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Abandoned by Hermione_Lover
Chapter 7 : The Woes of Hermione Potter
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Chapter Seven

A/N: Here we go with another chapter; just keeping it rolling and all. I hoped last chapter was good…I wouldn’t know because ya’ll didn’t leave any reviews. Hopefully it was good because I don’t have anyone sending me cursed letters or, even worse, howlers. If you are lost, not to worry, I am too!


The Woes Of Hermione Potter.

Hermione had no idea where to go. She couldn’t go the common room because she was pretty sure that, while welcomed for a visit, the other girls wouldn’t want to deal with a crying baby at two o’clock in the morning. Other than Ron and her old roommates, she had no other friends at Hogwarts that she could run to. Her other option was to go to her mum’s, which was a no because, at the moment, she didn’t know where she was hiding. Not only that, but leaving for her mum will cause her to miss class. Hermione never missed class. She cried silently as she walked; Romulus sleeping in one arm and her trunks floating behind her. All she needed was a place to stay while Harry saw reason.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the wall start to shift. Of course! The Room of Requirement. After the door finished materializing, Hermione turned the knob and found herself in a quaint one-bedroom quarter, complete with a small kitchen so that she would have no need to go to the great hall and face seeing Harry, or anyone for that matter, if she didn’t want to. It was quiet, it was roomy, it was private…it was perfect!

After surveying the small sitting area, Hermione went into the bedroom and started her unpacking. Once done, she sat at the small writing desk that was against one of the walls and started to write in her journal.

December 7th,

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with him. I mean, bloody hell, he always wants to protect everyone, no matter the consequence. First, he tells my secret and now he won’t believe anything I have to say against Remus. I love Remus as well, but some people have faults, and he is no different. Merlin, I am glad that I didn’t mention that I still think he is still harboring ill feelings towards Harry ever since Sirius died. Which is a whole other thing. He just will not listen!

Was it all a mistake?

As she wrote that last line, Hermione felt a twinge from within. She shrugged off the feeling thinking that it was just a case of indigestion or just shock feeling a because of the fight. Little did she know that three other people felt the same twinge….at the same time. She continued writing.

Oh, how I wish to change things. I wouldn’t be here married with a child and feeling all alone.

As if on cue, someone knocked at the door. Hermione, thinking it was Harry coming to apologize, put a Silencing spell on the main door. She didn’t know what she was capable of when he starts with the not listening rubbish. “Maybe a Blasting Hex,” she smiled evilly to herself.

What Hermione didn’t know was that, as she was stalking the halls trying to find a place to stay, Remus was watching carefully. He saw that she was alone and that she had the child with her. As she walked into the ROR, he stood behind one of the statues in the hall waiting to see if anyone else was following. On closer looking, his eyes were a fierce yellow; the same color they turn when he is transformed into the werewolf.

He checked his pockets for the dagger he brought with him. One thing about this curse, the twin has to die…without magic. Confirming that the dagger was in his robes, he knocked.


And knocked.


No answer. Cursing, Remus stood outside the door wondering what was next. He knew the chit was in the room and that she placed a ward on the door. He could sense it. At the next moment, his ears started to twitch. In this state his senses were multiplied. Someone was coming. Jumping back behind the statue again, he saw Harry rushing forward to knock on the door. After getting no answer, Harry placed his palm on the door. Whispering quietly to himself, his eyes started to glow and the door clicked loudly. Satisfied, he turned the knob and entered. Remus growled to himself. There was no way he was going to get to finish out his plan with Harry in the way. He watched silently as the door closed then ran back out of the hall quietly.


Inside the ROR, Harry and Hermione were in a heated yelling match. In the den, there were a few books in the middle of the floor where Hermione had tried to throw them at Harry, who in turn, threw up a deflection spell wandlessly. Both teens’ eyes were glowing and other items were floating ominously from the raw magic in the air.

“I told you that I didn’t want to be in the same room with you until you started to listen to reason!” Hermione started.

“And I told you before that I will not let you just up and walk away like before!” Harry replied.

“Let me--- Let me? You listen here, Potter, you WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!! How dare you tell me not to leave a room. You are not my father you cannot barge in here and start making demands. I am your wife not your slave!” she screamed.

“I AM NOT MAKING DEMANDS!” He started, then upon thinking he sneered, “And thank Merlin I am not your father, HE WAS A DEATH EATER!”

Hermione shrieked loudly, eyes glowing brighter, and hurled an end table in his direction. Harry’s eyed the soaring table and, within inches from his face, disintegrated into ashes. Hermione screamed louder and raised her hands. In midair a large water ball formed. Hermione was known to have water balls that could kill another if focused enough. Before she was able to release it to attack, Albus Dumbledore, hard-faced exploded into the room followed by Professors Snape, McGonagall and Luna and Ron. As soon as Luna and Ron entered the room, their eyes started to glow as well. All occupants of the small den felt the hate and danger in the air.

Dumbledore stepped forward and shouted, “ENOUGH!”

Eyes still glowing Hermione turned to him. “This is between Harry and I, Albus. It is best to leave it as such!” she said darkly. Professors Snape and McGonagall drew their wands and waited to see what she was going to do. They all knew that when their wandless magic was in effect, there was not much one could do but wait to see what happens.

Luna, stepped forward to put her hand on Hermione’s shoulder. “Hermione, you don’t want to do this. This is Harry, you love him!” she said quietly.

“I may love him, but right now, I don’t like him very much.” She replied.

“You may not like him, but do you want to kill him? Because that is what you will do if you throw that ball of water at him.” Luna reasoned.

Hermione’s eyes started to flicker and then, after what seemed like hours, her eyes faded back to honey brown. “No, I don’t want to kill him, but I do not want to see him right now. I cannot deal with this right now. He is being unreasonable.” she cried silently on Luna’s shoulder.

Harry shook his head and looked to the headmaster, “She has reason to believe we are in danger from Remus. Tell her she has no reason to worry. Hermione Remus is our friend. If he felt something was wrong he would have told us, like he did when he found us in Grimmauld.”

“Or like he and Sirius did when we were in the Shrieking Shack.” chimed in Ron. “Honestly, Hermione, Remus is an okay bloke and if you think he is out to kill us or something, you’re nutters.” Everyone on the room narrowed their eyes at him. Hermione knew there was no reasoning with Ronald Weasley…he was just as stubborn as Harry was when they think they’re right.

“You are only siding with Harry, because you always do.” yelled Hermione.

“Maybe, but in this case, Hermione, I think you are wrong.” he replied.

“Tell her Professor Dumbledore, tell her she is wrong.” Harry ordered.

Dumbledore sighed and removed his glasses, “I am afraid that I cannot do that, Harry. It is as Hermione fears”.


A/N: Ooooh is this what they call a cliffy? Should be good. Let me know what you think!




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