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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 5 : Uncle George
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Hi sorry I havent updated for a while but this took me ages to write! Please reveiw, I hope you like it!

Uncle George

Rose gave her hair one final and hopeful sweep, it still looked as bushy as ever, she sighed and wisped it up into a lazy bun and secured it in place with a spell.

 Sometimes she just didn’t get life, if her parents weren’t her real parents then why was her hair just as the thick as her mothers, just as red as her fathers?


“Rose you coming? asked Hugo looking round the door.


“Course H” Rose put down the hairbrush. And as she always did on a Sunday, she took her old silver rose and put it neatly in her pocket so you could just see the flower head poking out.


She followed Hugo out of the room and down the stairs to the hall. Ron and Hermione were there waiting for them, Ron sneaking a last bite of an apple and Hermione checking the money in her purse.


“Right” said Hermione “Ready to go?”


“Yes Mum” chorused Rose and Hugo.


“Ridy hermininy” the three turned around to look at Ron, who still had a mouth full of apple. Ron I would have thought by now that you would know not to eat with your mouth open.” Hermione gave him her famous stern gaze while Ron gulped and offered his arm to Hugo,


“Come on we’re going to be late.”


Rose and Hermione watched as the two apparated and Hermione shook her head.


“Well, we better get going to,” Rose smiled and grabbed her wrist just before they started to spin.


Rose landed unsteadily on her feet. She was used to side along apparition now since she had been doing it since the age of three but she still had never got the knack of landing.


“Rosa!” Teddy and Victorie’s two year old daughter came out of nowhere and jumped on Rose.


“Ouch!” shouted Rose as she landed on the floor with the toddler bouncing up and down on her chest. “Hi Alexandrie.”


“Hi Rose” said Teddy Lupin, picking up the toddler and offering Rose a hand.


“Thanks Ted” she said, giving him a hug and kissing Alexandrie on the forehead.


“And where’s my favourite Rose?” asked Mrs Weasley coming out of the house and engulfing Rose in a bone shattering hug.


                     “We’re eating outside today, what with little Alix and Charlie’s latest fiancé.”


It was a family joke, Charlie had been engaged three times over the last ten years but none of the engagement’s seemed to have worked. Mrs Weasley seemed a little more hopeful that this one would work though, seeing as Charlie had managed to get the woman in question pregnant, Nobody else bothered to get there hopes up though, Xylia was a nice person but you could never be sure what Charlie would do next.


“Ok Grandma, Do you know where Albi is ?”


“Of course dear, he is in Ron’s old bedroom; make sure you say hello to everyone on your way up.”


Knowing that it would be impossible to say hello to all her family, and a million or so extras in the space of less than ten minutes Rose simply ran through the living room shouted “Hello” and raced up the stairs to the attic.


Rose tried to open the door but found it was locked. “Damn!” she whispered and poked her eye in front of the keyhole.


“Hey, hey let me in.”


“Who is it?” Asked a voice witch Rose recognised as Lucy’s.


“Its me!” Rose answered.


“Its Rose,” she heard Lucy say to someone just next to the window.


“Yeah let her in,” and Rose fell through the door.


She could now see everyone in the room and was shocked to see just about everyone in the house under the age of seventeen.

Fred, Roxie, Dominique and James sat by the window, they were just about to enter their sixth year, they were the famous mischief makers of Hogwarts and never let a day go by without a joke.


Albus, Lucy and Louis sat by the window, Louis almost falling asleep on Albus shoulder.

 Lucy and Louis were the quiet ones of the family, everyone had always said that they should have been twins, they were such close friends, they would both be entering their forth year at Hogwarts in September.


Lucy’s older sister, Molly sat on the floor with her back to the radiator and head engrossed (As always) in a book on laws. She was in the same year as Albus and Rose but none of the other cousins had ever liked her that much as she was to absorbed in rules and homework.


Lorcan, Lysander (Lin), Lily and Hugo sat in a huddle behind the door, They were the youngest, apart from Alix, and were now in their third year at Hogwarts. Lin and Lily had always seemed to have this secret thing about each other, this came out now with Lily sitting on Lin’s lap.


Rose stood up and tripped, landing herself right back down on the floor again.


“Oh.” She groaned, “Hi Dobby.”

“Hi Rose” nodded the forth year Goth sitting on the floor gently brushing His dark brown hair out of his honey coloured eyes.

“What are you all doing up here?” asked Rose

“Better than getting lectured by Uncle Perce cause our tops are to low cut!” chuckled Roxie.


“Yeah! He told me I looked like a hooker in this skirt!” Louis exclaimed. She was shy but she did like to look good and hardly cared what she was wearing.


“Yeah well he was right!” James looked at the skirt weirdly “You really should change before Uncle Bill gets here.”


“But what’s wrong with it?” Louis asked looking down at herself in a strange way.


Rose laughed. It was true she did look like a hooker.

The others resolved they’re previous conversations and Rose starred absent mindedly out of the window she twirled the rose in here pocket and thought about here parents.


This had been her fathers room.

Of course he wasn’t really her father.

Or was he?

It was obvious that Hermione wasn’t her mother but the certificate hadn’t said anything about her father and Tessies surname had been weasley.

Maybe I should ask a adult not Mum or dad though.

It seemed a bit stupid to ask someone though.

What if they told Hermione or Ron?


Her thoughts were interrupted as a shout came from down stairs. “Dinners ready.!”




There was a mighty tumble on the stairs as they all tried to get to the kitchen.

This resulted in only two broken noses, compared to the usual five.

“Come on everyone out into the garden!” Mr weasley pushed them all out of the door and then turned back to fix up Lucy and Lorcan’s faces.


Rose did  not speak much during dinner. She sat in between Teddy and Bill ( who, on seeing Louis skirt had sent her home to change.) and did not join in any conversations, as most of the talk was about who the new minister would be now that Kingsley was retiring.


“Hey Rosie” Rose turned around on her way back into the house, carrying the leftovers of a bowl of peas, to see her uncle George looking at her worriedly.


“Are you ok? You seemed a bit down at dinner.


And then it clicked. Of course! She should as George about Tessie!


“I’m fine, but George. What do you know about someone called Tessie Weasley?”

She looked her uncle in the eye and saw fear rising in his face.


“Tessie Weasley, I urr, I’ve never heard the name.”


“George, I know that’s a lie. Please tell me. I need to know!”


“Well she was married to your father before he and Hermione got back together , she died some years ago. She was nothing to Important. Come on  Rose lets go inside.”


“GEORGE!!      Is she my mother?”




“And Ron’s my father isn’t he?”




“You two” called Mrs weasley from the house. “Come inside this instant.


“Coming Mum” shouted George.

He started to go back into the house but turned just before he got to the door.


“I don’t know.”

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Caught in a landslide: Uncle George


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