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The Second Life I Lead by BLONDEbehaviour
Chapter 1 : The First Day Back
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Disclaimer: I own only the plot and my original characters. 



Hermione jolted awake to her phone going off, blasting loudly into her ear.
She groaned and mumbled underneath her breath as she picked up her cell phone, pressing the green button to pick up the call. 


"Wake up!" screamed the loud voice of her best muggle friend, Jess, down the phone. 

"Ugh.. Bugger off. What time is it?" Hermione mumbled down the line, eyes still tightly shut, trying to hold on to the last few minutes of blissful sleep.

“Bugger off? That’s how you say hi to your best friend? Bit of a bitch this morning aren’t you? It’s nearly 8am. Get out of bed.” Jess said, somewhat less enthusiastically as the first sentence.

“Mm... No. Bed good. Up bad.”

“I’ll buy you a coffee!”

“I’ll buy myself a coffee later. When it’s appropriate to get up.”

“Hermione you can’t miss the first day of school. We get our exchange students today. Now get your lazy ass out of bed or you’ll have hell to pay. Love you!”

"Fine. I am psyched to be back again, going to good old Manhattan Prep, but not for the early mornings!" 

"And I look forward to seeing you again. I’ll meet you at the usual spot in 40 minutes. 40 Mimi! Au Revoir!" 

"Ugh. 45.” 

Five minutes later, and after a last failed attempt at trying to go back to sleep, Hermione got out of bed, and switched on her speakers which blasted the radio to help jolt herself awake, while she walked towards her ensuite in her five-bedroom penthouse of which she shared with her two twin cousins, Sam and Matt, who lived in the house permanently, and turned on the shower. 

Over the last year, Hermione had changed, but she had kept the changes down to a minimum when she was at Hogwarts for the last year. But at MP, she's always been more confident in herself and outgoing, so she wasn't planning on hiding anything. 

Her hair was a lighter shade from the brown it used to be, and was more a dark blonde than a brown, with set in waves that were no longer bushy and unruly, but under control and beautiful, and it fell to a little past her shoulders. She spent a lot of time exercising, as she walked everywhere in New York, so her body was slim and toned. Over the last year she had grown into her curves, going from a small to a slightly bigger than average breast size that she was more than happy with. She always got a lot of attention while she was in New York, but did not act on majority of the approaches.

She stripped and jumped into the shower and wet her hair, just letting the warm relaxing water run over her. After about 5 minutes, she grabbed for her shampoo and conditioner and washed her hair carefully. 

When she climbed out, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself as she walked over to her walk-in-wardrobe, and decided on an outfit for her day. Her school did not have a strict uniform code, but a uniform-type outfit with the school tie was expected attire for school. Baring this in mind, Hermione picked out a designer blue skirt with pleats that stopped just above her knees, and a simple white silk blouse, with a light black cardigan and strappy white sandals to match.

Within fifteen minutes Hermione's hair was styled, her make-up was done, and she was ready for the day. She grabbed her Louis Vuitton Tote as she walked down the long marble staircase yawning, mentally cursing Jess for waking her, and walked into the kitchen, where breakfast was already served, and where her twin cousins were already stuffing their faces. 

Hermione rolled her eyes as she grabbed a croissant. "Morning Boys. Are you going to accompany me to school this morning, or just continue to stuff your faces?" She asked, as she tore pieces of the croissant off and popped it into her mouth.

Matt looked at her, his jet black hair covering his piercing blue eyes. He gave Hermione a smile. "Well I don't know about Sam here, but I would love to accompany you to school, give me five to get dressed," he said as he grabbed one last muffin and walked away, jumping three stairs at a time. 

Hermione laughed and looked back at Sam with an eyebrow raised. "Well?" She asked, waiting for an answer. 

Sam, with his mouth full, shook his shaggy dark brown head and then looked at her. "Nah, sorry Mi, am meeting Michelle at her place in ten. You know, gonna have some back-to-school fun. What about you? Gonna go see Cadin are you?" He said, as he looked at Hermione mischievously. 

Hermione threw the rest of croissant at Sam, which hit him square in the head. “Um, I actually respect my friends enough to want to see them before school, and Cadin and I are not that type of friends! I’m going to grab coffee with Jess and Matt, maybe a few others. You and Michelle should come join us after. The usual place? We won't leave till late so you have plenty of time." 

Sam just nodded, which in Sam-talk meant, "Will see what happens."

Hermione turned around as she heard the loud footsteps of Matt jumping down the stairs. He then walked up to Hermione and wrapped his arm around hers. "Right Mi, let’s get going." 
Hermione laughed and yelled a quick bye to Sam as Matt pulled her to the elevator, and 32 floors beyond. 


Authors Note: Hi everyone. So I am giving this story another go, but will be making a few changes. Hope you like the new revised of The Second Life I Lead!

All comments welcome.

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