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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1: Big Changes
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"Hurry up Izzy we’re going to miss the plane" Lily called up to her daughter.

"Just a sec mum, gees.’” She hollered back as she hurriedly packed her suitcase.

Isobella had told her parents just a few hours ago that she had saw her big brother Harry, James and Lily had been waiting years to see him but they waited until Voldemort was defeated however when Harry defeated Voldemort, Isobella wasn't ready to leave her life behind so Lily and James went back to waiting and secretly longing to see their first and only son, but now that Isobella had seen her big brother she wanted to be a part of his life.

"Izzy if you’re not down here in ten seconds then we are leaving without you" Lily once again called to her child.
"Lils give her a chance she's just as excited about this as we are" James soothed.

"I know James, but after so many years of waiting, we are finally going to see our baby boy".

"You do know he's not a baby anymore, mum?" Izzy said as she entered the living room.

"Shush, are you all packed? What took you so long?" Lily questioned.

"I was taking pictures of my room so that I can arrange my new room the same way."

"Izzy sweetheart, you know that after we get settled, your mum and I are going to come back here to get our stuff."

"Yes dad, I know that but I want my room to look exactly like it is now. Now come on I thought we were going to be late"

"Hermione, I'm home" Harry called as he enter their three bed detached house.

"Daddy" James said as he bounded toward Harry.

"Hey kiddo, how’s my special big boy?"

"Playing with unkie Padfoo'."

"Where's Mummy?"
"In the bathroom" James replied and then run off in to the living room, Harry followed.

"Hi Sirius"

"Hey Harry mate, how was the weekend? Did you capture him?"

"Yes, he's in the holding sells as we speak, I have to interview him later but I wanted to see my family first, where's my wife?"

"Oh she's in the bathroom, she's been there most of the day, tried to get her to come out but she wouldn't"

"Do you know what happened?" Harry asked now very worried.

"No, I got the call early this morning to come over and look after James, I got here in seconds , she said thanks and rushed to the bathroom, I tried to talk to her but all I got was James needs to be fed." Sirius said and with that Harry rushed out of the room and up the stairs. He got to the bathroom, took a deep breath and knocked the door.

"Hermione Baby, are you ok?" He called through the door. He heard the door click open and Hermione dove into his arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Shush, Hermione love, what's wrong?" Harry asked as he carried his wife to their bedroom.

"It's all so messed up" she said between sobs, Harry handed her a tissue and she dried her eyes, as she sat on their king size bed.
"What's messed up, love?" he said softly.

"I'm pregnant" she whispered but loud enough for him to hear.

"Hermione, that's great news" Harry laughed lifting her up and spinning her around.

"Really? After James was born, you said that you didn't want to think about having another child until James was five, he's only two".

"Is that what you were crying about?" he asked, despite the situation he couldn't help but smiling. Hermione nodded her head weakly. "Hermione, I said that because I wanted to give you time to recover from having James, settling into a routine and I also thought that once he was old enough the you would want to go back to work, but if it's what you want then I'm perfectly happy to have another baby" Harry soothed.

"Really? Because it is what I want, I've wanted another baby for a while now; I just din't know how to tell you." she said then tried to stifle a yawn. "Gosh, I forgot how tired I get when I'm pregnant"

"Why don't you go and have a lie down sweetheart, I'll take care of James until you get up". Harry said giving her a kiss on her head.

"Thank you love" she whispered already falling asleep. Harry gave her a kiss and patted her tummy before leaving the room.

Once he entered the living room James pounced on him and tackled him to the ground.

"Oy, you little tinker, that was sneaky I wasn't prepared" Harry said whilst trying to keep a straight face, only to receive a cheeky giggle in return. Once Harry sat up again Sirius questioned him.

"Is Hermione Ok?"

"Yes she's fine, she's sleeping, she's really tired" Harry said whilst tickling his son.

"Tired, she only gets tired when she's" then he stopped dead and his eyes went wide. "Hermione's Pregnant?" Sirius whispered as Harry covered James' ears. Harry nodded. "Congratulations mate, how far gone?"

"Mm she never said but I think that she's seven or eight weeks gone"

"Time for her first scan then"

"Her magical one yes but her muggle one isn't for another month, so no one apart from you, Remus and Dumbledore can know, especially not titch here because he will tell everyone before it's time"

"Ok mate, congratulations again, what are you hoping for?"

"A girl, but any will do, as long as it's healthy" Harry smiled, looking at his son. "I'll be right back, I have to go tell work that something has come up and I can't interview Malfoy until tomorrow" Harry said.

"Do you want me to look after James for a while? It's no problem I've been doing it all morning" Sirius asked.

"No its ok I'll only be a minute, James and Hermione are more important right now."

"O, my Merlin, what is this place?" Isobella said staring in awe, at the giant castle that stood before them. They had just got off the plane and apparated to the front of the castle.

"This is Hogwarts, this is where your mother and I went to school and this is where Harry went" James said staring at the castle like he had never seen it before.

"Wow and why didn't I go here?" Isobella questioned.

"Because everyone here knows us and knows Harry so our cover would've been blown." Lily said slightly impatiently as she was looking at the castle the same way James was.

"Lils hun, does the castle seem different to you?” James asked.

"Yes, like it's almost new, it doesn't feel like the same castle"

"That's because most of it isn't" Isobella said from Lily's far right. They turned to see their daughter reading a plaque underneath a statue.

James and Lily stepped closer to the statue and gasped because there in front of them stood statues of Harry and two other people of which they did not know. They bent down closer to read the plaque.

                                                Harry James Potter

                                                      Born 1980

                                                        Age 22
                                           School Year: 1991-1998

                                  Year he defeated the Dark Lord: 1998

Harry James Potter became famous when he was one, when he became the first every survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse. Throughout his school years, Harry battled Voldemort time and time again, many times nearly losing his life, but in the end he defeated Voldemort and became known as the Savior of the Magical world.

                                         Hermione Jane Granger/Potter

                                                         Born 1980

                                                           Age: 22

                                              School Year: 1991-1998

Wife and best friend of Harry Potter, Hermione meet Harry on their first train ride to Hogwarts and like many good couples their friendship was rocky at the beginning but it didn't take long for them to become best friends. Hermione stuck by Harry through-out everything, she was the brains of their group and Harry also said the without her he wouldn't of survived.

                                                 Ronald Billius Weasley

                                                         Born 1980

                                                           Age: 22

                                               School Year: 1991-1998

Best friend of Harry Potter, like Hermione, Ron and Harry meet on the first train ride to Hogwarts where they became instant friends, but unlike Hermione there were some times where Ron's loyalty failed him and he and Harry were distant, but in the end Ron was with Harry when he went up against Voldemort.

      This is where the final battle took place and most of Hogwarts was destroyed.

                                     Year school was rebuilt: 1999-2000

"That's why the school seems different, this is where Harry fought Voldemort" James said
"I can't believe that he's married”. Lily whispered.

"I wonder if he has a child?" Isobella mused.

"Don't be silly Izzy, no one has a child that young" Lily replied

"You did" Izzy retorted

"Right come on everyone under the concealment charm, we have to go and see Dumbledore". James said before a row broke out, he put everyone under the charm, they linked arms and James led the way to Dumbledore’s office.

"Sugar, I forgot about the password for Dumbledore’s office, what are we going to do now?" James said as the arrived outside Dumbledore’s office.

"Guess it I suppose" Lilly replied.

"Drewryballs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Lemon Drops"

"Oh I can't think of anything else" Lily whined.

"Harry Potter" James said, and the statue moved over.

"Wow" Isobella whispered

"Come on" Lily said excitedly, and she rushed up to the office. Seconds Later they were knocking on Dumbledore’s office door.

"Come in" Came the headmasters slightly croaky voice. James opened the door and Lily and Isobella followed him in.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my office?" Dumbledore whispered in a deadly manner.

"Professor, I know what this must look like but it is us, it’s Lily and James" Lily pleaded for him to understand.

"I highly doubt that" he said with more strength.

"We are not imposters, Albus" James said surprising Dumbledore and Lily by using Dumbledore’s first name.

"We'll see about that" Dumbledore said, he pulled out his wand and put some charms on the door. "Sit" he said impolitely, they did so immediately not wanting to anger the old professor any more than what he was. Dumbledore then crossed to the fire place and through in a fistful of floo powder and through it into the fire. "Minerva" he said and waited for the transfiguration teacher to appear.

"You called, Albus" McGonagall said as her face swam into view.

"I have an emergency, call Harry immediately"

"Of course Albus, I'll get Harry and his team down here now" she said and started to disappear.

"Just Harry, Minerva" Dumbledore said. "This is not something that can be spread nationwide, Harry can handle it on his own"

"Of course Albus, right away" she said and disappeared.

"Why did you get Harry involved?" James asked irritated.

"Two reasons, firstly Harry is and has been one of the top Aurors since he was 18 and secondly he is your son and needs to know"

"We weren't ready to tell him" Lily said.

"If you are ready to tell me then you are ready to tell Harry"


"No arguments, Mrs Potter" Dumbledore said calmly.

"He's scarier than I imagined" Isobella whispered.

"If you think that I'm being scary then you are going to be positively frightened by Harry, Miss Potter" Dumbledore said "Maybe we should take you to a teacher, what do you think James?"

"She'll be fine, Isobella Professor Dumbledore is just a bit angry because of our shock appearance but if you get too scared by Harry then just say". James said.

"Harry" McGonagall said panicked as her face swam into view in Harry's living room fire.

"Yes Professor?" Harry asked as he placed his sleeping son in his playpen.

"Harry there’s an emergency at Dumbledore’s office, I don't know the details but he requested you and only you".

"Ok professor I will just tell Sirius to keep an eye on James for me, I'll be there in five minutes".

"Thank you, Harry" McGonagall said and disappeared.

"Professor, its Harry" he yelled as he pounded the door. The people in the room tensed as Dumbledore unlocked the door.

"Come in Harry" he said. Harry opened the door with some force, his face was red and sweaty and he had his wand tightly in his hand.

"Everything alright Professor?" he panted slightly.

"I'm afraid not Harry, we may have some imposters" Dumbledore said solemnly pointing to the left side of the room, Harry's gaze following his finger.

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