin and a little nudge. “We’re having a party in the Slytherin Dungeons and you are invited. You can bring your friends if you want. I’d really love it if you bought Granger, I’d love to see her sloshed,” he whispered to Ginny as he looked over at Hermione who was currently sitting up straight as if she had the help of a pole up her rectum with a sour look on her face to match.

“So would I,” Ginny admitted. “I’ll see what I can do,” she assured Blaise as Snape stepped up the front of the room to begin the class.


Later that night while Harry and Ron were talking tactics for the Quidditch game, that was still a few weeks away, in their room, Ginny sat next to Hermione in the common room. Hermione had in her lap her Defence Against the Dark Arts text book as she researched for an essay that was due in two weeks.

“What are you doing on Friday night?” Ginny asked Hermione innocently as she played with the quill in her hand.

“Studying, why?” Hermione answered without looking up from her riveting reading.
“Well... Blaise invited me to a party at Slytherin Dungeons and said you were invited too,” she informed her, leaving out the reason for the invite.

At this Hermione stopped reading and looked up at Ginny, shocked. “Really?” Ginny nodded in response. “Are you going?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m bringing Collin and Beth with me,” Ginny told her.

Hermione’s eyebrows scrunched as she thought about the proposition. “No thank you, I’ll stay,” she finally said, returning to her book.

“Come on Hermione, it will be fun,” Ginny encouraged.

“Studying is fun, besides, who else will keep Ron and Harry occupied so you can go,” Hermione told her smiling.

“You’re a genius, Hermione,” Ginny informed her as she went back to the homework in her lap, smiling to herself as she thought about Friday.


Ginny, Beth and Collin managed to easily get by Harry and Ron in the common room on Friday night thanks to Hermione berating them for not having started their essays that were due on Monday. They were both too busy hanging their heads and wishing they could be somewhere else to notice the three people sneaking out of the portrait hole.

They ran excitedly through the halls down to the dungeons, slowing to a walking pace when they got to the hallway the Slytherin Dungeon was located on, as not to seem too eager. They walked up to the portrait and knocked loudly. They could easily hear the music that was playing inside through the door, which only made them more excited.

The door was answered by Blaise Zabini who smiled when he saw Ginny, he looked at Beth and Collin then turned back to Ginny, disappointment evident in his face.
“Sorry, she’s studying,” Ginny told him smirking.

“Figures,” Blaise said, dismay evident on his face. “Well, drinks are over there,” he said pointing in the direction of a small crowd, “and bathrooms are over there,” he added, pointing in another direction. “Want to dance?” he asked Ginny.

Ginny screwed up her face. “With you?” she asked, shaking her head jokingly. Blaise rolled his eyes and took her by the arm, leading her to the dance floor.

Ginny was having a great time dance with Blaise, they were both making up funny dance moves to songs when Pansy Parkinson appeared next to Ginny.

“Hello Weasley,” Pansy said eerily, shocking Ginny who hadn’t seen her there.

“Parkinson,” Ginny said simply.

“I didn’t think you’d willingly spend time with Slytherins, especially after what happened the last time you did,” Pansy told Ginny spitefully.

“Piss off Pansy,” Blaise told her.

“I have a question for you Weasley,” Pansy said, and Ginny raised her eyebrow in response. “Tom Riddle, what was he like?” she asked before Ginny pulled back her arm and punched Pansy square on the nose.

Pansy’s squeals could be heard across the common room, and those that had not already been looking at them now were staring at Pansy’s bleeding crooked nose. Behind Ginny, Blaise was doubled over with laughter at the sight if an indignant Pansy Parkinson trying to stop the bleeding.

“I suggest you clean yourself up Pansy, you’ll stain the carpet,” Ginny heard someone say from behind her, she turned to see Draco Malfoy smirking down at Ginny. Draco gave one final smirk before walking away, and Ginny had to force herself to look in the other direction.

Pansy walked off in a huff, glaring at Ginny as she went. Ginny couldn’t help but join Blaise, doubling over at the hilarity of the situation.

“After that Ginny, you deserve a drink, my shout,” Blaise joked, leading Ginny over to where the drinks all were.

“Oh, how nice of you,” she smiled, fluttering her eyelashes at him. “Next thing I’ll be melting in your arms,” she grinned.

“I could deal with that,” Blaise told her, smirking, as grabbed her arm and spun her to the music as they walked.

Two hours later Ginny had lost track how much she’d actually had to drink and was dancing with some 7th year from Ravenclaw. She now understood why people got drunk, she was having more fun than ever. She didn’t care if what she did embarrassed her or had the risk of causing her bodily harm, but these were also the reasons not to get drunk.

Pansy Parkinson, finally seeing her opportunity, came behind Ginny and tapped her on the shoulder. Ginny turned, clueless of what was about to happen. Pansy pushed Ginny forcefully; making her hit her dance partner. Before Pansy could feel proud of herself, Ginny had stood herself up and lunged for Pansy. Pansy started to squeal as Ginny continued to hit her.

As quickly as it had begun it was stopped as Ginny felt two very strong arms take her around the waist and pull her off of Pansy. Had the person have been any weaker she would have escaped and gone for Pansy a second time, but alas, the arms would not let her.

“Go lock Pansy in her room,” the voice that belonged to the strong arms told Blaise, who was currently holding back a very battered and bruised Pansy. Ginny turned slightly to see Draco Malfoy looking at Pansy, amusement clearly evident in his eyes.
Ginny turned to see Blaise pulling Pansy behind him as he went in the direction of what Ginny assumed was the dormitories, while Pansy struggled with him, glaring at Ginny.

Draco slowly let go of the angry girl in his arms, but soon realised his mistake as she went to take a step forward and her legs gave way under her. Draco caught her with ease and helped/carried her over to the nearest couch. He glared at the people currently sitting there, who vacated their seats as soon as possible.

“You’re smashed Weasley,” he commented as he placed her gently on the couch.
“No I’m not,” she answered intelligently, making Draco laugh as he crouched before her so he was at eye level.

“Well your inability to walk and the fact you just ripped Pansy a new one, both suggest otherwise,” Draco informed her simply as he brushed the hair from her face.
“Serves her bloody right for starting a fight with a girl who grew up with six brothers,” Ginny said offhandedly, swaying slightly in her seat.

“Yeah well, Pansy never was too bright,” Draco grinned.

“Not too bright? It’s like she has air... or her brain not working...” Ginny said, unable to find the correct words for what she wanted to say. She was now seeing the major downsides to being drunk.

“Very well put, I can see that your intelligence far outreaches hers,” he joked.

“Shut up,” was all Ginny could come up with.

“Again your wit astounds me,” Draco told her smirking.

Ginny chose to just glare at him this time and tried to stand up in order to get away, which worked as good as it did the last time. Draco caught her again and placed her back down on the couch. Blaise walked up behind Draco and inspected Ginny who was now leaning back on the couch, hand over her face.

“She needs to sleep it off before going but up to the tower, she can’t manage flat surfaces let alone all those stairs,” Blaise told Draco who nodded and looked at Blaise.

“I’m fine!” Ginny insisted. “I can walk just fine!” she persisted as she went to stand again. Her attempt went a little better this time, she managed one step before her head hurt. “Ow,” she complained, her hand holding her head in an attempt to make the head ache go away. Draco caught her before she collapsed to the ground, but this time didn’t place her on the couch, instead he put one arm under her arms and the other under her knees to carry her. Ginny buried her face into his neck.

Ginny could feel him moving through through the crowded common room but could not bring herself to pull up her head to see where they were going. Draco stopped and opened the Portrait hole door and carried Ginny out into the Dungeon hallway. Ginny could here Draco speaking an inaudible word which had probably been for the Portrait hole they were now walking through.

“Where are we?” Ginny asked, groggily.

“My dormitory,” Draco answered as he sat her gently on his bed before going off to the bathroom, empty bottle in hand which he must have grabbed before they left. He returned with the bottle full of water and handed it to her.

“But, don’t you enter from the Slytherin Dormitories?” she asked, taking the bottle but not drinking it.

“You can, but then I would have had to carry you up the stairs, it was quicker this way,” he said, pushing the bottle gently towards her lips.

She resisted, wanting to know more. “But-” she started but was cut off by Draco.
“If you drink I’ll answer your questions,” he told her simply. She lifted the bottle to her lips and drunk as fast as she could, she was really thirsty. “There are advantages to being a Malfoy, this is one of them. No, not everyone has a Dormitory to themselves, up until fifth year you have to share with other people, then in 6th year you either get your own room or share with one person, same goes with 7th year. Blaise has his own room as well,” he informed her simply and Ginny rolled her eyes at the fact that Slytherins got their own rooms.

She finished the bottle and held it out for him. Draco took it and went back into the bathroom, he returned with the bottle full with water again. Ginny started to drink the bottle of water as she inspected the blonde boy before her. He had his hair loose, as Ginny had noticed he usually wore it, which caused his beautiful blonde locks to fall gracefully on his face, making him look completely irresistible in Ginny’s opinion.

“I was quite sad Granger didn’t come, I would have loved to see her throw back a few,” Draco joked as he looked at Ginny. “Though, seeing you drunk isn’t the most boring thing, I must say,” he told her smirking. Ginny pouted in response. “Oh don’t worry Weasley, you’re a very cute drunk,” he assured her.

“I don’t get you Malfoy, one minute you’re teasing me about my family, the next you’re being nice and helping me sober up,” Ginny said, lifting the bottle as she spoke, using it to gesture.

“You don’t usually talk this much,” Draco stated curiously.

“How would you know?” Ginny asked as she drank more water.

Draco took the empty bottle and went to refill it. “Blaise told me, he said you’re both complete opposites,” he told her as he bought the bottle back.

Ginny started laughing as she took the bottle and drank more water. “I’m more of a bury it then burn the map and hope it never comes back again kind of girl,” she explained, drinking some more of her water. “Blaise is the let it all out to anyone who can’t run away fast enough kind of guy,” she drank again. “We get along like a house on fire,” Ginny joked.

“I don’t think you’re too quiet now,” Draco told her as he moved his chair so it was facing her and sat down.

“Well, if I was I wouldn’t say that I like the colour of your eyes, or that I think you have a cute butt, or that I like your hair. I definitely wouldn’t say any of that,” Ginny said firmly as she drank some more.

“If you remember any of this tomorrow, you’ll never drink again,” Draco told her, smirking.

“I don’t doubt that,” Ginny told him, smiling cheerily.

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