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Darkness Unhinged by ness17
Chapter 4 : An old friend
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In the weeks that followed Hermione stayed at the cabin, only going out to get food or other necessities she couldn’t transfigure. She continued to get the prophet and letters daily from the Order or Rona and Harry. She rarely replied and could tell her friends were worried but she didn’t care. She was getting angry with the constant where are you or When will we see you again and I hope everything’s alright.

She had drained her parents bank and even risked a trip to Diagon Alley to transfer some of the money to wizard money and take out most of hers. She knew the Ministry wouldn’t find her, she didn’t look like Hermione Granger bookworm anymore.

Once again she was growing bored. She’d bee at the cabin for about a month now. An over whelming urge to attack muggles came over her and she transfigured her clothing, once more, to black robes with a big hood. She apparated to a random place, it turned out to be an abandoned warehouse on the other side of the small town, but she wasn’t alone.

She heard voices muttering from a room where crates used to be stored. She slowly walked up to the door and listened.

“-the muggles won’t know what hit them.”

“Isn’t it dangerous attacking a place where three muggle boys were attacked weeks ago?”

“Shut up, this is out fun and what I say is fun is attacking muggles!”

Hermione recognized that voice. The same voice from her dream weeks ago but still, she couldn’t place a name of face. Shuffling and muttering were now heard getting louder as they approached the door. Hermione moved away into the shadows and cast a disillusionment charm on herself. The group of people walked out and Hermione recognized the black robes. These were Death Eaters, or the children of them, she was sure.  

She watched as they walked out and as quietly as she could, she followed them. From what she gathered from the conversation, they were going to torture muggles. The group stopped and she walked closer.

“You three take that end,” the voice said. Three figures in robes moved towards the town’s small mall. “And you three take the town hall,” three more left, “and two groups of three towards the school,” six more left. “The rest follow me.”

Hermione decided to follow behind the group. The six that was left walked towards town square where a dance was being held. Hermione stopped behind a tree, undid the charm and caught up with the group.

“You three,” the voice said pointing to the three to the left of Hermione, “go right, and you three,” he stopped with a confused look but quickly shook it away, “come with me to the left.” Hermione was finally close enough to see who the person was. For some reason she wasn’t surprised to see the face of Draco Malfoy.

She followed Malfoy and the two others to the left of the square. “Alright you two,” he said pointing to the other two, “go wait over there. Remember, wait for the signal.” The two nodded and walked away. “You, come with me!” he ordered.

“Don’t order me around Malfoy!” Hermione said,

“Who do you-.”

Hermione pulled her hood down, “watch your tone with me!”

“That voice,” Malfoy said, “sounds like-.”


“Yes, mudblood Granger!” Draco spat.

“Not Granger anymore!” Hermione said, “It’s Riddle.”

“Change your name as well as your appearance, have the little Order hiding somewhere?”

“I’m here same reason you are, to torture the worthless muggles that roam this town.”

“How do I know this isn’t a set up?”

“Because cousin…”

“What?” he snapped.

“Let me explain. My father is the dark lord, Tom Marvolo Riddle. My mother is your aunt, Bellatrix Lestarnge. Need proof?” Hermione thrust the photograph and birth certificate into Malfoys hands. “I found this while packing. Once I knew the truth, this is what I became.”

Malfoy was speechless.

“I’ll explain more after the attack. We’ll attack and then send your men back to your hideout and come with me.”

“How do I know this isn’t a trap?”

“You don’t,” Hermione said before pulling up her hood. “Now, give the signal.”

Draco just nodded and waved his wand. He then pointed his wand at a group of muggles and started to curse them. Hermione gladly joined in. After a few minutes they stopped as Hermione saw Order members and Ministry Aurors apparating. Grabbing Draco’s hand, they left. They landed in the warehouse where others started to appear.

“Back to the Manor!” Draco shouted and grabbing Draco’s hand, Hermione led them back to her cabin.

When they landed Hermione led Draco into the sitting room.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding out?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.”

“Tell me more about you then. My aunt is your mother you say?”

“It seems so,” Hermione replied. She told Draco the story her mother told her. “I don’t know all the facts, but from what I’ve gathered, Dumbledore, the fool, feared my parents would turn me into one of them. I think they wired my brain before Dumbledore got me though, because as soon as I was me again, I started having the dark thoughts.”

“So what happened after you found out?”

“I killed those worthless muggles and came here.”

“And the Ministry doesn’t suspect you?”

“Why would they? They think I’m Hermione Granger, best witch in decade, centuries even, to attend Hogwarts.”

“You have a point,”

“I’ve been contacted by the Order and Potter and Weasley. They have no idea where I am and I refuse to tell them.”

“How do they contact you?”

“Owl of course,”

“It can be traced. You have to move.”

“You honestly trust me?” Hermione asked.

“Dear cousin, if what you say is true, I should be bowing down to you.”

“There will be no need for that.”

“Come to the Manor. We’ll protect you and keep you hidden. There will be no way to trace you with the magic on it.”

“Give me a minute to pack.” Hermione walked to her room and packed her things. Crookshanks, who was sleeping on her bed, appeared in a cage. She levitated her objects and brought them downstairs.

“Let me rid these,” Draco replied. He waved his wand and the cage and trunk were sent to the Manor. “Take my hand; you won’t be able to enter the Manor without me.” Hermione took his hand and they left in a swish of their cloaks.

Upon arriving at the Manor, a flood of memories came back to her. Hermione remembered being tied to Harry, Ron, Dean and Griphook. She remembered being tortured by Bellatrix, her mother, and then the way Harry and Ron saved them.

“Granger,” the sound of the name brought her back to reality.

“Call me that again and you’ll regret it! I’m no muggle!” she snapped.

“Draco, how’d the attack go?” Narcissa Malfoy appeared. She stopped dead seeing Hermione, “who is this?” she asked sharply.

“Mother this is Hermione Riddle.”


“That’s right mother,”

“Mrs. Malfoy, or should I say Aunt Narcissa, I am the dark lords and Bellatrix’s daughter.”

Narcissa was just as confused as Draco was so Hermione explained, once again, what she was told, up to tonight. “If you need proof, here’s the picture I found.” She handed Narcissa the photograph.

“She was told you died. They were both pissed off with what happened and that initiated the attacks where countless muggles were killed.”

“Muggles are worthless, they deserve to die.”

“You defiantly are the dark lord’s daughter. Dear Hermione, you are welcome in our home. Draco, bring her to the room in the east wing.”

Hermione’s trunk and cat cage, which were waiting by the door, were levitated by a house elf, which had appeared, and Hermione followed Draco up the stairs, elf following behind. 

When they reached the east wing Hermione gasped in shock. The hall was decorated with a Slytherin green carpet and the walls were covered in portraits and paintings. Gold lanterns sprang to life all down the hall as soon as they entered it.

“Your room is on the left, bathroom across the hall.” Draco instructed. The house elf opened the door and Hermione walked into find a room decorated in black and silver. A black carpet lay on the floor and the walls were silver. The dresser, bed and desk were all made of a black oak. Even the sheets on the bed were silver and black.

“Sure treat your guests well,” Hermione muttered.

“Only the important ones,”

“Oh that’s right, how could I forget the way I was treated the last time I was here? Friends thrown in dungeons while my own mother tortured me to death.”

Draco stood there; he didn’t know what to say to that.

“Just forget it; I shouldn’t have brought it up.” Hermione said. Draco just nodded his head. They fell into an uncomfortable silence where Hermione started to unpack her trunk. The house elf had left to do some work in the kitchens so it was just the two of them now.

“Well if you need anything just call upon Tikie,” Draco muttered before walking out.

Hermione looked behind her after Draco left to make sure he was gone. She let her new straight black hair out of the ponytail it was in and ran her fingers through it. She turned back to her trunk and, nearing the bottom, found a picture of her, Ron and Harry the day after the final battle. Harry had a real smile on his face, something Hermione had never actually seen until then. Of course he was happy, she thought, he had just killed Voldemort. At the thought of it Hermione had a sudden urge to slice Harry’s neck with the glass the picture frame was in.

My father, she thought. He killed me father and that Bitch of a Weasley, Ron’s mother killed my mother! She now had an urge to kill Molly Weasley and everything she held close. Starting with Ron, she promised herself.

A/N: I hope you liked it... and I'm sorry for the wait... please leave a review... i appreicate al thoughts.. good and bad!

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