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Music to My Ears by thesarcasticflirt
Chapter 2 : Two
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  Reminder: Everything a Hogwarts student or teacher says is SUNG. I change the word because repeating ‘sung’ or ‘sang’ or ‘singing’ it gets kind of old after a while. 

Go read now please. Ta-ta!!


  I woke up early and wrote a letter to Boare, explaining everything. I got dressed in my uniform and headed towards the Owlry. I hadn’t slept good last night. Everything I dream about, even if it was good seemed oddly nightmarish. I woke up after each, unable to remember what happened. I always hated having dreams.

  I picked out a simple barn owl that was the school’s. In a whisper, I explained to it what I wanted it to do. It nodded and pecked at my fingers. I stayed up here for a while until I heard voices coming up. I sighed at the owl and retraced my steps down to the first level of the Owlry. Four boys were singing. I gently slipped past them but I felt eyes on me. I had seventeen days left until all eyes would be on me.

  I shuddered at the thought.

  They were serving breakfast now so I went to the Great Hall. I checked my homework again to see if there were any changes to be made. Three years ago I learned that if you turn in some projects or certain homework pieces you could get extra points added to your homework grade. Plus, if you turned it in early, you might be able to get one day where you don’t have any homework.

  The owls swooped in. I looked up and watched as the barn owl dropped off the letter in front of Boare. She hesitantly opened it and read it. She looked up and her eyes met mine. She nodded. I went back to eating. Elinor’s black and white owl landed in front of me. I rubbed behind its head and grabbed the letter. I read it three times.

  My little bird,

  I think it’s a fantastic idea of Dumbledore’s to have a singing competition. Yes, most likely the media will be present to comment. The whole wizardry world knows about the spell/curse on the school. This is a great opportunity to show that when you give Hogwarts lemons, they’ll make lemonade.

  You and I are the only ones in our big family that can truly sing. Do not let your fear of attention overpower your love to sing.
Let yourself be heard. I can give you hundreds of ideas that might help but they might not. I’ll be there to hear you sing; find me and pretend that it’s just you and me. Sing to me. Ignore the rest of the audience. That is the best advice I can give you for now.

                                                                                     Your favorite aunt,


  P.S. I’ve talk with your parents; you’re spending Christmas with me!

  P.P.S. Let your voice be heard, little bird.

  I smiled at the letter. She was truly my favorite aunt. Every family member that sent me a letter concerning the singing spell/curse said the exact same thing, “Let your voice be heard, little bird.” I quickly wrote my reply and sent it off with the black and white owl before heading off to class.

  All day, I watched as Sirius Black talked to every girl in the school. Once the girl shook her head, he sighed audibly and walked away. He was searching for me.

  After singing class, I walked up to the castle at my own pace. Sirius Black stayed behind. Somehow, without my full knowledge, my feet had led me straight to Boare’s room. I patiently leaned against the wall and waited.

  Her room was simple. This room that I’m currently in was more of an office type thing with a light purple circular rug in the center. A small, brown love seat sat on top of it. Bookshelves were on one side of the room. Across the room from them was a door which assumed led to her bedroom. A big window was behind her desk. I stared out it.

  The door opened and Boare stepped through it. She waved her wand at the door, I guess putting a sound-proof spell on it.

  “Would exactly do you mean someone found out about your voice?” she sang in disbelief. I explained to her what happened as she sat in her chair and 

  “Oh. Well, he doesn’t know who you are so I assume we’re safe,” she sang. I nodded. She directed me to sit so I did.

  “First, we need to work on your song,” she began. “Do you have any idea of what you want it to be about?”

  I shook my head. She sighed.

  “Many girls are singing songs about love. I think you’d wish to be more original?”

  I thought for a moment before nodding. She rubbed her temples.

  “I have no entire clue of what you can sing, my dear,” she sang. I sighed.

  “Professor, I need help. I have too much to worry about. I don’t want to have to worry about a song, too,” I sang. She sighed again.

  “You obviously don’t need any help with singing unlike many other students. Just go relax and read or whatever. A week before the ball, come back here and we’ll work more on a song. Sounds good?” she asked. I nodded and left for the library.

  I was in an aisle with a book in front, searching this one rare ingredient I needed for my extra credit potions essay. I heard the Marauders singing and I saw them out of my peripheral vision. I was on the end closest to them.

  “What about that girl?” James sang in a whisper, pointing to the black-haired girl a ways down from me. They completely skipped over me.

  “No, her hair seems too plain,” Sirius answered in the same tone. “But I can’t remember her voice.”

  “She might be her,” Peter sang. “Go ask her.” 

  Remus sat there with a smile. Sirius stood up and walked to the girl.

  “Hi,” he sang.

  “Hey,” she sang back, smiling.

  “I need you to sing for me; I’m trying to find the right girl to go to the ball with,” he lied. I saw her grin.

  “What do you want me to sing?” she asked. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw him take out a folded piece of parchment. He handed it to her. She sang it.

  It was my song! It was the second song I sang! How in the world did he remember it?! I realized that my jaw had fallen open slightly. I closed it with a snap. I saw him shake his head then take the paper and walk away.

  “Am I the girl?” she asked singing.

  “No,” he answered flatly. She huffed then stomped off.

  “She isn’t her,” Remus sang. Sirius hit him and Remus laughed.

  “Who the bloody hell is she then?!” he sang in a whisper, annoyed.

  “You haven’t asked that girl,” he sang, nodding towards me. Ignoring the eyes I felt on me, I closed the book, replaced it and grabbed another one. I opened it and walked towards them to get to my table. Their bags and books were thrown all over the ground. Reading, I gently stepped over them and got to my table. Their eyes were still on me. I saw Sirius shake his head.

  “No, I’ve seen her around; she’s too quiet. This girl’s voice was . . . was extraordinary. So the girl must be extraordinary,” Sirius reasoned.

  “Never judge a book by its cover,” Remus told him with a slight smile. Sirius rolled his eyes.

  “Yeah, we’ve already learned that, Mr. Werewolf,” he sang. James hit him while all their eyes went wide. After swearing, Sirius slapped his hands over his mouth. They looked at me.

  Of course, I already knew that Remus was a werewolf. It was quite obvious if you were smart enough. Half the parents here would have a fit if they knew. Remus was possibly the kindest, sweetest, nicest guy here, why would I want him kicked out and possibly hunted down by prejudice parents? I only told Elinor but I was scared of her reaction. She had smiled at me and told me that she wasn’t surprised; his parents were good people and would raise their child well. She wasn’t surprised that he was a werewolf or that he was a nice werewolf. She was sorry for him but glad he was happy with his friends.

  The Marauders sighed with relief. 

  “I swear, Sirius, one of these days, I’m going to kill you,” Remus promised. Sirius gave him a small smile.

  “Until then,” he replied, singing.

  Days passed by and they turned into a week. Today was a Hogsmeade day. Dumbledore had given us Hogsmeade days every weekend up till the ball to shop for an outfit. I was unusually ecstatic about going today. Elinor was actually in Hogsmeade this weekend! I stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror, brushing my hair. I decided it style it the way she liked it best.

  Lily Evans, one of my roommates and James’ love (or so he said), who was Head Girl walked in the bathroom. I nodded politely at her. She began add to little eyeliner she wore.

  “Are you going on a date or something? You look really happy,” she observed. I smiled softly at her and shook my head.

  “I forgot you don’t talk much,” she sang. Her voice was soft and sweet, like bells. Once I was done, I nodded at Lily and went down to the Great Hall, my hands in my pockets since I didn’t have a bag or a book to occupy them with. I sat down in my spot and ate. Weirdly, I was one of the last people in there.

  Dumbledore stood up and cleared his throat. The Hall fell silent.

  “There is one more thing it seems I have forgotten,” he sang. “The Christmas Ball will be a masquerade ball. So when you are shopping today, please do not forget your masks. Have fun singing! Goodbye!” He sat down.

  Masquerade. At least no one will know who I am, I mused lightly.

  I joined the sea of students filing out to Hogsmeade. I stayed my distance from everyone but somehow, I wound up in the easy hearing distance of the Marauders.

  “Ugh! This is going to be even harder to find her!” Sirius groaned, singing.

  “No, it won’t, Padfoot,” James sang in comfort. “You only know what she 
sounds like. Not what she looks like.”

  “Yeah,” Peter sang, “and you’ve already asked and heard about half the girls here. Before the day of the ball you’ll know exactly who she is.”

  “She’ll probably even be your date,” James sang. Remus chuckled. Their eyes whipped to him.

  “What’s so funny, mate?” Sirius sang.

  “Nothing, just the way you’re going you’re never going to find her,” he sang amused.

  “Oh shut up. I’ll find her, I swear I will.”

  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. He was so obsessed about finding out who I was. Or rather, who that girl he heard singing was. By now we were in Hogsmeade. I spotted Elinor easily. She was arguing with a man on the side of the road. It was also easily to tell who was wining the fight. Certainly not him! Her light brown eyes found me. A smile lit up her face. Her brown hair framed her face. She said something to man one last time before walking over to me. I realized with a flood of embarrassment that the Marauders were staring at me. I sucked in a deep breath then let it go as Elinor wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her back.

  “Oh, my darling! I’m so glad to see you! We have much to talk about. Oh! And you see that old man over there,” she said, pointing to the man she was just arguing with. I nodded with a smile, knowing she’d go straight into a funny story.

  “So I was walking by when he asked me something. It was really quiet so I asked him to repeat it. He asked me if I’d seen his marbles. I replied with a very confused no then he had the nerve to glare at me and accuse me of stealing his marbles! I told him that I was not stupid enough to steal anything. He accused me of lying and thief! 

  “Oh, darling, I was about to snap his neck! I told him that he was the liar and the thief. He said that he had lost his marbles a long time ago. I replied with a ‘can’t lose what you never had’. Well, that was just the cherry on top, I tell you! He started yelling at me and throwing accusations at me. Once again, I was about to snap his neck. Then I saw you. I turned to him one last time and told him that he needed to find his marbles before he fell off his rocker.”

  I covered my mouth with my hand while I giggled hysterically. She looked at me, disappointed. She tapped her foot.

  “I was really hoping much more sympathy from my darling, little bird but obviously I shouldn’t have hoped,” she said. I giggled harder. “Come, come, tea and cookies call to us, darling!” She grabbed my wrist and pulled me past the shocked faces of the Marauders. I couldn’t contain my giggles any more; I laughed. Their faces and Elinor’s story was going to make me have to use the bathroom in a little bit. She pulled me into a quaint little tea shop where I got many stares and many of them left.

  The waitress came over and Elinor ordered for us. She leaned towards me as if waiting for a juicy secret to be spilled.

  “So who were those boys who found my story so amusing?” she asked. I blushed lightly and leaned closer.

  “They’re the Marauders I’ve told you about,” I sang in just a whisper.

  “Ah, name them for me please,” she demanded. The waitress sat our tea and warm cookies down. I grabbed a cookie. “Thank you,” she said as the waitress left.

  “The smallest and roundest one is Peter Pettigrew, can’t sing to save his life,” I sang in the same tone as before. She giggled lightly. I smiled. “The brown haired one is Remus Lupin; he can sing pretty well. The black haired boy with the glasses is James Potter; he has a nice voice, too. The last one is Sirius Black; his voice is really good and he knows it too.”

  “He was the best looking, no offense to the rest,” she said. “There seems to be more you wish to share.” She raised an eyebrow. I shifted in my seat and quietly explained to her all that had happened since my last letter.

  “So Sirius Black is trying to find the girl with the amazing voice that makes birds stop singing,” Elinor summed up. I blushed. “That’s kinda creepy,” she realized.

  I laughed and nodded. “But it’s weird; he won’t give up. Remus knows who he’s talking about, he knows it’s me but he won’t tell Sirius. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful but I’m confused. It’s just a voice of a girl who can sing.”

  “It’s not that, my little bird,” she argued softly, “it’s a mystery to him. This one girl has a voice like no other. He wants to know who this girl is. Let us say you hear someone in the forest singing. He has this wonderful voice but you don’t know who the owner is. You must find out. You couldn’t find him so you give up but while you’re lying there in bed the voice comes back to you. You can’t remember it to perfection but it’s there, taunting you, you need to know whose voice it belongs to. You know you won’t ever have a decent night’s sleep until you find this guy. That’s what’s probably going through his head. Do you understand a bit better now?”

  I nodded and quietly sang, “I think so.”

  She patted my hand. “Good. Let’s go shopping now.”

  I grinned at her and we went into the dress shop across the street. She dragged me to the back. I stared at her; the prettiest dresses were in the front where everyone can get them.

  “Ah, but my bird, everyone will be wearing those dresses,” she said. I was beginning to grow envious of her; every word she said wasn’t sung.

  In the back there were loads and loads of dresses but each were different from each other, none were the exact same. There was something different about each dress that made it unique. I stared at Elinor again. She smiled; she could read me like a book. I never had to talk.

  “I found this place last night,” she explained. “The owner and I went to school together.”

  I nodded and we started the famous “Dress Hunt” as I like to call it. I tried on about fifty dresses. The owner of the store, a lady named Kate, was helping us. I was wearing a plain brown dress as we searched for another. My clothes laid in the changing room. Kate had her back to me but she suddenly whipped around. Elinor and I looked at her.

  “I have the perfect dress for you. I’ve actually been saving it because I liked it so much but I can always make a duplicate to keep and give you the original,” she said. Before I could object, she ran upstairs. I looked at Elinor. She shrugged. Kate came back and we walked over to her. She pulled the cover off of the dress. She held it for us to get a full view.

  It was gorgeous. It was styled from around the seventeen hundreds—maybe earlier. The dress was a dark blue and the corset was gold but dark blue strings (part of the dress) went across it forming triangles. At the very bottom was gold lace over the dark blue edge. Around the top and around the sleeves was the gold lace too. I gently touched the material; it was soft satin.

  “Go on, try it on,” Kate urged. I gently took it from her arms and brought it to the changing rooms. After taking off the brown dress I slipped this one on. I stared at myself in the mirror; it fit perfectly. It cut down leaving a big rectangle of my skin showing. The sleeves were the three quarters type that stopped not long after my elbows. I pulled my hair back in the style that would match. All I needed now was a pair of shoes and a mask.

  “Darling, step out and show us how it fits,” Elinor called. I did as she asked and she and Kate gasped. I spun around slowly.

  “I have the shoes for it,” Kate said. “Give me a minute.” She disappeared.

  “Oh, the boys are going to be lined up a mile to dance with you,” Elinor exclaimed happily.

  “Don’t forget, I’ll be wearing a mask,” I sang softly.

  “A mask! Oh, how could I have forgotten!” She hit herself in the forehead with the palm of her head. I smiled.

  “Wait, a mask? You didn’t say anything about a mask,” she said, eyeing me.

  “Oh, Dumbledore told us this morning that it is going to be a masquerade ball, too,” I sang.

  “Huh, I guess the odds of avoiding attention are in your favor, my little bird,” she replied with a smile. I smiled back.

 “How about a gold mask with spots of blue? That sounds good,” Elinor spoke out loud. Kate came back down with a pair of gold shoes. I sat down in a chair while she slipped them on for me. I stood up to test them out. To my easy surprise, they were quite easy to walk in.

  “Go undress, darling, while I pay for it,” Elinor told me. I went back to the changing room and changed back into my clothes. I gently draped the dress over my arm and held the shoes in my other hand. Kate put the dress in a protective bag with the shoes. Elinor led me down the street into a shop with all the supplies for a masquerade ball. We hunted for a mask along with many other Hogwarts students. Beside me, I saw Elinor wince as we passed a group of giggling girls.

  One of them exclaimed, singing, “If this dress doesn’t make Sirius Black fall for me, I’m positive my voice will!”

  I smiled knowingly at my aunt who winced again.

  “That poor girl can’t sing to save her life! Thank god she won’t go around singing forever!” she whispered. I turned my laughter into giggles. We stopped at a table piled with masks.

  “Oh! Guess what?” Elinor asked. I knew she knew something interesting. I looked at her questioningly.

  “I sent a letter to your parents the other day about the singing competition and I politely informed them that I was planning on going and I wondered if they had any plans to go. Knowing your parents, I assumed they were going to say that “work was in the way” or something with the same meaning. But to my ultimate surprise, they say they had already made plans to go! Can you believe it?!” she told me.

  I could feel the shock on my face. My parents never did anything that wouldn’t help them in anyway. Was there something happening at the ball that I was unaware of? If there was a ball or a dance and many rich and famous people were going to be there, my parents would drop me off at Elinor’s house and go to the party and put on a good show. They craved attention and adored the spotlight. I can’t recall anyone rich and/or famous going to be at the ball. Wait, Black. . . . Of course! The Black family was going to be there for Sirius and his younger brother, Regulus. They were exceedingly rich and everyone knew them. Of course my parents would love to be in their good books.

  Elinor slammed a mask down. “Oh, forget this!” she shouted. She stomped out of the shop. I followed after her. She stopped in the middle of the road and looked at me.

  “I’ll find you a mask in Diagon Alley or something. Those giggling, goofy girls were driving me up the walls! I swear if one of them had sung one more time in their squeaky little voice “Oh! Sirius Black would just love this!” she sung in a high pitched voice, “I would have turned around and snap her thin little neck like a twig. Did you hear them?! It was bloody annoying! “Sirius Black is in love with my beautiful voice!” “Sirius Black will fall heads-over-heels when he sees me in my dress!” “Sirius Black is in love with me, not you!” “My voice is the best and wait ‘til you hear my song; it’s dedicated to Sirius,” she mocked in high pitched singing voices. I laughed.

  “How in world have you put up with them for the past six year?! Alright, he’s good looking and all but come on! Keep your head on shoulders and out of the damn clouds! My god! Get a hold of yourself!” she ranted. I was bent over with laughter; I saw right behind her was the Marauders and more importantly, Sirius Black himself. Elinor took my dress from me and held it over her arm as I laughed.

  “It’s not funny! They can’t sing! You said he can sing pretty well; well, let’s just hope he can choose a girl who actually sing! Squealing is not singing here!” she rambled. “Whoever told those poor girls they can sing was seriously mistaken! My god! I swear my ears were about to start bleeding! They better have some fire whiskey at the singing competition or else I’ll never make it through! Or at least some earplugs for us who can sing to use. My god!” She shook her head. “I’m beginning to feel very sorry for Sirius Black. How can he stand it?”

  I tried to tell her ‘why don’t you ask him yourself’ but I just couldn’t get it through the laughter. I met her eyes, hoping for her to realize that they were right behind her with extremely stunned faces. She looked confused as she slowly turned around.

  “Oh, well, hello, boys,” she said calmly with a small smile. “I hope you’d be as kind enough to ignore my little rant there; I tend to do those a lot. Many people seem get amusement from them.” She shot a glare at me. I just laughed. She pointed at Sirius.

  “Do you have a little brother by the name of Regulus? Sixteen, I think?” she asked, her head tilted to the side some. I got control of my self and straightened up.

  “Yes, ma’am. Do you know him?” he sang.

  “Know him? No. Know of him? Yes. You do have a nice voice,” she commented.

  “Thank you,” he sang a bit confused. Elinor nodded. She spotted Remus.

  “Remus, right?” she questioned. He nodded and smiled politely.

  “Yes, ma’am,” he sang.

  “Nice voice, pretty. I know you parents, good people. Tell them Elinor said hi, please, if you would,” she asked. He nodded.

  “Of course.”

  Elinor clapped her hands. “Well, I must be going now, boys. Ta-ta now!” She turned on her heal and walked away. I laughed at her actions and the Marauders’ faces once more before chasing after my insane aunt.

  Elinor and I had a late lunch before I headed back up to the castle with a smile on my face. In my dormitory, I gently folded my dress and put it in the bottom used drawer of my dresser. I grabbed my favorite book and walked down to the kitchens for some hot chocolate to warm up.

  The house elves warmly welcomed me like always. They knew what I wanted depending on when I came; if I came in the middle of the night or during the winter, I wanted hot chocolate; if I came any time else, I either wanted a snack slash chocolate or something cold to drink. They simply understood and I never had to talk much around them which was an added bonus.

  I sat down at a small, little table and read as my other hand spun the milk I added to the hot chocolate. I took a sip as I heard a commotion near the entrance hole. I looked up and saw (of course) the Marauders. My eyes drifted back to my book.

  I swear, I think they are stalking me! Lately, my favorite places to relax in have turned to “The New Marauders’ Hang-Out Spot”. I groaned inwardly. This was getting ridiculous. I took a deep breath, let it out, and went back to reading.

  “I like your aunt,” Remus sang near me. I looked up and saw him sitting across from me. From my peripheral vision, I saw his friends staring. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably but nodded and gave Remus a small smile.

  “I now understand fully who my parents were talking about when they mention a girl named Elinor walking Hogwarts and threatening to snap someone’s neck if they didn’t do something,” he laughed. I chuckled once.

  “You don’t talk much, do you?” he asked.

  I shook my head and smiled apologetically.

  “It’s okay,” he sang, “but I need your help finding a book in the library. I would ask the librarian but she kind of scares me.”

  I laughed. The librarian was indeed scary. I’m not exactly sure what it is but she just gave everyone the creeps.

  “I guess I’ll just find you in the library then?”

  I nodded.

  “See you around.” He walked back to his friends. A house elf by the name of Glimmer ran up to me and asked if I wanted anything else. I smiled sweetly at her and shook my head. She bowed and ran off again. When I was done with my hot chocolate, Glimmer came and got it and waved goodbye, knowing I was done.

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