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the first few years by CharmingRenagade
Chapter 1 : smooth as sandpaper
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Rose weasley sat nervously, awaiting SOMEONE to do or say somthing. she had finaly gotten the guts to blurt out "everyone..i'm not gonna become a professional quiditch player, im gonna work at the ministry of magic" everyone at the table knew that from her second year at hogwarts all Rose had wanted to do with her life was become a professional quiditch player, and her father had always loved that, he used to go on and on about how she was gonna be the best seeker that people had seen since krum, and yet there he sat, a blank expression playing on his face with the look in his eyes that somthing in him had just snapped, and that it was very painful. sure, he and hermione had always told Rose that no matter what she did, they would always love and support her, but the thought that she was not going to live up to her fathers dreams seemed to have shattered his once thought impregnable sykie. maybe she should have chosen a better time then the famed weasley graduation party where you were practicaly disowned if you did not come.

"Dad, are you okay?" rode asked tenderly

"im fine rose, can i talk to you outside for a moment?" came his very strained reply

"uh... sure daddy." rose said, with slight reluctancy

rose followed her father outside trying to ignore the very nervous stares she was getting form her family, teddy stood up, ready to defend her in case her father did somthing rash, but she made him sit back down, her father exited the building did not stop outside the burrow, he just kept walking down the quiet country lane until they were a good half a mile away, when he finaly snapped

"ARE YOU PREGNANT?" he yelled with a look of utter rage on his face

"what? no dad i just-" rose started but ron cut her off

"INJURED? MENTALY UNSTABLE?" he started again

"no dad, i just had a change of heart" rose replied timidly sinking lower and lower with tears stinging at her eyes


"well, i just, i dont want to have 5 years to do quiditch and then have to do somthing else, i want a steady job with a major future. A.K.A. the ministry. i can work there for as long as i live, and if i decide to retire, the job i got will pay me alot when im old, and if you wont acept my choice then ill move out, the ministry will give me a place to stay, im a very important person" she replied, rose had aways been a fairly calm person, but sometimes she would just explode, and she usualy took someone with her

"What exactly is it you do that makes you so important you can get the ministry to give you a place to stay"was rons replie, barely more than a whisper, all traces of anger gone replaced by pure fear

"Im am oficialy an unmentionable." she told him a smug smile playing on her face

And then ron blacked out

hey, what did you think of my first chapter of my first book? your probably gonna grill me for making ron so narrow minded but in truth, thats how i think any dad would act if their child decided to dump his or her dreams like that. all reviews welcome, good, bad, ugly, praise, critiscism, indifferance i can take itCharming Renagade

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the first few years: smooth as sandpaper


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