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A Yuling We Will Go by magical words
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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AN: I know it's after Christmas and it's now officially 2009 - HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL - but I felt that I just need to get this story finished. So here is chapter number three. I still have to write the remaining two in this story, but hopefully with my new laptop, everything will get finished/written quicker. 
I hope everyone enjoys this!

Happy New Year lovelies. Start the New Year on a good foot - Read and Review!

magical words

WARNING: extreme language. (just a reminder)


made by .highwayheartbeat @ TDA

Chapter Three: In Which the Main Character Learns that Cornering Any Very Good Looking Male is an Exceedingly Difficult and Taxing Ordeal

Holy fuck. I cannot believe it. Cornering Justin F-F is hard. He’s always with his fucking Hufflepuff people! There’s not one minute of any day where he isn’t. And I know: Draco has been making me stalk him, the bastard.

So Draco, being Draco, said that without proper observations of Justin F-F’s mannerisms, interests, and schedule, I will never be able to ask him. Draco also said that I must work on my sex appeal. How ridiculous is that? Hundreds of people already want to bang me; why do I need to make myself more appealing?

Anyway, I’ve wasted six days scoping out Justin and all of his activities. I have one day to ask him! Draco’s bet was fucking insane! I think he knew it too. He just wants to see me in leather trousers and a pirate shirt. I wonder how Ron feels about that.

“Mr. Zabini, are you paying attention?” I hear a very irritated Professor McGonagall call.

“Of course,” I answer quickly, flashing a perfect smile.

“I certainly hope you are,” she retorts, turning back to her chalkboard. Once her back is turned, I drop my fake smile and resort to frowning.

I hear Draco giggle beside me and look at him to see that he’s reading like mad.

I glare at him, hoping he can feel the heat from my red-hot death ray eyes, hoping that he’d realise that I’m pissed that he was so obviously laughing at my misfortune to be scolded by McGonagall. And so that he knows he’s a bloody wanker, because he is a bloody wanker.

“Draco! What the fuck are you laughing at? You better not be laughing at me!”

He doesn’t respond at my angry hissing seeing that he’s “so involved” with his piece of parchment. First he giggles when I’m reprimanded by McGonagall, then he ignores me, pretending that any such thing never happened. Arsehole.

“Draco!” I hiss. “Draco!!”

Still no response.

Finally, I snatch his parchment. Ha! Now he can’t stare at it, pretending to have not heard me.

I look at the parchment, only to see that something is actually written on it.

‘Pookie,’ it reads at the top. ‘I miss feeling you beside me. I miss feeling your arms tensing up around my torso and your muscles in your abdomen rippling against my bare skin. I miss your cool hands gently stroking my –’

“What the bloody fucking hell do you think you’re doing Blaise? That is a private note!” Draco whispers angrily, clutching the parchment to his chest.

Of course Draco never gets McGonagall’s attention when he’s practically screaming, but I obviously do, sitting there perfectly silently.

“Sor-reee. I thought you were giggling at me after McGonagall caught me not paying attention, and then you were pretending to preoccupy yourself with a piece of parchment to make it seem like you hadn’t been laughing at me.”

“Why would I care if McGonagall caught you not paying attention? And why would I laugh at you for such a fucking queer reason? I’m not a first year you know.”

“Dunno,” I reply lamely. Why did I think that? “Were you writing to Weasley?”

“Yes, I was writing to Ron. I’d like to finish reading what he wrote me and write back to him. Why don’t you go back to fantasizing about Justin F-F and how you plan on cornering his fucking amazing ass? One day left.”

With that, he goes back to really ignoring me and starts writing to his lover.

The fucking wanker.

I end up listening to the fucking wanker’s advice. I go over Justin F-F’s schedule in my head.

Tomorrow’s Friday and I have Double Charms and Double History. That’s an enormous excess of Justin in a day!!! It’s fucking fantastic. The only other class I have tomorrow is Herbology. And Justin has Care of Magical Creatures! Herbology is on the way to CoMC! I will be in Justin F-F Heaven! Fuck yeah!

So, it’s Friday now. Fucking Friday! I’m totally fucked. How the fuck am I going to corner Justin-Fucking-Finch-Fletchley?

“You’re fucked mate,” Draco tells me, oh-so-blatantly. “You’ve only, like,” he consults his watch, “eighteen and a half hours before you turn into a pirate.”

“By the way, I fucking hate you for this bloody bet.”

“Yeah. I know. I love you too Blaise.”

We walk to Charms in silence and I see dwarfy Flitwick talking to bangable Justin and his fugly Hufflepuff mates. Why the fuck is he never alone? I mean, I need one fucking minute to ask him and hear him answer like so: “Fuck yeah. I was waiting forever for you to ask me.” Then Justin would proceed to undress me and get on to better and bigger things…

Out of the blue, Draco whacks me, interrupting my lovely little fantasy.

“What the fuck was that for?” I ask, rubbing my arm.

“Blaise, for fuck’s sake, you need to wait until class starts to have a naughty daydream that will satisfy you thirst for some amazing ass, or you will satisfy your peers’ thirst for a classmate’s self-humiliation.”

I settle into my seat incredibly pissed off, just because of Draco’s comment. Bastard.

I glare at his, be he doesn’t even notice because he immediately begins writing Weasley on that special parchment of his.

Basically, throughout Charms, I plan my attack on Justin.

I execute any of the charms we are studying perfectly as if someone else has me under the Imperious. Soon enough, Double Charms is over and Justin is nowhere to be seen.

“Fuck!” I whine. You know: the ‘fu’ dragging on before the ‘ck’ clips the word.

“Oh stop whining,” Draco snaps.

I walk to History of Magic as if I’m an Inferi and take my seat and, once again, begin formulating my plan. It will work this time. It has to, or I’m fucked.

So, I’ve figured that I’m gonna catch him after he asks Binns something following class. He always does that; stays after to ask Binns some absurd question about a Troll war or whatever. So I’ll stop him from heading to the Great Hall for a free period and ask him.

‘Finch-Fletchley,’ I’d call authoritatively.

He’d turn round and see that it’s me and irritated, he’d say ‘What Zabini?’

‘This may be a little odd for you to hear, because it’s fucking odd for me, but I know you’re gay and so am I and I was wondering if you wanted to be my date for the Yule Ball?’

Justin would stare at me curiously, and then get angry.

‘What the fuck? Is this some kind of Slytherin joke?’

I’d reply sincerely, ‘No, I’m being absolutely serious.’

‘How would I know that? You’re a Slytherin, the most untrustworthy kind of person.’

‘Hell, F-F, just because I’m in Slytherin doesn’t mean I’ve got all of the Slytherin traits and just waiting to become the next Dark Lord. And really, I’d like for you to be my date.’

He’d look scandalised and a little frightened before he’d swallow his fear and accept.

‘Yes Zabini, I will be your date.’

‘Fantastic. But seriously, you can call me Blaise,’ I’d tell him before giving his a smirk and a wink as I leave him.

Of course, this is only hypothetical.

Abruptly, I find I’m being poked vehemently by Draco.

“What the fuck? What do you want?” I hiss. It seems I hiss a lot.

“Class will be over in 29.4 seconds. I thought I would be nice and possibly give you a heads up so you won’t daydream and miss you chance to ask him,” Draco tells me. Although he doesn’t know that I know, he rolled his eyes after I hissed at him.

I grunt and turn my attention directly on Justin.

He’s sitting very still, almost like a statue, except that he’s tapping his left thumb against the desk in a lovely, hypnotic rhythm. He’s also biting his lip in this tantalising manner. I’m trying so hard not to get to excited as I watch him slide his tongue over his lips –


There are only fifteen seconds left of class and I’m on the verge of having this fucking perfect fantasy!


I pack up my things in record time, ready to dash on out. The bell rings and I run out of Binns’ and take a spot right outside the door.

I lean against the wall just outside of the classroom, looking very sexy and kind of brooding, probably the best combination of looks EVER, but that’s just because I’m thinking very hard about what I’m going to say to fucking Justin F-F!!!

My best bet will probably just to ask him straight out. But would that be too forward? I don’t want to scare him off for fuck’s sake!

Finally, the last of the class has left, save Justin. Justin is alone with Binns and soon he’ll be alone with me!! Muahahahaha!!

Ahem. I’ve composed myself.

Justin will ask Binns a question and then everything will be underway.

I wait outside for what seems like fucking forever. Then he finally comes out.

He doesn’t even notice me, walking right past my spot.

“Hey, Finch-Fletchley,” I call. My voice sounds weird to me, like’s it’s someone else’s.

He stops and slowly turns. A look of shock is plastered on his gorgeous face. Somehow, it makes him look even more adorable. I know though that he wasn’t expecting to see me.

“Yeah Zabini?” He stands his ground, looking at me quizzically.

Fuck! What am I going to say now? Think Blaise! Think! Use your words!

“So – erm – I’ve a question for you…” I leave it at that, hoping that he’s prod me on.

He only gives me a look of pure disgust.

Fuck it all! How the bloody fucking hell am I going to ask him!?!

“About what Zabini?” he asks me agitated.

“Um, something about Charms,” I reply. What the fuck? Why did I fucking say that? That isn’t remotely like anything I was going to ask.

Justin’s left eyebrow quirks upward. At least someone is fucking amused.

“Really Zabini? That’s what you’ve got to ask me about?” He’s got his fucking cute little smile tugging at his lips. Those lovely, kissable lips.

Oh, fucking stop it Blaise!!! Get a hold of yourself!

Oh wait…is he flirting with me? I daresay he is!!

“Well, no. Not really,” I begin.

I take a few steps toward him, walking as sexily as I can. I see his eyes widen as I do; I know I have his full attention.

I end up directly in front of him.

I realise that he’s just a bit shorter than me, but all the better. One of use should be; it might as well be me.

“So, the real thing I’d like to ask you may catch you a bit off guard, but here goes,” I say. “I’d like to know if you, Justin Finch-Fletchley, would like to go with me, Blaise Zabini, to this year’s Yule Ball?”

His jaw drops and his pupils are the size of full moons. Oh bloody fucking hell! I’ve scared him.

“Y-you don’t have to answer me right now, but I just needed to ask you soon before someone else got to you first,” I tell him like a bloody fool. Why didn’t I work on my sex appeal like Draco suggested?
“Are you saying that you’re gay?” he whispers.

“No, I just felt like asking another bloke for the hell of it,” I answer quickly. Obviously, my brain’s sarcasm filter had to malfunction at this particular moment.

I hope I haven’t scared him.

“Oh, I’m sorry Justin. I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“N-no. I forgive you. I understand.”

“You do?” I wonder. Did I miss something? I didn’t expect that answer.

“Yeah. My mates don’t quite get me. But I don’t understand: how do you know?”

“Know that you’re gay?” I try to clarify. This conversation is turning into something I really didn’t expect. “I have my sources.”

He laughs, quickly disguising it as a cough.


He stares at his shoes and I know I should say something. So I do.

“Would you like to go with me?”

“This isn’t a joke it is? You’re not just fucking with my head? I mean, you’re a Slytherin!”

I growl softly. I was waiting to hear that. He is astounding.

“No, this is for real. Not all Slytherins are like you think. I can prove it.”

“So you’re serious?”


He pauses, as if he is weighing his choices. Oh wait…he doesn’t have any other choices because I’m pretty sure I got to him first, otherwise he would’ve told me a flat-out no.

“Well then, I’d love to go with you.”

Fuck yeah!

AN: Remember - start the New Year on a good foot - Read and Review!

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A Yuling We Will Go: Chapter Three


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