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James and Annie together forever by Summers_2008
Chapter 1 : the News
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Annie and I have been married for a few months now, I’ve never been more in love with her to wake up next to her every morning knowing she’ll be their the next morning. I kissed her cheek lightly and her eyes fluttered open, “James, Love, do you have to work?” She asked.

“Yes, I do actually, and I wish I didn’t cause then I’d get to be with you,” I said sadly the thought of having to leave her home today was bad enough for me, for her that meant house work, actual work (she worked from home), and being by herself, yes Roary and Oliver might Pop by but since their fight the week before that hadn’t been talking to each other. Oliver seemed to think that she’s over reacting but Annie and I have agreed to play neutral to avoid making things worse.

“Will you come home for lunch?” Annie asked hopefully, her eyes conveying sadness. I had to work everyday this whole week meaning we hadn’t done anything together and I missed her dearly.

“Yes I’ll come home for lunch,” I smiled at her. She pressed her lips against mine and kissed me passionately. She pulled away and smiled at me. I got up and started to get dressed for work I glanced at Annie she was wearing one of my work shirts (that’s all she was wearing) and her hair turned green. My stomach flipped.

“I love you,” Annie said. she played with the necklace I got her the first Christmas we were together.

“I love you too Annie,” I said as I tied my tie she stood before me and looked me in the eye.

“please don’t forget to come home for lunch,” Annie said. “I’ll be devastated.”

“I promise I’ll be home for lunch,” I kissed her good bye and with one last glance at her I appearated to work. I arrived in the Auror department at the ministry. My father was waiting in my office for me. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I came to see you of course, how is Annie?”

“She fine,” I said.

“What are you doing for lunch?” dad asked.

“I’m actually going home to have lunch with Annie, I promised.” I said.

“Oh,” Dad raised his eye brows. “any way your mother wanted me to invite you guys over for dinner this Sunday, she misses you.”

“We’ll be there,” I said. Poor mum Lily just moved out too she was living with Annie’s siblings Piper and Dean.

My dad nodded and left I began to go through all of my paper work when my uncle Ron popped in. “Hey Potter!” he said I jumped.

“Hi, Ron,” I said. I looked at my watch almost lunch time.

“How’s your beautiful wife?” Ron asked.

“She’s great,” I said. “Actually I am just about to have lunch with her, so I can’t really chat.”

“Oh, okay, lover boy, go to her.”

“I’ll talk to you later Uncle Ron,” I appearated home Annie was setting the table, “Annie babe?” She looked up and Smiled she set the cups in her hands down.

“James,” She said happily and hugged me tight. “I have some very exciting new for you I can barely contain myself” She was excited.

“Really, what is it?” I asked. She bit her lip.

“I’m pregnant!” She said.

“Really?” I asked she nodded I pulled her into another hug. I was now very happy, more happy than I was this morning. I sat after letting her go. “When did you find out?”

“While you were at work,” Annie said. She served me lunch. “I haven’t stopped thinking about it, I couldn’t wait to see you I was so tempted to show up at your office to tell you.”

I chuckled, “Oh, my mother invited us to dinner on Sunday,” I said. “I told my dad we’d be there.”

“Good then we can tell them then, but don’t you dare say a thing till then,” Annie said, “My mum is coming over this afternoon so I’ll be telling her then.” Annie said happily. “I miss you when you’re at work see look at the house not a speck of dirt, nothing sticking out of anywhere, I miss the chaos of my home, I didn’t think I’d miss it this much but there was never a dull moment. I think I want more even after this one.”

“How many more?” I asked making a face, She cupped my cheeks in her hands and looked me in the eyes.

“200,” she said sounding serious. She kissed me, I hate it some times when shes joking and she kisses me like she thinks I’ll get mad or something. But then again if she ever possibly did make me mad and she kissed me I’d forget all about it. There was a knock at the door and she pulled away to answer it.

“Annie!” I heard Mrs. Summers say happily, I took the bite out of my meal and went to the door. “James, dear how are you,” she smiled at me embracing me in a hug. “it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ve been working hard and I unfortunately have to get back I came home for lunch, it was nice to seeing you,” I said. She hugged me once more and I appearated back to work. My dad again was in my office, I felt all jittery.

“What are you so happy about?” dad asked.

“I’ve gotten good news from Annie at lunch!” I said.

“Well, are you going to tell me?”

“I guess as long as you don’t tell mum and you act surprised at dinner when we tell you!”

“I promise,” Dad said.

“Well, Annie’s pregnant!” I said. Dad’s eyes got wide then they turned to happiness as the shock wore off.

“Congratulations!” he said giving me a hug. “Your mother will be ecstatic when you tell her.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“You know what we don’t really need you here today, go home and spend the rest of the day with Annie,” Dad said.

“Really,” He nodded. Sometimes people thought he was easier on me because he was my dad, but truth be told he’s actually harder on me because of that. “Thanks dad,” I said happily I cleaned up my office a bit and flooed back home. Annie wasn’t there she was probably shopping with her mother. I didn’t find a note but I knew that’s what she’d be doing. I went into the kitchen, I decided to make dinner for her, I peered in the fridge, she really liked spaghetti so I started making that while I was waiting for the noodles to finish I set the table and lit a candle in the middle, a romantic dinner for two! Just as I finished dinner I heard foot steps headed to the kitchen, and stop at the door way, I glanced over to see Annie smiling.

“Your home early,” she said.

“My dad gave me the rest of the day off,” I said. “I made your favorite,” I said.

“you told your dad didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” I said. “I couldn’t just not tell him he’d be bugging me about it till dinner this weekend, he promised he wouldn’t tell mum and that he’d act surprised when we told him.”

“James Sirius Potter you are an idiot,” Annie said.

“I know, but I’m the idiot who’s madly in love with Antoinette Summers Potter!” I said. “And I made you dinner.”

“I guess I can forgive you it looks delicious,” She smiled and kissed me. We sat down to eat dinner.

“So how did your mum take the news?” I asked.

“Oh she was excited she took me out to buy maternity robes, and things, she was acting all crazy.” We ran into Derek and his girlfriend, Claire too, apparently shes pregnant as well after congratulating her and scolding Derek on how irresponsible he was, we went back to shopping.” Annie said I listened to her story bemused by Derek, “Oh yeah and Derek want’s to kill you for getting me pregnant,” I laughed at this four years we’ve been together and three months we’ve been married and he still wants to rip me limb from limb.

“What did you tell him?” I asked.

“I told him that if he killed my husband and the father of my unborn child he’d be suffering a wrath far worse than the depths of hell,” She said smiling. I laughed, she was perfect she knew what to say right on the spot all of the time. “My mother looked horrified when he said he wanted to kill you but she got over it when I said that to him, she reprimanded him once more, he is such a sad human being 22 and still being yelled at by mummy.”

 “Yeah he’s not very mature now is he,” I said we were interrupted by a loud screech for the sitting room fire.

“JAMES SIRRIUS POTTER GET YOUR SORRY ARCE OUT HERE!” It was my mother obviously my father told her, I groaned.

“I don’t think Derek will be the only one to get scolded to day.” I stood up and walked to the fire place where my mothers head stuck out, she was mad I could tell, she was practically breathing fire. “yes mum,” I said. Annie had followed me.

“congratulations Annie,” She said. “Why did you tell your father to keep it a secret from me you should know better, your father can’t keep anything from me. James do you know who I am,”

“Yes you’re my mum,” I said, I knew that’s not what she meant.

“I’m Ginevera Molly Weasley Potter I can get anyone to tell me what’s going on, including your father as much as he wants to deny caving in he does!”

“I’m sorry mum we were going to tell you at dinner and You know how dad is, when I got back from lunch I had just found out myself!” I said.

“you better be sorry,” she said. Then dad’s head appeared next to hers.

“Sorry James, your mother is really pushy,” dad said.

“Good evening Mr. Potter,” Annie said “How are you?”

“Annie you can call me dad, Mr. Potter is too formal.”

“It’s weird though,” Annie said. “Mrs…”

“Call me mum,” My mum said.

“Mum,” She said awkwardly. “Don’t be so mad at James he wasn’t even supposed to tell any one.”

“James you have a big mouth!” Mum said. “Your just like your uncle Ron can’t keep your mouth shut half of the time, and he’s gotten better about that!”

“So well be seeing you at dinner then this weekend, lovely, you can tell Al, and Lilly then they’ll be here,” Mum said.

“Okay, mum, have a good night!” Annie smiled.

“Good night,” Mum said. As she disappeared leaving dad.


“What?” I asked.

“Your mum just kick my butt,” dad said. “any way I’m sorry again and congratulations Annie. Bye,” he disappeared.

“Well, I guess we don’t have to tell your parents anymore,” Annie said.

“Yeah, I should have known my dad would tell he regardless of what I asked him to do. No one can resist my mother she bribes people, “ I looked at Annie she looked skeptical, “I’m being serious, you don’t believe me!”

“Oh I believe you I just can’t believe I didn’t think of it before, you would have never told your dad if I had bribed you with something!”

“What you have bribed me with love,”

“Myself silly,” she said. She kissed me passionately.

Nine months later…..

“JAMES!” Annie shouted from the bathroom, I was sleeping I jumped at the sound of her voice, “It’s time!” she called.

“Time for what?” I asked dumbly.

“You idiot I just went into labor,” she said. I rushed to her she clutched on to me as we side-along apperated to St. Mungos. They rushed her to the delivery room I owled her mum real quick telling her what was going on and to write my family and then to stop by our place to get some of Annie’s things. I stood at Annie’s side she clutched my hand as she pushed, a few more times and then the doctor held up a baby.

“It’s a girl,” Annie sighed and nearly passes out from exhaustion, They cleaned up our baby girl and put her into Annie’s arms. She smiled at the baby, I hovered over the two. “Annabelle,” Annie said. “Annabelle Ginny Potter.”

“I like it,” I said, we’d been talking about the name for the last few weeks, I insisted that the baby have my mothers name in it, she agreed to that if she got to pick the first name. “Pretty.”

Annie smiled. “Mrs. Potter you need your rest we’re going to take care of her Mr. Potter please come with us you need to fill out some paper work.”

“okay,” I kissed Annie on the forehead and followed the doctor with Annabelle to the new born room he put her in a crib one closest to the window. Then he led me to another room to fill out paper work. It took me a while to fill out. When I finished I was told that the family was here I arrived in the waiting room, and Saw Mr. and Mrs. Summers and my parents in front. “It’s a girl,” I said. There was a cheer in the room.

“What’s her name?” Mum asked.

“Annabelle Ginny Potter,” I said promptly. Tears formed in my mothers eyes this was her first grand child and was honored that we chose her name to be part of it. My father was proud. I was engulfed in a million hugs. Even Derek gave me a hug. He also whispered his wishes of the death of me. I tried hard not to laugh at his childishness.

“Mr. Potter,” the doctor said me and my father looked up. “James Potter,” The doctor said. Dad pushed me forward. “Annie would like to see you,” I went to her room she smiled when she saw me I saw that she had the baby in her arms again. 

“She’s got your fathers eyes,” Annie said. Our parents came in my mother rushed forward here mother pulled me back I was standing in between her father and mine.

“Women,” My father said

 “always the same pushing us out of the way like we know nothing at all,” Mr. Summers said.

“They say the mother has the strongest bond with the baby,” I said.

“Not when it’s a girl at one point you will have the strongest bond with her then she’ll take advantage of it and you’ll be wrapped around her finger!” Mr. Summers said. “though honestly I never had that problem with Annie, mostly with the younger ones, like Makayla, Allie and Amora.”

“James trust me if she’s anything like your mother or Lily, she have you wrapped around her little finger so tightly you cant brake loose,” My dad said.

“Harry!” My mum said.

“Sorry,” Dad said. She looked away. “See what I mean,” he whispered.

“I think we should let the new mummy and daddy be alone with their little bundle of joy,” her mum said pulling her father out.  My parents followed their lead.

“Do you want to hold her?” Annie asked. I held my arms out and Annie placed her into my arms. She was so peaceful in my arms her tiny fingers were curled into a fist. “She really likes you I can tell, she is your little girl,”

I looked at her maybe more wouldn’t be so bad. “you know if you still want 200 more we better get to work pretty soon on that!”

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