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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 4 : End of Holidays
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End of the Holidays

“Dylan, can I talk to you?” Piper asked as Dylan and his friends met up with the others at the Leaky Cauldron, later that day.

“Um, sure.” Dylan turned to his friends. “Be back in a minute.” They nodded and the girls just continued to talk like he wasn’t there. Piper pulled him over to a separate table and leaned towards him.

“Do you remember your dream from a few nights ago?” Piper asked him.

“What dream?” Dylan asked cluelessly. Piper took a deep breath and nodded like it confirmed something, “What dream Piper?”

“You had another Prophecy a few nights ago, it was quite a serious one and you asked me not to tell anyone.” Piper said.

“Have you told anyone?” Dylan asked Piper. She shook her head.

“I do keep my promises,” Piper said. Dylan gave her a smile.

“Cool” Dylan said, “What was in my dream then?” Piper frowned.

“You saw Jessica Lowe alive.” Piper said. Dylan looked like he recognised that name, he knew that name, how did he know that name. “She was the deatheater that broke up April and Sirius Black.” Piper told Dylan.

“Oh, yeah, her.” Dylan said, “She’s alive?”

“It seems that she is, also, she said something about you, she knew you were watching.” Piper said, “also-”

“Hey Piper.” James said coming over and giving her a kiss. Piper looked at him slightly annoyed.

“I’m trying to talk to my brother!” Piper snapped at him. James looked at her slightly surprised.

“Sorry.” James said, “I thought that-”

“Oh, don’t bother.” Piper said.

“Talk to me later.” Dylan said to Piper.

“Ok.” Piper said slightly annoyed. “But it’s really important that you tell mum and dad as soon as possible.” Dylan nodded.

“I’ll check it out later.”

“Check what out?” James asked them.

“Just go buy me a butterbeer.” Piper said slightly annoyed.

“What did I do wrong?” James asked. Dylan left quickly as it looked like Piper and James were about to have an argument.

“Run for cover!” Dylan said as he approached his friends.

“Why?” Sophie asked. Dylan smiled.

“Piper and James have decided they have a few issues, so, what you girls talking about?” Dylan said sitting between Sophie and Rachel.

“You.” Harper said. Dylan looked at them surprised

“What?” Dylan asked. “I’m not that interesting, next topic.”

“You’re awfully happy today.” Sophie said looking at Dylan. Dylan gave her a smile.

“I think Nick drugged my drink.” Dylan said.

“What’s a drug?” Amy whispered to Harper. Harper shrugged.

“It’s like a muggle thing, you have it and it makes you all funny.” Sophie explained. Rachel laughed slightly and drank some of her butterbeer.

“I want to go to Hogsmeade” Harper said randomly.

“I don’t” Rachel and Dylan said at the same time.

“Oh, just because you two got kidnapped there. Can you take us there this year Dylan?” Harper asked. Dylan looked at her uneasily.

“I don’t really want to go through that again.” Dylan said, “I narrowly escaped death twice that week.”

“Once from McGonagall and once from Lestrange.” Rachel filled in.

“Yeah, so I’m not doing that again until next year.” Dylan said.

“Oh, you’re so boring.” Harper said. Amy laughed.

“You’re just too hyper. Lets go and get something to eat.” Amy said standing up.

“I’m not hungry.” Harper said.

“I’ll come.” Dylan said, “I’m starved.” Amy gave him a smile and led the way to the bar of the inn.

“So why are we waiting here?” Amy asked.

“Oh, my parents are supposed to come here but they might be a bit late.” Dylan said. Amy nodded.

“Did you have a good holiday?” Amy asked Dylan.

“Yeah, it was quite good.” Dylan said nodded, “I just messed around a bit.”

“I like your hair.” Amy said pointing to his hair. Dylan smiled,

“You hair’s really nice as well.” Dylan said. Amy selfconciously put a hand to her straight brown hair.

“Nah, it’s not really. I really want hair like Harpers, it’s so nice” Amy said, “Oh well, what do you want. I’ll pay.”

“No, I’ll pay, I have plenty of money.” Dylan said. Amy smiled and shook her head.

“I’ll pay for mine you pay for yours, fair enough?” Amy asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Dylan said with a grin. Amy smiled and looked away and ordered her food from Tom, the Inkeeper. Dylan kept smiling as he ordered his food. Amy sat on one of the stools to wait for her food so Dylan leant against the bar.

“What you do this holiday?” Dylan asked.

“Oh the usual.” Amy said waving a hand.

“Which would be?”

“Trying to keep Harper out of trouble, we went to Scotland together with her family. I can’t wait until next year when her sister will be joining us. She’s so cute, you’ll love her.” Amy said. Dylan laughed as Amy started laughing.

“Sounds good, you did more then I did.” Dylan said. Amy stopped laughing and just smiled.

“Yeah well, your parents are busier then my dad.” Amy said.

“True, isn’t your dad my sister’s boss?” Dylan asked. Amy nodded.

“Yeah, he holds her in high regard.” Amy said in a posh voice. “One of his best reporters.” Amy started laughing and got off the stool as their food was brought to them.

“She hasn’t written much though” Dylan said.

“Obviously, she’s still in school.” Amy said. They both went to the table with their friends where Harper immediately began stealing Amy’s chips.

“You said you weren’t hungry.” Amy said.

“I am now.” Harper said. Amy rolled her eyes and ate her food.

“So, what have we got planned for this year?” Amy asked. “Other then Christmas and exams?”

“Well, we were thinking we could maybe get some help from Kevin and Holly to spike the Slytherin’s food.” Harper said

“Oh and there’s quidditch try outs, which, now I have a broom, I will try out for.” Sophie said looking at Dylan with a smile. Dylan grinned. He was feeling quite good, he had no idea why, maybe Nick had drugged his food.

* * * *

“SCHOOL!” Holly shouted as she walked into Piper and Dylan’s room. Piper rolled over and muttered a few swear words while Dylan rubbed his eyes.

“Come on sister” Holly said going to Piper. “You’re head girl, you have to go.”

“Fuck off Holly.” Piper said batting Holly away and pulling the duvet over herself. Holly let go of Piper and turned to Dylan.

“Ready to go? The girls are all ready.” Holly said.

“Yeah, let me just get changed.”

“Did you really buy Sophie that broom?” Holly asked, sitting on the end of his bed.


“What!” Piper said sitting upright. “You bought Sophie a broom?” Piper nodded. “Why?”

“That got her up.” Holly said with a grin. “Come on head girl, we gotta go.”

“Oh, get lost Holly.” Piper snapped.

“Love your hair.” Holly said. Piper put her hands to her hair, Dylan looked as well. It wasn’t it’s usual deep red but a bright orange. Dylan bit his lip to stop himself from laughing out loud. Piper picked up her wand and conjured a mirror.

“HOLLY!” she screamed as Holly darted out of the room.

“Nice eventful start to the day.” Sophie muttered as she dragged her bag to Kings Cross with Rachel and Dylan.

“It was funny though” Dylan said. Piper had managed to turn her hair back but Holly was now trying to hide from her and keep out of her sight.

“Do you think I’ll get on the quidditch team?” Sophie asked.

“Well there’s two positions open.” Rachel said, her sister was a chaser for the Gryffindor team.

“Seeker and chaser.” Dylan said.

“Apparently you’re the new chaser.” Rachel said. “Hilary is the new captain and she said you’re a good replacement so you don’t need to try out.”

“How do you know?”

“She came to stay over the summer” Rachel said. They came to the barrier at the station.

“Ok, first years first.” Jenny said with a smile. She had her usual baseball cap and sunglasses on, even though the weather was downcast. Dylan knew it was so that she wasn’t recognised. Dylan, Rachel and Sophie ran through the barrier and onto the platform where the large scarlet Hogwarts express was waiting to leave.

“Great, we still have ten minutes.” Sophie said, “Lets get a compartment and then we’ll meet up with Harper, Amy and Fraser.”

“Ok.” Rachel said, she looked behind them to see Danniella and Colette run through. The three walked through the train and stopped when they came to a compartment where Harper and Amy were wrestling.

“Those two get weirder all the time.” Rachel muttered. Sophie laughed, causing the two girls to look up.

“Oh, hi.” Harper said.

“You bitch.” Amy said to Harper, “Urgh, look you’ve torn my shirt.”

“I can fix it.” Harper said getting her wand out.

“No!” Amy said standing up and moving away. “This shirt cost a lot of money, you’re not going near it.” Harper laughed and shrugged.

“Alright.” Harper sat down on the seat and brushed some dirt off her shoulder. “So how are you three?” She asked.

“Confused.” Dylan said as he put his trunk away.

“Why?” Harper asked innocently.

“Why are you two fighting?” Rachel asked.

“Rachel my dearest, you must learn that when it comes to Amy and me there are no reasons.”

“Unless you’re criticising my boyfriends.” Amy muttered.

“And I still go by what I said last year. Only Ravenclaw and Gryffindor for you, for any of us.” Harper said pointing to each of them, “Except Dylan, he can date anyone but Slytherin.” Dylan rolled his eyes and left the compartment to join Jenny and his parents.

“You behave yourself.” Hermione said to Dylan.

“Yes mum” Dylan said with a smirk.

“Remember, if you get any dreams or anything strange happens remember to owl me.” Hermione said

“Mum, I can look after myself.” Dylan said,

“You would like to think that wouldn’t you?” Ron said with a smirk. Dylan grinned then caught a glimpse of Piper.

“Um, mum, dad can I talk to you quickly before I go.” Dylan asked. Piper gave him a smile and she turned to James.

“Of course, what is it?” Hermione asked.

“Um, I made a prophecy about a week ago and Jessica Lowe is alive.”

“Who?” Ron asked.

“Jessica Lowe.” Hermione said,

“Oh, her, yes…WHAT!” Ron asked.

“She’s in Africa, here’s my dream recorder.” Dylan said digging into his pockets and handing it to Hermione. “Piper’s had a look at it and she told me it’s not very good, like no good news but I want you to have a look at it.” Hermione nodded and carefully put it into her bag.

“Try not to sneak around the school too much this year.” Hermione said,

“And no love letters to Snape.” Ron said with a smirk, “I can’t believe you actually did that.” He said shaking his head. The Hogwarts express let out a whistle to show that it was ready to leave.

“Time to get on the train.” Hermione said

“Ok, come on Piper” Dylan said grabbing her hand. She moaned slightly.

“Bye James.” She said. James gave her a kiss.

“I’ll see you next Hogsmeade weekend.” He said gently.

“It’s too far away.” She moaned. James gave her a smile and kissed her forehead.

“Go you’ll be late.” He said. Piper complained as Dylan dragged her onto the train. The doors closed and Piper gave James a wave as the train started out of the station. She immediately started playing with her ring almost nervously and followed Dylan.

“So, when are you getting married?” Dylan asked innocently.

“Probably next winter.” Piper said, “It’s too far away and I still don’t have dad’s approval.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually.” Dylan said. Piper gave him a cold look. “Anyway, I told mum and she’s going to check out that prophecy.” He said quickly changing the subject.

“Good, you finally told someone.” Piper said.

“I told you.” Dylan said. “You’re being horrid again.”

“Sorry, it’s just that I don’t want to leave James.” Piper said. “You’ll understand when you’re older.” Piper said with a sigh.

“Love, it looks annoying,” Dylan said. “So you two got over your issues then?”

“Yeah.” Piper said with a sigh. “We’ve been arguing a lot. Mum said it’s to be expected though. I’ve got to get to the head’s compartment. See you later.” Piper said as Dylan went into his friends compartment.

“HELLO DYLAN!” Harper shouted. Dylan stopped suddenly.

“Huh?” Dylan said slightly alarmed. Harper started laughing.

“Hey.” Fraser said with a wave. Dylan waved as well and placed himself next to Amy, who was already reading a book.

“What’s up with Harp-”

“Don’t ask, just ignore her.” Amy said, not taking her eyes off the book.

“Ok” Dylan said uncertainly. Amy smirked and leaned against the wall of the carriage.

* * * *

“Oh yes, we are home.” Sophie said as they walked into the Gryffindor common room.

“You know the Sorting wasn’t that interesting.” Fraser said, “It was more fun last year”

“I wonder why?” Rachel said sarcastically. Fraser blushed slightly. “Oh, don’t be like that Fraser, you don’t have to feel embarrassed by me.” Rachel said hugging him. Fraser blushed slightly.

“Why was it more fun last year?” Harper asked.

“Because we were the ones being sorted?” Dylan suggested. Harper thought about it for a moment.

“Oh yeah” Sophie walked over to the sofas and collapsed into them.

“I’m so glad we’re back. I love my house and everything but it just didn’t seem right to be out of Hogwarts.” Sophie said.

“I know what you mean.” Harper said. “Here everything is so magnificent, grand and so big, at home it’s like a dump.” Sophie looked at Harper.

“Really?” Sophie asked, Harper nodded.

“Lucky you.” Rachel said, “I spent the first few weeks of my holiday with my mum then I was shipped off to the Potters.” She said, sitting next to Dylan.

“It wasn’t that bad was it?” Dylan asked, “I had fun this summer.”

“No, I was jus saying, I was shipped off to the Potters, I never knew they were so active. Is Harry alright?” Rachel asked. Dylan shrugged.

“I’ll ask Colette when she comes in.” Dylan said.

“We should really get to sleep.” Sophie said yawning. When she’d finished her yawn she leaned her head on Dylan’s shoulder.

“You two look so cute together, Dylan, ask Sophie out!” Harper said. Sophie’s head came up.

“What?” Sophie asked.

“Um-” Dylan said.

“No, you don’t have to.” Sophie said quickly. “Harper, a word.” Harper grinned and followed Sophie up the stairs to the girl’s dormitories.

“I will never understand girls.” Fraser said, “Particularly Harper.”

“That’s what dating is for.” Rachel said like she was talking to a child. “You date a girl and try to understand her and the more girls you’re with the more you’ll understand them.”

“Actually, the more I hang around with you girls the more I get confused.” Fraser said. Rachel smiled.

“That could also happen I guess” Rachel said.

“You guys heard anymore on the order?” Fraser asked. Rachel and Dylan shook their heads

“Nope, nothing exciting.” Dylan said.

“Where were you the day we all went into Diagon Alley?” Rachel asked.

“I was at my grandparent’s house.” Fraser said.

“I thought they were-”

“My Muggle Grandparents.” Fraser corrected.

“Oh, right. Well you missed Dylan in a very good mood.” Rachel said. “He bought Sophie a broom.” Fraser looked at Dylan in awe

“Only because I forgot her birthday.” Dylan defended.

“Sure.” Rachel said sceptically.

“You know, for a girl who’s not that interested in boys you seem to talk about them a lot.” Dylan said. Rachel smiled.

“I am a girl.” Rachel said, “And just because I’m not interested does not mean I cannot talk about them. It’s a free country after all.” Rachel said, tucking her legs under her body. Dylan rolled his eyes as Fraser smiled. “What do you think we’ll have first on the timetables this year?” Rachel asked. Dylan looked at her confused.

“I don’t know, why?”

“Well, because I really feel like having Charms” Rachel said with a frown. “I have no idea why though.”

“Charms is cool.” Dylan said. “I prefer Defence against the dark arts though”

“Of course you prefer it, we had Harry Potter then April Marsden as out teachers. You can’t beat them” Rachel said.

“Well, who do you think we’ll have this year?” Fraser asked.

“I don’t know. I hope its not that Grout person. Danni said that he’s a horrid old git.” Rachel said thoughtfully. “Like an older version of Profesor Snape.” A smile crept onto her face. Whenever anyone thought of Professor Snape they immediately started smiling, they remembered the love letter that Harper, Dylan and Amy had written to him the previous year. Dylan nodded.

“That was cool.” Dylan said referring to the love letter. His friends muttered their agreements.

“Who’s our next target going to be?” Rachel asked.

“Professor Weasley.” Harper said as she joined them.

“Vergara.” Dylan corrected her. “Genevieve got married remember?”

“But she still lets us called her Professor Weasley so we’ll just stick to calling her Weasley.” Harper said.

“Don’t you dare do anything to Genevieve.” Dylan said.

“Why Dylan, it would be so fun!” Harper said.

“Because she’s my cousin.” Dylan said.

“And she’s half French which is so cool by the way.” Harper said. “I’ve always really wanted to go there.”

“I heard Amy mention going there next year.” Rachel said. “You were sleeping on the train.” Harper grinned.

“Yes, oh yeah!” She said getting up and doing some kind of dance, “I’m going to France, oh yeah.”

“It’s honestly not that great” Dylan said, “Just fields upon fields and hot weather.”

“Shut up Dylan.” Harper said hitting him with a cushion. Dylan grinned and ducked another blow. “Come here!” Harper said chasing him with the pillow.

“No.” Dylan said running up the stairs to his dormitory. He shut the door and kept it shut. The other three boys in Gryffindor Second year looked at Dylan. “Hi guys”

“DYLAN!” Harper shouted.

A/N:-please review my story, i'll update again on monday/tuesday, depending on when i'm free

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