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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 4 : Buckets of Spiders
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Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Previously on WWII:

Rose had a few friends over the houses, but her closest in Gryffindor. There was Jennifer in Hufflepuff, as well as Jordan. Rebecca, Kayla and Bella in Ravenclaw. That mean’s…

“Chosen?” McGonagall asked.

Rose nodded eagerly and opened her mouth.


“Slytherin.” Rose grinned.


McGonagall fell out of her chair. Rose leapt up and helped up the unsteady Headmistress.


“Slytherin?” McGonagall asked. “Really?”

“Miss.” Rose smiled like the innocent child that she pretends to be with a devil deep inside her, which doesn’t take long to appear. “House unity! After that little… experience I had with Scorpius, earlier this year, I feel perfectly comfortable with the Slytherins.”


“Are you quite sure?” McGonagall double-checked.


“House unity all the way, Professor.” Rose raised her fist in the air. Damn, she was a good actress.


“All right then.” McGonagall sighed heavily. “Pack your bags tonight. Seeing as all the other students are leaving tomorrow, you might as well join your dorm mates tomorrow.”


Rose nodded, plans already forming in her head.


“I expect you as a dutiful student to not overstay your welcome.” McGonagall said, then explained. “Neither I, nor Professor Glayson will stand any pranks from either side. You will be a model student. I will inform the students staying back tonight that they will have a visitor.”


“Are you gonna tell them it’s the Weasley Blood Traitor?” Rose smirked.


“I assumed you were on good terms with those students?” McGonagall said. “Why would they call you such a name if you were associates?”


“Oh.” Rose realised her slip up. “Its just sort of a inside joke between us. We’re all good pals, truly.”


“I’m going to hold you to that.” McGonagall said as she led Rose out the door.




“You might as well throw yourself in a vat of boiling water!” Autumn yelled.


“Calm down!” Rose said. She had just explained what house she chose to move to for the next week and a half and why.


“Are you crazy?” Marsh said. “They are going to eat you up and spit you out like a chunk of rejected dragon meat!”


Rose’s jaw dropped in indignation. “You’re calling me a piece of rejected dragon meat?”


“Not like –”


“Don’t worry!” Rose said holding her hand up, not listening to Marsh’s dry explanation. “I have had enough. I told you – this is my best chance to scrape Malfoy dry. And I’m going to take it.” Rose turned around and walked up the stairs. She called over her shoulder, “I’m going to pack!”


Sal waited till Rose had disappeared before letting out a rush of held breath. “Thank Merlin she’s gone. I can’t keep a secret for the life of me.”


Autumn laughed. “How fantastic is this?”


“I know.” Marsh sighed flopping down onto the couch. “Malfoy is sure to be snogging her before New Years.”


“If he doesn’t, Long, Grey and Howard are going to regret ever making us sign that contract.” Autumn sneered.


Sal just sat back and sighed, slightly disappointed that she wasn’t going to be able to get fresh updates on the situation everyday. Sal chuckled inwardly. What Rose thought to be a bitching session to the calmest person in their group was really a radio for the rest.


“I’m going to bed.” Sal said yawning and getting up. “See you guys tomorrow!”


Autumn and Marsh waved her night.


“Am I the only one who’s wide awake?” Autumn said.


“Nope.” Marsh said. “That second year insomniac is wide awake as well.”


“Shut up!” Autumn said jokingly smacking his arm.


Marsh laughed. “You better not be drooling on my shoulder on the train ride home.” He said pointedly.


“Drooling?” Autumn asked, giving a deadly glare. “I don’t drool!”


“Yeah,” Marsh nodded. “You do.”


“What, you sneak into the girls’ dormitories every night and watch me sleep?”


Marsh blushed. “No. That’s just weird.”


“You do?” Autumn’s mouth dropped open.


“No!” He asked looking bewildered. “Where’d you get that idea?”


“You blushed!”


“No I didn’t.” He retorted. “I don’t blush.”


“Yes you do, and you just did.”


“Nope.” He held. “I don’t.”


Frustrated, Autumn tackled him to the floor. “You blush! Admit it.”


“Make me.” Marsh said daringly.


Autumn thought for a minute before attacking his ribs and tickling him. He roared with laughter and squirmed under her before rolling over and pinning her under him and straddling her. She wouldn’t stop tickling him, so with laughter choking him he grabbed her hands and held them over her head.


“Tickling me won’t make me blush.” Marsh said.


“Now I know that.” She said rolling her eyes.


Marsh’s eyes traced over Autumn’s face, being that close to it, he couldn’t help it. His eyes had traced over her lips just the moment she’d decided they were too dry. Mesmerized, he watched the tip if her tongue dart out and moisten her lips.


Before she knew what he was doing he leant down and captured her lips. Autumn was surprised at how fast her lips melded to his and she didn’t care. His mouth ravaged hers in a delightful way. Before long she gasped up for air and his lips moved from her jaw to her neck.


“How come guys never need air?” She gasped.


He just chuckled at her ear, making her moan inwardly at the rasping sound. He stiffened quickly and got up. He ran his hand through his hair before seeing her still on the floor.


Marsh bent down and pulled her up. “I’m sorry, I should never have kissed you. I mean with Sarah –”


“Well, I don’t care. I liked it and,” Autumn interrupted. “At least I now know what makes you blush.” She smirked and walked upstairs.




“Have fun in your various places of accommodation.” Rose said sourly, beginning to regret her choice of Slytherin. “While I’ll be all alone… trying not to die.”


“Rose.” Autumn said sourly. “We know, you’ll never sing again, they’ll crush your throat, you’re going to be on life support when we come back, the population of Gryffindor will soon be what it is now -1, etc. etc.”


Rose harrumphed and childishly turned her back on them. Sal chuckled and stepped forward to do her part.


“You’ll live.” She said. “Now have fun. You know what, I bet if you have a goal, you’d make it out of there alive.”


“Yeah?” Rose turned around, now interested.


“Think, which of us is most likely to hook up with the other.” Sal smirked.


Autumn and Marsh’s jaw dropped and they said in unison. “What?”


Rose thought a second. “Too easy. No offence Sal, but I reckon the most likely outta us is Autumn and Marsh.”


Sal sighed shaking her head. “OK then. I’ll set you a dare. Before the end of the Christmas holidays, you have to make Scorpius Malfoy initiate a kiss with you.”


“What did you say?” Rose asked. “Drop me in a vat of acid?!”


“You heard what I said.” Sal said mysteriously hugging her and walking away. “You have to do it.”


Rose growled and turned around smack into a very comfortable brick wall. She bounded back and just about managed to catch herself before falling over. “Watch it you idiot.” She snarled.


“Sorry.” Scorpius held his hands up defensively. “I just thought I heard my name.”


That brought back the recent memory of her dare, along with the memory a blush came. “You didn’t hear scrap.” She stormed out of his way to find McGonagall. “When should I bring my stuff down?”


“Um…” McGonagall checked her watch. “I should be done checking students out around about 11. Come down here with your luggage at 11:15 please?”


“OK.” Rose huffed and stomped up the stairs.




Scorpius and Edward Grey were lounging around in the Slytherin common room when their Headmistress came in. She spotted the boys and asked that they collected everyone from Slytherin who decided to stay back.


Scorpius nodded and called upstairs to the girls’ dormitories. Two girls stomped down. They were both in towelled robes with their hair up in towels.


“What?” One snapped at the boys who were staring openly at them. “You think we’re going to give up the chance to have a nice bath?”


“Excuse me?” McGonagall interrupted, irritated. “I said everyone who’s staying back.”


“This is it.” Scorpius shrugged his shoulders. “Oh yeah! There’s also Mandy. Mandy!” He called.


A girl came down the boys’ staircase blowing her nose. “Yeah? Oh, hi, Professor.”


“What were you doing up there?” McGonagall asked suspiciously.


“The girls’ are bitchy to me so the boys don’t mind me bunking there during the holidays.” She said innocently.


“OK.” McGonagall said suspiciously. “But that’s not what I’m here about. We have a student who is the last person in her house right now, so for safety reasons she cannot stay alone.”


“With my luck it’ll be Weasley.” Scorpius smirked to Ed.


“Please treat her with respect as you would with any other house.” McGonagall said and walked back out to re-enter pulling in some luggage. “Couldn’t you pack a little lighter?”


“I’m staying with Slytherins.” The girl with dazzling, electric red hair entered. Her blue eyes fixated the room. “I need some sort of protection.”


“Weasley.” Scorpius muttered, furious with himself at laughing at the thought earlier.




“…And this is the seventh year girls’ dormitories.” Mandy excitedly lead Rose around. “But you don’t have to sleep here. You could bunk with me in the boys’ room. They’re much nicer.”


“I’ll hold you to that.” Rose smirked at the idea of sharing a room with Scorpius. Then remembered her dare to make Scorpius snog her before second term. Sharing a room would be perfect for it! “I’ll share a room with them too then. ‘Cause really, you’re the nicest Slytherin I’ve ever met. And you’re bunking there. I might as well, too!”


“Great!” Mandy beamed. “We’ll have a fantastic Christmas! Plus, if you’re there too, maybe McGonagall won’t look at me as if I’m a total slut!”


Rose smiled. “Should we move my stuff there too?”


Mandy nodded and picked up one end of the trunk Rose had brought, while Rose picked up the other.


“So,” Mandy asked like the chatterbox she was. “How come you’re not going home for Christmas? I thought Weasley’s love their Christmas? Have a big bash every year.”


“Things have just gone haywire.” Rose sighed heavily as the reached the common room and started up the boys’ stairs. “Dad’s off with Uncle Harry on a mission, Grandma’s sick and I just got notice that some third cousin nephew’s great grandfather’s daughter-in-law’s sister’s husband has died.”


Mandy was struck speechless, while they entered the boys’ room. “Wow.” She said. “You have a big family.”


“Oh yeah.” Rose said. “Give it 10 to 15 years and almost everyone in the wizarding world will have some relation to the Weasley’s.”


“Hopefully not.” Scorpius smirked, interrupting their conversation. He was lying on his bed in shorts and nothing else. His legs were crossed at his ankles and he had Quidditch Weekly propped up on his chest.


“You don’t know it, but you’re already related to the Weasley’s.” Rose said.


“As if.” He snorted.


“You are.” Rose nodded. “When dad found out he almost puked. You’re related to the Black family, whose grandfather somewhere married a Prewett. My grandmother’s maiden name was Prewett. Therefore you’re related to me somehow.”


“Oh, God.” Scorpius said. “I think I will throw up.”


“If you can, do it all over your bed.” Rose shot back.


“So then I share a bed with you? Excellent plan, mate.” Scorpius said jumping off of his bed and onto the cleanest one there was, which was the one Rose had been planning on taking.


“That’s it.” Rose held up her arms in surrender, and then turned around to the door. “I’m moving back to the girls’ dormitories.”


“No!” Mandy said jumping in front of her. “Please don’t! Come on! I mean I can control them. Really. Scorpius is just getting you riled up ‘cause he likes you.”


“What?” Rose and Scorpius said in unison.


Mandy grinned. “See?” She said. “You love each other!”


“Ha.” Rose said deadpan with a monotone voice. “Oh dear. I am laughing so bad. Please, it hurts.”


“Wow.” Scorpius said. “Your sarcasm is so funny.”


“Shut it.” Rose scowled and dumped her trunk at the end of the bed she chose.




“It’s her own damn fault.” Scorpius hissed.


“Still,” Ed said. “I kinda feel guilty. She never did anything to me.”


Scorpius was shocked into silence. He led Ed a bit further into the Common Room and away from the room where Rose Weasley was now sleeping.


“Do you not remember Fourth year Halloween feast?” Scorpius asked sadistically.


“Yes.” Ed snarled. “She plastered pictures of yours, mine, Bill and Jay’s naked asses all over the Great Hall.”


“And she never did anything to you.” Scorpius said sarcastically.


“Fine.” Ed said evilly. “Let’s do this!”


They silently ran up the stairs with their bucket full of spiders. They entered the dark room, which they shared with the two girls. They slowly approached the bed they had previously identified as Rose’s. The pulled open the curtain and there she was, sleeping peacefully. Ed poured his bucket of spiders at the foot of her bed.


Scorpius snarled at him for leaving him Rose’s upper body. He crept closer to her and poured the spiders around her head. Knowing that soon she’ll wake up screaming. He ran silently to his bed and tossed the empty bucket under his bed.


Minutes later, surely enough, there it was. The loudest shriek that had ever pierced his ears. Mandy had turned on the lights and was looking frantically around, and soon spotted Rose shrieking on the floor.


Scorpius couldn’t help but stare at her lack of clothes she slept in, especially the boys’ room. Rose was wearing a tank top and very, short shorts.


Rose got up from the floor and continued screaming while shaking her hair out. A few spiders fell out of her hair and she tossed it back.


After a few minutes of making sure that she was spider free, Rose crawled to the wall furthest away from her bed lay against it and started to cry.


Every eye in that room was on her and she bawled. Scorpius could feel Ed’s gaze on him. Ed had a thing about protecting women. Whether he had done anything to him or not, if it was a boy that they were throwing spiders on Ed wouldn’t have cared. Scorpius knew Ed well enough to know now that he’d made a girl cry, he’d forever try to make her forgive him.


A/N: What’s going to happen next? Just wait and see! Until then, why don’t you review?

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