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After the Horcrux by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 13 : Promises
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Harry sat on Andromeda’s sofa feeding Teddy his noontime bottle. He had come over this morning to take his mind off lunch with Ginny. He also realized that as soon as he starts Auror training he would not be able to see Teddy often. He had promised himself to be a good godfather to Remus and Dora’s son, and he was determined to do his very best. 

Teddy was just about finished with his bottle, and his eyes were getting very heavy. Harry, looking at him, decided to burp him. Andromeda had told him to burp Teddy before he finishes the bottle. Teddy sleeps best when his stomach is full. If Harry waits until Teddy finishes the bottle then he will wake up during the burping and will be difficult to get to go down for his kip. 

After pulling the bottle out of the baby’s mouth causing him to fuss, Harry calmly lifted him up and threw a towel over his shoulder, lifted Teddy, and placed his face on the towel. Harry smiled as he remembered the first couple of times that he burped the baby. It didn’t take long for Harry to learn to be prepared for more than air coming out of a baby’s mouth. Patting and rubbing Teddy’s back, Harry heard a couple of burps. Satisfied that he won’t wake up from his kip with a stomach-ache, Harry leaned Teddy against his left side and placed the bottle back into Teddy’s mouth. 

Harry looked around the room as Teddy finished his bottle. He has enjoyed learning how to be a father to a baby. It actually isn’t all that difficult, and can even be boring at times. Teddy has mainly been hungry, sleeping, or needing his nappy changed. He would only stay awake and play for an hour or two at a time. What made Harry the happiest was realizing how easy it was to make a difference in this baby’s life. He didn’t need to do anything heroic or dangerous to help this baby grow up safely. All he needed to do was be good, patient, and loving to satisfy Teddy’s needs. 

Thinking about the possibility of becoming a father, Harry looked down at Teddy. He now has black hair like Harry’s, so he could be his and Ginny’s. Harry looked away from the baby, as the thought of marrying Ginny brought him pain. Pain, not from the possibility of marrying her, but from the possibility that he won’t. They have only been dating again for two and a half months, or ten weeks. In that time, Ginny has become so important in his life that he doesn’t want to think about his life without her. Before Ginny, his life was relatively empty. Ron and Hermione kept him going, and he would never trade their friendship and support for anything, but it wasn’t the same as what Ginny made him feel. Since she came into his life, he truly feels happy and hopeful. 

Sighing at his present dilemma, Harry looked at Teddy and discovered that he was fast asleep. He didn’t finish the bottle. Pulling the bottle gently out of his mouth, Harry wiped the mixture of drool and milk off the baby’s mouth with the towel he had over his shoulder, and placed a dummy in it’s place. Teddy took two or three quick hard sucks on the dummy before relaxing into a deep sleep. Cradling the baby in his arms, Harry stood up to see Andromeda staring at him from the hallway. 

“You’re a natural, Harry.” 

He ignored her as he carried Teddy back to his room, placed him in the cot, laid the stuffed koala bear beside him, covered him up, and kissed him good-bye. After he closed the door, he returned to the sitting room to find Andromeda in her favourite chair. 

“What do you mean I’m a natural?” asked Harry. 

“You are very good with children; most men can’t take care of young ones,” she replied. 

“It isn’t that much of a challenge. It’s not like he is up and running around all over the place. He sits in one spot or wants to be held.” Harry sat down across from her on the sofa. “I am only trying to be a good godfather.” 

Andromeda laughed at his last statement. “Harry, most godfathers only show up on Christmas and birthdays with some outrageous present that will drive the parents mental.” She looked at him for second, before continuing, “You have done much too much. You are here at least once a week to watch him. The last two weeks it has been every other day. You send Kreacher over to work around the place everyday. Don’t misunderstand me. I appreciate all you have done, but it really isn’t necessary. You must truly love children.” 

Harry blushed slightly at her praise. “I have always wanted a family,” he said quietly. “The Weasleys have been the closest thing I have ever had to a normal loving family. Remus was the closest link I had to my parents. Teddy is important to me.” He stopped talking and sat there quietly. 

“Well, I think when you and Ginny get married, you will be one fantastic father to your children,” Andromeda said enthusiastically. Harry shifted around on the sofa at the mention of Ginny and him getting married. Unconsciously, he looked at his watch and saw that he had forty-five minutes to get home and get lunch prepared for them. “Is something wrong?” asked Andromeda. 

“What do you mean?” 

“I mention you and Ginny getting married and suddenly you start to fidget and look at your watch apprehensively. Did you two have a row?” 

“No! I don’t think we did.” 

“You don’t think you did? Harry, if you had a row with Ginny, I am sure you would know. She is too much like her mother.” 

Harry sat there and considered asking her about Ginny’s actions yesterday. Maybe she had a clue to why she was acting that way. “Ginny barely spoke to me yesterday at her birthday party. She had asked for an engagement ring about a week earlier. I didn’t get her one because we had promised her father that we wouldn’t rush our relationship. He was worried we would run off and get married.” He felt a bit queasy telling this woman, whom he has known for only a few months about his and Ginny’s problems. 

“What did you get her?” 

“A Firebolt.” 

“A what?” 

“One of the best brooms money can buy. She wants to be a professional Quidditch player after school. She is working at her brother’s shop to get money to buy a broom. She would never have been able to earn enough to buy a Firebolt,” said Harry rather quickly. 

Andromeda looked at him for a little bit before responding. “Harry, what do you know about the customs of our world? Specifically, the magical world, and a witch turning seventeen.” 

“Ginny told me that when a witch turned seventeen it was a big event,” he said, and then chuckled about the next part. “She also said that generations ago the parents had parties to show their daughter off to prospective future husbands.” 

“It wasn’t generations ago Harry,” she stated matter-of-factly. “Both of my sisters had prearranged marriages. Their seventeenth birthday was used to announce the engagement to their chosen husband.” Harry stared at her. He couldn’t imagine parents deciding who their children married. “I also had a husband chosen for me, Rabastan Lestrange. It was supposed to be two pureblood sisters marrying two pureblood brothers. Meeting Ted threw a Kneazel in those plans. Harry, our society is still hundreds of years behind the Muggle community in areas like that, and many times, by our own choosing. Ted used to tell me that Hogwarts should have had classes to teach the culture of the magical community to the Muggle-born. There are so many things that are known and accepted in the Magical world that Muggle-born have no clue about.” Andromeda stopped talking and tried to blink back tears that were forming in her eyes. 

Harry sat there without speaking. He was shocked that she was supposed to have married Rabastan. He wondered whether, if she had, she would have ended up in Azkaban, or dead like Bellatrix. 

“You probably ruined Ginny’s dream birthday Harry.” 

Andromeda’s voice brought him out of his thoughts. “What? How did I do that?” 

“She probably has dreamed of you proposing to her on her seventeenth birthday since she was a little girl. You were there. She was there. You two are a couple. She has been raised a pureblood, Harry. To you that may not mean much, but to her, many of these things are major events in her life.” 

Harry sat there depressed. It made sense what Andromeda said. Harry hadn’t done anything particularly wrong. He just didn’t do the ideal thing, the preferred thing, the thing she truly wanted. He ran his fingers through his hair and stood up. He needed to get back to his house, because he is running out of time. “I will see you tomorrow. If that is all right by you?” 

“Fine with me, just make sure Ginny is happy about it.” 

“Yeah, I will – ah – try to do that,” he stammered. Reaching in his jeans pocket, he pulled out a little gold key and handed it to Andromeda. “Here, this is for you.” 

“Harry, what is that key for?” 

“It is the key for Teddy’s trust fund.” 

“Trust fund? I didn’t know Remus and Dora set up a trust fund for him?” 

“I set this one up. I want to help with Teddy’s care, with me going off to be an Auror. Please take the key; I don’t need the gold, so please take it.” Harry held the key out for Andromeda to take, but she sat there with her arms crossed across her chest. Harry laid the key down on the coffee table, and spoke as he walked to the door. “The money is in the vault for him. I will not take it back, so you might as well use it.” 

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] 

Harry moved skillfully around his kitchen preparing lunch for him and Ginny, if she shows up today. He has planned a simple meal of sandwiches, crisps, and pumpkin juice. The sandwich recipe is one he read in one of Lockhart’s books. The wizard may have been a fake and stolen all the information from others, but at least he stole good information from smart wizards and witches. Harry smiled at the irony of the situation. He was a thief, but one with impeccable taste. 

Harry placed the food on the table as the clock struck one. The sound of the brass chime reverberated through the house. He had purchased the clock last week at a Muggle furniture store. It was expensive, but the sound of the clock chiming the hours made the house feel more like a home. The sound of the chime dissipated and a knock sounded at the front door. Harry took a deep breath and walked quickly to the door. He kept wondering why Ginny didn’t just come in. She has access to his home. She has always just walked in and announced her arrival. Opening the door, he saw Ginny standing there with downcast eyes. 

“Can I come in?” she asked without looking at him. 

“Yes, of course, come in,” he said, stepping out of the way. “Lunch is ready.” Ginny walked through the door and straight to the basement kitchen. Harry, taken back, by her attitude followed her in silence. He wanted to grab her, turn her around, and soundly snog her, before making her explain her actions. However, he knew how that would end up, so he swallowed these feelings and followed her into the kitchen. 

Ginny sat at her usual place setting, across from Harry. They preferred to look at each other when they talked during lunch. Ron’s off-colour comment about the two of them spending an hour alone every day had angered Harry. He and Ginny would just sit, eat, and talk for the majority of the time, before they snogged a little. For Harry this was a perfect arrangement, they were in private where they could talk and have fun without being disturbed by reporters and other annoying gits. It was all he wanted from the relationship right now. 

Ginny took a bite of the sandwich. “This is really good Harry.” 

Her voice sounded sweet to him. She liked the sandwich. “I got the idea from one of Lockhart’s books,” he said while trying to restrain his emotions. He was afraid she might have noticed a quiver in his voice. He was so nervous about talking to her. He has been waiting for what seems to him an eternity, but actually only sixteen hours. 

“I thought you and Ron called him a fraud?” 

“He is. He stole all the information for his books from others before Obliviating them, but he stole good information.” Harry couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like Ginny had just smiled. Ginny took another bite of her sandwich and a drink of pumpkin juice. He decided that the conversation was over and stuffed some crisps in his mouth. 

“Ron and George wanted to know how you did it?” she asked with a quirky smile. 

“Did what?” replied Harry, while trying not to spit crisps all over the table.
“How you got Ron to eat that Canary Cream.” Ginny started to giggle as she spoke. 

Harry sat enchanted by her happiness. It sounded so good to him. He almost forgot to answer her until she gave him a pointed stare. “Oh right, I used a Switching Spell. Ron was so preoccupied that he didn’t notice. You aren’t upset about me doing that?” 

“No, it was bloody brilliant. A simple Switching Spell, we’ve been guessing all morning how you did it. I’ll have to tell them when I get back.” 

“How did you know it was me?” 

“Oh Harry, that is easy. Nobody claimed doing the prank. In my family, that is a sure give away it wasn’t one of them. They would have all admitted to doing it and describe how they accomplished it.” 

They both laughed about the prank before Ginny became solemn again, causing an uncomfortable silence to fill the kitchen. Ginny took a couple more bites of the sandwich before setting it on her plate. She took a sip of pumpkin juice without making eye contact with Harry. He saw all this because he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She had become anxious and nervous. Harry was wondering if she was waiting for him to talk more about yesterday, or if she wasn’t ready to tell him about the “complication” that was bothering her. 

“Thank you for the broom.” 

The simple statement caught Harry off guard. It took several seconds to sink into his brain. “You’re welcome, Ginny. I – ah – wasn’t sure if you liked it.” 

“I am sorry about how I was acting yesterday. I loved the broom,” she said, while looking at him with a beautiful wide smile. 

Harry was so enamored with her smile and confession that she loved the broom. He sat there with his sandwich halfway to his mouth staring at her. 

“I told you that there were reasons for the way I was treating you yesterday, and they were complicated. Harry, do you remember the promise that we made my father in the joke shop?” She let out a little laugh. “Of course you do, you said that is the reason you wouldn’t give me an engagement ring. Isn’t it?” She looked at Harry, who was still holding the sandwich near his partially opened mouth, frozen there as if someone had hexed him in place. “Harry, are you all right?” 

“Yeah, yeah, I am,” he said as he set the sandwich down. He felt himself getting a little warm around the neck as Ginny smiled at him. “I – ah – I, yeah that is the reason.” Harry’s face became even warmer as his blush increased. 

Ginny, however, didn’t seem to react to his embarrassment. Her face became even more intent and serious. “Do you remember that I was hesitant to agree to that promise?” 

“You were?” 


“I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember you promising. Why would you be hesitant?” Ginny’s statement seemed peculiar to him. 

“Because, that isn’t the only promise my father ever had me make.” Ginny stopped talking and looking at Harry. He could see that she was as nervous as or more so than yesterday, but he couldn’t understand why. “HemademepromisenottohavesexuntilImarried.” 

“Come again?” Harry almost laughed at her, but he swallowed it to keep from embarrassing her. 

She sat up straighter and looked at him with an intense stare. “I said, HE MADE ME PROMISE NOT TO HAVE SEX UNTIL I GET MARRIED.” She shouted at him then started talking extremely fast. “I know. Why would that bother me? After all, I am a Weasley and we have always broken the rules. Harry, this is different. I MADE A PROMISE! I GAVE HIM MY WORD! Harry! That is different from obeying some stupid school rule, or sneaking into the broom shed to ride my brothers’ brooms. This is important to me! Very important!” 

“Ginny…” Harry tried to catch her attention as she had stood up and started to pace in front of him. 

“I know you have your needs, but, Harry, I beg of you to understand how I feel about this. You and my father are the two most important people in my life. Oh, I love my mother, but it is different with her.” 


“I know I should have told you this earlier, but I was so afraid you would want someone who hadn’t made such a promise. Harry, being with you is so wonderful, but I really want to do this. I know that is so provincial, but it is important to me. Then you give me that broom, to help me pursue my dreams of being a professional Quidditch player. Oh Harry, you have no idea how important that made me feel that I wanted to shag you right there in the bloody orchard.” Harry had been listening carefully to her ranting about this. When she said that she wanted to shag him yesterday, his eyes widened in shock. “But, I couldn’t. I couldn’t break that promise. Being the only girl in the Weasley family, my father had always treated me special. He couldn’t give me material things, so he always showered me with love and attention growing up. But, I love you so much Harry! I don’t know what to do.” She stopped talking and hung her head. “The last thing you need is a mental witch like me.” She started to walk to the door. 

Harry jumped up, blocked her path, and grabbed her arms, but she pulled away from him. Harry, shocked at her reaction, yelled, “I do need you! Ginny, don’t leave.” 

“Harry, have you heard anything I’ve said?” 

“Yeah, I’ve heard it,” he stated calmly. “I have no problems with it.” 

“You have no problems with that promise?” 

“Yeah, that is correct,” he calmly assured her. He was close enough to hold her. He couldn’t help himself. He reached out and gently cupped her face with his hands so that he could look in her eyes. The softness of her skin always sent tingles through him, and he looked deep into her soft brown eyes. “Ever since I discovered I was a wizard, I have been forced to grow up so fast. I don’t want to rush our relationship. I want to take things slow.” He leaned his head forward so he was inches away from her face and whispered, “I am not ready for that, yet. I had always been afraid that you wouldn’t understand if I had told you.” 

Harry bent the rest of the way so that he could gently kiss her. He slid his hands across her cheeks so that his fingers were in her flowing hair. He could feel her arms wrap around his neck and pull him closer to her. As the kiss lingered, he let his hands and arms surround her and pull her tight to him. The kiss had intensified now as they clung to each other. He was so entranced by the passion of the kiss that he didn’t notice that Ginny had pulled herself up with her arms around his neck and had wrapped her legs around his waist. He was lost in the feel of her body pressed to his, her long silky hair flowing over his arms wrapped around her back. It wasn’t until she pulled away, lifted her head up, and pulled his face down to her neck that he realized that she wasn’t standing on the ground. As he gently kissed down her neck, he let one hand slide down and cup one of her other cheeks that he loved so much. She let out a loud moan and clamped her legs tighter around him. 

Suddenly, she released her grip and pushed him away. She turned and walked to the other side of the kitchen. Her hair flowed wildly around her as she quickly paced on the other side of the room. “I don’t believe this. What are we going to do, Harry?”
Harry stood there, his brain foggy from the intense snogging. 

“Harry, what are going to do? When we snog it is so difficult to stop...” 

“Cold showers.” 


“Cold showers.” He continued rather cautiously. “I’ve heard that they will stop the urge when you get too randy.” 

Ginny had stopped pacing and looked at him with a peculiar look on her face. “Did you learn about this with Cho?” she asked hesitantly. 

“No! No, I never needed to do that.” 

“Oh Merlin, not Won-Won and Lavender?” she said, with utter disgust in her voice. 

“No!” Harry couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction. 

“Who then? How did you find this out?” she pressed him for an answer. 

He didn’t want to say anything. He wasn’t sure Ginny would want to hear his answer, but she didn’t look as though she was going to stop questioning him until he told her. “Dean!” 

“Dean? When did he tell you that?” She looked worried as she spoke. 

“He didn’t tell me directly. I used to hear him talk to Seamus after he would come out of the bathrooms in the dorm late at night.” Harry stopped talking, not wanting to reveal any more information. 

“When did this happen?” 

“Sixth year,” he muttered almost under his breath. 

Ginny stood and looked at him for a second before responding, “That should have proven to you that I never shagged him.” 

“He stopped taking them after Christmas,” he blurted out. No sooner had the words escaped his lips than he wanted to take them back. Ginny looked like Ron when he had cursed himself to “eat slugs”. She seemed to waver as she stood by the counter. 

“You actually thought that I had shagged Dean. Didn’t you?” 

“Ginny, I meant what I wrote in that note with the flowers. I don’t care about the past.” She walked towards him as he stood there, uncertain as to what she had in mind. Was she going to punch him or snog him? He couldn’t be sure. 

“Harry, let me reassure you that Dean and I never shagged.” She said as she searched his eyes with hers. “We hardly snogged after Christmas. Before, he had always tried to ‘deepen our relationship’. His term for letting his hands wander, and a lot more.” She reached up and gently stroked his face. “I want to assure you Harry. No one has made me feel like you have. Before you, no one has ever made me want to do more than simply snog. Before I kissed you, a kiss was just two sets of lips touching; with you it is so much more.” 

Harry stood there Gobsmacked at her announcement. He had always thought of himself as a prat at romance. Everything he tried to do with Cho seemed all wrong, and she never seemed to be too impressed. Ginny telling him how he makes her feel left his head spinning. He had always marveled at the way her passion and love had overpowered him. Now she tells him that he makes her feel the same way. Harry looked at her. She is so bloody beautiful. Without warning, he grabbed her and pulled her into him. His lips collided with hers as he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off her feet. As he attacked her lips and tongue with his own, she responded with the same aggression. He turned and walked towards the table and set her down on it. Pulling away from her lips, he started kissing and nibbling down her neck, as she ran her fingers through his hair. His heart started pounding loudly in his chest as he heard and felt her low throaty moan. Suddenly he felt icy-cold water collide with his chest. 

“Bloody hell! Where did that come from?” yelled Harry. He looked at Ginny, and she was soaked and holding her wand. Her face was still flushed, eyes glazed, her breathing heavy, but she looked angry. 

“Were you trying to get me to break my promise, Harry?” she hissed at him. 

“No, that wasn’t my intent,” he replied sheepishly. “I just really enjoy hearing you moan.” Harry could feel his face become warm from embarrassment. “I would have stopped.” 

“Harry, you have no idea what you do to me.” She shot another burst of cold water on herself after speaking. She shivered as her eyes became clear and the flush disappeared from her face. “At least we know the cold water works,” she laughed as she shot a stream at Harry. 

“Hey, I’m sorry! You don’t need to be blasting me with water!” he shouted as he tried to avoid the icy water. 

“Better than a Bat-Bogey Hex, don’t you think?” she laughed at him. 

“Would you really hex me over something like this?” 

“That is why my father taught it to me. To ward off any unwanted advances.” Ginny started laughing at Harry’s confused look. 

“Your father taught you the Bat-Bogey Hex? Why would he do that?” 

“It isn’t considered Dark Magic. It is a very effective way to distract someone so that you could make a hasty retreat. He told me that I was allowed to use it on any boys who tried to take advantage of me. What can I say, my father is very protective of me,” she said with a chuckle. 

Harry stood there staring at her, trying to wrap his brain around the idea of Mr. Weasley teaching his daughter the hex to protect her. He had to admit, it is a very effective way of distracting someone. 

“So which would you prefer, the Bat-Bogey’s or ice water?” 

“The water! No doubt! The water!” Harry confirmed as he pulled out his wand and dried his robes. “I am sorry about losing control there. I never intended on things going any further, Ginny. I hope you don’t lose trust in me.” 

“I understand Harry. It isn’t as though I have never lost control around you before.” She jumped off the table and dried her robe before sitting down to finish her lunch. 

Harry sat across from her before asking her, “Are you talking about Australia?” 

She turned slightly red before responding, “Yes, there and on your birthday.” 

“My birthday? But you came late, and then I left for the pubs?” 

“Not that birthday. Your seventeenth.” She set her sandwich down and looked at him. “On your seventeenth birthday, I knew then that you were going to face Voldemort. I was afraid that I would never see you again. I knew you didn’t want me to accompany you.” She stopped talking to look in his eyes. She looked nervous. “I didn’t want to lose you forever, and I didn’t know if you were coming back. Now that I think about it, I am glad Ron came in and stopped us. You may not have wanted to shag me and everything else. It would have been a horribly awkward situation.” 

Harry sat there and thought about what she had said. He had no idea she had wanted the birthday present to go that far. “Ginny, what exactly did you mean by ‘you didn’t want to lose me forever’?” 

Ginny shifted uncomfortably at the question. “Please don’t be mad at me, but I was hoping to get pregnant.” She suddenly started to speak with panic in her voice. “I am sorry that I planned that. I am glad that didn’t happen now that you are here. Harry, I was so desperate to have you in my life that I was willing to do anything. I am sorry. Can you forgive me?” 

“Yeah. I forgive you Ginny.” Harry whispered. The idea of coming back from the Horcrux hunt to discover he had a child would have sent him around the twist. “Is that why you wanted to make love in Australia?” 

“No!” she said laughing. “That wasn’t it at all. Harry, I have always felt inadequate around you.” 

“I never tried to make you feel that way,” he shot back at her. 

“It wasn’t deliberate on your part. There were you, Ron, and Hermione and the three of you went off to fight Voldemort, leaving me behind. I had figured that you didn’t think I was good enough to fight beside you. After all, you had to save me from the Chamber of Secrets, and protect me in the Department of Mysteries. I had figured that in some ways you saw me as a foolish little girl...” 

“Don’t say that about yourself!” shouted Harry. His mind was on fire. That phrase had come back to him as soon as she had said it. It was what Tom had called her in the Chamber, even hearing her say that disgusted him. 

Ginny jumped back at the fierceness of his voice. “Why?” 

Seeing the look of shock on her face, Harry felt embarrassed by what he said. “Just don’t say that about yourself. You are not foolish. Ginny, the only reason I didn’t want you along was I wanted you to be safe. It wasn’t because I thought you weren’t good enough. It was never that. I just wanted to protect you.” 

“I know that now,” she said quietly. “When you fought with my parents about my role in the attack on the Goblins, you made me feel equal to you. I was able to stand beside you in battle, without you trying to protect me. You destroyed one of the greatest questions I ever had; Would I be good enough for you?” 

“You have always been good enough, Ginny.” 

“I wanted to prove it to myself though, Harry,” she stressed to him. “It wasn’t just you, but me that I needed to prove it to. You gave me the perfect opportunity. Then that day we had the broom race; flying has always made me a little randy.” 

“What?” exclaimed Harry, his eyes bulging like a house elves. “Flying makes you randy? I don’t know about this professional Quidditch career…” 

Ginny giggled at his reaction. “Let me rephrase that statement. Flying with YOU makes me randy. You have this happy look on your face. I catch myself looking at you and soaking in the happiness.” 

Harry heaved a great sigh of relief at her statement. “I was reconsidering a career as an Auror if that meant you would be alone while flying around with all those handsome Quidditch players.” 

Ginny laughed at his statement and flashed him a beautiful smile. “You don’t have to worry about that. You have always been my chosen one,” she assured him. “I do like it though when you are a little jealous.” 

“Why is that?” 

“It reassures me that you still care. I need to finish my lunch before I get back to work,” she said, picking up the remains of the sandwich from her plate. 

Harry also started to eat. They sat there and ate without saying anything to each other. Harry enjoyed quiet moments like this with her. It is strange when he is with Ginny; he has no desire to do anything adventurous. Being in the same room with her was enough to make him completely happy. They finished the lunch just as the grandfather clock struck two. 

‘Well, I must get back to work. The boss will fire or disown me if I am late,” quipped Ginny. 

Harry walked her to the door. He noticed that as they walked she seemed to become distant. Opening the door and stepping out on the stoop, he hugged her and kissed her goodbye. One of the advantages of the Fidelius Charm is none of the neighbors can see them doing this. “Ginny, thank you for telling me about the promise you made your parents. I promise you, with all my heart, that I will never force you to break it.” Harry noticed that she seemed to react to his promise. 

“Harry, you may think me mental, but I would rather break that promise than lose you to someone else. I could not stand the sight of you in another woman’s arms. It would destroy me.” 

Ginny’s voice had a pleading sound to it. Harry looked at her and suddenly she seemed so frail and vulnerable. It was as if she had suddenly become weak. He realized that she truly meant what she said. “Ginny, I would be a right foul git to put you in that position. Besides, you are the only woman I want. I would NEVER do that to you.”

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