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Opposites attract by adluvshp
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Some more surprises
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Chapter 3: Some more surprises

Hermione’s P.O.V

“So the prefect’s meeting is done now and I think we all should go and change into our dress robes seeing that we are dressed in muggle clothes.” Hermione was saying to all the prefects (Dean, Seamus, Luna etc…) present there.

 “Ok then…bye Hermione…see you…”
“Bye Seamus.” She replied.
“By the way, All the best for your speeches.”
“Thanks Dean.” Hermione said with a smile.

 “You’re welcome.”

 He waved and went.

 Some silence and then,

 “Would you mind going out of here Granger?”

 “Why should I? It’s my compartment too!” Hermione replied indignantly.

 “Fine then! Be it if you want me to change right in front of you.” Malfoy replied with a playful smirk.
 “Er…I’ll go…thank you!” Hermione said and rushed out of the compartment. Why had she been so foolish!
And why was she blushing. Something odd was happening to Hermione Granger but she was not ready to accept it.

Draco’s P.O.V

“Granger acts so foolish sometimes yet she is so smart and sweet…Hold on…Granger and sweet…NO WAY!...All this is because of that day when Granger saved me in the room of requirement. I wish she had never saved me…Because since that day, all I have been doing is thinking that Granger is so sweet, so nice, so generous, so intelligent, so hot…and STOP IT Draco!”

 Some odd things were happening to Draco Malfoy too but yet again, he didn’t want to accept it.

After Hermione had changed into her school robes, combed her bushy hair and had pinned her head girl badge neatly on her top, she decided to collect her luggage from the compartment she had been earlier sitting in.

 “Oi! Where are you taking your luggage? I thought you were going to spend the journey with us?”

“Oh Ron! Unfortunately, I will have to spend my journey with Malfoy because he is head boy, and we have to discuss a few things, and then I have to rehearse my speech too.” Hermione replied.
 “Oh ok…all the best for the speech.” Ron said.
 “Yeah…I know you will rock on the stage Hermione.”

“Thanks a million Linda! Now, I’d better get going.” She told them and went away to the heads compartment.

 “Ah Granger! You came finally. I thought you would take a decade.”

 “Really Malfoy? But I am sorry to say that I am not like your numerous girlfriends who will take ages to dress up so that you can be impressed.” Hermione retorted.

 “Anyways, Just blabber whatever you want to ‘discuss’ and then I guess, we can buzz off!”

 “Yeah sure…I’ll be delighted to do that. Starting with the rules and regulations, we must inform the students…”
Hermione started talking, not even noticing that Malfoy was far too lost in staring at Hermione to understand a word.

“So what do you think?” Hermione questioned him after she had finished ‘droning on’.

 “What?! - Oh…Oh yeah! The plan’s good. Although I didn’t expect it to be this good.” Malfoy replied, hardly knowing what he was agreeing to.

 “Thanks. I never thought you could compliment someone.” Hermione replied looking modest.

 “Well, you will soon come to know many things which I can do, and which you had never thought of.” Draco smirked.

 Before Hermione could reply, Hogwarts express came to a halt with a loud hoot.

 “I would better hurry. Bye…Malfoy!” 

Hermione said and was about to step out of the compartment, when she heard Malfoy say,

 “Where will you meet me?”

 “Excuse me! What did you just say?” Hermione asked shockingly, not sure if she’d heard right.

 “Er…I meant that since we are supposed to see Dumbledore together, we must meet. Isn’t it?” He said looking down at his shoes.
‘Malfoy is looking down?! I thought he was the one who always held his head high and walked! And that too, when he is talking with a ‘mudblood’. He is surely changed…and did I just see embarrassment in his eyes?’ Hermione was thinking.

 “So what do you say?” Draco said, breaking into Hermione’s thoughts.
“Er…yeah…I’ll just wait for you near the carriages. Don’t be late.”
“Ok!” he replied and hurried off.

 Malfoy got down and walked near the carriages when he saw the brunette waving at him.
“Woah Granger! Never knew you ‘wave’ like a 2-year old, bobbing up and down, just like you do when you have to answer a question in class.”

“Just Shut Up Malfoy! I just waved at you so that you could recognize me from a distance but since you are only interested in insulting me, then I don’t think there will be need to talk to you. I don’t know how you are so insufferable!” Hermione said angrily and stormed off.

‘How could I have even thought that Malfoy has changed? He is still the same arrogant git! I just hate him! Idiot!’ Hermione was thinking furiously.

 She didn’t know but her feet had already carried her to the gargoyle outside Dumbledore’s office.

  She stood there stupidly not knowing the password.
“Puking- pastilles.” A panting voice said.
Hermione turned to find Malfoy standing there, panting. Couldn’t she get rid of him already?

 The gargoyle opened itself to reveal  Dumbledore’s office.

 He sat there stroking Fawkes gently.

 “Welcome Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger. I am glad that you came on time as in 5 minutes we are meant to go to the great hall. But before that, I want to give you news which, I am sure, after hearing you’ll be delighted. I want you to include the surprise in your speech too.”
“Yes Professor.” They both replied together.

 “Well, at the end of the year, Hogwarts will organize a ‘dance’. In the ‘dance’ some selective seventh years, both new and old, are supposed to perform, and Hogwarts is appointing a teacher to teach those who don’t know ‘salsa’ as that will be the dance you will be performing. But most importantly, it is compulsory for the Head Boy and the Head Girl to perform it together perfectly.”

 There was a silence after Dumbledore had finished his small speech, in which Dumbledore looked intently upon his two students.

 “I am ready professor.” Hermione replied meekly.

 “And you Mr. Malfoy? You agree to dance with Ms. Granger?”

 Hermione was sure he would disagree, but to her astonishment,

 “I have no objection, Sir.” He said.

 “Good. And I know that both of you know some basics of Salsa, so I don’t think it will be that difficult. Do you?”

 “Er…No Professor. I am sure it will be fun.” It was Malfoy.

 “Yes Professor…I completely agree with Malfoy.” Hermione said throwing a look at him.
 “Good then. Please remember to include this information in your speeches, as I want the Head Girl and Head Boy to disclose the information to the school. I am sure it will be a great surprise to all of them. And… best of luck!” Dumbledore said with a gleam in his eye.

 “Thank you Professor.”

 “Thanks a lot, Sir.”
 “Oh…and Ms. Granger?”
 “Yes Professor?”

 “I’m sure you value your badge a lot…so please maintain civility between you and Mr. Malfoy…It’s going to be difficult seeing your…er…history…but I’m sure you both will make it through…”
 “Sorry to be rude sir, but are you implying that if we…don’t…be civil towards each other, we might lose our badges?” Draco asked disbelievingly.
 “Sadly, yes Mr. Malfoy…it has been a Hogwarts rule since ages and I can’t change it…though of course Hogwarts has never had such an odd pair of heads either…”

 Dumbledore smiled and got up to exit the room. Hermione and Draco followed suit, little knowing that this piece of information was going to change their life forever.

A/N: Hey friends, Thanks so much for reading. The story is going to pick up lots of excitement from Ch-6 onwards so don't forget to keep reading!! and please DO REVIEW...!! I love your reviews...!! Thanks so much again and move on to the next chapter (okay i m sounding pretty desperate but i really do want you people to move on to the later chapters and let me know what you think). THANKS!

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