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The girl on the inside by shaybert
Chapter 14 : Halloween Ball Part 2
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As Harry slept off his anger, the remainder of the seventh years continued the party with the help of some fire whiskey, white sparkle rum (hey if Rowling can make up liquor so can I), and some good old fashioned absolute vodka. Draco and Blaise were living it up, getting many of their fellow Slytherins completely shnockered, as Hermione watched form the gardens. She smiled at the blonde, making sure no one was paying attention to her as she allowed herself to ogle the Head boy. The doors to the Great Hall opened, and Ron walked back in, looking a little confused but his eyes lit up and he smiled as Dean ran across the room and jumped into his arms. Hermione giggled, sighing mentally. 'Sometimes I wish that things were different and that I could be friends with these people,' she thought as Dean pointed to her standing outside. She smiled and waved, walking towards the rest of the party grabbing a bottle of white sparkle rum as she went over to the two.

“Hey boys, want to get this party started?” she asked, cocking one hip to the side with her hand on it, the other swinging the bottle of booze around in a seductive manner.

“Ha!” Dean guffawed, grabbing the bottle from her. “Damn straight! I'll go get us some punch to mix this with. Don't be thinking of sneaking off with that hott mama now Ron!” he said, dragging his hand across Rons chest as he walked off seductively. Rons eyes followed Dean as he spoke to Hermione.

“Harry's asleep, don't think he even made it to his pillow before he passed out,” Ron said distractedly. Snapping his head around, his face showed sudden concern. “Are you all right? I mean, are you, well, level headed and all?”

“Yes, I'm fine Ron. Harry just needs to start realizing that he isn't going to get his way all the time, and that I had grown tired of him and his insecurities. I will always be his friend, but I don't want to be his sweetie anymore, and he's just going to have to accept that,” Hermione said as Dean came back, handing her a cup.

“Well,” Dean said, unscrewing the cap to the rum. “I think, that Harry went off his rocker for a minute, he'll be ok in the morning after he's had some sleep,” he continued, pouring a generous amount of white sparkle in each friends glass, then his own. “So, I say, that tonight, we have a good time. Cheers!” he exclaimed, friends clinking glasses in a promise to forget their problems for tonight.

“Cheers!” Ron and Hermione yelled, causing the people standing near to turn and watch the three Gryffindors guzzle their drinks. Ron went to get more punch as Dean dragged Hermione on to the dance floor. The two danced wildly as Ron laughed on the side of the dance floor, then protestingly was dragged onto the floor, sandwiched between Dean and Hermione. Draco watched out of the corner of his eye as Hermione really let loose, dancing with no inhibitions, head whipping her hair every which way as she rolled her hips. Draco smiled and turned back to the Slytherin girl he was dancing with (not Pansy! Just wanted to say that, I'm sick of Pansy plays), knowing that he would have her all to himself later on.

The night went by without another hitch, the houses getting along just fine, there were even a few Slytherins dancing with Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws! Not Gryffindors though, that would only happen at the beginning of the ball, I mean come on house rivalry and all! As the party dwindled down and people started leaving, Hermione Ron and Dean could be found sitting alone going shot for shot with a bottle of absolute.

“OH!” The two boys yelled as Hermione downed her fourth shot, keeping right up with the boys. Dean started doing a little dance in his chair chanting “Go Hermione Go Hermione.” Draco, hearing the ruckus, looked up to see Ron pouring out another set of shots for the three, and he smiled to himself. Ginny had previously informed Draco that Hermione could drink damn near anyone under the table, and it appeared that she was about to do so to this poor couple. Glancing at a nearby clock, he saw that it was five minutes to one, so he said his goodbyes, telling Blaise to meet him at his entrance statue in about ten minutes, and got up to collect the head girl. Another loud “OH!” could be heard as he crossed the room and he was just getting to the table while Hermione poured their sixth round.

“Ahem,” Draco cleared his throat, getting their attention. Hermione turned her head sharply, her reflexes still up to par, while the two boys slowly turned, Dean looking a little green around the edges. “What say you let these two boys get to bed Hermione, I think it's safe to say that you kicked their asses,” he said, eyebrows raised at the sight.

Hermione giggled taking not only her shot but Dean and Rons as well. “All right boys, I guess it's time for you to go to bed. Here,” she whispered, pulling Ron a little closer as he was the most coherent. “This is a hangover potion, one for you and Dean. Take half tonight, half in the morning, you'll be fine.”

Ron smiled and grabbed Hermione in a big sloppy drunk hug. “Thanks Mione! You're the greatest friend ever!”

Hermione pried herself away and helped Dean get out of his seat and the two boys out of the hall just as the tower struck. McGonagell came to the center of the room.

“All right boys and girls, the time has come,” she said to the many groans of the remaining thirty students. “Let's clear out!”

With a wave of her wand, McGonagell had taken down all of the decorations and all of the refreshments were gone. Draco and Hermione went up to the professor as she made sure the rest of the students left.

“We were going to ask what we could do to help,” Hermione started.

“But it appears you've got that under control,” Draco finished. McGonagell smiled, nodding at the Heads.

“I've got it under control. I've already told the professors that 7th years are permitted to miss their first classes tomorrow, but they must go to the rest.”

“Thank you professor,” Hermione and Draco said at the same time.

“Now, get along and make sure that no one is running amuck!”

“Yes professor,” the duo said, exiting the hall with the last of the stragglers. Making sure everyone was headed in the right direction, Hermione followed the straggling Ravenclaws and Gryffindors to their commons doors while Draco followed the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins. Draco made it back to the Heads dormitory first, letting Blaise in and the both of them sitting on the sofas, waiting for Hermione.

“Dude, seriously, I want to go shot for shot with you and your girlfriend,” Blaise said, staring at Draco in an almost amazed state. “I can't believe how much she drank! And there is no way she could beat me after drinking that much.”

“I'm not so sure about that Blaise,” Draco said, flashing his trademark smirk. “I think if you try that she's going to hand you your ass.”

“It is so on.”

“What's on?” Hermione walked through the door, shutting it quietly behind her. “Blaise,” she said a little surprised that he was there. “Well what a pleasant surprise!” She exclaimed, her face lighting up in true pleasure. “What's on?” she asked, turning a quizzical look to Draco, then again at Blaise.

“Blaise wants to go shot for shot with you,” Draco snorted as he grabbed the fifth of fire whiskey had hidden in a cupboard earlier. “What do you think? Can you handle it Ms. Granger?”

Hermione smirked, sauntering over to the boys and pulling out two fifths of white sparkle rum and an eight ball of cocaine. Blaise gave her a look of pure shock as she sat down on the sofa by Draco, reaching under and pulling out a box. Out of the box she pulled a small mirror, a razor blade, a small tin of handle rolled cigarettes, and a long straw, which she proceeded to cut into three smaller ones with the knife Draco handed her. “Well,” Hermione started cutting some of the white powder into three thick lines while Draco smirked at Blaises shocked face. “Let's get this party started boys,” she said, leaning in to take the first line. Following the big line with the straw, Blaise watched in wonder as the powder disappeared up the straw and into Hermiones nasal passage. Leaning back against the sofa, Hermione gave a contented sigh and handed a straw to Blaise. “Here, take your hit while Draco gets his un-hospitable ass up and gets the shot glasses.”

“Oh, sorry Mione,” Draco mumbled, running into his room to grab the glasses. Blaise stared at Hermione, still in disbelief.

“Did that really just happen? Do you really do all this stuff?” he asked. He had to know, I mean this was Granger, the bookworm and goody two-shoes.

“Well duh! How else am I supposed to stay the top of my class and be Head girl and be friends with Ron and Harry and Ginny and study for higher magical education? Sometimes I need to pull all nighters, and what better way to do that than with illicit drugs?” she asked rhetorically as Draco came back in, setting the shot glasses down and running his hand down her arm as he sat down. Hermione handed him his straw and he bent over, taking most of his hit but leaving a small amount on the mirror and leaned against the sofa.

“Mind if I finish this hit the way we normally do?” he asked, rolling his head to stare at Hermione, waiting for permission.

“He already knows what we do, right?”


“Yeah,” Blaise said, still a little befuddled. “I know that you guys are like secretly a thing or something.”

“Then we are going to need you to take the chair,” Hermione said as Draco smiled, almost unable to contain himself. Blaise gave the two a questioning look but got up and went to the other side of the table, pulling the chair closer. Draco scooted over a little, allowing Hermione to lay her head in his lap. Draco leaned down, licking a small line across the top of her chest above the edge of the fabric of her dress. Hermione smiled as Draco scraped the rest onto the razor blade, her eyes on Blaise as everything clicked into place in his brain.

“Oh Merlin Granger,” Blaise barely whispered as Draco put the hit on her chest, took it and leaned his head back, all while Hermione lay motionless and staring at Blaise. “You are most certainly not the goody two-shoes that I thought you were.”

“No I'm not,” she giggled as Draco leaned down and licked any remaining powder off of her skin. A small shudder escaped her lisp as Draco's tongue traced a little pattern before he raised his head.

“Aren't you going to take your hit Blaise?” Draco asked teasingly, one eye brow cocked as he chuckled softly at his friends scared stare.

“Blaise?” Hermione asked, sitting up as he finally got out of his shock. “You don't have to take it if you don't want to.”

“Oh no, I'm just kind of getting over the shock, that's all,” Blaise said, leaning over and expertly taking his hit. “This isn't my first rodeo, cowboys. Let's get this party started!”

Hermione clapped as Draco gave his best friend a hand slap, then they turned on some music (quietly, it was almost 1:30am), and Hermione cut up another line for everyone as Draco poured the shots.

“By the way Blaise,” Draco said as he capped the white sparkle rum. “Hermione is going to kick your ass at shot for shot.”

Blaise snorted, leaning back in his chair as he waited for Hermione to take her next line. “I highly doubt that mate. I've been drinking for a while, I'm almost a professional.”

Hermione said nothing, taking her line and then walking over to a window, opening it and lighting a cigarette she had sprinkled some of the white dust in. She turned to Draco, giving him a wink and a smile, still saying nothing.

“We'll just see about that,” Draco said, taking his line and then going to Hermione, sharing her cigarette. “You want some of this?” he asked, waving the smoking stick towards Blaise.

“Nah, I'm good, thanks,” he replied, taking his hit and going to the window, grabbing the shots on his way. “Now, lets start this Granger. Whenever you want to stop, you let me know, I want you to be able to keep up with me.”

Draco laughed as Hermione shrugged, taking the glass and lifting it in a toasting manner. “Cheers then mate, may the best man win.”



The trio clinked glasses and threw back the shot. A light and sparkly feeling followed, like taking a shot of peppermint and snow. It was a very girly drink and Hermione knew it, but it tasted delicious and even the boys had to admit it was easier to start this game with something delicious so that you were too drunk to realize the fire whiskey burn when you had to switch over.

“Mmmmm.... frosty deliciousness,” Blaise said, smacking his lips. “I don't care what anyone says, I'd choose this over fire whiskey any day. I mean fire whiskey is good and all, but this stuff, it's just bloody amazing, and it doesn't burn your esophagus on its way down.”

“I agree one hundred percent,” Hermione mused, tipping her empty shooter towards Blaise. “Who cares if it's a 'girly drink'. It gets you drunk and it tastes good, who fucking cares.”

“Nicely put,” Draco added, putting out the cigarette and walking back to the sofa. Hermione and Blaise followed, the latter talking his place in the over stuffed Slytherin chair as Draco pulled Hermione into his lap. He nuzzled her neck as she looked Blaise square in the eye.

“Two things Blaise,” she started, seriousness obvious in her tone. “One, no one ever EVER finds out about this, any of this,” she gestured around the room. “I don't give a flying fuck about house unity, I just don't want people going around saying nasty shit around my back because they think Draco and I are dating.”

“My lips are sealed sweetie,” he replied, pretending to spell his lips into silence.

“Thanks,” she sighed, relieved to know that she could trust him. 'Daddy did make him a Death Eater,' she thought. “Secondly, I thought we were going shot for shot? Lets go come on!' she slapped her hands together, rubbing them in excitement as Draco gave a quick laugh in her hair. Blaise raised an eye brow, eyeing her curiously as he reached for the bottle.

“All right then, patience child. I just wanted to pace it out for you, that's all.”

Draco laughed again, this time longer and a little louder. Blaise shot him a nasty look, the returned his gaze to Hermione.

“Your pace is slower than molasses in January,” Hermione replied, downing her shot before Blaise could re-cap. “Fill me up!”

Just then it dawned on Blaise that Draco may have been right, drinking Granger under the table was going to be a challenge, one that he was willing to take.

“Urrrg....” Draco said, rolling onto his side. Suddenly, the bed wasn't there and any more and he was held by nothing but air, for about two seconds before the ground made friends with his body. “OY!” he screamed as his head came in contact with the table as he tried to stand up. He looked up, blinking as he tried to get his blurry eyes to focus. He was in the common area, and he was only wearing one sock and his Phantom mask. Hermione was still on the sofa, her dress was bunched up around her thighs and half ripped off her chest, one foot dangling off the sofa while her hand was thrown across her chest, head laying to the side.

Draco focused in on this, smiling as he remembered the wildness that had ensued after the second fifth of rum disappeared and almost the whole eight ball was snorted. “Oh fuck, Blaise!” he mumbled, forcing himself to a sitting position as he feverishly searched the room, but he sighed in relief as he realized he wasn't there. Groaning, he reached for his pants, shoving his legs into the roughly as he stood up and stretched as his eyes found a clock: 8am. He groaned again, going limp, realizing that he had been getting up at 7:30am everyday for so long that 8am felt like sleeping in to his body. He picked Hermione up gently and headed towards her room, intent on a few more hours of sleep. Hermione only had three classes this year, 7th year potions, transfiguration, and history of magic. The benefits of taking almost every class Hogwarts had to offer in her third fifth and sixth years, she was way ahead of the curve. Draco took 7th years potions, herbology, defense against the dark arts, and transfiguration, having tested out of the rest of the classes he would normally be required to take, but only potions was with his little mudblood. She still acted like the goody two-shoes know-it-all in class, and sometimes it took everything he had to not laugh at her and Snapes interactions.

Hermione groaned, snuggling deeper into Dracos arms as he reached her doorway. Kicking it open, Hermione still hadn't waken all the way as he laid her across the bed and hopped over her, laying next to her and puling her sleeping form close. He pulled her top back into place, the skirt already having pulled itself back to a suitable position and settled in, wrapping his arms around Hermiones waist and resting his head against her chest, listening to her heartbeat as her chest rose and fell with her breathing. He smiled, pulling her a little tighter and snuggled in, ready for a couple hours more sleep. If he recalled correctly, which he might not, Draco last looked at the clock at four-ish, and he couldn't remember if that was before or after he and Hermione tore up the living room.

Draco was finally feeling the fingers of sleep pulling him gently under when Hermione let out a huge groan and rolled on to her side and looked at the clock. “Oh holy fuck,” she moaned, moving her body into a sitting position. Draco let his head fall in her lap as she stretched, her arms reaching over her head before she let them drop and play in his hair. “We've got to get going, we have class in like a half an hour.”

“No we don't,” he replied, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around her and cuddling her, like one would cuddle a teddy bear. “Seventh years are permitted to miss their first class today, and seeing as our first class is double potions and I know for a fact that Snape isn't even going to bother showing up, we don't have class this morning.”

“Well, we are the head boy and girl, we should at least make our presence known at the Great Hall before breakfast is over.”

“Awww...” Draco moaned, pulling Hermione as tightly against him as he could at that funny angle. “Bullocks to our presence. They know we're good kids, let's be bad for once.”

“I'm fairly sure we were bad last night,” Hermione replied, trying to sound sultry but not quite getting there. Hey, it was early. Draco laughed at her attempt, but finally let go and dragged himself up into a sitting position.

“Fine, you win this time, but I expect you back here to get some sleep immediately after breakfast. I can't tell if we got two hours of sleep or four, but I know it isn't enough either way.”

Hermione leaned over, her lips a millimeter from his. “Yes sir,” she said, giving him a small salute before his lips captured hers. “Ugh, I have to go brush my teeth,” she groaned, pulling away from him. “I'll see you down at the Hall?”

“You'll see me, but I promise you won't like me,” Draco said, their little inside joke causing them both to smile.

“Oh no,” Hermione said, a mischievous glint in her eye. “It'll be you who won't like me.” And with that she turned, her hips swaying a little bit more as she walked into the bathroom. Draco smiled and jumped off the bed, knowing that very little sleep would happen between breakfast and their next class after lunch.

Harry woke up with a groan, his head pounding as if he had a hangover, but he knew that he hadn't drank anything the night before. He pulled himself up, eyes slowly focusing on the window as he tried to get his brain working. “Uhnnn,” he moaned, grabbing his head as bits of the previous night came back to his memory. The huge fight with Hermione, the way he had acted in front of the whole school, well, the sixth and seventh years, how Dumbledore had looked at him. He had looked so disappointed, as if he couldn't believe Harry would ever behave in such a manner. 'And why did I? I mean, Hermione means a lot to me, but not so much to act like an idiot.'

Harry looked around, glad that double potions was basically canceled, do to the heart warming warning given by Snape in the previous class. “If anyone bothers to show up for potions tomorrow morning, there will be hell to pay. Three weeks of detention with me, and it won't be fun, so take full advantage of the Seventh year excused absence after the ball, and let me sleep in.”

Groping for his glasses Harry called out to Ron. “Oy, Ron, Dean, wake up would you?”

Dean groaned, stretching and mumbling something about beauty sleep as Ron continued to snore. Dean started shaking Ron to wake him as Harry went to shower quickly. They had a half hour before breakfast was over, and Harry figured some orange juice and some toast would be a good idea, maybe some oatmeal. Ron begrudgingly got himself into a more awake state and the boys made their way down to the Great Hall. Harry walked in silence as Ron and Dean recalled the rest of the night.

“Hermione and us went shot for shot, man she kicked our ass!” Dean exclaimed wildly, well, as wildly as one could with the size of his hangover. “She was pretty upset after you left, but she said she still wanted to be your friend, just not your girlfriend,” he continued, glancing cautiously at Harry as he spoke.

“Yeah mate, what happened last night?” Ron asked, pulling the doors to the Great Hall open. “You went a little postal.”

“I don't know Ron,” Harry said softly. He looked up and saw Hermione sitting next to Ginny, their heads close together in deep conversation. “Should we sit next to them?”

Dean and Ron looked at each other, Ron shrugging. “I don't know Harry, but it never hurts to ask,” Dean said, leading the way.

“That's what they all say,” Harry mumbled, following th two towards the girls. Harry stood across from Hermione, eyes downcast as she looked up at him.

“Are you going to sit down Harry?” Hermione asked, a forgiving smile upon her lips. Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he sat down, grabbing some oatmeal and toast.

“I'm really sorry Hermione, I honestly don't know what happened to me last night,” he apologized around a bit of toast. “I woke up this morning and felt awful, I really want to be friends.”

“That's exactly what I want Harry,” Hermione reassured him. They smiled at each other, coming to an understanding. The loving relationship was over, but their friendly relationship would always remain. Well, until Hermione had Harry killed, but who was going to suspect her?

The gang tucked in, eating with a vengeance. Ginny left, sulking because she had to go to class. “I hate being the youngest,” she moaned grabbing her books and exiting the hall to the sounds of her friends jeering. Hermione glanced up in the ruckus and saw Draco staring at her. She smiled smittenly, and ran her tongue over her top lip seductively. Draco gave her a piercing look and she smiled again, turning her attention back to her friends.

“You should have seen Ron dancing last night,” Dean was saying, tears in his eyes as he laughed at the memory. “It was hilarious, especially after that fifth of absolute we went through, right Hermione?”

“Oh yes, it was very amusing,” she giggled. “Ron was kind of bouncing around, and I have no idea what you were doing with your hands.”

“That would have been a sight to see,” Harry laughed, still miffed at himself for getting so out of hand.

The foursome talked laughed and ate for the next half hour. Finally, Hermione got up, yawning.

“Sorry boys, but I'm going back to bed. I did not get enough sleep last night,” she yawned again and guzzled the last of her water. “I'll see you guys later, Dean, see you in herbology?”

“Yeah, I'll be there,” he said face back in his food. He had a plate of eggs and bacon in front of him now, and it was clear to see that he and Ron had the same massive appetite.

“Bmy Mimne,” Ron said, mouth full as usual. Harry grabbed her arm, stopping her from exiting.

“Wait, I'll walk you to your dorm,” he said, getting up. “Later guys.”



Hermione and Harry walked out, Hermione glancing over shoulder, catching Dracos attention once again. She smiled, making her eyes smolder at him before she turned and added a little more sway to her walk as Harry pulled the door open for her.

“I just wanted to apologize again Mione,” Harry said suddenly after a few moments of silent walking. “I honestly don't know what happened to me. And when I woke up this morning, it was like, 'Hey! I understand where Hermione is coming from, and I think I really just want to be her friend too.' I didn't mean to get you so upset.”

“It's ok Harry, you were upset that I wasn't giving you any answers,” she said soothingly. “I didn't mean to be such a bitch, but I needed some time form you to think, and you kept crowding me. We both deserve to apologize, and we should give each other forgiveness.”

“Well, Hermione Granger,” Harry said, stopping in the middle of the corridor and extending his hand. “I forgive you, do you forgive me?”

Hermione smiled, taking his hand and shaking it. “Yes, I do Harry Potter.” they continued down the hall, reaching Hermiones door shortly. “I'll see you at lunch Harry, but I really do need some more sleep. Thank Merlin Snape wanted to sleep in today!”

“Yeah, I never thought that Snape would be the one to enforce the absence excused rule, but miracles occur all the time I suppose,” Harry laughed, pulling Hermione in for a hug. “I'll see you at lunch.”

“Later,” she said pulling away from him and turning to her statue. She waited until Harry was around the corner before whispering the password and dragging herself into the commons, throwing herself onto the sofa. The common room was trashed, and instead of hand cleaning she just waved her wand and watched as the room instantly started de-trashifying itself. She had her eyes closed and her head resting on the back of the sofa when she heard the door open. Smiling, she waited for the inevitable, but instead of Draco grabbing her and carrying her to one of the bedrooms, he laid on the sofa, putting his head in her lap and stared up at her.

“I am so tired Mione,” he said softly.

“Oh, poor baby,” she whispered, stroking his hair and laying a hand on his chest. Draco took her hand, his thumb tracing small circles absently. “I've got to meet my dad today, and talk to Ginny about some small details in the plan. Do you want to come to Hogsmeade with me after classes to meet my dad?”

Draco froze for a moment, his body tensing at the thought of seeing Voldemort again, but then relaxed. He didn't know how many times Hermione told him 'Daddy loves you, you're his favorite.' He hesitated longer still, causing Hermione to stiffen a little. “If you don't want to it's fine, I understand. He was a fucking d-bag to you the last time you met.”

“No, it's not that... I just... well... it would be the first time I've met him as your dad, and I'm kind of like your boyfriend correct?”

Hermione thought for a moment. “Correct.”

“Well... then... isn't he going to dislike me now that I'm corrupting his daughter?”

Hermione burst out laughing at this ludicrous thought. “Do you have any idea how long daddy has been waiting for me to come out of hiding so that we could hook up? He thinks we are the dynamic duo and he's wanted this since I was born. He just knew we would be great together and that we would do great things. I think he'll be ok with it.”

“Ok, I guess I'll join you then,” he said reaching up and pulling her down for a kiss. “I'm going to bed, want to come with me? I'm just going to sleep, I swear to Merlin.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.”

The got up and headed towards Dracos room, fingers intertwined. “What time do you have to talk to Ginny?” Draco asked as he opened the door and led her to his four poster bed.

“After lunch, we were going to walk to herbology together. That normally gives us the privacy we need, and if not we can always talk after that,” she replied slipping under the covers and into Dracos warm and open arms. She snuggled in, her right arm going around his middle while her left arm stayed crushed between their bodies.

“I just want you to be safe, there are a lot of ears in this school.”

“I know sweetie. Can I go to sleep now?” Hermione asked groggily, already fallen asleep in his arms.

“Yes, sweet dreams baby,” he whispered in her hair. Draco swore he could feel her smile before he feel into a deep slumber himself.

The alarm woke Harry up at ten minutes to noon. He was more awake now, his headache was gone and he was ready for lunch. He got up, stretched, and threw a shoe at Ron. “Oy! Let's go, it's lunch time and we have divination afterwards.”

Ron groaned and bitched as he got up. “Bloody hell mate, did you throw a shoe at me? What the fuck man?” The boys strode down to the Great Hall, plopping down next to Ginny who had just come from history of magic.

“UGH! Binns I so wretched I can't believe that Dumbledore still employees that horrid excuse for a teacher!”

“Was it really that bad?” Harry asked as Ron stuffed his face.

“Yes! I have never heard anyone prattle on like that in the same monotonous voice for that long in one hour. I swear to Merlin if I had him for doubles...” Ginny ranted, heaping green beans and fruit onto her plate, then reached for a grilled cheese.

“I don't think they can have Binns do doubles anymore. I heard that Binns once talked so long with out stopping a student was bored into a coma,” Ron said, grabbing a chicken leg and a biscuit. Ginny looked at him in shocked disgust. One, for believing that Merlin awful story about Binns, 'But it could be true,' Ginny thought. Two, Rons eating habits were appalling.

“Seriously Ron, learn some manners,” Ginny said, picking at her green beans. “And you shouldn't be spreading nasty rumors like that.” Ron glared at her around his bite of chicken and went back to his plate.

“Like what?” a voice said form behind Ginny. She turned to see Hermione setting her bag on the empty bench beside her and climbing in.

“Ron here thinks Binns has monotonously talked for so long at one period of time he put someone in a coma and that's why he can't teach doubles classes anymore,” Harry explained as Hermione grabbed a plate full of lettuce and a grilled cheese and the bottle of ketchup.

Hermione looked up, a bit shocked. “Well, it's true.” Ginny dropped her fork, looking up in amazement. Harry gave her a look of disbelief as Ron chocked out an “I told you so.”

“It's in Hogwarts: A History,” she explained, pushing some of her salad to the side so she could fit her sandwich and some ketchup on her plate. “It happened in 1926, about 40 years before Binns died.”

“It was before he died?” Harry asked in complete and utter shock.

“Yes,” she continued calmly, breaking off a piece of her sandwich and dipping it in ketchup before popping the piece in her mouth. “The headmaster at the time, Professor Tivis Linstar had to cancel Professor Binns doubles classes for the rest of the year, and after a meeting with the faculty decided that it would be for the betterment of the school and the good health of the students to not have Binns continue teaching his classes in doubles.”

Her three friends stared at Hermione is disbelief. “I can't believe that actually happened,” Ginny said, still staring at Hermione calmly eating her sandwich.

“I can't believe you read that in Hogwarts: A History. How can you remember all that?” Ron asked, leaving his food alone for once.

“Really did, you can borrow my copy if you want sometime. It has some really interesting stories in it,” she said, putting down the rest of her sandwich and grabbing the italian dressing.

“That's all right,” he mumbled going back to his food. Ron was slightly intimidated by books the size of Hogwarts: A History, or any book really, unless it was about Quidditch.

“Hey, Hermione, what are you doing tonight?” Harry asked. “I was wondering if you could help me on my transfiguration essay?” he looked at her sheepishly, because what he really meant was, 'I haven't started it please help me write it before class tomorrow.'

“I would,” Hermione sighed. “But I'm meeting my dad in Hogsmeade. He wants to take me to dinner and see how things are going.”

“Oh, all right,” he said, a little dejectedly. 'Damn! Now I have to do it all by myself!'

“But I'll look it over when at breakfast tomorrow, how's that?” she offered at the sight of the panic on his face.

Harry looked up beaming. “Thanks Mione! Hey, we've got to go Ron, you knkow it takes ten minutes to get to that bloody tower.”

Ron mumbled and groaned, standing up and grabbing his bag and two apples for class. “All right, lets go,” he said. The boys waved and walked off, ready for the long trek to divination class.

Ginny immediately scooted closer, leaning her head in to whisper with Hermione. “So what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well,” Hermione whispered back, looking around to make sure no one was paying attention to them. “I'm meeting dad tonight to confirm the date and time, and I'm going to slip Harry one of the port pills this weekend.”

“Only one of them?” Ginny asked, a quizzical look crossing her face. “Oh wait, never mind, you want to have an extra one for the day before, I remember you told me this before.”

“OK, but I haven't told Draco yet,” she continued feverishly. “I'm taking with me tonight.”

“Oh my Merlin to meet your dad!”


“As your boyfriend!”


“EEEH!” the girls squealed. Only a girl would truly appreciate this moment.

“When are you leaving?” Ginny asked excitedly.

“After classes tonight, we're going to the Hogs Head for dinner,” Hermione squealed again. “I'm so excited, dad is going to flip out! He's been wanting this for years!”

“Isn't he going to be pissed that you guys basically live together?” Ginny asked.

“He might be upset, but what exactly can he do about it with out bringing attention to it?” Hermione explained. “Oh we've go to get going.”

“Right,” Ginny said, getting up quickly and walking out with the sea of people. “So what time were you thinking?”

Hermione paused for a moment. “Well, we have to make sure that we are actually going to be skiing, especially since we'll be in America. So I was thinking around 10:30pm here, that would make it 3:30pm in Colorado.”

“That makes sense,” Ginny mused, walking around a slow group of second years. Glancing around quickly, she lowered her voice another notch. “So December 23, at 3:30pm Colorado time?”

“Yep,” Hermione replied quietly, slipping into the green house as the Professor started her lecture. “Let's talk about this later though.”

“Ok,” Ginny replied, setting her bag next to Hermione's. “I can't wait until tomorrow morning so I can hear what happened with your dad!”

“I know!” Hermione said excitedly. The girls turned their attention to Professor Sprout as she loudly cleared her throat for silence.

“Now,” she started. “There are many different ways to harvest gillyweed...”

“What am I supposed to wear?”

“Anything Draco, it's just my dad at the Hogs Head, your not meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace,” Hermione yelled from the sofa. Draco was taking way too long picking out an outfit. “Besides, he doesn't care as long as it isn't your death eater robes.”

“All right all right I get the picture,” he said, slamming his door and walking into the commons. Hermione stood up, holding her arms out to him. He walked into them, giving her a deep kiss.

“You look fine. Now let's get going, we're going to be late,” she said, pulling them towards the door.

“What if somebody sees us?” Draco asked worriedly.

“They won't. Well, they won't see me as Hermione. I know how to glamour, so I can be seen by others as a red haired green eyed 5'8” in pure blood. Only you and my dad can see me as Hermione,” she replied.

“I actually meant here at the school,” Draco said glancing down the hallway then back. “Hermione?” he called out, searchingly frantically for her. “Hey, where did you go?”

“I'm right here,” a voice called as some thing brushed past him. “I'm wearing an invisibility cloak,” she explained as she pulled it off. “You're going to wear it out of here, so people can see me since I've told Harry I'm going to Hogsmeade to meet my dad, but he thinks we are going else where for dinner, I told him earlier between classes. Now let's go, daddy is waiting.”

The two walked the rest of the way in silence, not talking again until they were on the road to Hogsmeade, well away from the school.

“Ok, you should be safe, I had to get special permission to come out tonight so there aren't going to be any students or faculty out tonight.”

Draco nodded, looking slightly green around the gills. He didn't say a word until the Hogs Head came into view.

“Hermione,” he stopped them by the gate. “I'm really kind of nervous.”

“Aww... baby,” Hermione tsked, grabbing his hand. “It's going to be ok, daddy loves you I promise.”

Draco took a deep breath and turned. “All right then, let's get this done,” he said, trying to convince himself. Hermione smiled and squeezed his hand, walking into the Hogs Head. She glanced around, seeing her father sitting in his usual corner. He smiled, waving them over. Hermione glanced at Draco, who started looking a little green again.

“Ok,” she said, giving his hand another reassuring squeeze. “Let's do this.”

They walked over, Draco feeling as if he was going to his death. They sat down, hermione giving her dad a quick hug. They ordered their drinks, and Hermione turned to her dad.

“Daddy, I want you to meet someone. This is Draco Malfoy, my secret boyfriend.”

Voldemort stared at Hermione in bewilderment, then turned his look on Draco.

A/N: Here it is... another chapter! I know I left it at a little cliff hanger, but I had to stop the chapter at some point. Look for the next one shortly after the new year! And I think I may have gotten the actual date wrong, but I didn't feel like looking through all of my chapters to find a date, so from now on harry will be port-pilled on the 23 of December.... peaces! Oh and don't hate on me, i'm not making you read it so if you don't like it bugger off and stop reading....

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