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Who's Playing Who? by dmhg4evr
Chapter 2 : Every girl has her breaking point
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As the Great Hall filled with students getting ready for the first feast of the New Year, Hermione met Harry and Ron at their table.

Harry smiled at her, “How’s your dormitory?”

Hermione grinned, “My bedroom is beautiful; It’s also huge! The only bad thing is that I have to share a common room with that git Malfoy. However, I do get my own bathroom, so I’m not complaining.”

Ron scowled, “I can’t believe you have to live with that prat.”

“I can’t believe he made Head Boy.” Hermione stated.

“Don’t worry Hermione, if he gives you any trouble, we’ll beat him to a bloody pulp.” Ron said matter-of-factly.

Harry grinned.

Hermione smiled, “Thanks guys, but I think I can deal with it myself. I plan on seeing him as little as possible.”

“Let’s talk about something other than the ferret.” Ron growled.

“Want to go see Hagrid after dinner?” Harry asked the other two.

“Oh, not tonight, I’m beat. After dinner, I was planning on going right to bed. How about tomorrow night?” Hermione said.

“Ok, that’s fine. I’m kind of tired too.” Harry agreed.

“Sounds good to me.” Ron said.


When everyone was settled McGonagall led the group of first years into the great hall and the sorting ceremony began. After all the first years were in at their new tables, Dumbledore stood up.

“For all of you first years, welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For everyone else, welcome to a new school year. First off, I would like to announce your new Head Boy and Girl for the year. From Gryffindor, Ms. Hermione Granger.”

Hermione stood up and blushed when the whole hall erupted with applause and cheers except from the Slytherin table; they all glared at Hermione, except for Draco and Blaise; they just grinned at each other.

Dumbledore continued, “And from Slytherin, Mr. Draco Malfoy.”

The whole Slytherin table thundered with applause when Draco stood up with a superior smirk on his face. Everyone else applauded politely, even the Gryffindors, though most of them were glaring at him.

Dumbledore went on with the rest of the announcements and then the great feast began.


After dinner, Hermione went to her dorm. Just before turning the corner, Hermione heard muffled voices.

“A whole summer is really too long to go without seeing each other at all. Don’t you agree?”

“Hmm-mm.” Draco said in between kisses.

“Draco, listen to me.”

“Pansy, there will be plenty of time for talking later.”

Hermione cringed, Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson were snogging right in front of the place she wanted to be. She clenched her teeth and walked right up to them.

“Do you mind taking this elsewhere? I need to get inside.”

The couple stopped kissing and looked right at Hermione and Pansy glared at her, “Mind your own business Mudblood.”

Hermione smacked Pansy right across the face, “I warned you about speaking to me like that Parkinson. I am Head Girl and you WILL show me some respect unless you want me to strip your house of ALL their points!”

Draco gave her an amused look.

Pansy held her reddening cheek, “How dare you, you filthy Mud…”

“Fifty points from Slytherin! Now get back to your common room before I deduct more points for being out after hours!”

Pansy looked at Draco, “Are you going to let her talk to me like that?” She demanded.

“I’m afraid she’s right Pansy.” Draco said, all the while looking at Hermione.

Pansy glared at both of them and stormed off.

Hermione had a triumphant smirk on her face as she watched Pansy disappear.

“Feel better Granger?” Malfoy asked.

“Yes, actually I do. Malfoy, if you insist on continuing where you left off with the female student body last year, could you please do it when I’m not around? I’d like to keep my dinner down, thank you.” Hermione stated.

“Jealous?” Malfoy smirked at her.

“Hardly.” Hermione rolled her eyes. She said the password, and the door opened right up. She walked in with Draco following close behind.

“You’ve chased away my entertainment for the night Granger. What am I supposed to do with my night now?” Draco asked.

Hermione noticed him giving her the once over and she glared at him, “What are you looking at Malfoy?”

“Perfection.” Draco simply said.

Hermione snorted, “That might work on the Slytherin whores, but it sure as Hell won’t work on me.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that Granger. Every girl has her breaking point; it’s only a matter of time before I find yours.” Having said that, Draco went to his room, shutting the door behind him.

Hermione stared at his door in disbelief, “Did Draco Malfoy just hit on me?” She asked herself. She just shook her head and went to her room.


The next morning, Hermione got up around nine. She picked out her clothes for the day and went to the bathroom. The portrait on the door was a woman of about thirty sitting under a tree reading a book.

She smiled at Hermione, “Good morning dear.”

“Good morning.” Hermione smiled. She whispered the password to the lady and went inside.

After she showered and dressed, she emerged from the bathroom just as Draco had emerged from his room. His pajamas consisted of a pair of dark green flannel bottoms and nothing more.

“Could you possibly put on a shirt next time you emerge Malfoy?” Hermione asked, rather annoyed.

Draco yawned and looked at her, “Do you have to be such a prude Granger?” He watched her for a second and then smiled, “Unless you’re having problems maintaining your excitement at the sight of me.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “I’m having problems maintaining my gag reflex at the sight of you.”

She marched passed him and out the door heading for breakfast.

Draco rolled his eyes and just went to his bathroom; it was too early to deal with her right now.


Hermione spent her day going over her schedule with Ron and Harry, reading over her new books, and just enjoying the fact that she was finally in her 7th year.

After dinner, Ginny came up to Hermione’s room to catch up on everything that had happened during the summer.

“I can’t believe you have to live with Malfoy all year. It’s going to be hell.” Ginny said.

“Tell me about it.” Hermione whined.

“I suppose you could do a lot worse.”

Hermione looked at Ginny like she’d gone crazy, “How’s that?”

“Malfoy is so hot!”

“Right.” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“You know he is. Him, Ron and Harry are the best looking guys in the school and you get to interact with all three of them on a daily basis. Two are your very best friends, and you’re living with the other one. There’s not a single girl…other than me who’s not incredibly jealous of you now. Ron is the adorable one, Harry’s the brave, handsome one, and Malfoy is the dangerous, hot one. You really do have it made you know.”

Hermione looked appalled, “You’re talking about my two best friends Ginny! They are like brothers to me. As for Malfoy, he’s just an insufferable git; hot or not.”

“So you admit he’s hot?” Ginny asked.

“I am not blind Ginny. I just have standards.”

“Your still the luckiest girl in the school.” Ginny concluded as she went to Hermione’s closet and started looking through it.

She pulled out a black clothing bag and held it up, “What’s this?”

Hermione looked at it, “Oh that. My cousin bought it for me this summer…like she thought that I’d actually wear it.”

Ginny opened the bag and gasped, “Oh wow! This dress is beautiful! Have you tried it on?”

“Why would I do that? I’m never going to wear it.”

“Why not? It’s amazing!”

“It’s not me.”

“I want to see you in it.”

“No way.”

“Oh come one, I won’t tell anyone. Aren’t you the least bit curious to see how it looks on you?”

Hermione looked at the dress for a minute, and then sighed, “Ok, but you have to promise that you won’t tell anyone about this!”

Ginny smiled, “I promise!”

Ginny turned around while Hermione quickly changed into the dress. She smoothed it out and then told Ginny to turn around.

Ginny’s jaw dropped, “Oh Hermione, you look gorgeous!”

Hermione smiled, “Really?”

“Yes!” She squealed.

Hermione slowly went over to her mirror. The dress was all black and had spaghetti straps. It hugged her tightly showing off all of her curves, and stopped just about three or four inches above her knees.

Hermione frowned, “I so do not have the body for a dress like this.”

Ginny scoffed, “Please tell me you’re kidding. That dress was made for you!”

“Dresses like this don’t look good on me.”

“Hermione, with or without the dress, you are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.”

Hermione smiled at her friend, “You’re sweet Ginny; crazy, but sweet.”

"You really have no idea how pretty you are, do you?”

Before Hermione could respond, she heard yelling outside her bedroom.

“Say that again Malfoy and that’ll be the last thing you ever say!”

“Ron, calm down.”

Hermione recognized Ron and Harry’s voices.

Forgetting that she was wearing the dress, Hermione threw open the door to find Harry standing behind Ron, who was pulling back like he was about to hit Draco who was right in front of him.

Hermione ran out of the room and screamed at Ron, “Ron, don’t!”

Ron put his fist down and the three boys turned to look at Hermione and their jaws dropped at the sight.

Hermione, however, didn’t even notice, “What are you doing?!”

After a moment of silence, Draco spoke, “What did I tell you Weasley?”

Ron tore his gaze away from Hermione and went to punch Draco, but Hermione grabbed his arm, “Stop! What’s going on?!” She demanded again.

Ron glared at Draco, “He said something about you.”

“He always says something about me!”

“Yea, but…never mind. What are you wearing Hermione?” Ron looked at her dress.

Hermione looked down at her dress then back at Ron, “It’s called a dress. I know, I know, it looks horrible on me.”

“That’s not the word I would use…” Harry said.

It does not look horrible Hermione! You look beautiful.” Ginny insisted.

Hermione couldn’t understand why everyone was making such a fuss. She could feel Draco’s gaze burning a hole through her. She looked at him just as he spoke, “Beautiful…well, that’s not what I’d call it.” Draco smirked.

Everyone glared at him and Ron and Harry saw the look Draco was giving Hermione and they both walked towards him with their fists clenched.

Hermione stood between them, “Stop it now!”

Hermione sighed, “What are you two doing here anyway?”

They shot one last glare at Malfoy then looked at Hermione, “Um…we are supposed to go do that thing, remember? You weren’t up to it last night.” Harry said, trying to jog Hermione’s memory.

“Oh! Right, that thing. Well, let me go change first.” She shot daggers at Malfoy, and then disappeared to change.

Ron turned to Malfoy, “If you ever look at her like that again, I’ll make it so you never see anything ever again.” He spat.

“Then maybe you should tell her to stop dressing like that.” Draco gave a superior smirk.

Hermione appeared again wearing simple khaki pants and a baby blue shirt, “Ok, let’s go.”

She glared at Malfoy once again then her, Ginny, Ron and Harry left the common room.

When the got outside, Hermione looked at Ron, “So what did Malfoy say that made you want to hit him?”

“He called you a slut.” Ron growled.

Hermione rolled her eyes, “That’s it? Ron, he’s called me a lot worse. Your temper is too short for your own good.”

“Well, you coming out in that…dress didn’t help anything.” Ron complained.

 “Ginny saw it in my closet and wanted to see how it looked, that’s all. I was a bit curious too. Don’t worry, you’ll never see it again.; It’s not me.”

Without another word, the three headed off to Hagrid’s hut.


To be continued…







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