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Beloved of the Outcasted by azn_dichi
Chapter 6 : Dangerous Visitor
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“Draco, wake up!”

“Mm?” he mumbled as he rolled over in bed toward the source of the female voice. He struggled to open his slumber laden eyes. A blurry vision of a woman's figure holding blobs of color was beginning to clear.

“Which one should I wear to the movie preview?”

“Huh?” Draco let out as he forced himself into a sitting position and ruffled his blond hair with his hands.

“Which outfit should I wear – the cute or sexy one?”

Draco sat up straight at full attention at the mention of the word 'sexy'. His vision had fully cleared and he saw that Carina was holding a white skirt that was at a safe length above her knee with a pale rose tee that had white ribbons laced along the neckline and the edges of the sleeves in her right hand. In her left hand, a denim miniskirt and a white tank top with lace along the chest area and red roses along the bottom of the left side for flair. However, the thing that made Draco blush the most was that Carina was standing there with her black hair pulled back into a messy bun with wet stray strands clinging to her cheeks and neck. The only articles of clothing apparently on her body were a lace black bra with a matching lacey black panty. Her figure was clearly shown with lots of skin too – especially her nice cleavage.

Blood rushed through Draco's veins as he blushed harder. He could not stop staring.

Aw, crap!

Draco suddenly tore his eyes away and viciously pulled the bed covers over his lower half. Carina stared back at Draco curiously with the outfits still in her hands.

“Put some bloody clothes on, woman!” Draco shouted as he closed his eyes and turned away from Carina.

“Draco?” Carina's voice called.

Draco awoke again this time to the actual reality. He was on Carina's bed with sunlight streaming in from the open doorway. In from the dresser with a mirror was Carina holding up a gray pleated skirt and a white hooded tee that had a huge pink heart on the front to herself. She was wearing the oversized white T-shirt and pale green comfy cotton shorts she usually wore to bed. She smiled her brilliant smile at Draco as she dropped the outfit in her hands upon the bed.

“Did you have a nice dream?” she asked as she sat down next Draco and kissed his cheek. They had gotten closer and went out on several dates during the last couple weeks after they had kissed at the beach. The most they had done was kiss and hold hands, but the couple was happy.

“Um...kind of?” Draco answered.

Carina giggled and then gave him a puzzled look.

“Why only kind of?”

Draco blushed.

“It was...dirty...”

Carina shot an eyebrow up.

“Oh? About me?”

Draco nodded like a guilty child.

“What about me?”

“You were standing there with only your bra and underwear on,” Draco honestly answered as he gestured to the dresser. He felt he owed Carina honesty and did not like lying to her at all too.

“Is that so? Well, maybe I should make your dream come true.”

Draco's eyes widened and his eyebrows shot up immediately as Carina's hands gripped her shirt and moved as if to take it off.


Carina started laughing hysterically as she stopped lifting her shirt just right under her breasts.

“You should see your face, Draco! It's just so funny!” Carina somehow gasped out between her laughter. Her eyes were tearing from so much laughter.

Draco blushed as he slightly pouted. He was rather relieved that Carina had not taken her shirt off, but the monster in him wanted her too. He wanted her to feel safe with him, not be afraid he would rape her.

“Well, let's get ready for the movie preview,” Carina chimed as she hopped off the bed and grabbed her outfit. “I'll use the bathroom first, you eat breakfast. I made waffles!” And she was out the bedroom door.

Draco and Carina arrived at the movie theater where the movie preview was taking place about 30 minutes early. They bought the usual huge soda and huge popcorn container with a box of Buncha Crunch for each of them. Draco was wearing a gray button down long-sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans that Carina had picked out for him. Carina was wearing the outfit she had chosen out earlier with white pseudo heels and her hair styled in a messy bun with spirals hanging about it. She was so beautiful and cute at the same time. Draco was very attentive to the stares and glances at Carina of the other males within the large theater. Secretly, it gave him pleasure to be seen with a girl as attractive as Carina and see the jealousy in other guys' eyes, and, yet, he also wanted to keep Carina all to himself to be the only one to enjoy her beauty and charm. To prevent the majority of other males from approaching or doing anything to Carina, Draco protectively put his hand on her shoulder since he was not bold enough to hold her waist.

Draco made sure to have Carina sit next to a girl while Draco sat on Carina's other side since she did not want to sit at the end of an aisle. The lights dimmed and the movie began. A girl that looked strangely familiar in a way appeared on the screen letting her eyes scan the audience.

What a weird was to start the movie... She isn't even saying or doing anything.

“Isn't it pretty, Draco?” Carina whispered as she leaned closer to him.


“What is?” Draco asked.

Carina made a face before answering Draco.

“The scenery of the mountains and everything, silly.”


“What are you talking about? There's a girl on the screen d-” Draco paused. He turned his attention back on the screen.

“Hello, Malfoy,” the girl said menacingly.

Holy - !

Draco reached for his wand, but it was not there. His eyes widened and he could feel his stomach tighten and drop.

Oh, man. Not good. Not good at all!

“We gotta go, Carina,” Draco urgently whispered to her as he kept his hand behind his back to try to pull off the bluff that he could defend himself.

“What? Why?” Carina whined obviously interested in the movie that she could see. “It's just starting!”

“Ah, um, I don't feel well. Like I'm-gonna-puke not well,” Draco made up as fast as he could.

“Do you remember me, Malfoy?” the girl on the screen sharply asked with her eyes drilling into his head that was turned from her.

Draco quickly glanced at the girl before returning his attention to getting Carina to come with him. He did not remember who the girl was specifically, but he was sure he had seen her at Hogwarts now – Ravenclaw house?

“My name is Eve Gancen. I was in Ravenclaw and a year under you.”

“C'mon, Carina. Please!” Draco pleaded with a slight tone of panic creeping into his voice. Someone shushed him. Carina seemed to have noticed that panic in his voice though and unhappily got up from her seat, which set some people off immediately. Draco did not care. He just had to get out with Carina as fast as he could. Hopefully, the Eve girl did not know how to Disapparate yet.

He grabbed Carina's wrist and began to tug her along more harshly than he would have liked to, but their lives could be in jeopardy.

“Don't leave, you coward!” Eve shouted so loud that Draco's eardrums were ringing.

“Ouch, Draco! You're pulling too hard, and what about our food and stuff?” Carina asked in a whisper as she tried to keep up with Draco.

“Forget about them. We have to get home as quickly as possible!” Draco whispered back as they came to the bottom of the stair and were heading to the hallway connected to the doors.

“DON'T YOU DARE GO THROUGH THOSE DOORS, YOU DEATH-EATER!!!” Eve screamed, but Draco and Carina had just walked through the doors.

Draco broke into a mad dash to the nearest exit.

“Wait, Draco! I can't run in heels!!!” Carina cried as she stumbled along trying to keep pace and not fall.

Draco stopped and turned around. Without saying a word, he scooped Carina up into his arms and began to run again. He did not care if he looked like a kidnapper or some mad man on the loose.

“Draco?! What in the world are you doing?! Have you lost your mind? You seem perfectly healthy to me now!” Carina cried as she clung to Draco and her purse.

Get out! Get out!! Get out!!! Oh, Merlin, help us get out safely!!!

Draco got through the exit after many people had yelled at him to stop running. Sweating and panting, Draco dashed for the car without pausing.

However, there standing in the middle of the parking lot was Eve Gancen with her wand at the ready and a dark expression upon her face. She appeared as mad as Draco with her hair untamed and hanging in front of her face like shredded curtains.

Oh, shucks!

“Who's that?” Carina asked. “She doesn't look very happy...”

“MALFOY!” Eve screamed.

Carina looked up at Draco with alarm and surprise mixed together on her face.


But Draco's feet felt like they were nailed to the concrete. Draco grit his teeth together frustrated and trying to think of way out the dire situation.


My brother was there that night! The night the Dark Lord was defeated!” Eve shouted as she began to walk towards Draco and Carina.

Carina's grip on Draco tightened.

“Draco,” she mumbled in a frightened tone.

“He was still at Hogwarts when the fighting took place! He wanted to be a hero like Harry Potter! He was only a third-year! He should not have been there!!!” Eve shouted even louder with rage trickling into her voice.

All Draco could manage to do was step back as the mad woman was drawing ever closer.

“Draco,” Carina said out loud encouraging him to leave as she slightly shook his shirt.

“AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! MY BROTHER WAS KILLED!!! BY YOUR FATHER, MALFOY!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!” Eve screamed while laughing hysterically. She had obviously crossed the line of sanity.

“Draco!” Carina urged her voice high-pitched and choked.

Eve stopped laughing and gave Draco the angriest glare he had ever seen. It almost scared him as much as Voldemort's.

“YOUR FATHER KILLED MY BROTHER!!! YOU WERE WITH THEM TOO! YOU'RE ONE OF THE DEATH-EATER TOO!!!” Eve shrieked as she gripped her wand so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.

Draco was able to take another step back, but Eve was only about several yards away now.


“DRACO!” Carina screamed.

Draco's legs suddenly were light as feathers and unattached to the ground. He took off around the corner in the direction that he and Carina came from. He did not turn back to look, but a burst of green light suddenly flashed behind him.

“NO! I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY, MALFOY!!!” Draco could hear Eve scream.

Gotta hide! Gotta protect Carina! If only I had my wand! If only I had my wand!

“DRACO! IN FRONT OF US!” Carina cried.

Eve stood before Draco with her wand poised in the air ready for sending the wretched Unforgivable straight into Draco's heart along with all Eve's hatred and rage.

“AVADA - “ Eve began to hiss slowly savoring the moment of her sweet vengeance.

There was no where to hide. Draco looked down at the frightened and shocked Carina clinging to him with tears streaming down from her blue eyes.


She was still so beautiful, but it hurt him to see her like that. He regretted that he was unable to protect her properly without dying himself. Draco hugged Carina and then turned around with his back facing Eve.

“I love you,” Draco quickly said sadly to Carina. Then he threw her as far as he could, so that she would be out of the curse's way. She should be fine. The Ministry would probably erase her memory later, but he had to tell her at least.

“KE - ”

Draco stared at the Carina stumbling to get up after being throw onto concrete and scraping her skin against it. Oh, how he loved this girl who had just recently entered his life for only a few months. The time was short, but there was a connection between them that Draco had never felt before with a girl. He did not just really like her - he loved her as he had said. He loved everything about her - her habits, her personality, her petite figure, her cuteness, her sweetness, her charm, her clumsiness, her thoughtfulness, her child-likeness, her innocence, her fragrance, her voice, her dimples, her enigmatic laughter, her long black flowing hair, her shockingly blue eyes, and, of course, her dazzling smile that could send Draco to heaven and back. It made him sad that he had only just realized how he loved Carina with all his heart - all his being. Yet, he could only tell her now that he loved her. He would never hear her say those words to him. Never. His heart and eyes ached thinking about that, but he had to protect Carina. He did not deserve Carina anyway. She was perfect. She would live on happily, after she forgot about Draco wouldn't she? She'd have Blaine - Mr. Perfect. They were suited for each other.

" - DAV - "

Draco was stabbed with aching in his heart. Damn B.N. that enemy of all males.

Draco closed his eyes.

" - RA!"

Goodbye, my beloved. I love you.
And then something hit Draco and sent him flying sideways instead of forward.

"I see you're not a coward anymore, Malfoy," a familiar male voice chuckled.

Author Note: Ah! I'm sorry to leave the chapter at that, but it's a good place to stop. Don't worry! The action's not  over yet! Thank you for reading please review!

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