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A World Without You by nextgenfan
Chapter 2 : When A Man Can't Back Down
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A/n: So here is chapter two, which is a little boring but only because there isn't enough James in it =]. You all probably know where this story is going, but I hope I can throw you for a loop somehow. Oh and if you couldn't tell I'm not British so please forgive me on my horrible use of British slang.

Disclaimer: I don't own it.


I felt someone's fingers graze my face, so I cuddled up to the shoulder I was laying on and put my arm around them. They tucked my hair behind my ear and I sighed, and as I was falling back asleep I swear I heard someone whisper something about olives.

When I woke up in the morning the first thing I realized was how uncomfortable I was considering I was sitting on the ground with my back hunched and my head on Matt's shoulder. I shook him lightly to wake him up.

“Matt, why did we fall asleep like this,” I said as I sat up and stretched my back not ready to open my eyes to the light, I had a headache like no other.

“Right Matt, should have known,” I heard a voice that definitely was not Matt's. My eyes shot open and I turned around to find James sitting there looking pretty peeved.

“James? What the hell,” I said and then last night came flying back to me. “Oh shit! What time is it?”

James pointed to a clock as he rubbed his eyes. The clock read 10:03.

“Shit, Shit, Shit,” I said looking around the room for my sweatshirt. When I found it I walked back over to James and grabbed his shirt. “One thing, we didn't do anything correct?”

“No Dell, I would never,” he said seriously, and I believed him because for some reason he respected Matt and I's relationship even if he hated the guy. It didn't even cross my mind that I had to ask him if we did anything, because I wasn't sure, and I should be sure that I wouldn't do anything with anyone except for Matt.

“Oh thank Merlin, but I got to go I'll see you later James,” I said running out of their room and back over to mine. There weren't many people in the common room which was pretty good because I didn't want rumors to get spread about me staying the night in the boys room. I hurried into the shower.

The reason Matt and I go to the library every Friday, and why I do my homework Friday nights is because every Saturday no matter what is going on we spend the day together, and I was late. I got out of the shower dried my hair and threw it in a braid then threw on his sweatshirt and a pair of white shorts, grabbed a blanket and ran downstairs.

I found Matt sitting in the great hall over at the Ravenclaw table reading the daily prophet.

“I'm so so so so so sorry, I'm a horrible girlfriend I know,” I said sitting down next to him. He looked up at me his face totally blank.

“There is no way someone as gorgeous as you could be a horrible girlfriend, especially when you look so hot in my sweatshirt,” he said with a smirk.

Thank god he wasn't mad.

I kissed him, and took hold of his hand leading him outside. We went to our tree on the grounds and I put the blanket down. He sat down with his back against the tree and I sat down in front of him between his legs leaning against his chest.

“So why were you late this morning,” he asked

“Well see the thing is, don't be mad, but me, the guys, and Rose got pissed last night, and I didn't end up waking up till about ten,” I said.

“Oh you just randomly decided to drink?”

“Yeah James was bored, and Rose came in looking like she needed it so I told her we should join in,”

“That was nice of you, putting up with a drunk Potter just to make your friend feel better,” he said laughing as I slapped him playfully.

“How were tryouts,” I asked him ready to change the subject because I didn't want to say how I slept on the floor next to James, and if you ever want Matt to change the subject just bringing up Quidditch was the way to do it.

“You will never believe how good our team is going to be this year,” he said getting excited. He explained the amazing new second year seeker who was really great and he thought could really compete with Albus, and about the new 4th year chaser who had a lot of potential.

“Your so cute when you get all excited about Quidditch,” I told him as I turned my head to look at him.

“Oh hush up,” he said flicking my nose.

“No I'm serious,”

“Well you are cute all the time,” he said.

Remember when I said we weren't one of those couples, well we really usually aren't but sometimes we get carried away, it is just sort of refreshing to show how much we care about each other.

“Want to go up?” he asked and I nodded. We stood up and I grabbed the blanket then we walked around to the back of the tree, and climbed up the ladder we placed there. We walked up to the opening of the tree that stored a flat surface surrounded by branches with blankets and pillows already on the ground. Matt found this tree in his 3rd year and showed me it a couple months after we started dating and we turned it into our own little den.

“Remember the first time I brought you here,” he asked

“Of course I do,” I said smiling and walking around the fort. It was our 4 month anniversary and he told me he had a surprise for me he blindfolded me and brought me here and there was a picnic set up in the tree and it was really romantic. On our six month we came here and I had been contemplating having sex with him and it just felt right so we did for the first time here. This was also where he first told me he loved me.

I turned and walked towards him wrapping my arms around his neck as his found his way around my waist.

“You make me so happy,” I said as I gazed into his warm blue eyes.

“You are too good for me,” he said and I shook my head. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and then brushed his hand across my cheek, it reminded me of last night which I wanted to get out of my head so I closed my eyes and kissed him.

Matt was a pretty good kisser, he wasn't amazing but almost the best I've ever kissed, it meant more though and left me with goosebumps so it was always nice.

As we kissed he took my hair out of it's braid and put his hands in it. He loved running his hands through my hair and did it quiet often, actually he did it every time we snogged. I moved my hands down his sides, pulled his shirt out of his pants and moved my hands under his shirt finding his fit stomach underneath. He kept one hand in my hair but brought the other down to my bum and pulled me closer to him as his back found a solid branch behind him.

I started to unbutton his shirt as I moved my mouth to his neck. I pushed his shirt off his body as his hand finally left my hair and found it's way under my sweatshirt. He pulled it up over my head and then smirked as he saw my bra which he loved because it was a bright blue his favorite color. While he didn't mind seeing me out of my bra when I was wearing this one he left it on a little bit longer than normal. We started kissing again as he rubbed his knuckles against my belly button and he then unbuttoned my shorts. He slid his hands under my knickers and brought them around to my bum squeezing it and making me laugh.

“That's it your gonna get it,” he said and I ran across the room and he chased after me, I tripped over a knot on the ground but landed on the pillows and brought Matt down with me. He held my arms down to my sides and brought his mouth to my stomach.

“Oh no please don't!” I said already laughing.

“You were asking for it laughing at me and all, so now your gonna get it, just like I said,” and then he put his lips down and blew with all his might tickling me harder then you could ever imagine.

“Stop, Stop please,” I said between laughs as he kept doing it.

“Not until you say your sorry,” he said.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry!” I said and he stopped but turned me on my side and grabbed my bum again.

“This bum is mine, and I get to squeeze it whenever I want,” he said.

“Yes master,” I said with a smile as I looked into his smiling eyes and thanked merlin I had such an amazing boyfriend.

“Weren't we in the middle os something,”

“That's right we were,” he said pulling me forward and attacking my lips with his, and the rest was history.

By the time dinner came around I was starving so I was basically running into the great hall pulling Matt along with me. Tonight it was our turn to sit at the Gryffindor table, so I looked for a seat and found two next to Rose who was sitting by herself.

“Hey Rose, how you feeling?”

“Oh hey Della, a little headache but not too bad,” she said with a forced smile.

“Where is Al, Lor and Ly?” Asked Matt, see while Matt and James hated each other him and Albus got along pretty well, which pissed James off even more.

I cursed not telling him why Rose was in bad mood last night because I'm sure that is why she was sitting alone.

“I don't know about the twins but as for Albus, see for yourself,” she said indicating the doors to the great hall. I looked up and my jaw just about hit the floor. There was Albus Potter walking into the great hall with none other than Scorpius Malfoy. Now this was interesting. Not only did he walk in with him but he was bringing Scorpius over with him too the Gryffindor table.

I saw Albus look in Rose's direction but she was probably the only person in the whole hall who wasn't staring at them so instead of coming to sit with us he went to sit by Lily, Hugo, and their friends.

“No way, I can't believe it. Is that Al's new friend you were talking about last night?” I asked her.

“Yes and he can't get enough of him. I mean honestly I wouldn't have a problem with the bloke if those two would actually open up when I'm around. I have tried hanging out with them and the freak just doesn't even talk! He will only talk to Albus and it's creepy, and when I pointed that out to Al he didn't even try to hear me out he just went ballistic on me and started yelling, so now he goes and hangs out with him instead of me,” she said as she cut the meat on her plate viciously.

“I'm sorry Rose, that must really suck. Especially at a time when you need your best friend the most.”

The next person to enter the great hall was James and Brayden who came over to where we were sitting. James understood that I switched tables with Matt and that we ate at both but most of the time when Matt sat with us either James tried to bother him or he just left us alone.

Today it was time for James to be his immature self and annoy him though.

“Ah hello there Ravendork,” James said using his favorite nickname for Matt.

“Potter,” Matt greeted trying as always to be the civilized one.

“So, how did you sleep last night, I know I slept great,” he said while I shot him a look that clearly said stop right now.

“Was that because you were drunk? Or because you were overly joyed that I had practice so my girlfriend had to hangout with you?” Matt said stressing the word girlfriend.

“You know as much as you practice you still wont be any good. I'm pretty sure it had to do with the sleeping arrangements though,” he said and as he wasn't stopping I kicked his shin under the table.

“Oops,” I said with a smirk.

“Dammit Dell, what the fuck was that for?”

“I don't know my foot must have just slipped,” I said with an innocent face.

“James just shut up and look at your younger siblings for a moment,” Brayden said. Brayden was a life saver seriously, he always knows when to distract James for me.

“What about them.... Oh you have got got to be kidding me? No way is that Slytherin scum sitting with my baby sister. I could care less about him around Al but that creep better not start corrupting my little Lily flower's mind,” he said. And there you have it, James is extremely overprotective of his sister. It's a little scary actually, especially because it's not like she needs it. Lily can most definitely take care of herself.

What followed was one of the most dramatic dinners I had ever seen. James being the idiot that he is got up and walked over to where they were sitting.

“Oi Malfoy, mind scooting away from my precious baby sister for a moment,” he said a scowl clearly on his face.

“Is there a problem James,” he asked politely.

“It's Potter to you snake, we are not on a first name basis. And yes there is a problem, I would like it if you stayed away from Lily, we don't need her getting some freaky serpent disease now do we. Her mind is a little to innocent and pure for you to be stirring Slytherin thoughts in her head.”

And then things got a little scary, because remember last night when I said Albus was scary when he was mad? Well add in a pissed of Lily and James and things will get down right terrifying. I don't know if their tempers came from Harry or Ginny, but man did those Potter kids have some nasty ones.

I have never seen such an intense yelling match in my entire life. I had to give props to their parents because no way was their house ever peaceful when they were younger.

First Lily went off on him for being able to make her own decisions. Then James said that she was too young to be making decisions yet and that when it came to Malfoy it was a family thing. Then Lily started defending him, in which James continued to ridicule poor Scorpius. This is when Albus finally got thrown into it telling James he was an “insufferable prat who needed to stick his head out of his arse,” and James started blaming Al for being the cause of the problem. Then Albus told him to just shut up and mind his own business and James said it was family business. Al and Lily both started talking about how James needed to stop acting like he was their Dad. James told them all to stop making such stupid decisions and he wouldn't have to. Al told him that he would rather be friends with Scorpius than James' brother. James said he didn't even care if Al was hanging out with the freak but he just didn't want Lily brought into it, he said he had given up on Albus having good judgment on people when he started talking to Matt. Al just started screaming curses at him. And James ended the argument by telling Albus that he was done trying to convince him but if he needed proof that he was in the wrong he should just look at the brightest witch his age and best mate and see how this is hurting her, and walked off pulling a fuming and cursing Lily along with him.

Rose cursed under her breath as people started looking her way. Albus stood stunned for a while then turned towards Rose as well but all he saw was her gathering her things and standing up to leave.

“Rose wait,” he called after her as he followed her out the door.

“Well that was dramatic,” I said putting another carrot in my mouth.

“Yeah and Potter just had to bring me into it,” Matt grumbled.

After dinner we headed to the Ravenclaw common room to finish our day together. At first some of Matt's house mates were a little wary of having me in their common room but after a while people really didn't have a problem with me being there.

“Hey Gryff,” Matt's best friend Tavis said as we sat down on the couches. They have been calling me that since they met me. Tavis was a funny guy, he was on the Quidditch team with Matt and extremely smart, but not annoyingly so like most Ravenclaws are. He had shaggy brown hair and eyes, and glasses as well. Plus he had a little bit of facial hair, I think it was because he was a bit scrawny so he wanted to prove he was a man, which just added to him being hilarious.

“Ah dang, and here I was hoping you were going to keep him away from us all day,” said a smiling Brynn who looked a lot like Matt, it was kind of ridiculous,I mean I know they are twins but this was pretty exact. Even though she looked like him she was still very feminine and quiet pretty herself.

“Well I'm glad to know you all missed me so much,” Matt said.

“So how are the rest of the Gryffies doing?” Rory Chang asked. Rory was a tall Asian boy who was also very smart. He was really shy when I first met him and it took a while for him to start talking to me, but when he did I found him insightful and surprisingly jolly.

“Well right now a little hectic, I'm sure you saw that wonderful display at dinner. James is his usual git self, Brayden is still the one who always saves me, Miles still going with the flow, and Liam still being a goof.”

“And you still hanging out with only guys,” said Brynn's friend Lisle in a clearly condescending tone, who was one of those annoyingly smart Ravenclaws that only fellow Ravenclaws could put up with. She had a mousy sort of face and boring brown hair and eyes, and wasn't my biggest fan, like most of the girls in this school.

“I can't help it if all the other girls are jealous bints,” I said.

“What is there to be jealous of?”

“Oh I don't know, you know James Potter the guy 90% of the girls either want to, or have shagged he just happens to be my best mate. Or maybe it's the fact that I have an extremely hot, sweet boyfriend who is amazing at just about everything. Could be one of those things possibly.” I said sarcastically.

Lisle just huffed and got up from the couch.

“So I'm extremely hot am I?” Matt asked putting his arm around me and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively making us all laugh.

“Barf-o-rama, I am pretty sure she was just trying to make a point brother dear,” Brynn said, making us laugh even harder.

Soon I looked around the common room and saw Lorcan sitting by himself in the corner and I decided to go talk to him about Rose.

“Hey hon I'll be right back,” I said to Matt as I got up and walked over.

“This seat taken?” I asked him as he looked up surprised.

“Ah hey Dell, yeah sure go ahead,” he said with the same forced smile I saw on Rose earlier.

“So Lor, what's on your mind, couldn't be a certain red headed house mate of mine could it?” I asked with a knowing look.

“Yeah actually, I assume you know we kissed,” he said.

“She told me something like that happened, so how do you feel about it,”

“The thing is, that kiss was amazing, the best kiss I have ever had, and I really do like Rose, a lot. I mean she is basically perfect, she is so kind, a genius, beautiful, funny, and she just gets me,”

“Alright, alright I get it Rose is a doll. So what's the problem?” I asked.

“Her family. I mean don't get me wrong I love the Weasley clan and their crazy antics but you know as well as I do how overprotective they can be. They even gave Teddy a hard time and he is Harry's godson. Plus Bill is a lot less scary than Ron is. I mean Ron always said there was no one good enough for his little Rosie. Plus I have no idea how Albus is going to react, and I haven't told Lysander about it yet, and I have never kept anything from him before,”

Obviously a lot was going on in his head.

“Lorcan look, I know the Weasley's can be intimidating but you are basically a part of their family and once they see how much you care about Rose nothing else will matter. Albus is one of your best friends of course he will be happy if you guys are. As for your brother do you really see Lysander getting upset that you like Rose? And another thing, If you think that none of us ever noticed how you guys look at each other you have got to be crazy, because we all knew this was going to happen eventually,” I told him. After I told him that we sat in silence for a little while longer, him thinking about everything I had just said, and me just sitting there waiting for a response.

“You know, your right. I'm going to go find Rose now, mind telling me the Gryffindor password?”

“Of course, it's Buckbeat. Go get your girl,” I said with a genuine smile. I walked back over to Matt and found him yawning as I sat down on his lap.

“Why did you need to talk to Lorcan?” Matt asked.

“I might have been playing matchmaker, we will just have to see how well I did,” I said.

“Did Lorcan finally man up and ask out Rose?” Tavis asked.

“Hopefully,” I said, as I saw Matt yawn again.

“You ready to go to bed?” He said after his yawn.

“If you are,” I said with a smile.

“Alright night everyone,” Matt said as he stood up with me in his arms and carried me upstairs.

“You are crazy,” I said through my laughs as he kicked open his door and brought me over to his bed. He pulled his curtains back and his blankets down then set me down as I took of my shorts and he stripped down to his boxers then hopped into bed with me. I cuddled up to him and realized that this bed is a lot more comfortable than the floor was last night.

“Love you Della,” he said kissing me goodnight.

“Love you too Matthew,”

I woke up my head on a nice warm pillow that was my boyfriends chest. I felt his arm placed protectively around my waist holding me close to him. I breathed in his scent and smiled, he always smelled delicious. I sat up to see him still sleeping peacefully, and he looked so bloody cute I couldn't help the smile from spreading across my lips.

I pushed his hair back from his face and kissed his forehead hating to wake him but wanting to see his gorgeous blues.

“Mmm, that is definitely nice to wake up too.” Matt said as he started to stir he rolled over and pulled me down with him tangling us up together. He then buried his face in my hair and wrapped his arms around me.

“Just trying to remember you since this is all I get to see of you today,” he murmured to me. Which was true after our Saturday's together we spent Sunday's with the rest of our friends in our houses.

“Like you could forget,” I said pulling his head out of my hair and close to mine kissing him deeply.

“Okay, okay I got to go,” I said jumping out of his bed and pulling on my shorts, thankful that all his roommates were already out of the room so they didn't see my in my knickers. I walked out of the room and all the way to the Gryffindor tower.

“Well don't you look lovely this morning, how is that walk of shame treating you?” James asked sitting in a chair with his arms crossed.

“Oh sod off James, it is not a walk of shame, that would only be if I was coming from your bed,” I said.

“You mean like yesterday morning?”

“That was from your floor not your bed, you little fuck,” I said.

I really loved calling people fucks, it was quiet amusing. I walked up the stairs ending that conversation and showered and changed walking back down and finding James sitting in the same spot I walked by him trying to make him think I was ignoring him but then I decided to ease up on him.

“Well are you coming or not?” I called over my shoulder as I walked out of the common room.

“Coming, coming my queen,” he said a smile lighting up his face as he followed me out. We walked down to breakfast arms linked together and laughing the whole way.

James would definitely be considered my best mate even over Matt, we just got along so well. Even if he was a prat most of the time he was quiet funny and there was never a boring moment with James. We didn't tell each other everything and we didn't really have serious talks that often but I wasn't someone who generally was serious myself so it worked. I also knew that if I ever needed him to be serious for me he would be.

I definitely had a lot of guy friends, but I just got along better with guys considering they didn't bitch about stupid things every two seconds. It wasn't that I was a tomboy, I enjoyed being a girl and girly things but I just couldn't stand the pettiness that was clear in most teenage girls minds.

There was also the fact that I didn't trust girls, or women, or females, mainly just because of my family history and I know that sounds odd because usually girls didn't trust men, but for me it was opposite. Women can be extremely hurtful if they want to be, yes they may not be able to take a romantic love away from you but they are capable of breaking your hearts in other manners.

Plus most of the girls in the school hated me, I mean I really am not lying when I say that they all think me and James are secretly dating or something as equally bizarre as that. Some of the rumors I have heard about be are ridiculous but also quiet amusing. I have been accused of everything from putting James under a love spell, to being part veela, to being an evil gypsy trying to kill all the attractive male wizards in Hogwarts. When girls do actually man up and talk to me, it is usually to ask me a question about James, and well who would base a friendship off of that?

So I mainly just stuck to boys, who didn't believe those things, and Brynn, Rose, and Lily, with them Matt as the best boyfriend ever, and James as my best mate I didn't need anything else

“You will never guess who came to me last night practically begging me to shag her,” he said.

“Was it Ellie?”




“That Spencer girl?”


“Ann Macmillan?”


“Jaslene Zabini?”

“Do you really think a Slytherin would beg?”

“Hm, that sluttly fifth year Amanda something or other?”


“Oh I give up who was it?”

“Lisle Brown,” he said with a smirk.

“Ew I cannot believe you would do that, but of course she would, she was probably trying to piss me off,”

“Now you sure she just didn't want a little piece, or maybe a big piece of me,”

“Ah I didn't mean it like that I'm sure she did it's just we got in a fight last night because she said something about me only being friends with guys so I said she was just jealous and she got up with a huff, she was probably trying to steal you away or something bizarre like that,”

And James started laughing hysterically.

“What is so funny?” I asked.

“Just how bizarre that idea really is, a mousy little slut stealing me away from you, no anyone stealing you away from me, no way,”

“Well I'm glad to hear you say so,” I said giving him a genuine smile because how often was James this sweet.

“Seriously Della you know no girl will ever replace you right?” He said taking my hand from across the table.

“Yeah James I know, until you find the girl you fall in love with,” I said which made him laugh again.

“Like I said no one will ever replace you,” he said. Taking his hand from mine finally. I rolled my eyes because of course James would think he was never going to fall in love.

“You coming to our Quiddtich practice today?” James asked.

“Well I don't got anything else to do it is my Gryffie day,” I said.

“You act like you don't want to come watch us stud's”

“Well true Albus is a stud, as is Wood, but then I also have to look at you,” I said faking disgust.

“Oi that hurts Delly,” James said grabbing his heart, and making me laugh again.

I was sitting in the bleachers enjoying the nice weather as the Gryffindor team played. Miles and Liam were sitting with me as both of them didn't play either but the conversation was light. The team was a little more than half a part of the Weasley clan but as we won the cup last year and the newest Weasley was much better than the player they replaced no one was complaining. Wood was Keeper of course, James was captain and Chaser, with a 6th year Cara David, and a 5th year Reece Hoobs. Albus was seeker and he was pretty good. Rounding off the team were the beaters who were two more Weasley's Fred who was a 3rd year and his sister Roxanne who was a 2nd year. People were surely going to underestimate them because of their size but the fact was that they definitely packed a punch, it was in their genes.

At the end of their practice the Ravenclaw team was walking up as it was their turn to have the pitch. To prevent something bad from happening I jumped over the railing and ran towards where they had just met.

“Really Hilton, a second year seeker? You think that is going to stand up to Al?” James said.

“At least the seeker is supposed to be small and I don't put my second year cousin as a beater. What are you trying to do make there be less Weasley's so that you can be more famous?” Matt replied, as I finally reached them and ran to stand in front of James facing Matt.

“Come on guys, this is not going to solve anything,” I said.

“Stay out of this Della, this is Quidditch business,” Matt said without taking his eyes off James.

“Matt I'm not going anywhere so you better just leave this alone,” I said.

“He's right Della, this doesn't concern you,” James said.

“I don't care what you two say this is not going to happen, so just walk away now James,” I said.

“That's what is not going to happen Della,” he said.

“Why not Potter, you sure do listen to everything else she says. Hanging onto her every word and all,” Matt said.

“At least I'm not whipped,” James said with a sneer.

“Oh your whipped Potter which makes it a lot more pathetic considering your not the one dating her, I am,” Matt said.

“Seriously guys stop,” I said but it seemed they didn't even hear me.

“Right I forgot she preferred pissy wankers. But you have one problem with your point their Ravendork, I am definitely not whipped,” James said.

“If she preferred wankers she would be with you, but see unlike most imbecile Gryffindors Della actually has a brain,” Matt said.

“Nice trying to sound smart there, are you trying to impress us all, because it's not working, all we see is a giant fuck,” James said. Obviously he liked calling people fuck's too, I almost laughed when he said it but was too pissed off to find it funny that he also liked using my favorite word, and my boyfriend was the one being called a fuck which also was not okay.

“Funny how most people associate that with you, considering that's all your good for, keeping the whores of this school busy,” Matt said.

“Oh you mean whores like your girlfriend?” James asked.

You see now the thing about me is that I don't get angry too often, but because of that it sort of just builds up inside of me and then once it reaches it's limit I blow my top. I'm not too pretty when I blow my top either, I usually scream for awhile, and by awhile I mean about an hour. After that though I'm fine, I usually just go back to being normal and all. It's quiet weird but hey it's how I work. And well I was about to blow my top, and by about to I mean I was currently going to blow my top.


A/n: The next chapter is fun although kind of short, but I will post it soon. I just would like more views, and reviews, those would be nice =]. So what do you think so far? Starting out good? Where do you want it to go? Who do you want to see more of?

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