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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 4 : Inamorata
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A/N: Here is the next chapter of Being a Select Few! I hope you enjoy it and please remember to read and REVIEW. it keeps me sane, well, as sane as i'll ever be.

Chapter 4- Inamorata 

Inamorata: lover or beloved woman: a woman whom somebody loves or with whom somebody has a romantic relationship

The following day I sit with Leanne and Gabriella at breakfast. I’ve never really been particularly close to anybody in the SO, so it’s a new experience to be bonding with these girls. I find that Leanne is incredibly funny and sarcastic and is most definitely not a morning person. While Gabriella and I chat away, Leanne is falling asleep on her cereal.

“Thanks for taking me to the Prefect’s bathroom yesterday” Gabriella says to me.

“You’re welcome there anytime, I’ll keep you updated on the password, just remember to be discreet in your visits there” I remind her. Gabriella opens her mouth to say something but stops as her eyes go wide. I feel somebody sit down next to me and instantly know who it is by Gabriella‘s reaction.

“Morning, Harry” I greet. He smiles at me and starts to pile food onto his plate. Ron sits opposite me and next to Leanne and Hermione slides in next to me. I greet Hermione but do not acknowledge Ron. He, in return, doesn’t acknowledge me either but I don’t worry. Siblings fight all the time it’s what we do and I can confidently say that in a few days we will both forget all about it and everything will be fine. Harry and Hermione, however, are inexperienced in the realm of sibling arguments and share a worried glance over the table.

I turn to Gabriella to resume our conversation but find her staring open mouthed at Harry. She realises it at the same time and closes her mouth, looking down at her plate. Her movement causes Harry to notice her and he looks up and smiles at her.

“Hi, you’re Alicia Spinnet’s sister, aren’t you?” he says to her. Gabriella flashes him a grin and nods, she seems confident, like a true Gryffindor, but I know that on the inside she is screaming, “Oh my God, Harry Potter is speaking to me!”. As a first year, she still hasn’t gotten over the hero worship stage. She’s doing better than me though, I used to scream and drop things if Harry even came into the room.

“Do you play Quidditch, Gabriella?” Harry asks her.

“A little, I’ve always helped my sisters train in the holidays, but I’ve never owned my own broom or properly learnt how to play” she replies. Harry nods thoughtfully.

“You should try out next year, you’d probably be great if you have trained with Alicia.” he tells her. Gabriella smiles ecstatically and I smile back at her.

“Uh, Ginny? Is she alright?” Hermione suddenly says, gesturing to Leanne who is practically drowning in her milk. I laugh and nudge the younger girl.

“I didn’t touch his sausage!” she yells as she jumps to her feet. The whole hall is silent and then, I laugh. Not just one of those girly giggles either, I am laughing so hard I feel like my sides will split and I have tears running down my face. I look around me and find the others have also cracked up, but the rest of the hall are staring at us in confusion. We eventually calm down and sit panting at the Gryffindor table. Leanne sits with her arms crossed glaring at us, with milk still in her short black hair.

“That’s right, yuck it up, clowns!” she yells at us, throwing her arms in the air and causing her cutlery to go flying through the air, to narrowly miss decapitating a poor  first year. The only thing she achieves is to set me off again.

The bell rings and I stumble off to class, barely managing to stand up straight I am still laughing so hard. By the time I am halfway to history I realise that I don’t even know what I was laughing at in the first place, I only remember that it was funny. This realisation sets me off again and I lay on the floor gasping for breath and grasping my sides because they hurt so much. I open my eyes briefly and see a pair of shoes in front of me. I look up and see Draco Malfoy looking over me with his hands on his hips and an amused smile dancing across his features.

“I didn’t know you could smile, Malfoy” I say, gasping for air. He frowns at me and the smile disappears, I instantly regret saying anything. It was a very nice smile.

“I smile all the time” he tells me. I shake my head.

“No you don’t, you smirk and there is a difference between a smirk and a smile, and just before, that was a smile.” I explain. He looks down at me with a disapproving look and I notice that he looks just like Hermione wearing that expression and with his hands on his hips like that. I grin wickedly up at him and for a moment he looks scared.

“You look just like Hermione” I tell him, knowing that he will hate that comparison more than anything. An aghast look crosses his features.

“I do not!” he retorts, pouting at me. Wow, I didn’t think anything could look bad on Draco Malfoy, but I suppose there is a first time for everything.

“Stop pouting, Malfoy, it doesn’t become you” I say. Malfoy rolls his eyes, though he stops pouting, vain one he is. I suddenly realise that the halls are empty.

“I’m late for class!” I yelp, hauling myself off the floor. I start to turn away from Malfoy but he grabs my arm, unfortunately he grabs the spot that he held my arm yesterday and I hiss in pain as he digs his fingers into the bruises that have formed overnight. Malfoy lets go quickly and looks at me with concern, a look I can’t remember ever seeing on his face. His gaze moves from my face to my forearm where he pulls up the sleeve on my blouse. He scowls when he sees the dark patches of bruises that make up his fingerprints. He gently traces the bruises with his finger and I try not to shiver, thinking that it feels strangely intimate though it is only my arm and a few bruises. His eyes snap back up to mine and he removes his hand from my arm.

“Come on” he says to me and starts to walk up the hall. I cast a glance towards my history class but decide that I’ve already missed half of the class so I may as well see what Malfoy wants. I quickly scurry up the hall to catch up with him, I’m practically jogging to keep up with him and his long strides. I have measly, small strides to match my small amount of height, and Malfoy, well he’s a fair bit bigger than I am.

We end up at the Head Boy and Girl rooms and he leads me inside and points to the sofa in the middle of the small sitting room.

“Sit” he orders before going up a set of stairs that I presume lead to his room. I sit and look around the small quarters that belong to Malfoy and Hermione. Another staircase is on the other side of the room, most likely leading to Hermione’s room. I know the two share a bathroom because I’ve heard Hermione complain about it countless times. Hermione had also confided to me one night that she had accidentally walked in on Malfoy wearing only a towel and that it wasn’t a bad sight at all. It’s a recount that isn’t hard to believe at all. I have also heard from Hermione that the two Heads get along quite well sometimes and that Malfoy isn’t such a git when there is nobody else around. I already knew this of course, having dealt with him through SO for years, but Hermione couldn’t even bring herself to talk to Harry and Ron about it because the pig-headed idiots just didn’t want to hear it.

I turn around when I hear Malfoy coming back down the stairs and see that he is carrying a small vile of green potion.

“I can make the pain of the bruises go away with a simple healing spell, but the actual marks have to be removed using a potion. Is that ok?” he asks, sitting on the sofa next to me. I nod and he rolls up the sleeve on my blouse again and inspects the bruises, this time in a more clinical fashion.

Malfoy gently touched his wand to one of the dark splodges and muttered an incantation, one I had heard my mother use on countless occasions, usually on Fred or George. He poked the bruise a little harder and I felt nothing although the purple colouring was still visible. He continued the process with all the small bruises until I was left with an arm full of discolouring that I couldn’t feel.

“This potion is like a paste and it will have to stay on for a while to completely get rid of the bruises” he tells me as he smears the green potion over the bruises.

“How’d you get this potion anyway?” I ask him.

“I made it” he tells me. I look at him and raise an eyebrow. We aren’t supposed to make potions outside the classroom. Then again, we aren’t supposed to form secret societies and battle it out between houses and schools, just because we can.

“I make all my own potions, but medicinal potions are my specialty, it’s what I want to do when I leave school. Make potions for medicinal purposes, I want to run a small shop out of Diagon Alley and sell my potions to St Mungo’s and to the public.” he explains. I’m actually quite shocked, we all thought he would always be a junior Lucius Malfoy.

“Wow, you’ve really got it all planned out then. I always thought you would just take over your father’s place in the ministry, to be truthful.” I say. It’s always good to be truthful. That’s what dad always taught me, if I did something wrong, I would be punished worse if I lied about it than I would if I just admitted to the deed.

“Yeah, me to. I got thrown out of home this summer and things changed.” I was flabbergasted, I didn’t know what to say. Draco Malfoy had been thrown out of home!

“W-Why?” I stutter. Malfoy just shrugged.

“After my mother died last year, which I’m sure you heard about,” I had, it was a big scandal because Lucius had apparently been the culprit although there could be no proof found.

“I finally realised that I actually had my own brain and could make up my own mind on the world. When I decided that I didn’t like my father’s view on the world, he didn’t like it and threw me out. His view on muggles doesn’t make sense, sure they are beneath us because they can’t do magic and therefore we are more powerful and ultimately superior, but if we kill them all off we will just become so inbred that the rate of squibs will increase and all our children will have defects.” Again, I don’t know what to say, Malfoy just admitted to not wanting to follow Voldemort and getting kicked out of home because of it. Holy Crap.

“Did you get disowned?” I ask quietly. Malfoy nods and lifts his eyes to meet mine.

“He burnt me off the tapestry right before my eyes, I have nothing, no home, no inheritance and no name. Speaking of which, if I am to call you Ginevra, then in return, call me Draco, Malfoy doesn’t really apply anymore.” he requests. I nod and try it out.

“Sure, Draco.” It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be nor does it sound foreign and strange. In fact, it feels easier to say as the name isn’t tinted with years of hatred and malice as his surname is. Draco.

“I wonder of Professor Binns will even notice that I’m not there.” I think aloud. Draco snorts.

“I doubt it. He wouldn’t notice if he was teaching a class of trolls. I’ll say you were with me anyway, you were doing Head Boy things with me.”

“As long as you don’t say that I was doing the Head Boy, I‘ve had enough of those rumours already thanks” I laugh and he joins in. Whoa, I just made a joke about doing Draco Malfoy. Ginny Weasley! Pull yourself together, girl! Then again, he deserves to know exactly what his little stunt cost me.

“Seriously, it’s not fun! I got accosted by your fan club in the halls yesterday and it was not a nice experience! I tell you, those bloody Hufflepuff’s, they seems all nice and innocent but they are pure evil in yellow disguises!” I tell him. Draco starts to laugh at me then suddenly stops.

“I have a fan club?” he asks incredulously.

“Of course! Almost as many as Harry does, I thought you would have known, or don’t you notice that there is often a gaggle of girls following you everywhere?” I laugh at him this time.

“I always presumed they belonged to Potter! He is in most of my classes you know!” Draco exclaims, looking very scared.

“Why would a Slytherin have a fan club full of evil Hufflepuff’s anyway?” he asks me. I roll my eyes.

“Because you’re gorgeous, darling!” I say in my best dodgy posh person voice. Draco raises his eyebrows at me.

“No, really! You’re vain, you should believe me! You are the hottest guy at Hogwarts, and a lot of girls find the whole bad boy scene a turn on as well” I explain. Draco just rolls his eyes though.

“Well of course I know that I’m gorgeous, darling” he says imitating my dodgy posh person voice.

“I just wanted to hear you say it” he smirks and winks at me. I pout at him and cross my arms.

“So, hottest guy at Hogwarts am I? Want to make those rumours true?” Draco laughs, moving closer to me. I just laugh and push him away, getting to my feet.

“I really have to get to my next class now, you probably should as well” I scold.

“Nah, I have a free until after lunch. Oh, by the way there was a reason that I came to find you this morning. Galloway wants to make contact and he requested that you be there. I’ll pick you up tonight from your tower.” he says and leans back on the couch.

“Sure, of course my roommates will notice I’m missing again and the rumours will be even worse” I roll me eyes. I am standing at the portrait when I turn to look at him.

“Thankyou, Draco” I say.

“No, thankyou, Ginevra” he says quietly as I slip out of the portrait hole. 

As I walk to my next class, I am in daze. Malfoy disowned? I wonder if Harry, Hermione and Ron know, probably not, they would be gloating if they knew. So, Galloway wants to make contact, but why did he want me there? Maybe this will explain our staring contest in the hall the other morning. I wish I could take Gabriella though, she’s got a flair for this already.

I plonk myself down on the bench next to Hermione and let out a loud groan.

“Potions?” she guesses. I wearily nod my head.

“I hate potions! It’s a stupid subject and I don’t get it! None of my potions work and I always seem to be getting in trouble for slicing my roots the wrong way, or using the wrong part of a leg! Seriously, how can the shape of the root make any difference? I just don’t get how it works!” I rant angrily. I look down at my plate and find that it is already filled with food and Ron is still heaping food onto it. His way of apologising.

“Thanks, Ron” I say and he just nods. Problem solved.

“Why don’t you apply for a tutor, Ginny?” Hermione suggests. I sigh, I have been avoiding getting a tutor for six years. I always thought that one day it would just click, but apparently that doesn’t happen. Maybe I should get a tutor, especially since the newts are coming up next year.

“Ok, I’ll go and see Professor McGonagall before dinner” I say in defeat. Hermione smiles happily and continues talking to Harry and Ron about whatever it was they were talking about before I arrived.

Lunch passed quickly and before I knew it I was back in class, appearing to be paying attention, but not really. What did Galloway want to meet about? The previous deal had gone according to plan, we got the quidditch pitch and they got the lake trail. I thought it would have been Beauxbatons who would want to talk after they figured out that their trail we traded them is surrounded by enemy territory so they have no access to it. Maybe they are too embarrassed to admit to making a stupid trade. I’m sure Mal-Draco would, only he would never make the mistake in the first place.

“Miss Weasley, was there something you wanted?” a voice says, pulling me out of my thoughts. I look up to see that class is over and Professor McGonagall is waiting at the front of the room. I realise that this would be the perfect opportunity to ask about a tutor.

“Actually, Professor, I was wondering if I could sign up for the tutoring program” I ask.

“Certainly, Miss Weasley, come with me to my office and I can do that for you right now” I trail after the transfiguration professor as she leads me to her office. She ushers me inside and I take a seat in one of the hardback chairs in front of her desk. Dumbledore has got the right idea in his office with the squishy armchairs.

“Now, you understand that if you sign up to be tutored, the way the program works is that you, in return, must tutor another student” McGonagall fixes me with a stare and I squirm nervously in my chair. McGonagall really freaks me out. I give a curt nod and she continues.

“Very well, which subject is it that you are having troubles with?” she asks.


“I would like to put you down to tutor transfiguration to the younger students, if that is ok. You are doing well in my class so I believe that would be a good position for you. I will give your application to Professor Snape and will notify you of your tutor in a week” 

I just nod, and before I know it I am out of her office, the name of a second year who is crap at transfigurations clasped tightly in my hand. I was really not looking forward to finding out who my tutor was, if Snape was assigning me my tutor then there was only one house he would assign a tutor from, especially for a Weasley. Slytherin. Oh yes, tutoring is going to be fun. 

A/N: What did you think? A late Merry christmas and Happy New Year to you all! At the moment i am also writing a Maruders story called The Bird the Bee and the Tabby Cat, so check it out! Rembember to Review my pretties! keep partying, Birdie xx

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