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Whispering by magical words
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve: Caught
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AN: I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself. Updating within two weeks! I don't know if that's going to ever happen again, but we'll see. 

School starts up again tomorrow and I've got loads to do. Plus, my New Years resolution is to stop procrastinating, and that means with school. So I'm going to have to have a lot of willpower to stop myself from wanting to write anything for any of my stories. So I'm sorry. This might be the last update for a while.

I hope you all enjoy it. It is my longest chapter thus far, at roughly 4800 words, give or take. Please R & R. I love hearing what you think of it and how I could make it better!

Happy New Year all!

magical words

beautiful image by panicstrickyn @ TDA

Chapter Twelve: Caught

“Rose, are you ready yet?”

Rose grabbed the jacket that was draped on the back of her desk chair. She slipped it on as she rushed out of her room and down the stairs into her common room.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Scorpius. But I had to make sure I at least looked decent!”

Rose reached for Scorpius’ hand as his eyes observed her attire.

She was wearing a white v-neck paired with her most favourite and worn jeans and cute purple flats. Her jacket was slate grey and made her blue eyes pop.

“Rose, love, you look decent all of the time. Sometimes, you look gorgeous!” Scorpius teased.

Rose smiled, giving his hand a squeeze.

They were just about to reach the portrait hole when Rose stopped.

“Now, let’s go over the game plan. We go to Hogsmeade, go to The Hog’s Head and Apparate from there. We arrive in the lobby of St. Mungo’s and from there everything is easy. We just have to make sure that no teachers are in The Hog’s Head or we are going to have to Apparate from the loo.”

“Rose, no one goes to The Hog’s Head. We won’t have to worry about others seeing us Apparate. But we do have to meet up with Al and Cecelia before we leave. To tell them the plan so they can cover for us if need be.”

“Right. And we’re meeting with them at The Three Broomsticks, yeah?”

“Yeah. So are we ready to go then?”


The portrait hole opened for them and they were on their way to the Great Hall. They passed Lily and Atticus snogging in the corridor, unabashedly. The couple briefly pulled away to say a friendly hello before resuming their activities.

“Well, everyone is going to know that they’re together now,” Scorpius commented.

“And that’s a very good thing. They make a nice couple. I just hope that when Al finds out he doesn’t feel the need to kill Atticus. He won’t be able to graduate if he kills the Head Boy.”

Scorpius laughed at the thought. Not only would Al never graduate, he’d never see the light of day again because he would be 1.8 metres under (six feet under).

Upon reaching the doors to the Great Hall, Scorpius pulled Rose closer, his arm resting on her lower back and his hand slipping inside her jeans back pocket.

They made their way through the Hall and to the Hogsmeade carriages. Their first stop was the Three Broomsticks where they saw Al and Cecelia tucked into the back corner booth.

Rose and Scorpius squeezed into the booth. Rose cast a Muffliato spell to make sure there weren’t any eavesdroppers.

“Hello friends,” Al greeted them. “What’s the four-one-one?”

Rose smiled. Al did love using Muggle phrases.

“We’re going to go to the Hog’s Head, Apparating from there to St. Mungo’s.”

“You’ve already made an appointment?”

“Oh yes. Scorpius did that for me on Wednesday.”

Cecelia smiled and sighed. “He’s too perfect for you.”

Rose took a kiss from Scorpius before replying. “I know.”

Al rolled his eyes and mimed gagging. This action received a slap from Cecelia. He gave her an innocent look. He was, after all, just poking fun because he knew very well that there wasn’t anyone better than Scorpius for his favourite cousin.

Nursing his wound, which was already bruising, Al asked, “How long is this little excursion going to take?”

“No idea,” Scorpius told his best mate. “We’re guessing a maximum of two hours. I mean, how long could it take?”

Rose nodded before consulting Scorpius’ watch. “Well, we must be going if we want to get there early. Since it’s ten-thirty now, do you want to meet at The Golden Phoenix for a bite to eat at twelve-thirty?”

“Sounds good,” Cecelia agreed. “Owl us if you’re running late.”

“Will do,” Scorpius said as he slid out of the booth first, waiting for Rose.

“Well, you can owl us, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to answer. We may be…busy,” Al said, yet again, earning himself another slap from Cecelia. But she easily forgot why she hit him in the first place when he started snogging her senseless.

Scorpius thought about turning around to thank them, but he thought better of it; they probably wouldn’t notice he was talking to them anyway.

Rose laughed when Scorpius whispered in her ear, pushing their way through the growing crowd, “You don’t suppose we should give them the sex talk? Merlin knows what can happen.”

It may have been because of her nerves, but Scorpius thought that she took his joke exceptionally well.

Finally out of The Three Broomsticks, they noticed the crowds weren’t much better. They hurried toward The Hog’s Head, where the crowd had thinned considerably.

The watcher at the door cried out profanities when Scorpius attempted to open the door, unsuccessfully.

“Relax! I’m of age and so is Rose. We are allowed in, Arty.”

“Bloody well be of age!” the watcher, Arty, replied, unlocking the door.

Scorpius reached for the door handle and the door opened. He and Rose stepped on in.

“I forgot about him. I guess our only saving grace is that we are of age.”

Scorpius placed a hand on Rose’s lower back.

“Yeah. But I think he would’ve let us in no matter what.”

They looked around The Hog’s Head and found it to be practically deserted. They heard a few curses coming from, presumably, the kitchen. They were safe.

“Good thing there’s no one here. I really didn’t want to have to set foot in the loos here.”

Rose chuckled. “Neither did I. Let’s go then.”

Scorpius winked at Rose, taking his arm off her back. “See you there.”

Moments later, Rose and Scorpius arrived in St. Mungo’s side by side.

Rose grabbed Scorpius’ hand anxiously. They made their way to the reception desk.

“Good morning. Welcome to St. Mungo’s. Are you here for an emergency or an appointment?” the receptionist asked in a bored voice.

“An appointment, thank you, for R –”

“For Jane Wilson,” Scorpius answered quickly.

“West wing on the ninth floor. Room 1626,” the receptionist answered in the same bored voice.

“Thank you,” Scorpius replied, guiding Rose away from the desk.

“Jane Wilson? Could you not remember my name or something? You resort to such a boring name?” Rose asked as they made their way to the lift.

“Love, couldn’t really make an appointment using either of our names; they are both widely recognized in the wizarding community. Your mum is high up in the Ministry and your dad is a professional Quidditch player. My mum’s fashion designs are worn by millions of witches and wizards and my dad is a top-notch Auror. We’d be found out easily.”

They entered the lift with a group of Healers.

“I suppose you’re right.”

In four and half seconds, they were on the ninth floor. They walked across the hall to get on the tram that would take them to the west wing.

Stepping off the tram, they went into room 1626.

A Healer was already in the room, her back turned away from her approaching patients.

“Excuse me,” Rose said to get her attention.

The Healer turned around, a smile on her face.

“Hello. I’m Healer Patil-Henderson. You must be my next appointment, Jane Wilson.” Hr. Patil-Henderson stopped. “You’re not Jane Wilson. I would recognize your face and hair anywhere. I was only an assisting Healer, but I was there when you were born. You’re Ron and Hermione Weasley’s daughter, Rose.”

Rose felt her face heat up. “Yes, I am Rose Weasley. My boyfriend Scorpius felt that it was better if we put our appointment under a pseudonym to avoid publicity and suspicion.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson nodded. “Understandable. Rita Skeeter wanna-bes are everywhere nowadays. And with parents as influential as yours, they would have a field day at learning their only daughter was at St. Mungo’s and they would simply jump at the chance to make up nonsense.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson referred to her clipboard. “It says on my records that you are here for your first trimester exam.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson voice had gotten softer as she spoke and the look on her face, however brief it was, devastated Rose. “Are you sure you’re pregnant Rose?”

“One hundred percent,” Rose told her stiffly.

Scorpius tightened his hold on Rose’s hand, reassuring her he was there.

Hr. Patil-Henderson smiled slowly. “Well then, I’m assuming this young man with you is the father. Am I correct?”

“Yes Hr. Patil-Henderson. Scorpius Malfoy.”

“It’s good to see you both here today then,” Hr. Patil-Henderson told them honestly. “Before I examine you, I just need to go over a few things with you both. Procedure and all.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson gestured to two chairs along the wall. Obediently, Rose and Scorpius took a seat and awaited Hr. Patil-Henderson’s directions.

“To begin, I need you both to fill out these forms, testifying that you are of age to be here without parental consent or awareness.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson handed Rose and Scorpius their forms once she had drawn them out of thin air.

“Once you finish filling those forms out, I’ll ask a few questions.”

Hurriedly, Scorpius and Rose completed the forms, answering the information about their name, date of birth, and any health issues. They anticipated Hr. Patil-Henderson’s questioning.

“All set?” she asked as they handed her the completed forms. “The first question I have is whether either of you have any sexually transmitted diseases.”

They both told her a straight-out no.

“Are either of you taking any potions or Muggle drugs, prescribed or otherwise?”

Again, they answered with the negative.

“Okay and my next to last question: about how far along are you?”

“Well, I’m a little more than two and half months.”

“Do you happen to know the date of conception?”

“March seventh.”

“Very well.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson wrote a few things on her clipboard before addressing the couple.

“So, we’ve done all the precursory procedures; onto the examination. Rose, I’m going to have you lay down on the cot where I will perform a simple spell on you. It will create a bubble above your abdomen, which will give a clear image of your uterus. The spell can calculate your due date, as well as monitor your baby’s vital signs. The actual incantation is gravidesco. Previous patients of mine have told me that the spell tickles a bit, just to warn you. Any questions?”

Neither Rose nor Scorpius said a word. Rather, they made their way to the cot. Rose lay upon it while Scorpius stood beside her.

“Everyone ready?” Hr. Patil-Henderson asked.

“Yes,” Rose breathed, nervous beyond belief.

Scorpius took her hand to ease her nerves.

“Could you lift your shirt so your whole stomach is showing, Rose?”

Rose pulled up her shirt, exposing her still flat stomach.

Gravidesco,” Hr. Patil-Henderson said.

Like she had told them, a bubble appeared above Rose’s stomach.

Rose and Scorpius couldn’t make heads or tails of what they were looking at and waited for Hr. Patil-Henderson to inform them of what they were seeing.

“Well, it seems that your baby is about the size of a large grape, about five centimetres in length, which is consistent with your date of conception. Everything seems to be normal, so that’s good. Your baby should be due on December twelfth.”

“Everything is alright? I’m not straining my baby with all of my work and everything?”

With another wave of her wand, the bubble disappeared. “Well, with the look of things, everything is alright. However, since you are young, you must be careful. You magic is very strong and naturally very wild compared to that of an older woman. I’ll be putting you on a few potions just to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and to keep your magic in check.”

“Will these potions affect her ability to do magic? We have school and N.E.W.T.s.”

“No, the potions Rose will be taking will not interfere with everyday magic and what you do in lessons.”

Rose slowly sat up and fixed her shirt. “So I’ll need to take a few potions and that’s it?”

“Basically. Otherwise, keep to your same diet and schedule. It’s best to eat what you feel like eating and sleep when you’d like to sleep. Any significant changes in behaviour could be unhealthy, but minor ones generally don’t do any harm.”

Hr. Patil-Henderson smiled kindly at Scorpius and Rose. “So your pregnancy has been relatively easy? That’s excellent to hear.”

“Unexpected, but yes, easy,” Rose answered strangely.

Hr. Patil-Henderson laughed. “I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you. It’s just that teenage pregnancies are generally very unexpected. The two of you are lucky that you have each other.”

Rose looked to Scorpius, sending him a loving gaze.

“We are,” Scorpius told Hr. Patil-Henderson.

Hr. Patil-Henderson smiled as she wrote out Rose’s potion prescriptions. They were exceptionally lucky.

Hr. Patil-Henderson handed Rose her prescriptions. “You can go the third floor and they will give you your potions. Your payment is due by your next appointment, which I’ve scheduled for June 28 at eleven in the morning. Seeing that this is your first pregnancy and you’re young, monthly visits will be the safest route to take. If you ever have any questions, either of you, please don’t hesitate to owl me. This time in your lives is trying and hopefully you’ve got a good support system to help you through it.”

“Thank you Hr. Patil-Henderson,” Scorpius said.

Rose slid off the cot and stood beside Scorpius. “Yes thank you.”

“And don’t worry about anything getting out. St. Mungo’s has the tightest security you will see next to Azkaban. And as your Healer, I’m bound by the Hippocratic Oath, so nothing can or will get out from me.

“Have a nice day, you two. Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.”

Scorpius and Rose left, saying goodbye to Hr. Patil-Henderson, and went on their way to the third floor to pick up the prescriptions.

“Hr. Patil-Henderson looks incredibly familiar. I think she went to school with my parents,” Rose said as she walked hand in hand with Scorpius.

“I thought so too. She was really nice after she got over the fact we’re still in school and you’re Rose Weasley.”

“Yeah, well, I kind of expected that.”

“But wasn’t that amazing? Our baby is barely bigger than a grape!”

“I know. It’s kind of gross,” Rose told Scorpius.

All of a sudden he started laughing.

“What is so funny?” Rose asked him in amazement.

“You called our baby gross, and I guess it kind of is. It looked like a bloody sea monkey!”

Rose narrowed her eyes and her mouth set in a frown before wrapping her arms around Scorpius’ torso.

“A very cute sea monkey.”

They walked to the potions pharmacy smiling, not paying to anyone else in the world.

Reached the counter, they saw that a couple was already waiting for a prescription of their own.

“Tristan, darling, I know you desperately want to just go home right now, but we need to get these potions first. Then you can have your way with me,” the woman said.

Somehow, Rose felt as though she knew the woman and her husband, boyfriend, lover, whichever the case.

A wizard came around to the counter and handed a bag of potions to the woman.

“There you are Mrs. Montgomery: three potions, one for controlling your magic, another for vitamins, and the third for any pregnancy side-effects.”

“Oh, bloody hell!” Rose shout-whispered to Scorpius. “That’s Alison and her husband, Tristan!”

“Who?” Scorpius wondered.

“Alison Montgomery, our Dark Arts professor!”

Scorpius’ eyes widened.

Wordlessly, he began pulling Rose away, who for no particular reason, hadn’t thought of scampering. Regrettably, it was a bit too late.

Tristan plowed into Rose, quite unintentionally, and in response, Rose let out a cry.

“Oh bloody hell! I’m so sorry!” he apologized hurriedly.

“Excuse my husband, he’s terribly clumsy,” Alison told Rose. Of course, Alison didn’t know that her husband had nearly knocked over her student. “Are you alright, de – Rose?”

Rose smiled sheepishly. “Hello Pro – Alison.”

Scorpius rushed to Rose’s side. “Erm, morning Alison! Congratulations. Couldn’t help but overhear the news!” Scorpius told her with just a bit too much cheerfulness.

“Scorpius?” Alison said dumbfounded. Quickly, her senses returned. “Thank you for the congratulations. Tristan and I are thrilled.”

Alison broke off abruptly, realizing Tristan had no idea who these two teenagers were.

“Tris, darling, these are two of my N.E.W.T.s students, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. Right now they are going to explain to me why they are at St. Mungo’s when they should be enjoying themselves in Hogsmeade.”

They glanced at each other; neither had any idea what kind of lie to make up.

“Visiting,” Rose finally answered.

“Visiting who?”

“A relative.”

“Which one? I know you have plenty of them.”

“My uncle Fred.” Rose hid a grimace. What a stupid answer. Everyone knew that Fred Weasley had died in the Battle of Hogwarts.

“Fred Weasley? I thought he died in the Battle of Hogwarts?” Tristan mentioned.

There goes that, Rose thought.

“That’s because he did, darling,” Alison told her husband. “What’s going on Rose and Scorpius? What are you trying to hide?”

“Alison, we’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask us why we are here. All that you need to know is that everything is fine and we were just going to pick some prescriptions up and leave,” Scorpius responded.

“How are you going to get those prescriptions past Madam Culpepper? She has to record every prescription given to a student for health reasons.”

“Alison, please, could we just forget this? Scorpius and I will deal with our prescriptions and you can pretend like you never saw us here,” Rose pleaded.

Alison finally knew that something was seriously wrong.

“Rose, Scorpius, you can tell me if something is wrong. Something obviously is, but you don’t have to face it alone.”

Once more, Rose pleaded with Alison, asking her to just leave it alone. Scorpius was almost ready to tell her the truth because he knew they could trust her, but he knew that Rose would rather Alison and her husband not know.

Alison looked at Rose and saw in her eyes that she was pained. Obviously, her own insistence of knowing why they were here was hurting Rose. Rose was one of her favourite students; it upset her that she could be the cause of her pain.

“Rose, sweetheart, if you don’t want to tell me, I suppose I can’t force you,” Alison sighed and took Tristan’s hand. “And the both of you: get whatever you need to get quickly and I’ll pretend like this little run-in never happened.”

“Thank you Alison.”

She smiled at Scorpius. “I’ll see you both on Monday, if not sooner.”

Tristan pulled his wife towards the lift. “It was nice meeting you both.”

Rose laughed nervously at that before staggering to the counter. She handed the wizard working there the Hr. Patil-Henderson’s prescription order.

“I can’t wait until we get to The Golden Phoenix. It’s eleven-thirty and I’m exhausted.”

Scorpius gave Rose a kiss on her forehead. “Me too. Maybe we’ll just wait there a while for Al and Cecelia. Merlin knows we need it after this little meeting.”

Rose sagged in Scorpius’ arms, her arms wrapped around his torso and her head resting upon his chest.

They weren’t paying any attention to notice that the wizard filling Rose’s potion prescription had returned.

“Miss,” he called. “You’re all set. The payment will be added to your appointment bill.”

“Thank you very much,” Rose told the wizard. “Have a nice day.”

The wizard smiled kindly before disappearing.

Scorpius and Rose headed back to the Lobby before Apparating back to The Hog’s Head. As soon as they checked to see if the coast was clear in The Hog’s Head, Scorpius charmed Rose’s potions so they could fit in a pocket and the bottled couldn’t break.

“Ready to head to The Golden Phoenix?”

“Am I ever,” Rose told Scorpius.

They made their way to the restaurant slowly, watching their classmates laughing and running about Hogsmeade. It was the last Hogsmeade of the year and Rose and Scorpius’ last Hogsmeade as Hogwarts students.

“Don’t you almost wish we could stay at Hogwarts forever?”

Scorpius found this to be a strange question.

“Sometimes, I suppose, I wish we could, but there is so much out there for us to see and explore. I can’t imagine saying at Hogwarts forever.”

Rose smiled sadly, walking closer to Scorpius and wrapping an arm around him.

“Neither can I, actually.”

They entered The Golden Phoenix to find that it was packed. Rose pointed out that Lily and Atticus were there, snogging as if their life depended on it.

Scorpius noticed Christopher Button, a good friend of his. He was sitting with a group of fellow Slytherins. He saw Scorpius and waved him over.

“Would you like to sit with them Rose?”

“Sure. I’m just going to put our name on the wait list so we can have a table when Al and Cecelia show up. I’ll be over there in a few, after a quick run to the washroom.”

Rose gave Scorpius a kiss then a push, forcing him over to Christopher Button’s crew.

He walked over to them. “Hullo. How’s it going?”

“Hey Scorp. Where’d Rose go? She’s going to join us, right?” Christopher asked.

“Oh, yeah. She’ll be joining us. Just needed to reserve a table for later,” Scorpius said, looking around and pulling up a chair. “It’s incredibly busy.”

“You should have seen it at eleven. It was crazy!” Evie Harper cried.

Simone Rosier rolled her eyes. “Evie thinks everything is crazy.”

Owen Wilkes pulled on Simone’s hair. They had been dating forever, at least three years.

“Be nice, Sim,” he chuckled.

Owen turned to Scorpius. “So, I think it’s no surprise that you’re with Rose, but, man, how long have you been with her? It’s not a recent development; anyone with eyes can see that.”

“A few months?” Scorpius tried answering for them, just hoping they’d accept that.

“Like hell,” he heard a feminine voice say. A body appeared on the other side of Evie that Scorpius hadn’t seen before. He knew who it was instantly; she liked to shrink away from the attention and become part of the scenery.

“Hello Finola,” Scorpius said, giving her a little wave.

“How long have you really been with her?” Finola demanded to know.

“A while. A few months,” Scorpius said.

Finola grunted and Christopher, who had liked her since he met her in first year, sighed exasperatedly.

“Fin, leave it alone.”

Finola shrunk back behind Evie, becoming a silent observer once again.

“Sorry about Fin,” Christopher apologised quietly. “I think she’s PMS-ing.”

“It’s alright,” Scorpius reassured him.

Just then, Rose joined them.

“Did I miss anything?” she asked cheerfully, bringing a chair beside Scorpius.

“Oh, not really,” Evie said. “Finola was being a bit crazy but everything’s alright now.”

Rose bit her tongue to keep herself from laughing. She could barely keep her composure when Evie was around; she was crazy (in a good way, of course).

“So, we were just asking Scorpius how long you’ve been dating and he only said a few months. Do you need to amend that statement?” Simone wondered.

“A few months, eh?” she said, looking at Scorpius mischievously. She looked at Simone. “That’s about right.”

Rose and Scorpius had a good time hanging out with Christopher, Simone, Owen, Evie, and Finola. So often, they just stuck with Al and Cecelia; it was nice to get in touch with a few others.

The five Slytherins eventually left Rose and Scorpius, telling them they needed to get together again sometime soon.

Al and Cecelia showed up shortly after Christopher, Simone, Owen, Evie, and Finola left.

“Great! You’ve gotten a table!” Cecelia cried as she and Al sat across from their friends.

“I know. It’s lucky we put our names down, or we might have never gotten a table!”

A waitress came around and handed them menus.

“So, how’d you know what go?” Al asked, trying to be smooth and secretive.

Cecelia made an amused noise before she pulled out her wand and cast the muffliato charm.

“It went well,” Scorpius told them vaguely, staring a little too intently at his menu.

Cecelia looked to Rose for an answer, but she avoided her eyes at all costs.

Cecelia suddenly gasped. “Is something wrong? Are you not pregnant?”

Rose calmly set her menu down. “Nothing is wrong. I am perfectly healthy and Hr. Patil-Henderson said that everything is fine.”

“Then why aren’t you dishing out information?” Al asked, suspicious.

“We had a run-in with Alison.”

“Alison who?!” Al said, beyond confused. “Do we even know an Alison? I don’t think I know any Alisons!”

“Al! Shut up,” Rose told her cousin sharply. “Alison Montgomery is who we’re talking about. As in –”

Al’s jaw dropped before he stuttered, “Our Dark Arts professor Alison Montgomery!”

“The very same,” Scorpius confirmed.

“Bloody hell!” Al cried.

“What was she doing at St. Mungo’s?” Cecelia asked.

“Getting potions,” Rose answered her sullenly.

“For what though? She isn’t sick, is she?”

Before either Rose or Scorpius could answer, Al spoke.

“I got it! I know why she was there! She’s up the spout!”

Rose couldn’t believe that Al could guess that out of all the things anyone could be at St. Mungo’s for.

“Well, yes. Except I wouldn’t phrase it that way.”

“Well, yeah, but she is!”

Cecelia, meanwhile, was gaping, open-mouthed at the lot of it. Who could have imagined all of that happening?

“So, Alison is pregnant and she saw you there? What did she say?”

Rose took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. “Obviously, she asked why we were there, and I couldn’t bear to tell her. But it’s not as though I want my professor to know as well. She doesn’t need to know. Eventually, after badgering a bit, she let off and understood that if we wanted to tell her why we were at St. Mungo’s, we would.”

“So she doesn’t know that you’re pregnant?” Al asked.

“Suffice it to say, no.”

Rose looked at her menu briefly before addressing her friends.

“Can we be done talking about this? I’m hungry and tired and I think we’ve covered it all.”

“At least for a while,” Scorpius amended. “So, what did you guys do?”

“Oh, I did Cecelia,” Al said, half-serious, half-joking.

Cecelia slugged him, causing him to cry out.


“You are a bloody liar!”

“Well, at the rate we’re going, woman, I’m definitely going to be bloody!” Al told her good-naturedly. He grinned a mischievous grin. “And I have been told that I’m a liar before.”

Cecelia took his face in both her hands, making him look straight at her, and kissed him. “I don’t know how I put up with all the nonsense you say, but I do.”

“You do because you enjoy my company and my expert snogging skills.”

Rose laughed at her cousin and best friend’s ridiculous antics. She was glad that they were keeping her mind off of all her worries.

Just then, the waitress came round and took the four friends’ orders.

They enjoyed their food and their company, passing the time with laughs and stories and anything not related to going into the real world.

Despite not mentioning it, Rose couldn’t help but feel that tugging in the back of her mind that when she got into the real world, she wouldn’t just have to deal with herself; she’d have to take care of a baby and a family. As if taking care of yourself weren’t difficult enough.

They returned to the castle around four after some shopping and walking. Cecelia and Albus almost instantly scampered to Merlin-knows-where to do Merlin-knows-what. Rose decided that she had no desire to do any work and any Head Girl duties, instead, bringing Scorpius up to her room.

“What, you didn’t want to get caught today?” he asked playfully while she began unbutton his shirt.

“No. I want to keep you all to myself. No peepers.”

AN: So, this chapter is finished. I just thought I’d give you some insight to the spell used in this chapter, gravidesco. It is a combination of the Latin words gravida and ingravesco, which translate to “pregnant” and “become heavy”.

Don’t forget to read and review lovelies!

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