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Opposites attract by adluvshp
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: The Shock
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Disclaimer: Anything you dont recognized is owned by me, rest everything is JKR's!

CH 2 : The Shock

“Hermione here!” a voice shouted.

 Hermione turned around at the sound of her best friend.

Harry potter stood a few feet away waving at her.

Hermione rushed towards him and gave him a quick hug.

“Hey Harry! How did your holidays go? Mine were awesome.” said Hermione. Then, noticing that her other best friend was missing, she added, “Where’s Ron?”

“Take a breath Mi! By the way, you look great!” he told her and she slightly blushed. “And Ron…He is busy with his brand new girlfriend!”

“Brand-new-girlfriend?! I thought he didn’t have a girlfriend after Lavender.”

"Hermione…still as innocent as ever! Not a proper girlfriend. It’s just that they two met up a few minutes ago and are now busy chatting. Although I think –”

Before he could complete his sentence, Ron arrived at the scene with a very attractive girl beside him.

Hermione noticed that she had long blonde hair, hazel eyes and was quite slim and hot.

“Hermione!! Meet Linda. Linda Johnson.” Said Ron.

“Hi, Linda! I am Hermione granger. Nice to meet you.” Hermione said brightly.

“Hey Hermione! I am Linda Johnson as Ronald already told you. I am also a seventh year here.” She replied with a charming smile.

"Oh! So you are a seventh year too! I never saw you before though.” Hermione said.

“Well, that’s because I used to study at another wizarding school earlier in Australia. I just recently had my transfer here. I am in Gryffindor too.” She explained.

“Gryffindor?! But you didn’t have your sorting!” This time it was Harry.

“Oh! Actually headmaster Dumbledore had my sorting done before to avoid embarrassment. As you know, it would have been very awkward for me to have my sorting done with first years.” She said with a smile.

At that moment, the Hogwarts express hooted loudly.

“We better get on the train.” Hermione said and they all followed her inside.

Out of the corner of her eye, Hermione noticed Draco Malfoy getting in. He was grinning along with his friends and there was some color on his previously pale and emotion-devoid face. He hadnt gelled his hair in the usual way; rather left them messy which made him look good. His manner was more casual than the usual stiff way he had always carried himself in. He looked different and as his grey eyes met hers over the crowd, she thought, ‘He doesn’t look that mean and bad anymore…’  The sound of Harry calling her made her look away and hastily enter the train, forgetting all about the 'ferret'...or at least partly.

Once they reached an empty compartment, they started chatting, catching up on old days.

Suddenly, Ginny’s face appeared at the doorway.

“Oh… Ginny! Come in!” Hermione said as she noticed her.

“Er…No thanks Hermione. Harry, can you spare me a few minutes please?” Ginny asked looking at Harry as a touch of red appeared on her cheeks.

Harry got up quickly and said, “er…so see you guys later.” And blushing deeply he went outside with Ginny.

“Oh come on Ron! Don’t look at them like that!” Hermione said as she saw Ron throwing glances at the spot where they had disappeared.

“I didn’t do anything! Now that Vol-Voldemort is gone forever, I don’t have any objection as I know that Ginny will be safe with Harry.”

"Ok! ... It seems so odd that Voldemort is gone…isn’t it?” Hermione replied.

 "Yeah….but It’s a relief.” said Ron.

“The Dark Lord killed my mother and Martha, my little sister.” Linda said quietly.

“Oh!  Linda. I am so sorry...Hey wait! Why did you call Voldemort the Dark Lord?!” Hermione asked.

"Oh...erm...actually...In my previous school everyone addressed him as that know...old habits die hard..."

“It’s ok Linda. I am – I mean we are with you. You don’t need to worry.” Ron said.

“Oh! Ronald! I am glad that you think this way, but I am not alone. I have my father with me and he treats me as his little princess. I don’t have much to worry about. But I am so happy that we met a few minutes ago and you are so affectionate to me. Thanks a million!” Linda said with a smile  and threw her arms around his neck. She separated after a moment and placed a kiss on Ron’s cheek, which immediately turned red.

There was an awkward silence after that. Ron just stared at Linda while she was busy reading a book entitled ‘Love Lessons’. Hermione just looked out of the window and smiled to herself.

“Hey! Hermione… Who are the head girl and boy, do you know?” Linda piped in all of a sudden, breaking the silence.

At this Hermione blushed a little, and suppressing a smile, replied, “I am the head girl, but I don’t know who the head boy is.”

“Blimey! Hermione! Why didn’t you tell us before?” Ron asked.

 "Well, you didn’t ask.” She replied simply.

Before the conversation could move on further, a small girl came in the compartment and said, “Hermione granger is supposed to meet Professor McGonagall in the Heads compartment.” And she ran off.

“Well, I’d better hurry. Bye then. See you guys later…” Hermione said and left, leaving Ron and Linda alone.

As Hermione reached the heads compartment, she felt someone walking behind her. Turning around, she saw the very familiar blonde slowly striding towards her. She noticed that he had grown quite tall, and to her amazement, she caught herself thinking that he had become even more handsome than before.

 A battle of thoughts flashed through her mind:

 ‘Wow! He looks great.’
 ‘Cut it out! He is MALFOY!’
‘So what? He is still an adolescent.’

 ‘But he is your enemy.’

 'A very cute and handsome enemy.’
  ‘Hermione granger! What’s happening to you? He is Draco Malfoy of all people!’

 "Ms. Granger!”

 Hermione gave a start and turned around to be face to face with professor McGonagall and hurriedly took some steps back, but to her horror, she collided with Draco Malfoy.

 Draco’s P.O.V (At the Kings’ Cross Station)

“Hey dude…what’s up?” Draco met up with his best friend Theodore Nott as he stood at the station.

 "Hey…Glad to see you all cool…” Theo replied punching him playfully on the shoulder. “…Where are the other idiots?” He added and was answered immediately by an approaching couple.

Blaise Zabini and Astoria Greengrass joined the two best friends and they’d been just catching up when, to all of their disappointment, Pansy Parkinson walked over to them.

“Hey Ast…Hi Theo, Blaisie…and Drakie...” She said in a sickly sweet voice. All four of them internally groaned.

“Nice to see you too Pans…” Astoria replied with a fake smile. ‘It’s far from fucking nice!She thought furiously as Pansy hooked her arm in Blaise’s. ‘Seriously, this whore can’t stop throwing herself around…’.

“By the way Pansy, did you hear the good news? Me and Ast are together now…” Blaise grinned and very politely shrugged out of Pansy’s hold and draped an arm around his girlfriend’s shoulder. She ‘hmphed’ before she licked her lips and stepped closer to Draco.

"But you’re still single, aren’t you Drakie…?” She said in a tone which was seductive according to her, but sick to everyone else.

“Look Pansy…We won’t work out okay…I’d enough of our relationship till the sixth year…Once I broke up with you, it was for good…we can be nothing more than friends ever and sorry, but you just need to accept that…” He tried to tell her as calmly as possible but she gave him a deadly glare.

"You people, I hate all of you!" She wailed and stormed off.

“Relief she’s gone…” Theo muttered.

“I swear…that bitch is too disgusting to even hang around with…anyways, let’s get going…” Draco muttered and they all started getting in the train.

“Hmm…So I heard you’re head boy this time dude…congrats…!” Blaise told Draco once they were seated.

“Oh yeah…thanks…”

“Any idea who’s the head girl?”

“Nopes…no clue…” Draco shrugged.

“Hope she’s some hot chick, don’t you? Afterall you’ll be sharing quarters…” Theo winked at Draco.

“Er…it wouldn’t be bad if she’s some hot chick but then, I am not really looking for some shagging partner mate…just hope she’s bearable…”

"What if it’s Loony Luna?” Blaise said and laughed.

“Save my arse!” Draco laughed along with his friends.

"How about Ginny Weasley?" He asked.

"Er, Too much of a temper dont you think? ANd she's younger." Draco replied though he noticed that his other friend, Theodore Nott, had slightly stiffened at the mention of the Weaselette's name.

"Hermione Granger?" Blaise muttered.

"Er...well...she couldnt be that bad now..." 

“Excuse me…er…McGonagall requests you in the Heads compartment…” A little hufflepuff peeked in their compartment at that moment and delivered the news.

“Well…I guess it’s my cue…see ya guys…” Draco told the little group and went out.

 As he neared the Heads compartment, he saw Hermione Granger coming towards him. He had to admit, she was looking freaking awesome. At that moment, he found himself admiring everything about her; her brown curls, the little crease between her eyebrows, her slightly flushed cheeks, her rosy lips…oh her lips…and her petite yet slender body…her curves highlighted with her tight-fitting yet decent clothing…

 As he scrutinized her, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have her frame crushed against his.

 ‘Oh No way Draco…not the first day of school…lusty thoughts go away!’ He told himself sternly but still, his gaze lingered on her slightly parted lips and he almost groaned. Too bad he hadn’t touched or even snogged a girl since such a long time…look at him! He was fantasizing about Granger

 His body suddenly tensed as she suddenly crashed against him, her back pressed into his body…and he struggled to compose himself.


"I am sorry!” She muttered.

“I am glad that you are out of your day dream and back in your senses. Now will you please follow me inside before we create a scene here? And you too Mr. Malfoy.” McGonagall said curtly to both of them.

As Hermione and Draco followed McGonagall inside, both of them wondered that why the other was along.

Why is Malfoy coming?’ Hermione thought.

Why is Granger trotting behind?’ Draco wondered. He smirked at the word “trotting”.

“Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger. Since you both are head boy and head girl respectively, I –” McGonagall started but was immediately interrupted by two loud “WHATs”.

“Yes! Yes!” She said impatiently. “Now, you both are heads of the school and so I suggest that it would be great if you both forget your enmity and begin a fresh start. I am sure it will be a little hard for you, but it’s not impossible. So, anyways, the prefects will be arriving in half an hour until which you can discuss your plans. Also, after reaching school, you are supposed to meet the headmaster together so that he can give you a few instructions. There is also big news to be announced which will be disclosed to you before it is to the whole school, so don’t be late.” McGonagall finished and started leaving when she stopped and said,

"By the way, the password to your quarters is Hearts and Love. Good luck and maintain civility!" She walked away leaving the two former enemies alone.

“Move it Granger!” Malfoy said, pushing past Hermione and taking a seat.

“You can’t be head boy Malfoy!” Hermione said shaking her head, who was still not over the shock.

“Oh… really? Well, I suppose I am the head boy so nothing can be done.” He retorted.

Hermione sighed and sat opposite Draco; Malfoy she corrected herself mentally.

It was a huge shock that the ‘insufferable git’ (as Hermione called him) was head boy, she had to live with him, and what more! McGonagall expected them to be civil towards each other.

‘This year is going to be harder than I thought! I hope there are no more shocks to come as the first one is already ridiculous.’ Hermione thought to herself.

But Hermione was wrong. She was soon going to receive a bigger and a better shock which would change her life. Though, it might not be ridiculous.

Revised May 6 2010.
A/N: Hey friends, How was it? Please read and review (if you've not already done so! And I promise as you go on reading the next chapters, it gets a lot better and exciting...a mystery brews up as well...and then there's the romance between many couples! Anyhow, please leave a few words down in that little box. Thanks!



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Opposites attract: Chapter 2: The Shock


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